Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Philadelphia Visit

 The Saint and I left our GEORGIA GARDENS for a bit to partake in a very special family vacation. In honor of The Saints Mother's 75 birthday, we all went to Philadelphia together!
This being the second week of
April, we were able to extend spring into another Growing Zone! Thus, enjoying the early bloomers of Spring twice!
This weeping Cherry Tree was stunning to my eyes. We passed it many times with our sidewalk strolls and each time, it was as if I were seeing it for the first time. I could not keep my eyes off the thing!  
I spotted little nooks of blooming beauties such as these Hellebores. I so wanted to mulch these beauties...
 The scent of Hyacinth filled the air in the Courtyard of Independence Hall.
 We strolled upon an 18th Century Garden within the Historical Park boundaries.
 This garden was an example of History in the plant form.
 This was a small garden but packed full of serenity for my aching feet. Yes, there is a lot of walking to be had while exploring Philly.
 Ah, Lush Green greeted us upon entry.
 Other then a few trees and a border of Ivy, this side of the garden is more of a grassy lawn.
 Lady Bird herself has been to this garden.
 The sun was shining through the arbor.
 As I walked through the short arbor, I could not help but be reminded of the long Arbor of Biltmore Gardens in Asheville. Even the planters outside the arbors were a great reminder of my visits to Biltmore.
 I would like to have this type garden some day as I find a scattered garden more work then I desire as I age.
 This poor tree looks at though it needs some TLC with someone that knows how to handle such specimens. Edward Scissorhands was here!  
 I like the way the holly trees have been shaped into a bordering type fence. There was not much color in this garden but as I said, it was early spring on the day we visited the garden.
 One never knows where one may spot a little garden. At dinner that evening, we indulged in some wonderful traditional Italian foods at Dante & Luigi's...
 Below the sign, one sees a nice small garden in the form of window boxes.

Beautiful Lush Heather.
 Within the restaurant, I spotted this doorway open to reveal a nice breeze and garden. Only wish I had taken the time to snap more then one photo as this one is some what blurred, sigh. I did not want to seem strange snapping a photo while headed to the bathroom. I did not wish to bring attention to myself. After all, many gun shots were fired upon Nicodemo Scarfo Jr as he ate dinner here on Oct. 31, 1989. Click HERE to read more about that hit.
 Daffodils, Hyacinth and Narcissus were blooming in many spots along our journey.
 I found potted shrubs to be a nicely added touch to an alley type walkway.  
 Pear trees were in full bloom and I must say, rather fishy smelling. I have never noticed this scent before but with walking past them countless times, one could not help but notice the scent as well as the beauty.
Our visit to Philadelphia took us to Independence Hall.
 And walking the hallowed floors of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution.  
 Betsy Ross House.
 Strolling the streets of Philly.
We found a Geocache by this sacred spot.
Admired many beautiful old buildings such as this. 
 And this building along with many more.
 We rode up in the 4-person elevator of City Hall to get views of such wonders as the longest straight urban street in America!
Click HERE to read more about Broad Street.  
This view from high above reminded us of our time spent in New York City!
One can zoom into the stairs made famous by the movie "Rocky" 
 Time did not allow us to walk through China Town but we enjoyed the sights as we drove to the "Reading Terminal Market" while passing by China Town. 
 I could have strolled around this place for ever as it was so unique of a market! Fresh Produce.
 Sweet Treats.
 Fresh Cheese. 
 German Meats.
 And sausages.
Counter front dining at one of many wonderful places to eat.
 On this day I chose Greek Gyros and Salad.
The Saint had a Philly Cheesesteak and fries.

 And for dessert, I had a Red Velvet Whoopie Pie! I learned about these fun treats from our very own Tina! We ate at this fun place twice while in Philly playing tourist and I can hardly wait to get back there again to indulge in more fun things. Click HERE to learn more about the Reading Terminal Market. 
Breakfast each morning for me was an Asiago Cheese Square Bagel from Cosi' called a Squagel! I am not a fan of Bagels but love these things made fresh daily!
 We also enjoyed our first Big League baseball game! Some friends took us to a Phillies vs Marlins game! We had front row seats and were up close and personal to the Phillies zany Mascot the Phanatic. What fun we had.
Thanks again "Daisy" for making this happen for us!
And of course, what is a trip to Philadelphia without seeing the Liberty Bell. They would not allow me to repair the crack in the bell during our PHILADELPHIA VISIT, In the Garden...
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  1. That's quite a trip. I enjoyed all your pictures and commentary. Especially the longest straight urban street in America and Rocky's stairs. I have been thru Philly before but never really toured it. It looks like so much history. You had a great trip and Happy Belated Birthday to the Saint's Mom!

    1. Tina, I tell you girl there is so much to see and do in Philly and so much of it is free! You know how I like free. But the cost of parking, hotel, well, not so great. But I would go again as there is so much yet to see!

  2. What a GREAT post about a wonderful place most of us will never get to visit. I loved it all.

    Have a really nice week ~ FlowerLady

    1. I had no idea how close Philly is to my In-Laws! The Saint and I should have been vacationing there before! We shall return as there is so much more to see and do...

  3. Nice picture diary of your trip! Would've been great if you had time to visit Longwood Gardens, too!
    I'm less than an hour away, but don't make time to visit except to the annual Philadelphia Flower Show...should go more often...specially to that food Market! ;D

    1. We did not have time to visit any major gardens during this visit but I plan to get back again and I shall hit a garden while there... ah, the Reading Terminal Market was the best! Loved all the different types of foods and things for sell. Was a lot of fun to stroll about and just look at all the good things surrounding me...

  4. I've never been there (HAVE been to Longwood Gardens though....). That's interesting about the fishy smell of pear trees! They sure are beautiful! Isn't it interesting how our gardening perspectives change as we age. Not our appreciation so much as how we arrange/order our own gardening spaces.

    1. Hopefully with our next visit, we too shall get to Longwood Gardens! As large as my garden is growing, I only wish I had planned it out but with me, I just make a purchase and stick it into the ground with no planning for the future. But this shall be my last large gardens as I am slowing down and don't want as much work but more time to sit and enjoy it...

  5. Loved the tour. The only was I will get to see these wonderful places is through your eyes. Beautiful.

  6. I can't imagine why they wouldn't let you repair the Liberty Bell, Skeeter:) Great photos--the aerial shots are fantastic! Philly is one more place on my want-to-see list; most of the East Coast is, for that matter. I'm hoping when my husband retires, we can take a trip out East. He's a history buff, so I know he'd love it.
    From your Facebook posts, I can see you haven't been sitting down since you've returned--wish I had your energy!

  7. Oh my what a great trip. You did it all, Skeeter. I need to put Philly on my "bucket list.".....:)