Friday, September 7, 2012

Some Problems, Animals, Gardens, and White Flowers

Lately it seems one thing after another keeps coming up to draw me away from this blog. First it is work, then it is anger at people stealing photos, then it is the economy, then the garden, then just life. As in I enjoy reading books and hanging out and not being on the computer. Ever feel like that? It has been happening to me a lot lately but I do try to focus on the positives-of which there are many. 

The above picture of one of my cherished glass mosaics is quite a popular mosaic and picture, though not this particular picture. I have found many many times one of my original pictures of this mosaic pinned on Pinterest. Usually I find my pictures because there is a url to my blog. This was not the case recently. I searched Pinterest for a certain key word and was shocked to find my mosaic pinned on a person's board. It was repinned 171 times. There was NO url to my blog anywhere on the picture. All those people who repinned my photo had no idea it did not belong to Mosh Art and another blog I will not name. Do people really care who owns what anymore? What do you think when you take other pictures and 'pin' it? I for one do not think this is okay if you do not ask the person. Never have we been asked if we would allow our pictures to be used elsewhere. What happened to common courtesy?

The picture was pinned more than 48 weeks ago but it was not actually pinned. It was actually downloaded then uploaded to Pinterest under another person's name. In other words, this 'person' took credit for the idea of the mosaic, and the mosaic itself, and the picture. Needless to say I was not happy. As always, I report the theft and I must say the positive is that Pinterest always removes photographs of mine when I complain and fill out the copyright form. I am very happy about this. I will always report the theft and leave a comment for the offender. To this date only one person has ever responded to me about my comments. What could they say? "I'm sorry I stole your picture but I really thought it was mine? No, actually I really thought you wouldn't find out."  I just wish I could understand what motivates people to actually steal others work in this manner. But then we move on.
To crepemyrtles flowering. They are so pretty this year. But in case you are one of the very few southerners that does not grow crepemyrtles beware, these trees are messy. I'll forgive mine because they are just so beautiful. I do try to plant them where their mess will not fall into gutters and storm drains but I have failed on this task a bit.
Cutleaf coneflowers are beautiful and cheer me.
The friendly neighboring cows are back for the summer. They are so funny I can almost forget about the world while watching these bovines play in their large field.
And what self respecting cow pasture would be without a feisty goat? Mr. C's goat is a hoot to watch while he guards the cows and their babies. He and his buddies the cows practically live in our yard thanks to the beautiful meadow abutting our property. It is such a wonderful view is it any wonder I spend a lot of time outside and away from the computer?
'Limelight' paniculata hydrangeas have not been as floriferous as they were last year but still they bloom and I am reminded life goes on.
Our two stray cats have finally made peace with one another. This was after many wounds and at least two trips to the veternarian due to abscesses. These two castrated Toms don't really bother Orkin; our resident female orange tabby for more than seven years; but she simply will not come to the porch and I rarely see her anymore. She is always in the garden close by so I am able to check on her but it makes me sad she will not come to us anymore due to these two Toms I now think Orkin stays away from the porch because the dogs scare her when they peek out and bark at her and the two Toms.
'Immortality' iris is on its second summer bloom. What an outstanding pure, beautiful, fragrant, and uplifting iris this one is. Everyone should grow it.
Night blooming Jimsonweed is a nice reminder of a dear friend who has moved away. She dug seedlings from her garden many years ago and passed them on to me. My plants are the progeny of the original seedlings because night blooming jimsonweed usually doesn't overwinter here in my Zone 7A garden. Seedlings reliably appear each spring with no help from me. Surprisingly enough I have not been able to start seedlings from seeds on my own.
Night blooming Jimsonweed blooms all season, but only at night. By mid morning the blooms will vanish. This flower is also fragrant at night. Jimsonweed is an excellent choice for a moon garden. Be aware it will get quite large.

This time last year this garden was completely bare. All of the beautiful flowers had disappeared from the scene due to the drought. I promised myself I would change that so I replanted the area with drought tolerant plants such as catmint, sedum, and grasses. Agastache was added later. I have been very pleased with the fact that this year I actually have green and like to think it is because of my planning, but I suspect it might be due to the wonderful wonderful rains we received in July and now. 

On our recent pond tour there were about 75-80 people who came by the garden. They almost all said this has been a bad year for gardens due to no rains and the extreme heat. I have to totally disagree because the past two years have seen NO water in my gardens for about two months straight and it was pretty hot then too. My gardens languished and many plants died during the past two years. I have yet to lose anything this year though a large black gum looks as though it might need to come down. We have had plenty of rain in my garden this summer and the plants are showing their delight. I suspect next spring will be wonderful as all of the spring bloomers like viburnums and hydrangeas have been able to set buds and put on new growth and will bloom like crazy next year. Just watch and see. While June was a bit rough this summer as a whole has been wonderful. I need to try to remember that as 2012 starts to wind down and I look to next year.

I need a slight pause from blogging but will be back.... 

in the garden....

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  1. Dear Tina ~ How neat to live close to cows and goats. I'd be out watching them too.

    Sorry about the thieving of your photos.

    Love your jimson weed. Is it in the datura family?

    Enjoy your pause from blogging, be refreshed and we'll see you when you get back.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

    1. Thanks FlowerLady. The jimsonweed is indeed datura, Datura stramonium. Do you grow it? I somehow picture it in your garden where it would come back each year.

  2. What a bummer about the thievery. Sorry to hear it. I guess the bright side is that your blog is so popular that the thieves think it worthy of theft. I know, that's not very comforting. You've put so much work into your site, and it's frustrating to have your trust in other people violated. Anyway, I enjoy coming here because of the way you resolve your conflicts. You don't hide their warts under a veil. Instead you remind us to get outside our problems and change our perspective. You're a healer, Tina.

    1. You are most kind. I surely appreciate it.

  3. Tina, I don't want to steal the photo of your mosaic--I just want to steal the mosaic! ;-) It is absolutely stunning! I'm so sorry to hear about your troubles with Pinterest. I simply can't understand what motivates people to be so blatantly dishonest--other than they must envy your talent and beautiful garden. Please don't take too long of a break from blogging--I love coming here for a daily dose of beauty and inspiration. Wishing you a lovely, relaxing weekend.

  4. Love all your photos they are beautiful!! Sorry there are dishonest people out there claiming your photos are theirs. Love your garden it gives me so many ideas!!

  5. I am also sorry about the thieving people out there who take credit for your work..i would like you to make mom a little version of that for her birthday..hehehehehhe
    your gardens are so beautiful and make mom feel like working in hers a little more after reading your blog...we also have all the labels peeled off those dang bottles!
    Just remember your blog is an inspiration to those of us out here that need some motivation!
    stella rose and mom

  6. I will miss you but hope you enjoy your break. Pintrest can be good for your blog but only if the pinners are respectful, giving you credit for your work and linking back to you. unfortunately that isn't always the case.
    Your garden is beautiful as usual, and this is a great time of year to be out and about instead of in the computer.

  7. Your photos are beautiful -- and I am so coveting that jimson weed! I'm glad to see there is someone else that feels ambivalent about blogging like I do -- like you, what I really like is reading good books, hanging out with people, and being in my garden -- not being on the computer (yet here I am, hmm). Not sure how to strike that balance.

  8. Thanks for all the info on your blog. It is exhausting to be on the computer. I know you need a break but I will miss you. I hope you enjoy your break. I don't like the thievery of your hard work. I have seen it on another person's claim. I don't like Pin interest & don't intend to join.
    Have a wonderful time off & enjoy. We will see you when you come back. xoxo

  9. I dont understand how someone can steal another’s hard work and take credit for it. But they have to deal with that lie each and every day. I am just sorry that this pinterest mess still holds a spot in your mind. Life is too short to fill ones soul with such nonsense, after all, Blogging does not put a roof over your head or food on your table. It is to be fun and now some idiot has taken away your fun. I would not allow them to win by you backing off from blogging. I know you take it very personally and all but I really wish you can find inner peace….

    I knew in time those Boys (Toms) would find a way to get along. I am sad that Orkin has been put out though. Sigh, poor kitty…

    The drought gave me the highest water bill ever this year! June and July were tough months. August was a relief as we had record rain falls! Sept is starting out good and everything is happy but my Vinca. I shall show you that disaster soon….

    Enjoy your time off and get yourself away from the computer and revived once again…

  10. I think people steal as they are too lazy and/or not bright enough to do it them selves. Just my humble opinion. Kudos to you for being vigilant in going after the idiots.

  11. Oh that has happened to me several times. Not a fan of such acts myself. Glad you got it taken care of. I have to watermark everything now so that it is not stolen. Hope you have a good weekend. I too like to be off the computer on my time off.....hiking and photography are lots of fun around here:)

  12. I understand being busy and not wanted to spend time in front of the computer. I would watch that goat all day long. They are funny. Your Jimsomweed is really lovely, I like the foliage. I bought an agastache was too pretty to pass up. Have to rip out on of my Helenium with aster yellows, so not replacing it with the same ....bought the agastache and black and blue salvia. The hummingbirds will love it.

  13. I love the farm animals. They are relaxing to watch. I don't do Pinterest, but do know my images are everywhere there. And many without links too. But, it is too exhausting to do anything about it. I had the case where one was used for publication and I did find out and get compensated. But that is too rare an occurrence. Professional photographers have staff just hunting down these cases. But casual bloggers can't be on top of this issue as easily. TinEye helps, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. You had three posts here I think, wink, wink. The garden looks good!

  14. There is no courtesy...people stealing pictures...and making comments that are just downright judgmental and insulting I think..but I nice to see blooms and a nice lush garden...droughts are unusual here and this one has done damage to my garden...hope you have fun in your garden.

  15. We all need a break from blogging to keep us fresh and interested. Well done on turning your garden around so quickly, you must be really pleased to have it green at this time of year - no wonder you want to be outside.

    I have had whole posts listed and re-blogged! They had credited me but I fail to understand the purpose apart from to benefit from my work. I did ask one to remove it from their site and they did this but it is fustrating that we have to do this in the first place.

    Anyway, I adore your goat picture, it is gorgeous. If the photo was mine I would print it and frame it.


  16. I'm glad to know that Pinterest has taken your complaints seriously and taken down the stolen photos; it's good to know that a company like this has some regard for its customers. I haven't pinned anyone's blog photos since you originally wrote about this, Tina, but then I don't get on Pinterest that much lately--just another time-stealer:)

    Love the cutleaf coneflower! Sad to say the seeds you sent me didn't grow, but I think I still have some left and will try again next year. Your garden does look so green; I can't say the same about this summer--July was absolutely miserable here. But August and now September are starting to make up for the lack of rain earlier, and it's nice to see the garden rebounding.

    I think we all need a break every now and then--enjoy your time off; looking forward to your return!

  17. I can perfectly understand it when bloggers decide to take some time off. It's hard, though! :-)

    Beautiful photos you#ve got there. And with that kind of scenery, I'm not surprised you want to spend time off line. I would, too! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  18. Sorry to hear about yet more photos being stolen from you. It's a beautiful mosaic but even better is the copyright tag on your photos. Enjoy your break Tina.

  19. Sorry hear about teh recent theft of your photos. It really is a beautiful mosaic. I like the copyright sign on your photos too. Enjoy your break Tina.

  20. I understand it is really frustating when photos are being stolen. I also found mine used in EBAY as well.First time looking at Night Blooming Jimosonweed.Very pretty.

  21. For news and articles about Pinterest from the perspective of the people whose work is infringed upon, please visit:

    Yes, Pinterest removes infringing images following a specific complaint, but why must we spend so much time chasing our content, one person against 10 million pinners? There are no penalties for pinners. The only ones that suffer are the creators of those images. They're not having much fun!