Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"Duh" Moment

BY SKEETER I am ever so busy with many things going on in my life right now. Yes, still too busy to be able to visit bloggers but I just had to pop in here and share this today.

The Saints parents and large dog have been visiting with us and we had a great time together. While entertaining at meal time, I took the easy way out and purchased a bakery cake rather then bake one myself. The cake is long gone but above you see the empty container.We recycle and I was looking for the number in the triangle to see if this container is a #1 or #2 as those are the only numbers our recycle center will accept. I easily found the number on the bottom but could not seem to find a number on the top/lid/dome of the container.
As I flipped the Dome over to look for the number, I had a "Duh" moment. Do you see what I saw???
What is a "Duh" moment you may ask? Well an instant when your brain goes, well Duh, I should have thought of that sooner! I have tossed many of these containers into the recycle bin, trash, etc. I have also purchased many of these type items for my plants. They keep water from going onto the floor after feeding a plant! I just had to share this little Tip for those of you that have yet to have your "DUH", MOMENT, In the Garden...

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  1. Skeeter,

    I hate these type of containers especially the ones a chicken is sold in. We use these for lots of things including making green houses for starting plants in. Thanks for sharing.

  2. It's perfect for a plant saucer! Great idea! I know you are getting ready to take a vacation-have a blast!

  3. I've had these "duh" moments, too, Skeeter:) Sometimes the coffee I buy comes with an extra clear plastic top to hold a sample packet of another coffee flavor, and I've found that plastic lid is just the right size as a plant saucer. I've also been saving plastic salad containers to use for winter sowing.

  4. Good Morning! It is a dreary, cold, foggy day here in my neck of the woods. Our woods look like a scene from something out of a horror movie with the fog. Hopefully, it will clear as the day continues….

    Randy, I too do not like all the containers in the grocery. I see over packaging all the time and it is down right sad to think of all that is going into the landfill. Not to mention us paying for it in the first place just to be trashed. We shall pay for it longer being in the landfill. So sad…..

    Tina, This cake dome is thicker plastic then the plant trays I get at the store! I don’t purchase many of these cakes but I will be sure to look for the flat bottom domes during the times I may need assistance in the kitchen… Yep, house guests start arriving tomorrow! Today is going to be filled with last minute running around and finish packing bags. Cant wait to get into the warm sunshine with that ocean view. Always brings me back to life during the winter. Although, we have not had much of a winter this year…

    Rose, Ah, I am not the only one to discover this little recycle item! I was so happy when I noticed this but only regrete I did not figure that out sooner. I think of all the plastic I tossed into the trash that is not recycle quality. Oh well, life and learn...

    Everyone have a great day!

  5. Yup, I have used them for plants for years. They are thicker than the ones made for plants. Go figure. What gets me going also is the pill bottles. Our recycleing center does not accept the 5's and some pill bottles have a 5 and some hae a 1 or 2. They look just the same but yet some go in the regular trash. Does not make sense to me. Sogh, sigh, sigh.

    Have fun on vacation. Hope you do not get sick.

  6. Great recycling job! Even better than putting it in the recycling bin. And now I have an excuse to eat cake! :)

  7. Hi Skeeter, I too have used these types for plant saucers. They do come in handy & like you said they are thicker than the things you buy. I did notice the one's in the store have doubled in price. Not me.
    Have a wonderful time on your winter get away.

  8. Skeeter I love these moments and your moment certainly helped me find the saucer for a pot...thx

  9. Hello everyone! Today starts my Winter Vacation and I am so excited.

    See ya in the Garden...

  10. So glad that you shared your "duh" moment. I have never turned one over and thought of using it that way! Carla