Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bloom Day-June 2008

Dahlia 'Garden Wonder'...I must dig these each year.
Elephant garlic....

Buddleia 'Black Knight'....

Clematis, unknown cultivar....

Dill....Love it for butterflies and it comes every year from self seeding.

Catmint 'Walkers low', 'Zagreb' coreopsis, and some pinks just showing past the coreopsis. The lighter yellow coreopsis past the pinks is 'Moonbeam'. It is not as vigorous as the 'Zagreb'.
Santolina, aka Lavender cotton. This is an evergreen plant that is often used in knot gardens. It is a great plant.

'Sunny blue' Veronica spicata. The cuttings I took a month or so ago are blooming in the trays as well.
4 O'Clocks, aka Mirabalis jalapas. Blooming, but since I took this during the day, the flower is closed. Very fragrant and self seed like crazy.

A great mum that has been growing in my garden for five years now. It will bloom again in the fall.

'Bluebird' Hydrangea serrata. These hydrangeas are said to be easier to grow than the mopheads, but I have found no difference.

Rudbeckia hirta, Black-eyed Susans....

'Sentimental Blue' balloon flowers....

Easter lillies....

Parsley, a great butterfly host plant.

Bedding impatiens....

Heuchera 'Mocha Mint'. Skeeter has some of this in her garden in Georgia. I hope she is enjoying it as much as I do mine. Heucheras are great plants!

Geraniums, with a 'Candidum' caladium mixed in. I planted about 30 bulbs back in February. None came up....or so I thought. They keep punching through in various pots. This being one of them. I pull them out and plant them in the garden...

There are many begonias blooming.

'Annabelle' hydrangea....

Melampodium....a super great annual.
Drumstick alliums and 'Blushing Bride' hydrangeas....

I have the name of this fragrant daylilly....somewhere. I purchased it at the Tin Barn; which is open for business now. Make sure to pick up a daylily or two from this super knowledgeable gardener, and daylily breeder while you are picking blueberries and blackberries. Geri and I will be there soon with our kids.

Another favored daylily purchased at the Tin Barn.
'Fireworks' Solidaga rugosa, aka Goldenrod.

'The Fairy' Rose....
'Alaska' shasta daisies....

Verbena bonariensis....a passalong.
'White Swan' coneflowers....

Annual salvia, pansies, and hostas. Blue wave petunias.
Rose campion.... Queen Ann's Lace, a roadside weed, yes I know, but I love it in the garden. Butterfly weed, aka Asclepias tuberosa. Another pretty roadside weed, a cultivated one.
'Adams Needle' Yucca....

Yarrow, probably 'Moonshine' or 'Coronation Gold'.

Feverfew, a fairly rampant self-seeder.

Bee balm. Red is also blooming; which you will see in an upcoming post.
Also blooming but not pictured: Lavender, lantana, hollyhocks, delphiniums, valerian, more types of daylillies, blanket flowers, torenia, begonias, marigolds, basil, baby's breath, pink astilbe, potentilla, peppers, some spireas, penstemon (though it has mainly gone by now), and that is all I can think of now.

in the garden....


  1. Tina, wow! So much is blooming in your garden. I LOVE those blue wave petunias - I've never seen that hue in Maine. Your Dahlia is truly a "Garden Wonder." Thanks for the tour!

  2. Lots and lots of pretty flowers, veronica blooming from cuttings? How? I have alittle by the rocks edge and I'm afraid of moving it.

  3. That post must have taken you hours with all those beautiful photos! My daylilies are just beginning with the Stellas...not my favorite color but a bloom is a bloom!

  4. Tina your garden looks great! Lots of blooms to see everywhere. I like the angle of the geranium-caladium shot. Our butterfly bushes are in about the same state of bloom. We've got plenty of Queen Anne!

  5. Good morning all!

    Sarah, Thanks for the compliments. That blue wave is a keeper. I am on a red/white/blue color theme this year in front, so that is where it grows. It has spread so much. You must be getting excited! I hate moving myself. Did so many and the time change is a killer, but it all passes. Thankfully!

    Dawn, I took cuttings of the veronica over a month ago. I have already begun planting it out, but not all. It is blooming in the trays. Just take a bit (3-4"), dip it in rooting powder and stick in a tray or small pot in semi shade. It will root no problem. You can easily move your veronica too.

    Layanee, You know it does take a long time to load pics. But it is worth it for the pictoral record for me and readers. Once your stellas start coming, the rest will take off quickly! I do like the stellas because they are first and so welcomed. I hear you got some much needed rain. Great!

    Dave, Glad you like the caladium shot. I do too. Those caladiums are funny but sure do photograph well. Queen Ann's is a super plant don't you think? Some don't but as long as you don't let it take over, it is fine in the garden...

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  7. Sorry had to delete my comment. All the flowers look wonderful. Are you getting ready for the Tour?

  8. Hi Sarah, Ah yes, the tour. Saturday. Five days and a wake up. I have three days this week to prepare. Still weeding, probably mulching some more, and cleaning. I still have to label plants too. I have begun and try to do a bit at a time. I think panic mode will set in, but it hasn't yet. I will be posting about it on Friday, so we'll see then! It is a great day today and I really should be dumping limbs, pruning and la de ta stuff in the garden. How are you? Good and great on this Monday I hope! Catching lightning bugs? They are out big time now. I had to just sit and watch them last night. I could do it all night long.

  9. Wow, what a lot of beauties. The Queen Ann Lace is a real beauty and grows wild up here also but ours does not look as full and also has a flat top. Must be a different kind.

    Good news the weather stayed cloudy all day yesterday and again today. Bad new, we only got a qyarter of inch of rain, sigh. Guess it will help a bit.

  10. Mom, Sorry only 1/4 inch of rain. Not enough for sure! I had about 1" here, but it is not really enough either. You all need more and I wish for some for you. Queen anns lace is a favored Maine memory, so yes it must grow in my garden. Probably the same, not sure though as the stuff that grows up there may be better adapted for up there.

  11. I LOVE the black-eyed susans. I think they are probably my favorite flower, simple yet such beauties. It makes me want a big vase full for my table.

  12. So much color in your gardens Tina! Pretty and will be great for the tour! Glad you had some rain as it will help with the blooming process...

    The Huechera is not the one I have. The one I have (that you gave me THANK YOU) has blooms of mostly white with some red color. Really pretty and still looking healthy...

  13. Jillybean, Black eyes are great. A favorite of my grandmother's. Finally they are growing here in this shady garden.

    Skeeter, You must have 'Vanilla Spice' heuchera. I thought I gave you 'Mocha Mint'. My mistake for sure. Glad you like it. I love em.

    Mom, I should've said the Queen Ann's Lace looks so full here because it is growing in my garden, not on the side of the road. The ones on the side of the road are pretty flat.

    Well, gotta go spread mulch and weed. Sigh.

  14. Tina, everything is breathtaking. How can you stand to come inside and work on the computer?

    You have a wonderful collection. Some I'm familiar with, many not.

  15. Thanks roses and lilacs! It is hard to come in to the computer but I am so fortunate to have a beautiful upstairs computer room with double windows next to my computer so I can look into the garden and daydream. That I do!

  16. We are not catching lightening bugs yet. My kids are at there Ma maws house since we have no a/c, kitchen or hot water. Where did you say they were selling the tickets. I so was thinking it was this weekend. My MIL may be interested in going and I may be able to go with her.

  17. Wow, what a gorgeous and colorful garden! I especially like the dill. Lovely to look at and eat!

  18. Hi guys, we are getting lightening bugs up here, fact Nikki had 2 in her room the other night and could not go to sleep! She doesn't like bugs, only the moth (for the fairy dust) and the ladybug. Who doesn't?
    Rain for the rest of the week even on thur, 1st day of summer. School is out on Fri!

  19. Sarah, Tickets are being sold at the extension office on Cumberland Road, Clarksville Quickprint, and Betsy's Barn. Hope to see and meet you Saturday! The weather should be peachy!

    DP, Dill and parsley are favorites in the garden. They come each year on their own and are great butterfly hosts. Sometime I might use the dill in making cukes, but not yet as I am not that gifted. My pleasure is in growing them all.

    Dawn, Lightning bugs up there too? I adore them, too bad Nikkie doesn't like them so much. I never heard of moths and fairy dust. Cool. Wish you luck on rain and yeah school is out-nearly. We've been out for a month now but it starts back in early August. night all.

  20. "Fairy dust" being the sheen of glitter on your hands when you catch a moth. Hey, needed SOMETHING! to get over the bug thing. Nite back to ya.

  21. Fairy clever of you for coming up with that!!!
    Great job Dawn.

  22. Hi Tina, you have so many blooms, how wonderful. I will comment here on the veggie post too, your cabbage is as pretty as a flower, how do you keep the caterpillars from making it into cabbage lace? I have given up on the brassicas. Butterfly weed is one of my all time favorites, it attracts butterflies like crazy, blooms all season and is a great color, goes well with the daylilies and gaillardia, daisies and butterfly bushes in the same area. Good luck on the garden tour!Don't work too hard getting everything perfect, it already looks wonderful.

  23. Frances, Thanks so much for you kind words about the tour. It is a bit of a stress but the President of the MG association said it best, "It is not a major production, the garden will be what it will be." That was reassuring. Right now I am working on minor things and cleaning the house. While I don't expect many houseguests, some friends are coming to help and will have access to the house. We all know how I love cleaning.

    The cabbage, ah that is the problem. I have two groups. One has 9 and this group has four. This group faired better than the other group but both are okay. This group is planted with tomatoes and garlic and I reason that is truly helping! Sometime I need to do a post on companion planting. Both groups suffered an attack of loopers. I applied Sevin, the only insecticide I use in my garden. I applied it once. The rain has now washed it off and there doesn't seem to be anymore problems. I reason it is too warm for the loopers now or the companion planting? Not sure but there does not seem to be a problem at all. I also pulled all of the broccoli which was attacked too. That may have helped. I don't like the pests either and don't bother if it is too much of a problem. It is frustrating. I try to plant when I think things will be least attacked or wait them out. This is working with this spendid cabbage as it is truly a head-several of them! I plan to make some slaw for sure.

  24. Wonderful bunch of blooms, Tina - a really wide assortment of flowers and interesting leaves and combinations.

    You should be a hit on the tour, but after looking at the vegetable garden there may be a run on bricks - that garden is wonderful looking!

    Good luck on Saturday - don't forget to breathe and have fun ;-]

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  25. Annie-thanks a bunch. Coming from you very high compliments indeed. I love those bricks-got over 600 from a fellow freecycler. They work great. My son says, "No more muddy feet." I will surely try to breathe on Saturday and think of all my great blogging friends and their gardens around the world; which will help.

  26. I finally made it around to see your bloom day posts. So much in bloom and it sounds like from the comments you are hosting a tour in your garden on Saturday? Should be a big hit!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens