Tuesday, September 20, 2011

McCorkle's Nursery 2011 Fall SALE...

I shared a great discovery with you all back in June. The McCorkles (Open to the public) Nursery Sale! Click HERE and also HERE to see the 2 part Post on the great bargain's I and our neighbor brought back to our Georgia Gardens.

Above, you see the Black Elephant Ear thriving in the spot I chose for its new home. Next to the Air Conditioner Unit for free watering during the hot, drought summer we had...Other happy plants from this awesome sale were the fringe plant's and,
The 3 Rose of Sharon's just to name a few. I shall show you more in time.
This Red Rooster Crepe Myrtle is healthy but not so large right now.
Branches and Blooms keep falling off the Myrtle. What is causing this you ask?
Well, this little toot of course! Grrrrrrrrrr...
Due to the extreme heat, drought condition and hard ground, I have yet to plant 6 Monkey Grasses, a Rose Bush, a Canna and...
This flat of Ivy. They will find their homes in my garden once we have rain and the ground softens up a bit. Thank goodness the extreme heat is gone.

Anyway, even though I have yet to get these items into the ground, I am headed to MCCORKLES NURSERY FALL SALE, In the Garden...


NOTE: For anyone in the Georgia area looking for super bargains, get to the Nursery this weekend!

McCorkles Nursery Fall Sale 2011

Friday Sept.23 from 8:00-5:00

Saturday Sept. 24 from 8:00-3:00.

Bring a wagon to assist your haul to your truck!

McCorkles Nursery Info Click HERE.

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  1. Hope you find some great bargains!

  2. Sales are always a great boon to the garden. It is hard not to end up with too many though. That is a problem in my small garden. You found some real goodies. Here with the summer heat, I have been seeing some pretty sad Elephant Ears and Canna. By the AC seems to have kept yours non-crispy. I always avoid this area because of the heat the unit generates. Looks like it does not matter in your case.

  3. I SO wish I could go with you. I know it would be great to get some good buys and to learn about all the types of plants too. That 'Red Rooster' does look great. Such a nice color for a crepe.

  4. Forgot to say the black elephant ears are gorgeous in that spot. I unfortunately never have luck with elephant ears-I do keep trying though.

    GWGT, Not sure about Skeeters a/c but mine (and probably hers) is a heat pump. They do not generate heat in the summer but do blow out air and drip the condensation. I've found it an excellent spot to put plants that need lots of water-I have ferns by mine.

  5. Glad to see all your bargains are doing so well, Skeeter. Too bad the ornery squirrel likes them, too. Happy plant shopping!

  6. Hello everyone. Rain on the way, so they say but I will believe it when I see it....

    Darla, I sure hope to come home with some goodies. And I hope to get them all in the ground sooner then the bargains of June. Come on rain….

    Gardenwalk&talk, I did end up with many on my first nursery visit but such good bargains I could not pass up the deals. I hope to get everything into the ground as soon as the ground softens up with some rain. Too dry and hard to dig now. The elephant ears are in a shady area by the AC Unit so they are protected from the blazing sun and heat. The Unit does not put off too much heat as it has a fan that blows the heat upward...

    Tina, I wish you could be there with me as well girl. I am not sure what to expect this go round as they sold so many things in June, I have no idea what will be brought out on those huge tractors this weekend. The Saint is taking off on Friday to go with me. He is such a sweetie pie to me and my gardens. And I loved that free water for the elephant ears! Well, free to a point as much as we paid on air conditioning this summer, wow at least some free water was nice...

    Rose, Sorry to say but not all of the bargains are doing well. I shall show you what I am talking about on Thursdays post. I will enjoy shopping in less humid conditions this time. Wow, it was hot and sticky out there in June...

  7. Is this straw around your garden or pine needles? I'm looking for some ideas on what to cover my beds with and this looks nice and clean.

  8. Great buys! Glad you were able to make so many great finds for your garden...Thanks for coming by my blog and commenting on our trip to Disney...have some more pics to post today before moving on to other things! Will have some gardening posts soon!

  9. Your plants really did quite well considering the drought conditions! I love the canna/liriope/rose combo.....and I would not be happy with that squirrel!
    Sale at McCorkles??? hmmm......

  10. Skeeter, There are tons of people going to this sale judging by the search engines that bring them to this blog. Go early!

  11. Those squirrels sure are stinkers. It is a good thing they are also cute or all gardeners would be on a killing spree half of the time.

    I almost bought a Rose of Sharon this summer and have made up my mind that next summer I will have at least one of them. They are really pretty.

    Have fun at the sale.

  12. Great haul back in the Spring. Hope you have just as much luck as then. It all looks good despite the heat & drought.
    I'm sure there will be some pics to follow. Hint,hint.
    Got another shower today. Sure is helping with newly planted Fall veggies. Hope you get some soonest.

  13. Wish I could leave my elephant ears in the ground like yours Skeeter!

    Those rodents sure can be destructive.

    Hope you had fun at the sale and found some good bargains!

  14. That toot is really cute! These cute creatures wouldn't dare to visit my garden because I have 2 active dogs guarding.

  15. Good evening all. It is raining in my neck of the woods! Yippeeeeeee, I am so happy and hopes it continues for a bit as we sure do need it….

    Girlrural, I live in Georgia where Pine Straw is used from the glorious GA pines around us. I love the stuff but it does break down faster then bark mulch. But I love it as it looks so natural by our woods…

    Marie, Tina stopped by to visit you and I (Skeeter) am posting today. I too shall drop by to say hey. Yep great bargains and I hope for more this weekend….

    Janet, Those squirrels sure do keep me on my toes. But hey, I moved to their woods so I must deal with them. Or learn to cook them. LOL. Yep, the sale may be worth the drive if they have those 10 and 15 gallon pots again for such low prices. Not sure what they will have but the nursery specializes in Bush, Tree type items…

    Tina, Yes, I put this post up today in hopes that people would find the info needed! I was looking high and low on the internet and could not find anything on it. I noticed the posting I did back in June popped up with “Google” so I decided to get the info out there for all to enjoy! I told you this is a big sale girl….

    Jean, I was just joking with Janet that I should learn to cook the squirrels. LOL, I do enjoy watching them scamper around and play with each other in the woods. So if I must loose a bloom or two, oh well, what the heck as I do enjoy them otherwise. Hey, maybe they are just pruning the trees for me. Always looking on the bright side I reckon. We had Rose of Sharon at the old house I grew up in while in TN. My brother dug some of those up and planted them for my parents at their new house and today, 27 years later, they are gorgeous! They wish they had planted more….

    Lola, Yes, it is raining as I type and I am ever so happy. Hope it hangs around until Friday when I am headed to the sale. We don’t plan to get too much at the sale but to replace some possible lost items and just see what is new. I want to add more blooming bushes and trees to the landscaping and they are the specialty of the Nursery. But no big haul like back in Spring. Gee, was it spring in June? I could have sworn it was Summer on that day I melted at the nursery. Gee, it was a hot one this year….

    Gardengirl, We have not had much of an issue with Moles and Voles this year due to drought conditions. When it is dry, they stay out into the woods. But when I resorted to major watering with the sprinkler staying on for hours at a time, the tunnels are showing up again. And now that it is raining tonight, they will surely move around the gardens. It is only a matter of time before they find the Elephant ears. I am thinking of taking a bulb out this fall to have for next year just in case they do no survive…

    One, how lucky you have rodent control in your gardens! Our neighbors cats hang out in our yard but they catch more Voles and Moles then squirrels. Since we stopped feeding the birds, we seem to have less squirrels though. Since we moved into the woods, we try to get along with all the critters though, even the pesky squirrels…

    Wow, that rain is a wonderful sight and sound. Coming down pretty hard now…

  16. Always fin to add new plants isn't it? Looks like you found some fun ones!

  17. Handsome Black Elephant Ear thriving next to the Air Conditioner. Wish you lived near ... i rip ivy out by the bushels!

  18. Nothing like an end of the summer garden sale to bring out the troops!

  19. Your elephant ears did way better than mine. Sigh. I'm hoping the bulb will go to sleep and I'll try again next year.