Thursday, February 23, 2012

Early Spring

Valentines Day has come and gone here in my Georgia Gardens. My display remains in the woods as I type though. We have returned from our winter cruise to the Bahamas and brought back the crud with us. We did not start showing signs of this nasty Cold Type mess until we were off the ship. We were able to enjoy our vacation up until last Friday when both The Saint and I were down and out. We both had and continue to deal with Runny nose, Clogged Sinus, Pressure, Cough, etc. You know the typical Sinus Cold Symptoms. I feel a bit better today and even got out of bed and opened windows to allow fresh air inside the house. We are in the mid 70's and with us going from cold to warm, warm to hot, hot to cold, drizzle cold rain and back to warm and then Hot temps, it is no wonder our sinus are messed up!
Today was the first day I stepped outside in my gardens in many days and I see spring colors saying hello to me. I snapped pictures then back inside to rest. I have no energy with this sinus draining me. Grrrrrrrr....
Daffodils have come and gone and some still blooming for me. Hyacinth in colors of purple and white are blooming. Oh, how I wish you could smell this beautiful white one above. Clogged nose and all, I still can smell the sweet scent of this beauty. Hopefully, I can get over this crud and get out into the gardens by weekend. The Valentines Day Display really needs to go Bye Bye....
The Wrens are at it again. Look high upon the post on the front porch.
Yep, I have placed small birdhouses upon each post in hopes to keep the birds at bay. But as you can see, the houses are not working.
I have 3 functional bird houses on the front porch for the birds to enjoy but they prefer to make a mess on the posts instead. Flowers blooming and birds building nests is a sure sign that we are having a EARLY SPRING, In the Garden...
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  1. Dear Skeeter ~ so sorry to hear that you and your DH are so sick. Glad you didn't get sick until you were done with your cruise. Hope you'll soon be feeling much better.

    Your Valentine day display is pretty. Your spring blooms are gorgeous. The birds think their own little nests are home sweet home. The new homes are camouflage.

    Be well ~ FlowerLady

  2. Skeeter,
    Hope you feel better. Can't believe it is still February and your daffodils have 'come and gone'

    I see you have the new word verification, it is awful..

  3. Bummer on being sick! Get well soon! Those wrens are really something. What a big nest. As I looked at your hyacinth I thought to myself I wish I could smell the scent and then I read that too. Welcome back!!

  4. Hope you and your husband start feeling better very soon. Maybe a little sunshine therapy today will help.
    Funny little Wrens. We had one in the top of the propane tank last year.

  5. The sun is out and the weatherman is calling for over 80 degrees today! Wow, I wish I had the energy to get out and play in the garden but I just dont have it in me. Urg.....

    Flowerlady, Thanks for your kind words. We will get over this just seems to be taking more time then normal for such crud….

    Randy, Some are still blooming but most have already left us. I lost an entire comment yesterday due to that thing. Grrrrrrr….

    Tina, Great minds think a like. LoL. It smells so sweet and I cannot enjoy it being outside and me stuck inside all sick. I should pick it and bring it inside. But then I fell like I have killed it. poo…

    Rose, thanks! I am sure we will be better soon. It has taken us both longer then normal to get over this stuff. We may have had something a bit worse then we thought. We self medicate verses the doctor route and letter nature take its course on us I guess. Those Wrens are little toots and keep me on my toes….

  6. Rest and fluids!! Glad you were fine during your trip. Those wrens just know a good place when they see it.

  7. Glad you got thru the vacation before getting sick. Those cruise ships have had a lot of the noro virus and I bet that is where you picked it up. It is much worse that the regular crud. The really bad thing of it is that you can still pass it along to others for a whole week after you feel better. Been a lot on the news about it cause of the cruise ships. My daughter came up from FL one time with her granddaughter and we all got it so I can atest to the fact that it is terrible. We thought they picked up something on the plane but after hearing about it on the news this winter it now makes me wonder if that was true or not.

    It does look like spring at your place. Not that warm here but it has been warm enough for me to get outside. Loving it.

  8. Hope you are feeling better! Your Valentine display is very cute! I bet those spring bloomers smell wonderful! I found that a pair of wrens are using a decorative birdhouse on our front porch. Those crazy wrens will nest anywhere.

  9. So sorry you are many bad viruses going around...feel better and I love it when my wrens April i should see them.

  10. sorry you're unwell, but I chuckled when I saw the photos of the neat little birdhouses. Those birdies know what they want and what they like, thank you very much!

  11. What a treat to see your hyacinths in bloom! I can't believe your daffodils have already come and gone. I hope you're feeling better soon, Skeeter, and get to be out in your garden again soon.