Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Busy week ahead

Lucky me to be able to find "back-up" evergreens for the two that may not make it here in my Georgia Gardens. The harsh summer has taken its toll on the June planted beauties but they are still hanging on for me. Not only did I pick up two replacements (if need be) but also a nice 15 gallon Holley filled with berry's. McCorkles Nursery "Sale to the Public" had these on special for $15.00 each, again! Wow, I love a bargain...
I came home with this Chamaecyparis Sungold (False Cypress). I had recently seen these in the Garden Centers at prices of $25.00 or more. This one cost me less then half that price!
I love butterfly bushes and this Pink one makes 5 different colors to my collection. I am still looking for that Orange colored one.
Anthony Waterer Spirea's blooms caught my eye and I could not resist.
One thing I was on the look out for was Mexican Petunia and I found it! Daisy, Ajuga, Sage, Bee Balm, Sedum, Hollyhock and Silver Grass will now call my gardens home as well.
Hosta, Asiatic Jasmine and Schizophragma will be added too. Schizo vine was so healthy and I could not resist the name.
I have been eyeing Black and Blue Sage in the garden centers but would not let go of the money they wanted for them. Here I found them for bargains of $1.99. I hope they are happy in my gardens as I so enjoy their colors.

I do not know much about some of these plants and normally I just read the tag and stick the newbie into the ground and let it be. This go round, I have been doing some research on the Internet. I find it funny how the tags and professionals say one thing while people on blogs or forums tell a different story. I find the tags and info on the Internet only a guideline but fun to read about them just the same... Now, I need a bit of help with this one. Somehow, I could not find the tag on this plant. That is my only complaint about this Sale. Some pots are not marked with tags or prices. The prices can be found by going by a price guide of pot sizes unless a special plant, like variegated. But without tags, one is left to a mystery at times.
Here is my mystery filled with beautiful dainty white sweet scented blooms. They smell as sweet as Jasmine!
The foliage is dark green.
Can anyone give me help on this beauty's identification? I cannot believe I picked up a plant without a tag. Well, yes I can. This is not the first time. Duh....

Our ground has had 4 inches of rain in the past week so I am sure the ground is soft enough for me to now dig. I will have a BUSY WEEK AHEAD, In the Garden...

Note: The next Public sale of McCorkles Nursery will be June 14-16, 2012.
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  1. Wonderful new additions you picked up at the sale Skeeter. Sorry but I couldn't identify that mystery one for you. I'm sure someone will be able to help you with the id. :)

  2. Your prices look so expensive for me! But i agree you will have a very busy weekend.

  3. Here's a stab in the dark, my immediate thought on your nameless plant was a tea olive.....? I finally found the pink Mexican Petunia this year.

  4. Skeeter,

    Meg brought home two huge Mexican Petunias this summer. Been seeing them in planters at the mall, look lovely. No help on your mystery.

  5. You definitely got some good buys. I was telling a friend up here about it and she sounded like she might be interesting in going! I think maybe-just maybe-your mystery plant might be an abelia? The tea olive is also a possibility. Both are fragrant but with those big blooms I think maybe an abelia.

  6. I agree with the answer: "Abelia". Looks like it to me.

    I have two Fragrant Tea Olive shrubs and their blooms are so tiny that you barely notice them... although they pack a punch with fragrance! They smell very lemony. I love them. Their leafs are larger and somewhat waxy/tough.

    Great selections! Happy planting!

  7. You are definitely going to be busy this week, Skeeter! You picked up some amazing bargains. I love False Cypress and the Black and Blue salvia, but I sure paid a lot more for mine:)

  8. Good Morning everyone! I had the best time at the Nursery and had thoughts to go back the next day just to see what was offered but I held off. We spent way more then I had intended so I found it best to stay away as i knew something would catch my wallet....

    After looking at your suggestions and researching a bit, I do believe I have the Abelia Bush! And oh boy am I excited to see that I picked up a bush that can bloom for a long time! Now to decide where to plant the thing as it gets large….

    Racquel, Yes, some good finds and cant wait to get them into the gardens. But to decide where. Yikes…

    Andrea, Expensive? Not so in our neck of the woods. Those 15 gallon trees go for anywhere from $100.00 to about $200.00 if not more in a garden center! They False Cypress I picked up for $9.00 was $25 in the garden center. If you think these are expensive, I want to shop at your garden centers….

    Randy, I have been seeing them in gardens along my drives to town but had no idea what they were until I spotted them on blogs. I got several and hope they do well in my gardens…

    Tina, I saw Tea Olive and passed on them so I knew this was not that plant. But I do think it is the Glossy Abelia! I am happy to see it has longevity with blooming as I love that sweet scent it puts out. I will have to put it somewhere near the patio for the scent to cover the air….

    Stacy, Yes, I too believe an Abelia after looking on the Internet. I was just telling Tina how I spotted Tea Olive so I knew it was not that plant. I hope this one blooms like I see it blooming on blogs as I love the scent it puts out. I would enjoy that in the air when out pulling weeds….

    Rose, I paid $9.00 for the Cypress! And this one is larger then the ones I spotted in garden centers for $25.00. So yes, a bargain in my book. I must get myself into a digging frenzy as I have so much to plant…

  9. Ooooh, you got a lot of goodies! Carla

  10. Still raining here, too...May be the weekend before I can get my few (compared to you) "newbies" planted...

    Wow! What a haul. I like ALL of them - 'specially that false cypress!

  11. What a great haul that was Skeeter. You keep this up and you will have to spend all your time gardening!!!

  12. Wow what a great bunch of plantings you have brought home. They will be wonderful additions to the garden. For the size of the plants you got some great bargains. The Spirea is gorgeous.Yeah, you are going to be a busy gardener this week. LOL! Enjoy.

  13. You are going to be busy! How fun! Great prices! How exiting to get plants on sale. I would have never guessed abelia - I have one and the poor thing has two little sticks coming out of the ground! Interesting what a healthy plant looks like! haha

  14. Hi all.
    Skeeter that is one great bargain. The plants look so healthy & big.
    Sure wish I had known you were looking for Mexican Petunia. I could have sent you some. It is a wondering plant here so have to keep it in pot. It travels by it's roots.
    I ordered a Pink Muhly today for 2.99 on sale from local nursery. Hope it takes ok as the one I bought last yr {from big box store} croaked.
    Have fun digging.

  15. How fun to have all those new plants! I've been seeing the Silver Grass in magazines lately, it's really pretty! I was guessing Abelia too, looks like you think that might be it. I have a couple and they are loaded in flowers now. I've never paid attention to their scent, I'll have to smell them tomorrow.

  16. Weatherman says one more day of humidity. It cannot leave soon enough for me. I hate humidity...

    Carla, yes, a lot of goodies that still need to be put into the ground. I am trying to hold off until the stickiness is out of the air…

    Rebecca, I am anxious to see how the Cypress does in our garden. I must decide where it will be planted though. I am still in a quandary about that one…

    Jean, I wish I could spend all of my time gardening but the humidity keeps me away. I tell myself that I will spend more time out there this winter. Our winters are mild and no excuse for me to not be out there. I’ll try anyway….

    Lona, I have thus far held off from planting. The weatherman says the humidity will be gone by tomorrow so I plan to do a planting frenzy this weekend…

    HolleyGarden, I cannot comment on your blog! Grrrrrrrr. I hope my Abelia has better luck then the one you describe. LOL, I shall give it special care. Well, as much as I can with so many new things to tend…

    Lola, I had no idea what the Mexican Petunia was until seeing the name on Darla’s blog. I think spotted it and grabbed some. I hope it thrives in my gardens as I am ready for some things that thrive verses dying on me. Too bad about your Muhlygrass but good bargains on the replacement! I saw it in the Garden Center but too pricey. I also spotted it at the Sale but it did not look healthy to me so I passed on it. I did get Silver grass though…

    Catherine, The Silver Grass jumped out at me while at the sale! I am starting to add more grasses and they are all new to me. I don’t know much about them but will learn as I go. This Abelia has an awesome scent! Let me know if yours has sweetness to your nose…