Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Biltmore: Azalea, Tulip, Redbud and Wisteria

 A year ago, the Saint and I discovered beautiful Biltmore House and Gardens during the Garden Blogger, Asheville Spring Fling 2012. This past weekend, the Saint and I went back for another visit. This visit was compliments of Del Holston of Explore Asheville. I won the Bloggers contest thus, our return visit this year! Again, Thanks Del for hosting this contest at the Fling!
 Last year was a very early spring in Asheville and this trip was very different in the gardens of Biltmore.
 When booking Spring visits to gardens, one never knows what will be happening too far in advance. Mother Nature is always keeping us on our toes.  
 The Saint left the booking up to me and I picked the last weekend of April in hopes of seeing azaleas and tulips. Little did we know at the time the weather would not be too kind for our entire trip. More on that later, on this day, it was glorious!
 We drove to the Azalea Garden area, parked our car and enjoyed a Pimento Cheese Sandwich and chips atop the gardens.
 Our stroll through the Azalea Gardens was such a treat.
 We had never seen Redbud trees this full of blooms. We do not see many Redbuds in our area here in my GEORGIA GARDENS.
Although, this year we seem to notice more then in years past. I assume they had a good year here in GA.
 Azalea's were bursting with color throughout the gardens!
 We headed up to the Formal Gardens where we were shocked to find Tulips still hanging around for our visit! The tulips above were my favorite. Do not ask me what they are named as I was only here to admire them.
Double Tulip's were a treat as I have never seen them before.
 The Tulips were on their last few days of putting on a show but beautiful none the less.
 Red, Pink and Purple is not a color combination I would think of but I loved it!
 Flingers will recall sipping Champagne in this spot last May. This photo does not give the Flower Combination here justice. The blooms ran down both sides of the arbor from front to back! It was stunning.  
 With the sun shining bright on this day, the Yellow Tulips were glowing!
 The Sea of Tulips went on and on.
 I like the shape of this planter.
 April is the month for 1000's of Tulips to shine!
 The Arbor taking one from the house into the gardens, had blooming Wisteria. It was not as full as I had expected but pretty just the same.
 The Purple Color did not stand out as I expected but the bees seem to enjoy it.
 Wisteria reminds me of grape clusters.
 When I see Wisteria covered Arbors, I desire to have one in my gardens.
 But such vines must be maintained and at times cut way back such as this area in the middle of the arbor. Maybe this empty spot was the reasoning behind my disappointment of the Wisteria Arbor.
 The Arbor was pretty, it just did not pop like I thought it would with the sun shining upon the purple petals. Plus, the petals were not all opened just yet.  
The Arbor by the House was bare at this time. The Trumpet Vine will be blooming in time though.
 The size of the vine keeps me captivated.
We headed back down into the gardens and caught views that stopped us in our tracks. 
 I remember the view being much different a year ago when standing in this spot.
 We worked our way back down the hill taking in all the colors.
 I have some of the same azaleas in my gardens but none are as spectacular as these large beauties.
 The colors just glowed with the sun hitting them. Notice how some have yet to bloom.  
 Pink and Purple, so pretty. 
The Saint and I spent about 5 hours strolling around the grounds never making it inside the house! We toured the house last year and we did not want to spend time inside with such a beautiful day filled with AZALEA, TULIP, REDBUD AND WISTERIAIn the Garden.... 
Stay Tuned for more of Biltmore's Spring Gardens, Christopher's Mountain top, North Lodge B&B and a meet up with some Garden Bloggers amongst other fun things... 

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  1. It is so very different this year indeed! Mother Nature kind of messed us up last year. I do indeed remember sipping champagne under that arbor. That was one of the memorable things from that fling! I love all the tulips. Kind of our own little Keukenhof right here next to our own little European 'castle'. Good pictures of you and the Saint! Looking forward to seeing your other posts.

    1. Tina, we never took a visit to Keukenhof as that was planned the year we left Europe, sigh. Always regretted not getting there to see the beautiful tulips. Biltmore reminds me so much of Europe that I now feel as though, I have been to Keukenhof...

  2. Very beautiful!! I loved seeing all those tulips!!

    1. Cherry, they were just stunning and every gardener should have this experience at some point in their life.... One more off my Bucket List for sure...

  3. Oh, I would be in tulip heaven! And the azaleas--simply gorgeous! Thanks for bringing back so many fond memories, Skeeter; I love seeing these gardens looking so different in the early spring. I'd love to go back at a different time of year, too, and see the changes, but it took me 60+ years to see it the first time:) Glad you and the Saint had such a great trip!

    1. Rose, it took me 49 years to get there and now I have been twice in less then a year! Funny how that happens. I would love to go back and see the gardens again in the summer months to see them that time of year as well. Like when the Rose Gardens are in bloom. We really do enjoy this area and do plan to get back up there again some day...

  4. hi skeeter, thanks for sharing this very special garden with all the dramatic spring blossoms and blooms. And congrats on winning the contest.

    1. Thanks Catmint. It was wonderful to return for a second visit to experience the gardens at a different stage. It was a day full of smiles for sure...

  5. You had a great day for strolling through the garden. Love your pictures. I will have to get up there next spring--make a point to do it.

    1. Yes Janet, you must get back up there as the gardens were spectacular and filled with color. Most seem to visit in early April but I do believe we chose a great time being late April. So much color to soak up with every turn of the head...

  6. I came in from Roses's blog and here you also show us a stunning public garden. It shows me the possibilities that come with Spring in full bloom! Well organized and planned gardens so beautiful to see! Here in my world I still watch the buds popping through the now thawed soil.
    Have a beatutiful day!

  7. So glad you had one day with some sun to enjoy those gorgeous flowers. I'll be heading up when the roses bloom!

  8. WOW! I've been planning to sneak away to visit the gardens while the kids are at school, but I hope I'm not too late for the spring blooms. What a beautiful site--and so different from our views at the Fling! The tulips are amazing. I have photos of our daughter as a toddler, perched in front of one of the spectacular plantings of tulips there--I just love it. I'm glad the weather cooperated for your trip to Biltmore! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.

  9. Visited the Biltmore some years ago but it was a rainy miserable day so we did not visit the gardens. I can see I missed out:(. Hope to go back someday and I'll see the gardens first the next time!!

  10. Mid to late April is great for spring bloom down low in Asheville. That is the best time to see the Asheville Botanical Garden with all their native spring ephemerals. Bulbarella and I got to see the Azaleas, Tulips and Wisteria last year at Biltmore before the Fling. It was pretty amazing.

  11. Wow, it looks so different at this time of year. I am so glad you posted on the Biltmore. The tulip beds are amazing as is the Wisteria. Congrats on winning the contest. What a treat.

  12. It's nice to see what Biltmore looks like a little earlier than we were there last year. Lots of color! My azaleas didn't do much at all this year. I think it was just too dry in the fall when the buds were setting. Plus deer take off a lot of buds too. Maybe one day they'll bloom like those...I can hope! Congratulations for winning the contest! It must have been a lot of fun planning to go back again this year. ~Daricia

  13. Hi Skeeter...we visited the Biltmore in September 2011. We didn't go to see the house, we went to see the gardens and they were just beautiful! It looks like the spring gardens are even prettier! We went to their garden store and ended up buying several plants we had seen in the gardens, one of which is Bog Sage which we love!! Thanks for taking me along on your adventure!!

  14. Beautiful photos, Skeeter! Glad you won that trip. The tulips are still lovely, aren't they? And, those azaleas! Wow!

    We postponed our visit to Biltmore until first weekend in June. Don't know what flowers will be in bloom, given this crazy weather. Brie is going with us--yes, Biltmore allows dogs in the gardens, the trails and outdoor dining places. Their PR folks have been great sharing dog-friendly tips with me personally. They've asked me to post photos of Brie in their gardens!

  15. The colors are amazing. Looks like you had a perfect day to be in the garden.

  16. What beautiful colors. You and the Saint are lucky to have been able to return to the Biltmore. Especially with all this color. I am glad to hear you had at least one good day. Good to hear from you again. Cheers.

  17. Skeeter girl ! That is an amazing place and I too was mesmerized by the size of that twisted vine you stood by .. it looks ancient doesn't it ? .. this is almost as good as a stroll through the Keukenhof in the Netherlands (the time we went it was cold and gray but the sight of those flowers were just stunning) .. it looked like a perfect day for you two to be strolling through it all : )
    Joy : )
    I'm a toot because now I think I gave hubby the "cold" !! hahaha
    It is actually HOT and sunny here .. we never have Spring anymore .. slams right into summer ... BIG sigh !

  18. Hi Roxanne, i am so glad to see both the handsome Saint and the beautiful Skeeter. What a very spectacular view, and the areas are so wide. I have seen tulips and wisteria only twice yet, in Sweden and Turkey, and they are really awesome. If only wisteria is not invasive here, i would have bought it at once. Lastly, congratulations for winning the blogging contest, i didn't see that mentioned earlier in the blog.

  19. Every time I see pictures of these gardens they just amaze mw with their beauty.