Thursday, May 15, 2014

Spring Time (Overview)

 Spring is a magical time in my GEORGIA GARDENS. The garden wakes up and takes off into a growing spurt. This year, things seem most happy even after a horrid winter.
 Honeysuckle and Jessamine mingle over the Semi-Formal garden gateway. 
 I have succeeded in getting them to bloom simultaneously. Now to figure out how to keep the vines from taking over the frame. 
 Solomon's Seal was bursting with blooms.
 The Snowball bush was ever so full.
 I love how large the balls of white become as the days warm up.
 But all good things must come to an end.
 The white petals fall to the ground as if snow flakes, sigh.
 Creeping Jenny enjoys the spring rains and creeps along in the Rock Garden.
 OJ comes over from next door to enjoy the soft, moist rye grass.
 My favorite Phlox fills the air with a wonderful sweet scent.
 A Pink Phlox tucked within is making a statement as well.
This Pink Phlox has a long lasting bloom. I see a weed! Ugh... 
 And more Columbine. This one has jumped the planter thus, giving me more plants to enjoy.
  A 1964 Mercury Comet came to visit the garden this spring!
 The Bicycle Planter has fresh plants.
 Clematis did not bloom as I desire but still this purple one gave me many blooms to enjoy.
 Salvia/Sage is giving me more blooms then ever before.
 These Azaleas gave me a nice show. I cannot figure out why the one bloomed only on one side. Deer maybe? Hum...
 Their bright pink color hung around for many days. 
 I love Roses but not the care they require thus, I have a few Knockout roses in my gardens. With easy care, I can have blooms galore and not worry about disease.
Why did I wait so long to add them to my gardens?
 Yellow Knockout Rose.
 And this Pink is a beauty as well.
 I added this Scotch Broom to my gardens during a drought season. It has done nothing but get larger and happier each year rain or not.
 I love the tiny Orange/Yellow blooms of the Scotch broom.
 I finally moved the Peony's from a shaded spot to a more sunny area. This one rewarded me with a nice large bloom. I hope in time, the bushes become more happy in their new sunny homes.
 Coral Bells bloomed like never before this spring! 
 Evening Primrose seeded themselves once again and I am so happy as they have been sparse the past few years!
All planters and gardens have been weeded so shhhhhh... sleeping weeds! I love SPRING TIME, In the Garden...

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  1. Oh my Skeeter ~ I just love all of your blooms. I just know that it is wonderful to walk around in all that beauty there. I love your flower filled arbor, it is stunning. Your place is really delightful. Weeds do not sleep down here. :-)

    Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

  2. Your garden is looking gorgeous, Skeeter! I love your garden gate with the mass of blooms on the vines. If you're done weeding, you want to come over and help me?:) I have only begun to shop for annuals to fill my containers, but my procrastination has turned out to be a smart move--we might have frost before the week is over.

  3. Oh my goodness! What a bounty of blooms! I love how many different flowers you have in your garden. That bicycle planter is such a clever idea!

  4. Looking great! So much color! The arbor and the creeping Jenny are so beautiful! Wow!

  5. So many blooms. That snow ball bush is amazing! I see a cool old enamel pot tucked in a bed and the bunny under the sideways pot is great. Enjoy spring!