Monday, September 5, 2011

The Montgomery County Water Garden Society 2011 Pond Tour Part II

The other five gardens we toured were as equally fun as was the first one. This was the second garden on the tour and I really liked the way this pond was laid out. You could sit around the pond and just relax-as though you were at a lake.
The coolest thing by far was this pig laying nearby the above pond. He was HUGE! And just napping away while people came and toured his home. The owner said he roams freely and is a pet for them. He picked a nice shady spot to sleep too.
This same garden had a small pond inside of their screened in patio area. I've seen this many times in the Tennessee area and think it is a neat idea.
This water garden was not really a pond perse but more of a mountain stream with pools. The property naturally sloped down to the woods so the stream fit right in. The sound of the running water was incredible.
I've never seen such a natural looking stream in a backyard that was built by man. The builder did a great job here. All the natural rocks of varying sizes really helped the stream fit in with the area.
The way the water fell off of this rock was ingenious. The sound from the falling water and the beautiful cascading water was art.
This pond was quite different from some of the others we saw. The homeowners placed pea gravel on the bottom. The gravel was a really nice effect that I wouldn't mind copying if I ever get a pond like this.
The fish in the pond were also unique. They had sunfish, blue gill, goldfish, and even a catfish! Mr. Fix-it would surely love to fish here.
The last garden we toured was a very rural large property with a couple of ponds. Unfortunately the pond pump went out a few days before the tour. The homeowner went out and bought a new pump and quickly installed it but the pond suffered a bit. Nonetheless I was, as usual, most interested in the gardens. The bricks on this patio leading to the pond were all salvaged brick from the property. The homeowner installed the patio herself and she did a wonderful job. I liked how this weeping tree (probably a weeping cherry) was showcased on the patio. 

Hope you enjoyed the tour of water gardens. Remember almost all water garden owners love to garden so when you go on a pond tour you get a garden tour too....

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  1. What a great tour and wonderful ponds and streams.


  2. What a great tour Tina! My favorite had to be that natural looking pond/stream with the water cascading over that large stone. :)

  3. I like how they design the ponds environment which is open. It feel safe when you have small children around. Wow the stream look so natural.

  4. That mountain stream is amazing. Wow. Love the fish and the reused brick too. This really looks like a great day. What fun to see all of this. I can do without the pig. Used to have to feed ours growing up. They always needed extra water when it was hot to lay in the mud and stay cool. Ours were not pets though, they were dinner.

  5. The stream is really amazing. The owner sure collected, bought, moved, whatever a LOT of rocks. The pig is amazing. Can not understand why he stayed sleeping with people coming and going. When I was a kid Aunt Marion had a few pigs and they are very social animals and also very smart.

  6. That was a wonderful tour. I like the natural looking stream. That had to be a hard job.
    You can tell the pig was a pet, sleeping through all that.

  7. Looked really cool, no pun intended Tina. The fish would've kept the boys all distracted and they wouldn't care how long the tour was:) Went to Memphis on Saturday, it was beautiful! Not at all what I had pictured. The grass was so green and lush and pretty plants and flowers. The area was called Germantown. We went for a cross country race. Hope all is well with you and the girls -feels like fall back here in town today. And, yes I prefer the summer, lol. Have a great week! Ciao

  8. Hi you all! The weather in Tennessee is so awesome! Got lots of work done in the garden today.

    Thanks for dropping by for the tour. It was great fun.

    Flowerlady, Thanks!

    Racquel, The sound was awesome.

    MKG, Very natural. And safe too for sure.

    GOSS, Aw, I have great memories of pigs when I was a kid-dinner too but they were so fun. They can be work though. Wonder if this one went for a swim in the pond at any time?

    Mom, He was a cool pig and most sleepy that day.

    Lola, I was told he had the run of the place.

    Anonymous, You go girl! It must be fun traveling all around-not!@ Good for the kids though. Enjoy the cool weather. It goes by so fast.

  9. That really is a lovely water feature and even the pig appreciated it very much, haha! However, it will not be advantageous here because we are afraid of mosquitoes which might breed there.

  10. Beautiful, Tina! I love the mountain stream--it really does look like a natural part of the landscape.

  11. Very cool ponds! I like the mountain spring water feature the best. I'm tempted to install a water feature/pond but with small kids around I'll have to wait on that project because of the safety issues.

  12. Loved the water gardens. I hope to have one some day. I always love the idea of a stream and waterfall. Thanks for sharing the great pics!

  13. You're right, that's the best one, so natural. I don't really like ponds if they look fake. In the 4th picture down, is that a rock or what? It looks like a log or dead animal, or something! LOL

  14. It IS hard to believe that stream was man-made ~ they did a fantastic job. When I tour, I'm always amazed at the efforts & things in peoples gardens.

  15. The only water feature we have is a swimming pool. Ha, when i returned from VA we had only 2/10 inch of rain in the gauge. Grrrrrr. Coolness to the air though and we are all loving that in the house. The cats as much as me with the windows open....

    Love those wonderful cascading water streams. Maybe one day i shall live on the water if not nature made, manmade by me...