Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Crop Circles?

BY SKEETER We have been busy this winter doing such things as entertain house guest here in our Georgia Gardens. The Saints parents and Fur Baby "Minnie" left the bitter cold of Virginia to spend some time with us. Minnie stayed with us over a week while the Saints parents went even further south into Florida to enjoy some time with friends. Minnie was a great house guest and she enjoyed time running, laying and rolling in our green grass on sunny days. I have yet to feel the Winter Blues of SAD such as last year. I am not sure if keeping busy or being surrounded by pretty green grass has kept me happy. But as long as I have no winter depression, I am Happy. We shall continue to sow Rye Grass Seed each fall as we enjoy the green color during the winter months.
Now to yet another Mystery in our yard. Why are we seeing circles amidst our pretty Rye Grass? The Saint seems to think these are spots where Minnie may have "tinkle" during her visit. I on the other hand am sceptical of that theory. I have always heard that where a dog uses the yard to potty, will become damaged rather then flourish such as these spots.
Here is a close-up of one of the spot's. See how bright green and thicker in texture these spot's are compared to the other grass? Could this be from Aliens making CROP CIRCLES? Na, those circles are normally grasses that lay down and do not grow taller. Until we solve this mystery, we shall call them CROP CIRCLES as that makes for a better story, In the Garden...
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  1. They are very very interesting. I don't think it is from Minnie peeing. Here that grass will turn yellow and die. Perhaps it is fungus in the soil-maybe these areas are where trees used to be at one time? Or some other beneficial fungus that helps the grass grow so strong and lush. Glad you are not down. It's hardly been a winter this year!

  2. Good Morning everyone! It is going to be a errand running day for me today. I would so rather be in the garden. Argggggg...

    Yes Tina, I said that to the Saint also. Since we have so many sink holes in our yard from where trees once stood many years ago before the house was built. Ha, I cannot wait to share that theory with him again coming from you, he may just believe me... LOL....

    Everyone have a great day...

  3. This is our second year sowing the rye grass and we love it. It really does help cut down on the spring weeds.....need to pay attention if we have 'crop circles' in our lawn too...I am back on blogspot......HOORAY!!!

  4. I don't have a clue either. My grass stays pretty much brownish/green all winter. That late cold spell did take out some flowers. Arrrrg
    Onions are up. Potatoes are showing a couple at a time. I have one daff bloom that is in a big pot. It would be much better if I could do like days of old. lol

  5. It almost looks like something like trees used to be planted there...

  6. Minnie looks like such a sweet dog! That's some beautiful green in your back yard, but I can't imagine what is causing those circles!

  7. Hahaha, i love those circles like designs. I normally see these in the grazeland where cows left their dung. They are so high in nitrogen that when they decompose the weeds growing on them are greener. I wonder what are in those areas before the weeds grow, but definitely they are richer in nutrients. It could be true that maybe poos were there earlier, and after being decomposed they provided good nutrients to the plants. Also urine of animals are high in urea.

  8. Thanks for all your input on the crop circles. I do think these are spots where trees once stood. When building houses, they are bad about "Clear cutting" an area then adding top soil over the remaining trunk verses removing the entire stumps and roots. I am guessing that over the many years, the roots/stumps are continuing to rot away thus giving some great fertilizer...