Friday, September 21, 2012

Our Final Post on the Beautiful Luthy Botanical Gardens and FIVE YEARS!

Wrapping up our visit to Luthy Gardens we start not in Luthy gardens but in a splendid nursery Mr. Fix-it and I visited while I was in Peoria. This nursery is called Hoerr Nursery (pronounced hair-a good German name). Mr. Fix-it is awesome with spotting nurseries for me. Wherever he goes he scopes them out for when I come to visit. 

This nursery was hard to miss because it was immense. I actually thought it was just the growing fields but was pleasantly surprised to find it open to the public. I purchased several plants to bring back to Tennessee and I'm happy to say they are all doing well. Next year I am sure you'll see some on this blog. I am not normally a nursery type of gal but this one had some good sales and nice plants that are hard to find in my southern garden area. Illinois is, afterall, in the north so the plants are a wee bit different. Nonetheless I think the native plants that I purchased will adapt well to my garden. 

This wagon was a super cool thing and displayed nicely inside of the retail area. I took the picture to remind me of how it was done so that if I ever get the time and energy I may make one too. I think the print on the outside of the wagon was decoupaged on and the rest painted. Isn't it sweet?
Now we are back at the Luthy. This walkway had lots of interest and full, happy, and healthy plants. Note the grasses and the fact that there are very few blooms yet this walkway will hold your attention the whole way.
Another shot of the conifer collection. I love conifers but don't grow many here. Most don't like my conditions (shade and tough summers and not so good drainage).
Joe Pye weed is something that grows well here though. I love this flower but its barely one week of bloom leaves it lacking a bit. I do, however, grow it here as it likes my natural style of gardens and does well with only part sun.
I think these were crabapples but I could be mistaken. There were tons of berries in the gardens even in July. They were also all ripe-in July-which is rather early I think.
More of the Joe Pye weed with the bonus of amsonia (Amsonia hubrichii). If you don't grow amsonia you are missing out. It is an easy to grow perennial that has a great texture and fits in anywhere in the garden. Be sure to give it three-four feet of room as it will grow large, though it takes a few years. It turns a golden wheat color in the fall and simply shines. It is drought tolerant and will self seed a bit; which is most welcomed in my garden. The blooms are not very noticeable but it does indeed bloom in the spring. The seed pods look like a cleome seedpod; long and narrow like a pea. The amsonia in my garden and others I've seen are loaded with seedpod this year. Everyone should be checking for the seedlings next spring. Either let them grow where they sprout or move them to better spots but be sure to do this early. Amsonia is extremely difficult to transplant successfully once it gets going.
Cute garden are-a whole family called 'The Shovels' (a name I gave them).

Lastly we finish in the Children's Garden. I am sure children made these simply little concrete designs. The designs were then placed in the garden in such a way that all of the circles formed a large flower. It was simply and beautiful at the same time. 

There were so many more photos I took that I have not posted. I tell you this garden was very small and could easily be seen in less than an hour or two but it is worth the $2.50 admittance fee for sure. What a bargain....

in the garden....

Yesterday was the five year anniversary of this blog. Where does the time go? Over the five years this blog has changed a lot. I have also changed a lot. Change is not a bad thing at all. This blog helps to document it all for me along the way and that is why I still blog. 

Some stats from the blog say that we have had 1338 published posts, over 32,500 comments, and nearly a half a million visitors. I can tell you when I started this blog I never ever dreamed I'd still be doing it five years later and that I would be joined by some friends (Thanks Skeeter, Dawn, and Lola!) along the way and that we would have readers. Thanks everyone who follows along and and helps to make this blog rewarding for us by sharing in our trials and the garden. 
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  1. Congrats on your five years and for the tour of this lovely garden.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  2. Congratulations on the five year anniversary! I've been reading your blog for three years and a half and during these years I've enjoyed a lot reading your posts and learning many things from you! I never forget your helpful advice when I had trouble blogging.
    The garden looks fantastic! I love the little concrete designs. They are really charming!

  3. Oh my, has it been 5 yrs already? I've followed you forever. I may not have commented every time but did read. I've learned so much from you. I truly am glad that you are in my life for it's enriched my life greatly. Congratulations Tina. You have worked very hard. Love ya.

  4. Oh, forgot to say I love this garden. That little wagon is to die for. Love those grasses.

  5. Love the photos!! The wagon and shovel family were super cute!!

  6. Happy Blogivesary! Looking forward to five more years!

  7. Five years? Wow, time does fly doesnt it... I just returned from McCorkles giant plant sale and after seeing the pic of the grasses, I am mad at myself for not picking up any grasses this go round! Sigh. Oh well, there is always the next trip....

    That wagon is def a step above the Red Ryder Look a likes we all seem to have. I love how they painted it blue and the deco is wonderful. I may have to give my little wagon a over haul. How cute the childrens stones. So important to get children involved in the garden, It keeps the nature lovers going.....

    Happy Blogging and it has been a fun learning ride with you girl..... Glasses up and ching ching for many more fun years to come....

  8. Congratulations, Tina! Five years, wow. I don't have even five months...Great pictures. Have a nice weekend!

  9. Nice gardens. I adore the painted/decoupaged radio flyer. The grasses down that walk way to the right made me feel faint. The photo of the Joe Pye Weed in the center with the tall green grass to the left, what is the tall white to the right of it?
    Congrats to this blog and all of its contributors, a great bunch here! Isn't it strange to look back at the posts and your writings to see the changes that have taken place over the years? I hope you all continue to be blessed.

    1. It's kind of hard for me to tell but I think it is Russian sage. It is a tall and very happy Russian sage. 4th picture down right?

  10. Love the shove family and congrats on 5 years.

  11. That is exciting! Happy anniversary. I know how exciting it is. I'm working on 3 years this upcoming March. You are right about how much we change. I look back at some of the stuff and wonder what I was thinking....but that's all part of it. Love the "Shovels" pic:)

  12. Thanks for the garden tour. The fruit in that photo could be cherry. One way to find out is to cut it in half, if there are seeds it's Malus, apple. If a big pit it is a variety of prunus, - cherry, plum, apricot or peach :0 Congrats on your 5 year anniversary.

  13. nice post thanks for sharing...blessings

  14. Congratulations on five years! That is truly an achievement to be celebrated. Love the concrete with the stones in it. And you have me thinking I should visit some nurseries in different areas - you're right, they would have plants that would be a little bit different than the ones here, but still good ones to add to the garden.

  15. Big congrats for five years!! Pat yourself on your back for a job well done. Your blog is a great source of information, friendship, and blooms.
    Thanks for sharing this garden with us, I can't believe you only paid $2.50 to enter. Incredible. Money well spent.

  16. Five years! Wow.
    What a nice nursery. You do such a nice job o sharing your finds and giving inspiration.
    I need to back track a bit and check some more of your recent posts.

  17. Happy 5 Years!! I love the crabapples and look forward to mine growing and producing lots of fruit...and that Joe Pye bed is stunning!

  18. Congratulations on your fifth blogaversary, Tina! There have been so many blogs that have come and gone over that time, that it's quite a testament to you and your group to have continued to publish so many interesting and informative posts. Thanks for the tour of the Luthy Gardens and also for mentioning Hoerr Nursery. I think I've heard of this one--one more reason for me to make a road trip to Peoria next year!

    I should have read your comments about moving amsonia before last spring when I tackled mine. That's a job I won't attempt again:)

  19. Sorry I am late to congratulate you on 5 years. If I could I would give you that way-cool wagon as a gift, but I know if I could get my hands on it, I would likely keep it for myself and just send you a card.