Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Platform Planter (update)

April 30, 2012
 Today, I will update you on the Planter outside of the Crawlspace  door to our house. I call this area the Platform Planter. Click HERE to see how this planter came to be being filled with Sagina Moss.
With this planter being on the West side of the house, I knew chances would be slim as to the Moss surviving. Click HERE to see the demise of the Moss.
April 3, 2013
I took advice from commenters on that last posting about this planter, and added Creeping Thyme to the planter.

April 21, 2013
 I had high hopes for the Thyme and within 18 days of planting it, I was seeing great results! 
April 21, 2013
Even a nice bloom or two of the scented plant.
June 4, 2013
 By June and the heat of summer, I could see this was indeed a great choice for this planter. I had Black elephant ears and Cleome jumping the boarders so those had to be removed.
Imagine my mood when I turned the side of the house to find every bit of the Thyme was dead! I also found dead and spotted elephant ears along the entire West side of the house. Hum, Darn you SAINT! Seems the Saint had been cleaning the mildew off the siding to the upstairs of the house using "Wet and Forget" He sprayed it on and walked away forgetting about the plants below. Needless to say, I was NOT a happy camper... I failed to snap a photo of the dead and spotted plants as I wanted to Forget about it!
April 29, 2014
 We now jump to the present time where I have tended to this planter once again. I have filled it with Pink Chintz Thyme and have made the Saint promise to stay clear of my PLATFORM PLANTER, In the Garden...

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  1. Your platform is such a clever idea to still have access to the crawl space. Just keep Saint away from the plants in it. Ha! Here's to another year for it to grow so well again.

  2. Gosh I almost missed this post! The planter looks so good but boy oh boy I would not be too happy if my plants were accidentally killed. You did a good job redoing it and I sure hope that great Saint stays away from it this time. I think this planter is one of your most creative ever! Thyme is a great choice!

  3. May 2014 find your thyme thriving :)
    How intriguing!

  4. I bet most of us could tell a hubandly type of story like this. Heck I could tell one about my own ignorance. So disappointing. It is good that you can get it started again.

  5. Hey girl you are a genius ! that planter is perfect (even if it took some time and sacrifice with what plants to put in it and making the Saint stay away from dangerous duties that will kill said SAD plants ! hehehe) ... seriously though, that is a great way to plant hardy step-ables .. I am waiting for some landscaping to happen for us with flagstone and trying to really consider whether I want to plant in between the stone or not .. I have been having a really rough patch physically in the garden .. so now I am looking for the least amount of work possible ... I still want to putter and fuss with my plants but weeding and cleaning is something I want to avoid! haha
    In any case .. great idea for planting in a spot that is tricky ... a "No Saint Allowed" area for sure !! haha
    PS ... sorry about those ferns girl .. I feel for you with them .. I love ferns !

  6. Oh dear! Better luck next year I hope. It's a cool concept.

  7. Skeeter I like the idea of this planter...it will be fun to see it progress.