Thursday, June 5, 2008

Peonies & A New Blog

*************Breaking News****************

My sister Dawn, who is an excellent crafter, now has her own blog on crafts. Today is her first post. Please stop by and say hello and wish her good luck selling her crafts. They are beautiful and she is very talented.

Her new blog is titled C & G Design and can be found at:

Now on to the garden. Todays post is short and sweet, just a question and request (see above for the request). The question is which peony do you like best?

Unknown cultivar, pass along plant from Margie way down south of here.
Immaculee, a super white cultivar which blooms its heart out. The stems are fairly strong too.
Some kind of Japanese/Chinese peony. Unknown cultivar and variety since the Wal-mart bareroots I purchased were mislabeled. It was supposed to be Sarah Bernhardt-big difference!

Which one is your favorite-and why?
Very the garden....wishing my sister much luck with her new blog.


  1. They are all lovely, but if one has fragrance then she goes to the top of the list, if they all have fragrance then I have a three way tie! Now my address for shipping my choice is Gail c/o Clay and Limestone;->

  2. I must say...I like the double ones. I have the jap/chi. one and it is pretty opening up like a plate but the others last longer.
    Thanks for the plug, Tina

  3. Good morning all! Lots of work and things going on today-wish me luck getting everything done.

    Gail, These three are not so fragrant as Duchess de Nemours; which is not pictured, but I like them just the same. I am partial to the white ones. So easy to grow!

    Dawn, I checked your blog-where is the post?? The plug doesn't work unless there is a post there:)

  4. I like the double ones but if the white one has a strong stem, that is a big plus and the other one is different and I always like the different so how do I choose without changing my mind 20 times?
    They are all such beauties!!

    Oh my goodness, another blog to read? Just what I need, sigh.

    Have to go to town today, my least
    favorite thing to do :( Hope everyone has a better day than that.

  5. I got it, had it up for 7 and some reason did not go, now 10 and I changed the time and got the post to go? Anyway, thanks again for the plug.

  6. I like the first one. The reason is mainly because of it's color, but then it just has something about it's edges that I like.

  7. They are all so pretty, How can I pick just one? I will be showing you our peony on Sunday, so be looking.....

  8. Mom, It is okay to change your mind 20 times. That is me-whatever is growing best at the time is my favorite! I hate going to town too. My day was yesterday. It will pass.

    Jillybean, You like the red one? That is a special one because peonies are not normally shared by gardeners since they can grow so long without division. Margie gladly gave it to me with no prompting. Couldn't believe it! I do have a passalong pink one from Lola E. but it has not bloomed. She was nice to share too.

    Skeeter, You can bet I will be looking for your peony. I did not even know they grew down there! Can't wait...

  9. GOOD LUCK TINA. I am leaning towards the white one. They are all pretty but for some reason the white one is more complete, pure & a strong one.

    CONGRATULATIONS DAWN. Wish you all the luck in the world on you new blog. I like to do crafts also.

  10. Lola, How are you down there in hot and humid Florida? It doesn't seem hot here-but ever so humid! I am covered with sweat anytime I go outside. Plus it is dry. I am trying to stay in. I like the white one too. So far I am thinking not many like the Chinese peonies so much but trends will change and one day they will be hot-hot-hot! No pun intended.

  11. While I like them all for different reasons, and if I knew about fragrance, it might change my mind . . . . .. my favorite is the first one because it's a passalong!

    Please consider opening comments up to other options - I blog at Typepad but don't have a Type Key account so I can't use Open ID. My Typepad blog is . I do have a google/blogger account, but I don't blog there and it's a pain to sign in. Please consider other comment options?

  12. Hi Kim, Not much of a fragrance on the pink one, but the other two have standard peony fragrance, not too strong though.

    I have changed the comment option for now. We'll see how spammers go and maybe I'll put word verification on if it happens again. But welcome. I see you are in the same zone as me. 6 or 7 is what I say. Never really know and I am not sure it matters since I always push the limits anyhow.

  13. I am liking the white one also. It just seems so much fuller. May just be the color tho. But I do like it better.

  14. Hi Sarah! White it is, and a nice choice. Are you going on the master gardener tour? If so and you come here, PLEASE say hi to me. I am not sure how it is going to go and where I will be or what will be going on but I would love to meet you personally. Nina will also be coming so you can maybe meet another blogger. You know what I look like but if you can't find me just ask someone if it is so busy.

  15. Hi Tina --I love the pure white one --a classic look and I'm sure a delightful scent. A busy morning for us and well into the afternoon. Ah, yes some morning swim time, a run, bike ride and then the dreaded grocery store, ARGH! The prices seem to be steadily climbing --on everything. Another swim and now I am getting myself motivated to mow the yard --it's taking alot of motivation on a hot day like today but visions of butter pecan ice cream dancing in my head make it all worthwhile:) If I could just get Boy number one to watch my smaller two I could get started. The girl model is swimming on her own --just took off last night --I am so proud of her:0) Hi everybody! Stay cool and maybe I'll see you all later.

  16. Anonymous, I couldn't have said it better myself, too hot and we all need a bit of motivation. Urrrgh! Yay girl model! Sidekick will come along too.

  17. Saint and I picked two Gypsy peppers and some parsley from the gardens today! Sheba went nuts trying to get to the parsley. LOL I would not let her have any because I dont know if it is harmful to cats like onions are plus, I don't care to clean up the barf after she eats it! She is not happy with mommy right now...

    Been working on the computer getting pictures organized and some postings ready and it has been a struggle. I cut my right index finger when cleaning the first new window today! I was leery about cleaning them just yet as I should wait for 48 hours but I am dying to get everything in the house back to normal so I jumped the gun. Did not get one side completed when I ouched the finger. Probably need a stitch or two but too ornery to go to Dr. It will heal with Neosporin and a band aide. Meanwhile, try to type without using your most popular finger! The mouse is a whole other thing. I had to stop to clean blood off the keyboard several times. arggggg... Bet those windows dont get cleaned any time soon! LOL...

    Bunny is laying under the swing in the yard and did not startle when we were at the garden! He is really enjoying us in the yard or it is too darn hot for him to run away from us! Cute as can be! You will see him soon... Hope he dont eat anything he is not allowed to eat!

    Okay, I need to get off this thing and baby the finger.... arggggg

  18. Poor you Skeeter! What on earth did you cut the finger on? Finger cuts can be serious. Take a pain reliever.

    The bunny is too hot to run away. Mine are languishing on the porch. I have a fan on them. They are kind of spoiled but I don't want them to croak. That and barf are not cool.

  19. Howdy All, hope all had a great day. It is so hot here you can't hardly breathe if you go outside. So I limit my going out. Still not up to par from the bug. I wish somebody had swatted it before it hit

    Anonymous Big day with kiddos. Be careful of heat & humidity.

    Skeeter when did you have a booster of tetanus? My dr. told me one time that cutting yourself on glass can be just as dirty & cause problems. Must watch that cut. Poor little bunny, too hot.

    Went to oldest ggs graduation tonight. They were so cute. All of the kids. Now they are on their way to Tn. I'm gonna miss them. Next week I will be busy visiting in Ga. so that time will be ok.

  20. My vote goes for number three since it has tow colors on it. They all look good though!

  21. Up late, working on a post that has a free pattern but I wanted to say eariler, Lola you should visit tom. may help.
    Awesome bball game tonight, Zack pitched and had a outfield assist for an out at home to end the game. He got it to the catcher in time! Nick of time. Games seem forever when he is on the mound. Can't wait til my peonies bloom although I have plans of moving them, near the house? because they die down (plowing), good in gravely soil? Nite all.

  22. I like the third flower--the Japanese/Chinese peony. It captures all the beautiful colors of spring/summer--the light purple, the fluffy white, and the yellow within.

  23. Oops I had a typo, two not tow. I don't know what a tow flower is!

  24. The last one might be 'Bowl of Beauty'.
    See photos here.

  25. Hey all! Barbee I think it just might be 'Bowl of Beauty'. Thanks! I have catalogued it now.

    Dave and DP looks like we now know the name. Bowl of Beauty. She's sweet and blooms late.

    Dawn, Great on Zack. Growing fast.