Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bloggers Fling: Sunny Point Cafe

This is my third posting on the Spring Fling of Asheville, NC. Even with 3 postings, I am still on day 1 of this wonderful event. We did do a lot during this fun Fling but there is so much to see and do in Asheville! Click HERE to see more gardens. After our visit to the Odd but Interesting Burton Community Gardens, we stopped to check out the Sunny Point Cafe.
This fellow is there to greet you upon entry to the veggie gardens.
Everything grown in this garden will be found on the menu of the Cafe.
Why Go Solar? Read and see.
Whimsy through out the gardens.
Blooms through out the gardens.
Even an old bath tub like the one I bathe in as a child. I told The Saint we needed a tub in our gardens. He smiled, nodded and said NO!
Veggie blooms of peas.
Cute tater bins!
This is a working garden thus a worker working in the garden. I do believe I see Tina in the background.
This garden was a treat to see as I have only heard of Restaurant Gardens. This garden is located just behind the Restaurant.
Look at this neat flower!
Of course, you knew there would be some art in this garden.
I see my idea of making a bicycle planter is not an original idea.
Skeeter's Bicycle Planter
Oh well, I still like my bike planter. Here it is above.
Sunny Point Cafe provided some wonderful snacks to tickle Blogger's taste buds.
The next time we get to Asheville, we shall drop by Sunny Point for lunch! Click HERE to find out more about SUNNY POINT CAFE, In the Garden...

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  1. I'm pretty much going NUTS waiting to see all the gardens on The Fling! That silverware flower really caught my fancy....And I'm sure MY "saint" would have had the same response as YOUR Saint to the suggestion of a bathtub in one of our beds :)

  2. Looks as if you all are having fun, love the utensil flower..

  3. I loved those tater bins--I wonder if kids helped to decorate them? But I completely missed the spoon/fork art and the snacks...how did I miss the snacks?? I wish I could have sampled a little bit of their cooking--judging by the number of patrons inside, it's definitely a popular place.

  4. Those snacks were really good too! I loved that lemonade on that hot day. This garden was a really neat working garden. Everything was laid out wonderfully. Those tater tot bins were really neat!

  5. That place is sure helping our planet by recycling and using solar. My hat is off to them. Love all the recycled whimsy but the sliverweare flower is awesome. Do you know what they used for the center?

  6. Did you get a chance to actually eat at the restaurant? We did not, wished we had.

  7. That's a cute and creative garden!

  8. Skeeter, I love your bike planter. It was a pleasure to meet you, Tina and, of course, The Saint.

  9. At least the Saint said no nicely! I think a bathtub in the garden is a real plus! I missed the bowling balls.

  10. I love the whimsy of this garden...

  11. Blogger will not allow me to Reply to each of you today so shall do it this way instead...

    Rebecca, Stayed Tuned as there is plenty more to come....

    Darla, we had a blast and with your talents, I am sure you could make one of those Fork Flowers...

    Rose, the Fork Flowers and the Snacks were set up at the same spot. So if you missed one, you missed them both. Maybe we were the first bus to arrive and we ate all the goodies before your bus arrived. LOL... We got to sample some of their bakery treats and lemonade. Yum....

    Tina, I cannot wait to see your view on all these fun gardens...

    Jean, I am not sure on the flower center as I was doing a quick snap of the lens as our Ring Leader was yelling for us to get back the bus. LOL... I would say some type of glass item such as what Tina uses on her Mosaics...

    Phillip, no we did not but seeing all the people coming and going at the place, I will be back to nibble the next time we visit Asheville...

    Cameron, I was so looking for you at the Fling since it was so close to you. Sorry we missed you this go round...

    Helen, Thanks! It was nice getting to spend time with you esp at dinner as we had a nice visit with you all...