Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pam's Ponds

The last ponds Mr. Fix-it, Naomi, and I toured were the ponds of Pam. I am not sure if Pam is the President of the Montgomery County Water Garden Society or not, but I must say she is most passionate about ponds. 

There is a beautiful gazebo near the two ponds Pam maintains. The gazebo set the tone for the whole garden; which is elegant and varied.
This tree had some earrings! Earrings on trees is not so much an elegant thing but ever so fun!
Pam said she is not a gardener perse, just a pond person. Well, she had a very nice garden in my opinion and I enjoyed taking photos of it.
This leaf casting was beautifully finished.
Cockscomb has done really well for most gardeners this year. I even have it growing in my garden-for the first time ever.
Pam maintains two ponds; one for the boy fish, and one for the girl fish. One of the ponds has a long waterfall and stream leading down to the pond. As we walked up a shy frog took off from our view.
This area is the bog area Pam maintains. Some plants need certain conditions in which to grow well. If you have a deep koi pond with lots of koi the plants might get eaten and not do well. Therefore you might consider building a bog area like this one for specialized plants.
More of the stream flowing down the natural slope.
Part of the garden around one of the ponds.
Pam's son-in-law was hand feeding the koi. I thought this was cool!! Pam's koi must be about three feet long as well so to be able to handfeed these behemoths was pretty neat. Can you imagine the time it took to train them to eat out of a hand? I'd love to do this with my koi but don't see it happening any time soon. My koi are such drama queens that even when they are fed they swoosh around like the hounds of hell are after them. It's kind of strange they don't calm down for me even though they are quite friendly prior to me tossing in their food. 
One last look at one of the ponds. The two ponds were quite large and deep. Pam had bubblers going in both of the ponds. I believe she said bubblers help to aerate the water and to cool it down. In the summer ponds can get quite hot; which reduces the oxygen level; which then stresses the fish. Aerators help with that. 

This concludes my pond tour series. It was a lot of work and I'm not sure I'll do it again but it was fun for me to remember the ponds too since I always try to make the annual pond tours. I am thinking about joining the society too. If you have a pond or are thinking of making a pond I highly recommend you join a local pond society as they are a wealth of information and resources the ordinary person cannot get on their own. 

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  1. Pam's ponds are wonderful and she as a lovely property filled with loveliness and peace.

    Thank you for sharing the pond tour, it was a real treat.


  2. I love the gazebo, too. Looks like the perfect spot to sit in the evening and watch the koi swimming in her pond.

  3. Thanks for another great tour. I liked the tree earrings, very cute. Imagine in the evening a light on them would really sparkle. Two ponds, one for each sex it a lot of work. Interesting! I like the idea of a bog garden for plants. I remember those pitcher plants at the NC Arboretum, trying to figure out how to have them here!

  4. Mom and I enjoyed your pond tours alot...such beautiful places...we have 9 bottle with no labels on them, mom works on a few everynight....
    stella rose

  5. Love the ponds!! Everything looks beautifully kept!!

  6. It has been a real treat to follow the Pond Tour with you Tina! Each pond is unique and so peaceful looking. I am forever in the "Want" mood for a pond but doubt that will ever happen. I see a Condo with pond view more in my future. LOL...

  7. Another great tour. Love the earrings. I have wanted a gazebo forever. But doubt that will happen. 2 ponds, cute but seems a lot of work.

  8. Another great tour. Love the earrings. I have wanted a gazebo forever. But doubt that will happen. 2 ponds, cute but seems a lot of work.

  9. Wow. Two big ponds and all the stream areas. I'll bet her garden sounds wonderful. Amazing feeding the fish by hand.

  10. Those ponds are amazing--and what lovely koi! Thank you for the great tours! I'm so inspired to start our pond project!

  11. Great looking ponds! Love the stream, and the bog area. Interesting that she separates the men from the women! I think if you want, you can train your koi to eat out of your hands fairly easily. Might take a year or so, but it helps that they love food so much! Mine follow me around with their mouths open! hahaha

  12. I love that stream! That would be neat to train your koi to hand feed.

  13. Well that was quite the pond garden...I always dreamed of a stream that ended in a pond with a bridge....well I have my little pond and that is enough for me...lots of work but worth it

  14. My dream is to have a gorgeous gazebo like that!

  15. Two things about your photos that stand out about her place.....the gazebo!!! Excellent choice....and the pond stream along the property....very pretty feature. Thanks for sharing your pics.

  16. I can't believe how full her cockscomb is. Mine is tall and lanky like corn(probably because I panted the to close to each other.) I like her's much better, enough to give it another try next summer.

  17. The pond tour has been great but I think this one was my favorite. It is awesome. The leaf casting is amazing and I also really like the earings on the tree. The last picture looks like the pond is in the shape of a heart. It just may be the angle of the camera but I see a heart. Very neat.

  18. Fine ponds. We don,t have ponds like that in Finland because of our cold climate. Everything is frozen in the winter. The koi are fine. I've seen those in Japan some years ago.