Monday, May 14, 2012

Hydrangeas, Lilies, and More

This is a very busy month for me and this week is probably going to be the busiest. I need to take a break from blogging for a bit and like I normally do, I will leave you with a few pictures from Tiger Gardens. Above and below is the wonderful 'Husker Red' penstemon in my Northside Shrub Border. This is a fantastic plant that is very versatile, drought tolerant, and tough. Skeeter posted on it here.

Coreopsis 'Domino' was a late addition last fall to my new Yellow Garden in the front yard. Coreopsis is also a very nice drought tolerant and sunny plant. Some varieties do better than others so you must first do your research or experiment with cultivars. Experimenting is what I mainly do though I will tell you I have found that the only threadleaf coreopsis that is tough and lasts is 'Moonbeam'. I never mess with 'Limerick Ruby' or 'Cream Brulee' anymore.

Irises in the pond add a spot of color to contrast nicely with the koi.
My mother's hydrangea is blooming. What a pretty blue!

A couple of late blooming clematis are still strutting their stuff on the arbor entering the backyard.
Gardenias rival sweet bay magnolias and 4 O'clocks for my favorite scent. My friend Naomi gave me this one I grow in a pot on the driveway.
Prickly pears are a great little plant for planting near the road where you don't normally garden but where you want to have interest. These are evergreen and a neat architectural plant.
The nearly two dozen oak leaf hydrangeas are in full bloom along with the mopheads. Next up will be the 'Annabelles', then the paniculatas ('Limelight', 'Pink Diamond', 'Tardiva', 'Phantom', 'Quickfire', and 'PG'). I love hydrangeas!
I saw a squirrel busy in the plum tree so I decided to take a look and see what was so interesting. This year the plum tree is loaded with plums; which the squirrels are quickly devouring. These plums are quite tart but they must be okay with the rodents and I don't really begrudge them eating the plums. Before long this tree will be skeletonized by the Japanese beetles but until then we can all enjoy it.
Spireas are blooming and I really like spiraeas even though they can be invasive and have to be watched.
Finally we close out with oxalis and Asiatic lilies in full bloom in the Front Center Garden. I hope you all are having a super good spring and are staying busy living life....

in the garden....

See ya soon...

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  1. Well my goodness that was a very nice stroll this morning. You have plenty of beautiful color about your gardens. Try not to over do it this week, hope your Mother's Day was a great one!

  2. Lovely blooms! I am enjoying the same penstemon in both the cottage garden and the deer resistant garden. I know that spirea are listed as potentially invasive, but I've never seen a seedling from either of my two cultivars. I do deadhead mine because I like repeat blooms and deadheading after the final bloom ensures blooms for the following spring.

    Hope your week goes well. Sorry that I won't be at the Fling. Originally, Garrett was getting married that weekend, but he moved it. However, a party/shower is scheduled for them on Saturday so I still couldn't go. Have fun!

  3. Pretty pretty pretty is all I can say about these pictures! Busy is the word of the week...

  4. Glad you are going to the fling. Have fun. You have a wonderful array of blooms to admire. I have some piggy back plants that I thought were clover but since I saw your oxalis mine could be that. Will watch it closely.
    Went & got more bottles for my bottle tree. Most are the amber color. A couple real pretty whiskey bottles. Maybe I could make an amber color tree. Hmmmmmmm.

  5. Just gorgeous...especially the blue hydrangea...I just love all the blooms

  6. What beautiful blooms! I love hydrangeas, too, and just this year added an oakleaf hydrangea to my garden. I can imagine how gorgeous two dozen would be!!! I really like that iris in the pond, too. I've never put irises in my pond, but I may have to! Very pretty!

  7. What a great mass planting of oak leaf hydrangeas... bet the fall color is spectacular too. Be seeing you in a few short days!!! :-)

  8. Pretty pictures. You gals all have fun!

  9. Your flowers are so beautiful!! I just love seeing all your pictures!!

  10. Stunning bloom from your spring garden!!!

  11. Fabulous blooms Tina! I wish I could see your garden fro the roof~The hydrangeas must be stunning. gail

  12. You have quite the array of hydrangea's Tina! I has to be heavenly in person. Love the Husker's Red penstemon too. Mine isn't blooming yet. I agree about the fragrance of a gardenia. Wish they were hardier here. I had one in a pot one summer but it didn't winter over. Haven't tried again.
    Have fun at the fling! Can't wait to see your pics.

  13. everything looks so lovely and robust and healthy, Tina. have a good break. cheers, cm

  14. Your garden looks fabulous Tina, so lush and full. My garden is still in the early spring stage, many of the shrubs have barely leafed out. I can't wait for it to catch up to yours. Enjoy your blogging break.

  15. I long to have an oakleaf hydrangea, but alas, it isn't to be, not enough shade. I was about to ask what that white flower was that leads this post, but I realized I already have the same one! I think perhaps I lost it over the winter, because I haven't seen it yet this year. My Endless Summer hydrangeas always bloom pink here, but I sure wish they were blue!

  16. Everything looks lovely, Tina. I feel the same way about coreopsis...most of the cultivars don't last long in my garden. I loved that 'limerick ruby' and it actually came back a 2nd yr for me, but not this no point in trying more that aren't going to stay hardy. Looking forward to hearing more about the 'fling' from your posts on FB and here on your blog. So sorry I was unable to go, I would have loved to meet you.

  17. Hah! I thought I left a comment here, but it must have been that darn internet outage in NC. I know I typed it anyway. I so enjoyed meeting you and Skeeter and am already looking to next year.

    I love that image of the lone plum. It is really a beautiful photo and looks like a magazine shot.

  18. Hi

    The hydranagea blue is so lovely, tina! I was a little surprised that your hydrangeas are at present beautifully in bloom. Ours have not yet begun to bloom. Your irises in the pond look like what we call "Kakitsubata" irises. The color of them is so elegant! Say hello to your koi!!