Monday, February 27, 2012

NO Interest in Pinterest~!

Are you a Pinterest user? If so then this post may be directed to you. I have a major issue with Pinterest and have been fighting their conglomeration for several weeks now and many bloggers cannot understand my consternation with Pinterest. Here it is, Pinterest users are STEALING our photos from this blog and Pinterest is benefitting from the theft. Sure, supposedly the makers of Pinterest do not make money on our photos but they are clearly drawing traffic to their website by using my photos on that website at the expense of traffic to my blog! Additionally, the argument is that the photos are credited to the owner of the blog where the photos was stolen from-not! While it is true that if you click through the photo you will be taken to my blog via the illegally pinned photo, however, this does not work so well when you have a consolidated bank of photographs pinned from because the url is not complete as shown in the below photograph. Do you see the little url that is incomplete in the upper left corner of the below screenshot? It says Pins from: Tinaramsey.blogspot Huh? Since when is this a url? And what is the point? I can only surmise it is to keep viewers of our photos on the Pinterest website and from visiting the actual source of the photographs. The only reason has to be to up the traffic to Pinterest and it appears the trick is working based on the growth of Pinterest.

pinterest mosaic

These two photos were pinned by one individual and resulted in several visits to my blog as evidenced by the following picture. However; this photo of my Sitemeter statistics does not show the whole story. Other than the original pinner who stayed for a few minutes (yes, I do have her name but will leave that out for now and will discuss the individuals who steal our photos further down) all visitors to this blog stayed for a grand total of--get ready for it--0 seconds! I am assuming the original pinner stayed a few minutes to read about how to make my glass on glass on mosaic then stole, ah hem, 'pinned' the photo-two to be exact, then moved on. For what reason does someone steal others photos? If someone likes a photo the best way to save it is to bookmark the page then visit it as needed. Within an hour of pinning my photo that exact same photo was repinned several times more and I no longer have control of my original work and ideas. 

referrals pinterest

Why bother coming to the blog if the photos are present on Pinterest? Would you like another picture of some of the things folks visiting Pinterest can see that came directly from this blog? Then look at the below picture of the previous bank of photos pinners have moved from this blog to Pinterest. It is quite a few and I tell you it is not a welcomed sight to see one's work somewhere else.

Some would say that when an individual uploads a photograph to the web then they lose all rights to it. Not so!! Copyright says: 

       Copyright protects “original works of authorship” that are
fixed in a tangible form of expression. The fixation need not
be directly perceptible so long as it may be communicated with the aid of a machine or device. Copyrightable works
include the following categories:
1. literary works
2. musical works, including any accompanying words
3. dramatic works, including any accompanying music
4. pantomimes and choreographic works
5. pictorial, graphic, and sculptural works
6. motion pictures and other audiovisual works
7. sound recordings
8. architectural works
These categories should be viewed broadly. For example,
computer programs and most “compilations” may be registered
as “literary works”; maps and architectural plans may
be registered as “pictorial, graphic, and sculptural works.”

The exact same website says this about securing a copyright: 

How to Secure a Copyright
Copyright Secured Automatically upon Creation
The way in which copyright protection is secured is frequently
misunderstood. No publication or registration or other action
in the Copyright Office is required to secure copyright.
following note.) There are, however, certain definite advantages
to registration. See “Copyright Registration” on page 7.
Publication is no longer the key to obtaining federal copyright
as it was under the Copyright Act of 1909. However,
publication remains important to copyright owners.
The 1976 Copyright Act defines publication as follows:
“Publication” is the distribution of copies or phonorecords
of a work to the public by sale or other transfer of ownership,
or by rental, lease, or lending. The offering to distribute
copies or phonorecords to a group of persons for purposes of
further distribution, public performance, or public display
constitutes publication. A public performance or display of
a work does not of itself constitute publication.

I am not an attorney and will not bore you with more information on copyright but it is all in black and white located on the U.S. Copyright Office website found here if you would like to learn more about copyright. 

My view is that any photos I or my co-posters upload to the Internet belong to us. We do not transfer ownership of them to the world simply because we upload them to a blog. Google does not own our photographs, Flickr does not own them, and anyone who pins or saves our photographs does not own them simply because the photographs are available on the web. Photographs are original works just like our ideas-and they all belong to us. 

Let me liken it to the Mona Lisa. The Mona Lisa painting is a world renown painting and also an original work. It is owned by the French Republic and is on permanent display in the Museum Louvre in Paris.We can all agree on this fact right? While our photographs on this blog in no way compare to the Mona Lisa as far as world renown and quality our photographs are equivalent to the Mona Lisa in that they are original works and they are owned-by myself and my co-posters. We can agree on this fact. Well, let's now go one step further. The Mona Lisa is on display so that anyone who cares to pay an entry fee can view it in the Louvre right? Our photographs are on display but we don't charge for people to view them-right? If you equate putting original works on display such as what is done to photographs on the web then the same would hold true with the Mona Lisa-it is on display but one would never ever think of stealing the Mona Lisa and putting it on display in another museum without permission now would they? What makes anyone think that it is okay to steal a bloggers'  photographs and put them on display on another website? It is illegal and this is reiterated each time I contact Pinterest regarding the matter.

 Pinterest will and does remove our photographic database that their users have made on that website. Would you like to see some of the photographs stolen from this blog? The below pictures were all stolen from our blog and pinned to Pinterest's database. 

After sending a certified letter to Pinterest's copyright agent all of these photographs were removed from the website. The first time I found photographs belonging to this blog I emailed the company and received a quick response where the individual removed the photographs. But the second time I found more photographs and emailed the same individual he did not respond. That led me to mail the certified cease and desist letter to Pinterest. THEN, the photographs were removed. But why do I have to be the one to request this to happen when these photographs should not have been pinned to begin with??

Why can't Pinterest, with all of its technical experts, figure out a way other than making me add a 'metatag' to my blog, to prevent pinning of photographs on its website? Pinterest's user agreement says, 

"You acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for all Member Content that you make available through the Site, Application and Services. Accordingly, you represent and warrant that: (i) you either are the sole and exclusive owner of all Member Content that you make available through the Site, Application and Services or you have all rights, licenses, consents and releases that are necessary to grant to Cold Brew Labs the rights in such Member Content, as contemplated under these Terms; and (ii) neither the Member Content nor your posting, uploading, publication, submission or transmittal of the Member Content or Cold Brew Labs’ use of the Member Content (or any portion thereof) on, through or by means of the Site, Application and the Services will infringe, misappropriate or violate a third party’s patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret, moral rights or other proprietary or intellectual property rights, or rights of publicity or privacy, or result in the violation of any applicable law or regulation." (Source: Pinterest User Terms)

When Pinterest users 'pin' photographs they are supposed to be the owner of the content they pin. I guarantee you that while I am on Pinterest I have never ever pinned anything to Pinterest that didn't belong to me (and only as a test). While I may forgive folks for 'forgetting' this part of their user agreement with Pinterest I cannot forgive them for deciding to ignore my note on this blog specifically denying the right to Pinterest users to pin our photographs. Almost all of the pins of our photographs have been AFTER I posted this notice and let's face it, the note is very hard to miss. I have no doubt Pinterest users can read and do indeed read the notice but still decide to steal the photographs. 

invalid url pinterest

Our photographs are easy to find on Pinterest and not difficult at all to track down. I have begun leaving the original 'pinner' of our photographs a comment letting them know the photograph was pinned illegally. I have had two pinners respond and while one was very nice the other one had the nerve to say they did not see any disclaimer on my blog and since there was no mark on my photographs they assumed they could post our photographs. NO! This is where the misconception comes in. Simply put, original work, that is, work done by someone else, whether it is photographs or words, belongs to that person and not to the world. 

On the 21st of February I happened to be surfing the Latest Headlines feature of my computer. I never ever do this so it was fortuitous that I did so on this day. I came across an article that said Pinterest was taking a small step in preventing copyright infringement by providing a meta tag that would give would be pinners a notice saying that the blog or site does not allow pins. I installed it but apparently installed it wrong because the mosaic posting came after I installed the meta tag. Darn. I have since corrected the problem and have tested in out myself on Pinterest. I am so happy that this small step will at least help prevent some thefts of our work. 

In fact, I must say thank you to a social media representative in England. He came across this blog and saw my note on the sidebar regarding Pinterest. He emailed me the info about the new meta tag you can install on a blog to prevent those easy pinnings. The meta tag does not prevent downloading but it will slow down the pinning. I was not sure if I had installed it correctly on the blog but he actually checked it out for me without me asking. I felt this was a nice gesture and really appreciated knowing that I had finally installed the meta tag correctly. The fact he took the time to check it out was a small but giant courtesy. So far there don't seem to be any new pinnings. 

Another note about Pinterest and this blog. An anonymous commenter left a very nice comment on one of my broken concrete patio posts. The person felt that Pinterest would bring traffic to this blog and she or he said that they thought the ideas on this blog were great. I almost didn't post the comment since it was anonymous. We've had a bit of an issue with anonymous comments on here lately. But I did and I responded. I appreciate frankness and the person had a valid point. I simply explained my point as I have done in this post. All bloggers want traffic to their blog and I am not an exception to that rule. But if it is someone who is going to misuse the pictures or words on this blog then no thanks. I'd rather not get those visitors under any circumstances. There is enough content on this blog that it will stand alone in its rankings as far as getting traffic. That is satisfactory enough.

 I understand Pinterest cares about copyright and hope they continue to take steps to prevent pinners from stealing others work. And one more note, while Pinterest does not currently have advertising or make money, make no mistake, they are in the business of profit and that website is heading in that direction-at who's expense I ask you? 

I am not naive in thinking that I can stop all stealing of our photographs from this website but I can guarantee you I will do my very best to limit and to reverse the situation when I find it. So please folks, do your thing on Pinterest and have fun but leave this blog and the photographs on this blog alone....

in the garden....

Here is the code you can add to blogs to prevent Pinterest users from pinning your photos via the app the website designed. It needs to go in the header section. I had to install it twice before it worked as I am not too good with html but it is in html it must be installed. Good luck all. BTW, this meta tag will not prevent people from downloading your photos then uploading them to the web. But if you find that this has happened (as I have) you can prove copyright and force the offender to remove your photos or Blogger/Google will do it for you.


Here is a short video concerning the problems with Pinterest. It's easy to watch and understand all the issues with Pinterest. A person researching Pinterest came across this post and brought this video to my attention. Check it out for its simplicity explaining the issues with Pinterest. I am not the only one who feels the way I do about Pinterest and it will at some point be a matter for the courts to decide. In the meantime, be smart and don't pin others images either by the Pinterest app or by downloading the images. Thanks.

Words and Photos Property of In the Garden Blog Team, In the Garden


  1. Tina, you have an uncanny knack for writing timely posts! I have been trying to post a photo of me to the new Garden Bloggers' Fling Pinterest board and haven't been able to do it. Helen at Gardening with Confidence has been helping me, and the first thing I had to do was pin a photo from my blog to my own Pinterest board. I didn't want to put a photo of me on my blog, so I used one of my sidebar photos of a Monarch on a coneflower. This morning I finally received an email from Pinterest that I had been added to the GBF board, so now I could add my photo. But guess what other emails I had? You're right--umpteen other people had re-pinned my butterfly photo!

    I guess I didn't understand the whole Pinterest thing when I joined up. My daughter introduced me to it, and I thought it would be a great way to keep track of things I had seen on blogs and elsewhere for myself (underline myself!). Obviously, I should have researched this more, because I was surprised when suddenly I had all these "followers," and people were repinning my pins. I wish there was a way just to keep my board private.

    I applaud you for going to such lengths to figure out how to stop people from copying your work. It sounds very daunting to me, and I'm not sure I would ever figure it out.

    By the way, I was going to pin one of your photos a few weeks ago until I noticed your comment on the sidebar...then I bookmarked the page instead. Thanks for warning everyone about this problem!

  2. I've visited Pinterest. The address at the top right is a clickable link that goes straight to your blog.

    A 0 second view just means that the viewed visited only one page.

    Pinterest doesn't bother me personally because I am credited with the photo and the photo is linked to my blog.

  3. I found this post very interesting. Pinterest is getting a bad press here too. I joined it recently without really understanding the implications but I have found your post very eye-opening. I thought that pinning photos got you more visit to your blog but it seems not. I would be very interested in your megatag thingy. I have a 'copyright' notice on my blog but would appreciate anything that safeguards my photos. I have failed to find a decent watermarking software which doesnt cost money as well.
    Am off to close my Pinterest account.

  4. Copyright is one of the most abused principles on the Web, and sites like Pinterest simply add to the trouble.

    Pinterest's success rests blatantly on its members lifting content that does not belong to the members. That strikes me as an unethical business model, and it seems to be serving them well: they profit from the efforts of others.

    The right to control one's own work is a fundamental _human_ right, it seems to me. Posts like yours give visibility to that idea. Thank you.

  5. I have found and followed so many blogs through pinterest. I've also purchased A LOT of items that I've found on Pinterest. I think, with it's lack of advertising, it is a nice way to keep your favorites in one place. I feel like it directs people away from the site and to the originator.

  6. Rose, Thanks for not pinning! I'm glad you saw the note. I think Pinterest would be okay if folks understood how it all works and really understood their agreement not to pin anything they didn't own as is stated in the agreement. I agree it might be a good way to 'scrapbook' things we like but not the way it is working out. On the Pinterest SF board, I saw that via FB and certainly won't be participating with it. I mean my gosh, we already have our blogs listed on the Spring Fling Blog why would we want more info out there-for Pinterest users and only the users who are added to the board? I looked at it and appreciated it was all in one spot but no thanks. Personally there is TMI out there as it is and I am guilty of it too but can't get involved in other formats on the web. FB and this blog is enough. And even with FB I keep it fairly personal. With your butterfly, it will now be all over the place and I'm betting more of your photos may already be on the site too. So far they've removed the ones of mine that I have found. Thanks for weighing in today. I am sure many bloggers like Pinterest and dont' want to touch this post but I am not one of them and you can clearly see the incomplete url with a bank of our photos. Who really needs to visit the original site when it is on Pinterest with its millions of users? Anyhow, nuff said I guess or I could go on.

    Sweetbay, The web address you are talking about I can't find it. In the photos I have posted of screen shots you can clearly see the INCOMPLETE url. When a reader or viewer clicks on this to visit the source of all of those photos they are given the message 'Incomplete url'. The actual web address that works is and this url will not take you to this blog. It is only when you click on a photo that you are brought to the original source. While many folks do click thru on the photos they seem to do so more out of curiosity as my Sitemeter tells me they do not stay. Even so, I don't want the traffic I simply want my photos where they belong-on this blog. I am glad you are happy they credit you.

    Helen, No need to close your account unless that is what you want. I am not espousing that, simply that pinners need to respect copyright works-original works-that are not their own and not to pin them. I have a Pinterest account myself so I can keep track of the photos that belong here. As far as watermarking, Picasa has a watermark feature and is free! I only just figured out how to do it. I wish I could easily take down all my photos and watermark them but many are old and not marked. They still belong here though. But even with a watermark that most likely would not stop the pinning. I left the meta tag on your site. It is on Pinterests help page and easily found on the web too.

    Patricia, Well said! There is a lot of info on Pinterest lately and it promises to only get worse unless they fix the issues-I hope they do soon.

    Girl Rural, I am so glad you have has positive experiences with Pinterest and that it works for you. I appreciate all view on the issue for sure. My post is clearly only my view and I feel pretty strongly about the issue.

  7. I understand your view on this and like others, respect your wish to not have your items (photos) pinned. I am doing a little pinning, keeping stuff as a reference point. Bookmarks get lost in the long list of urls on my computer. I may regret having Pinterest, but for now it is a fun way to explore some items on the internet.
    I will say when I do a pin, I go to the original website (or try to) read about the item I am thinking of 'keeping' on my board, then decide if I really want to pin it.
    I have seen a couple of my photos pinned...guess there may be more as time goes on. I do have my name (with Picasa) embedded on the photo, but have heard it is not hard to remove the watermark/copyright.

  8. Some pinners are not repinning or going to the source to pin from there. They are downloading the photo and then uploading to a storage site like flickr, thereby losing the original source link.

    A specific example is dreyne's pretty little garden shed. It started out on many boards, with source given. Then I began to see it linked to google, flickr, whatever. That is theft.

    I read two blog posts this week by people with legal experience who deleted their Pinterest Boards. Pinterest's TOS puts all the burden on the pinner knowing and proving the source of their pins.

    I deleted my boards, too.

  9. I apologize for the fact that I was one of the people who unwittingly 'stole' one of your photos by pinning it onto Pinterest. I assure you that my intention was not to cause you harm in any way.

    When I was looking for things to do with the 15 bags of sweet gum balls I raked up from my yard, I did a quick search and pinned the (very few) things that I found so that I could get back to work clearing out my yard. My intent (as it is for everything that I 'Pin') was to have an easy reference for something that I thought was cute and might want to create or purchase for myself in the future. I'm not even sure how to pin my own creations and, quite frankly, if I didn't want other people to see, comment or copy the things that I create I don't put them on the internet. But obviously you feel differently and I will respect your opinion.

    At the time that I 'pinned' your reindeer, I was clicking around very quickly and did not see anything on the page indicating that you do not want your photos 'pinned'. If it was there I missed it and I apologize, had I seen it I assure you I would NOT have pinned the photo.

    I don't like bookmarking things because 1. I use more than one computer and 2. I never look back at those things. Pinterest gives me an easy way to keep the things that catch my eye 'filed away' for future reference.

    I have been ill for several weeks and just today was able to address your (unkindly phrased) comment that was emailed to me via Pinterest. It appears that the situation has been rectified by the site.

    Now I have a request for you. In the above blog post, you have a screen shot of 'my pin' that includes my face and name. I would appreciate it very much if you would remove my photo from your blog. I have not given you permission to have my photo on your blog and particularly not in conjunction with this particular blog.

    Since your blog post was specifically directed at this exact type of issue, I'm sure that you'll understand completely, so I think you in advance.

    Christina Wright

  10. Christina, I will crop out your picture right away. Thanks.

  11. Tina the web address I'm talking about is below the photo here and top right of the photo here. It looks like someone didn't copy the url of your blog correctly.

  12. Sweetbay, None of the photos that were 'pinned' from this blog had the url like yours. Even if they did when the photo is repinned and repinned that will be lost.

  13. Great timing here! I have never heard of Pinterest until seeing it on the Bloggers Fling Facebook sight a few days ago. I was wondering what it is all about. I clicked on the link and did see some info on Fling Attendees but did not go much further then that. I was looking for you and wondered why I did not see you there. LOL I was going to ask you about it and now I have my answer. I shall stay clear from it. But heck I was slow to get on facebook and still kind of picky as to whom I “Friend” There. I would like to keep it just close friends and family only but then I fold and add Bloggers at times. But well, I feel like I know some of you and I guess after Spring Fling, I will!!!

    I consider myself a private, slightly shy person but when I get to know you, I am open and have no hidden secrets. What you see is what you get. I don’t have a lot of friends but I would walk on fire for the few friends I do have. I like sharing stories on this Blog and enjoy learning from Bloggers and teaching Bloggers a few things in the course. But that is about as far as I want it to go. There are too many crazy people out there waiting for opportunity to steal ones work, even though a hobby. Who knows how far some crazy people would go where blogs are concerned? Maybe steal more then just a pic or words… Yikes, it is a crazy world and too bad it will not run smooth as silk. There are always a few bad apples that will spoil the whole bushel… Sad but true….

    I put way too much on Facebook when I think I have everything on private settings then someone finds me when I did not want to be found. LOL. I sometimes think of starting a new Blog and keep it only available to those I allow but then I would miss out on the fun I have had here “In the Garden” Blog. I reckon I could do both and keep the one only for family and close friends as a sort of scrapbook but heck, I don’t know the first thing about starting a blog. Ha, that is Tina’s job! LOL…. Tina I am so grateful to have you staying on top of such things as this Pinterest to keep us safe. Well, safer that is as there in nothing totally safe…

  14. Excellent post! My Mom is enjoying Pinterest but I had wondered where on earth they were getting all the photos! Of course, they have to belong to someone! If you pin something yourself and don't mind everyone in the world using it, fine. But, since that isn't always the case, then yes they have some serious copyright infringement issues! Good post!

  15. Janet, I too don't think it is hard to remove a watermark but I think most people won't go to the trouble to remove them as they'd as soon as move on. I hope so anyhow since all of my new photos now I have the mark on them and hopefully that will cut down on copyright issues.

    Christina, I am sorry you thought my comment unkind. I did not think it that way at all and at any rate, I was pretty upset to see all of my photos on Pinterest, as I am sure you were to see your face on this blog. I have rectified that and don't want to violate your privacy or anyone else's on Pinterest so I went as far as to recrop the other photo which also had some people's info on it. I know how it feels having things done like that so will be more careful in the future. Thanks for letting me know.

    Skeeter, You are too funny girl! I have often thought of making this blog private but haven't gone that route yet. You would for sure be on there and anyone else we know and would like to allow but I just think that at that point why even blog? I can keep my photos and words at home and I too have fun blogging. This thing with the photos winding up everywhere else has got me down though. I'm like you with FB and the privacy issues. I use it to keep up mainly with my family and I so love that part of it but all the friending can get out of hand. I guess you just have to set your criteria for that and for here. For here, the photos and posts stay here only. FB, that is an individual thing.

  16. Marie, Thanks! I totally understand how it might be convenient for people to have pictures of things they may like all consolidated but yes, the pictures do belong to someone. It's very frustrating to many people-not just me.

  17. Hey Tina,
    I just started using pinterest and thought it was a great way of finding cool ideas. I never thought a thing about people stealing other people's pictures. I have not ever taken a picture from a blog, however, I guess when I pin someone elses that is exactly what I have been doing. I usually visit the site to see if it is from a blog or magazine site that I might be interested in following. I have noticed your disclaimer about pinterest on your blog and would hope that people would respect your viewpoint. I am sorry that your pictures have been taken. I'm sure most people do not mean any harm. I have never thought of a pin as belonging to the person that pins it. I have always tried to check the source of the photo and usually can find it. I hope you have solved your issue of your pictures being pinned. I always love your blog and I am sure that if one of your lovely pictures showed up on pinterest, I would have (accidentally) been guilty of pinning it if I hadn't known how you felt about it. Hope this stops for you. :) Carla

  18. Carla you are very sweet! I appreciate it. I know there was no harm intended but having been dealing with Pinterest issues for a while now I have gotten rather frustrated with it all; hence this post. I think I got my point out and hopefully there will be no more issues. I know normal folks don't think about who owns a photograph they use from the web. Normal folks that is. I have also dealt with companies that do know what they are doing when they take other people's photos. Fortunately they took them down after a cease and desist letter but geez, it is mighty irritating. Looks like Carson is rocking the house and NC! Can't wait to see her national.

  19. Tina I knew there was a reason I didn't like this newest popular social media....everyone says you have to get into this...well I just didn't have time or interest. And of course it violates the copyright laws...pinning pics that are not yours means you are taking someone elses so how can this site ever not break copyright laws...I have no way to check if anyone is taking my pics...I just won't join to see...

  20. Tina I so needed to read this! Wow I was just asking my daughter about Pinterest and how it worked. Now I'm thinking alot of "What If's?" right about now. I would hate for someone to use my pictures or research on their site without my permission. I always add links from my blog DIRECTLY to the person/business' website I am quoting or siting in any of my posts. A little common sense and courtesy seems to be the key to solving this issue. Good job cracking the whip and filling us in on the deets. I have learned something today and will now have to figure out if any of my pics are floating out there. I have noticed traffic peeks here and there that were WAY out of the norm for my blog. I am sure others are wondering this same thing, but if you don't mind could you tell me/us where we can find the meta tag to aid in protecting our pics? There are so many options with google I don't know where to start. I hate to ask after you've taken the time to do all this awareness for us. *blushing*

  21. Donna, Ditto! I think Pinterest can be addicting and probably does take a lot of time. Not for me either even if they weren't taking the photos.

    FranksGreenGirl, Hello and welcome! Pleased to 'meet' you all the way from Minnesota. Glad I could help out with some questions on Pinterest-as least as far as from my view and experiences. I put the meta tag in the post to make it easy to find. I should've included it to begin with and am not sure why I didn't. The tag is everywhere on the net however it doesn't usually have good directions of where to put it in the html. I had to Google 'meta tags on blogger blogs' to find out how to install meta tags and where to put it. Then for my template it was trial and error. Mainly it goes in the top section prior to the box that talks about the header. Also, if you with to see where your traffic is coming from Blogger has a good feature that tell you. I personally prefer SiteMeter though. It is a free download and again you must install html on your blog for it to work. You'll need an account too. You can outclick on my Sitemeter stat and it will take you to their website or you can just Google it too. Thanks again for dropping by.

  22. Thanks Tina for this post. I have heard bits and pieces about Pinerest, but now I think I need to investigate more. I had issues with feed scrapers reposting my content, some with credit and link backs, and some completely without. I was able to fix that by changing some settings, now I have something else to worry about.

  23. Thank you Tina for your diligence. I agree whole hardheartedly with Skeeter. Shame on the ones that did wrong.

  24. Well I'll be dipped in peanut butter! I am one of the few people left that doesn't facebook, much less pin. I have 'wasted' many hours looking at boards and even did one project, blogged about it and gave credit to the 'original' creator of the idea...I too do not have 'peace' about these online social medias. Need to let you know that I did send a link to this post to some of my contacts in my email. I believe they NEED to read this side of the issue. I personally thank you for this post. I did feel like I was snooping while looking through the boards although I don't 'lift' photos.....

  25. I found a couple of my photos...the watermark had been cropped off and they were credited to someone else! I hate pinterest...before I knew what it really was...I pinned quite a few things..and feel bad! I am going to try again to delete my account

    ps. I have issues with anonymous comments lately too

  26. I've read every word of your post, and the comments. I am not on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, so I feel like it's something I really know nothing about. I really appreciate your views, and all the time and trouble it took you to inform us of this. I don't think Pinterest is going away, and only getting bigger. It's sad that Pinterest doesn't give the full URL address. And the comment by Tootsie where her watermark was removed and credited to someone else is really disturbing. Amazing that a website can pawn off the liability to the users, with no liability of their own.

  27. Les, I do think it is something to be worried about but don't fret too awfully much.

    Lola, Perhaps they did not realize they were illegally taking other peoples property? Not sure but hopefully it has stopped now.

    Darla, No FB? I'm surprised! But I think you are pretty smart as these social networking sites sure take up a lot of time.

    Tootsie, That's awful that someone would take the time to crop out a person's name and identifying information on a photo that they own! Just terrible like HG says. Those anonymous commenters are VERY annoying. And you know it is people who are doing the commenting and not always bots. I'm thinking why waste my time or theirs? I hope they read the box above these comments so they'll know they will be deleted but geez, it is a waste of time huh?

    HG, I am surprised you are not on FB either. It is such a fun place-really. It's great to connect with friends and family. It can be a bit much though so one has to set their limits and make sure they understand what they put out there. Pinterest, not interested either. It is disturbing about a person cropping others photos to remove identifying marks. I mean it is not like the Pinterest boards are private for only that person and things sure get lost. Ideas and pictures apparently become the property of the Internet and this is so not so! Even with blogs, they are still our blogs and we have a right to feel and say what we wish on them as long as they hopefully don't hurt or attack others. Some folks don't get it. I checked other pins on Pinterest and found the url format listed for the photos from this blog is also the format Pinterest uses for other sources. Really a problem. Thanks for weighing in. Love your post on Zig!

    Thanks everyone for weighing in on Pinterest. I know many feel strongly about it. I just want to say this post is how I feel about the situation backed up with data I have compiled and with my certified mail dealings with Pinterest. Copyright violation is an issue and Pinterest has responded appropriately by deleting our images from their site. I don't take copyright issues lightly but that being said, each person has a right to deal with these issues as they see fit. The way I deal with it is to fix it. Just because a person is on the web does not mean everyone can take their photos and words. Ideas-yes! Please do note the disclaimer at the bottom of the blog though. We are all different and that shows in our blogs and styles and feelings and the way we post. Sometimes things that work for us on this blog won't work the same for you and sometimes you may not agree with us but that is life-right?

    I will not post mean and spiteful comments and this is more to protect the commenter than me because I obviously get the comments. Again, I feel very strongly about this issue of copyright and think it is simply a matter of respect, consideration and some knowledge about the issue that allows the problems of copyright issues to be as widespread as they are. Thanks all.

  28. Wow, that is a lot for this ole lady to take in. My feelings as I read the whole post and all the comments was exactly what Skeeter had to say and I could not have worded it all any better. I have never been to Pintrest and have no intentions of going there. Several years ago the twins talked me into joing My Space. Took a while but I did it. Then it was Facebook. I resisted for a while but when Christy was in Iraq I gave in and joined. I do now enjoy Facebook because it keeps me abreast of everthing going on with my family and and 3 other bloggers from this blog but that is it. I did in the beginning accept 1 friend that I now regret. I have NEVER aked anyone to be my friend and NEVER will. Several people have asked me to be friends that I have just ignored. Even with that it still takes an hour each night to read my Facebook. ENOUGH!!! Sorry you have had such issues. Also I have NEVER shared any of all those share things on Facebook cause I know they belong to someone and people get carried away.

  29. Tina. I'm not on pinterest because I have no interest in it. After my experience with the people who stoled all my blog posts and photos I no longer put anything on the web that I don't want stolen. My attitude is - anything I put on the web can be copied and used by other people. As long as they give me credit and link back to me then it is ok. IF they don't give me credit then they are stealing. I've had companies and individuals use my photos. They have let me know they are using them and they have given me credit. I conclude that if you are not willing to share it then do not post it on the internet.

  30. Mom, Social networking has really taken off and I'm not sure what happened with My Space but isn't FB great? I think you can edit your friends and people you subscribe to so that you won't see every single thing any of your friends posts so if you did that it might cut down on your FB time. Just a suggestion. I am not real good with FB but the help feature is my go to source for any questions I may have. Of course, some of my FB friends who are better at it than me have given me suggestions too. I think with pictures on the web there is a common misconception that just because a picture is on the web then it belongs to anyone and everyone and that really needs to change before regulators step and take over the net. That is my hope anyhow.

    Melanie, That is a very good attitude but I still don't think that just because you have stuff on the web that it will necessarily be stolen and I don't think we should accept that fact. With some education and etiquette rules perhaps we can at least cut down on the thefts? I hope so anyhow. Pinterest made a code that is helping so far and I know webmasters are waaaay smarter than me and they have better ways to prevent lifting photos than you or I but again, it is a knowledge issue on how to fix the whole situation.

    *******This is so awesome!!! I filed the copyright form with Pinterest just today because there were still images from this blog on Pinterest and I actually got a callback!!! That is very encouraging. The man who called me back (Aaron) said he would remove the images and explained that the company is working on fixing the problem so that other people don't run into the same issues as I have posted here in this post. So far the code for pinning seems to be working. Aaron also said Pinterest is trying to help people get found but that the company respects the right of people (like me) that don't want to be found in this way-with their work published elsewhere. I think they are working day and night to get filters in place to fix the copyright issues and he was very understanding.

  31. Good post girl! I agree! I too did a post on my blog concerning this. I guess most of my commenters agree with the use of Pinterest. I just know I got tired of everyone telling me "you post it it's public"....yes, I am and have been aware of that the whole 4 years I have been blogging.
    Thanks to my sitemeter I became aware of what was happening. I click over to see what it was and soon discovered that nearly all my blog photos had been pinned.
    Aaron also worked with me and soon my photos were taken down. Soon after is when all the hate mail began to arrive in my inbox. Wow, what a hornets nest I stirred up. I was called a bitch, 2 called me a loser, I was called a hypocrite, I was also told I was stupid because I didn't know how the internet worked. One 'scrapbook' blogger also did a post mocking me on her blog and gave instructions to everyone how they could Pin my photos without even having to go to my blog. I was also told to get over myself and that I was hateful.
    I think these snarky comments confirm how I feel about this Pinterest thingy. Up until Pinterest I blogged happily and peacefully with my like minded quilty friends.

    I have second thoughts about my blogging if I am going to have to battle an organization like Pinterest.

    I have added the no pin code to my blog html and I think it has helped, but have you clicked on those 'google search' referral links on your sitemeter lists? I have started clicking each one and am discovering they are my 'images'......what to think about that?????