Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Vegetable Garden Update June 08

Tennessee Vegetable Garden Update: It is time for my monthly vegetable garden update. Since Skeeter also does a vegetable garden, I have asked her to update us on hers as well. Her posting is below. So all you readers in Georgia can get two perspectives for the price of reading only one post!

Above is a sweet little red cabbage. I am very excited to see it growing. I planted a total of 13. Do you think I will be making a lot of slaw and kraut?

Here is a long view to the vegetable garden from the driveway. My PVC arbor is quickly being covered by a Sweet Autumn Clematis on the left, and a Double Carolina Jessamine on the right.

This bed is the far tip of the shield, closest to Mr. Fix-it's garage. It has an Indigo amblantha, zinnias, Siberian irises, and currently some Love in a Mist plants, soon to be going to seed. I welcome these little self seeders in my garden. They will disappear soon after reseeding next year's crop of flowers for me. This bed is to attract the birds and bees.

Here is a long view of the vegetable garden looking toward the end of the shield. This is the right side of the veggie garden. We are looking west. All beds are oriented west to east. In the right bed there are 4 tomato plants growing in the concrete cages, 4 cabbage plants, some elephant garlic, and beans. In the triangular bed on the left, there are 3 green pepper plants, and one eggplant. This is the bed where my broccoli used to grow. It has gone by now and has joined my compost bin.

I have a good crop of Chocolate Eupatoriums growing in the brick. Not sure what I will do with them, but I do have a post prepared for a later date. Anyone want some?

This is my cucumber bed. The three small plants you see growing in the middle of the bed are zucchini plants. The cucumbers are growing further back in the bed next to the 2x4. They will quickly climb the A-frame trellis. Growing the cucumbers vertically is a real space saver. The zucchini will grow fine underneath the cucumbers. There are a few marigolds planted in here for beauty.

The banana trees are doing super great. The second picture above shows the left side of my garden. Here we have two beds, one has rhubarb, basil and chives growing in it. The second and long bed with the A-frames is my gourd bed. It has gourds growing on the trellis, onions and lettuce growing under the trellis, closest to the camera are more red cabbages, and just past the cabbages are green bush beans.

Lastly, I will leave you with a picture of some of the garlic I have been harvesting. I love fresh homegrown garlic. These were planted last fall. I harvest them when the tops begin flopping over and are brown. I dig them up carefully and leave them outside in a basket (under cover) to cure for a few a weeks. Then I just brush off the soil and eat!

in the garden....

Georgia Garden Update: I am a bit disappointed with my Vegetable Container Garden. It is not thriving like we had expected by now. I am sure the horrible heat wave and drought conditions here in Georgia are somewhat to blame.

We have had Good Luck with peppers though. The Green Pepper and the Purple Pepper are doing well and should be ready to harvest any day now.

The Saint is clipping the Cow horn Peppers.

We have already picked some Parsley, Cowhorn and Gypsy Peppers and prepared them in a stir fry rice dish.

I am currently drying the remainder of the Parsley for future dishes.

We also picked a Jalapeno pepper but have yet to eat that pepper.

The Roma Tomatoes look pretty fine thus far but I am starting to see some yellowing of the lower leaves.

The Bush Goliath tomatoes are also looking fine but with some yellowing on the lower leaves as well. In this picture, the yellowing is obvious.
The cucumbers started out disappointing. The first cuke was round and looked like a ping pong ball! I removed it to give the baby cukes the energy they need to grow long.

The plant looks pitiful with its washed out yellow leaves but continues to bloom and produce baby cucumbers.

I almost pulled this plant but decided to give it a few more days and I am glad I waited as it has about 6 babies on it now! I just hope they hold their shape and don't become ping pong balls for me!

The Beans are producing but again, the leaves on the plant look horrible to me.

They are so washed out with watering every day in this heat. I put some fertilizer on them last night and the hot days are not as hot now so maybe, they will survive and be a good bean producing crop in time.

The gourds look healthy and have bloomed but no baby gourds as of yet.

The egg plant has had 6 huge beautiful purple blooms but they fall off and not producing anything either!

The Same goes for the squash.

Dave at the Home Garden, talks about male and female squash and pollination. This may be part of my problem. But I have bees buzzing all over the yard that should be doing their part to pollinate!

I have two plants in each container. I wonder if I should remove one plant to allow the other to have the entire container room for growth. What do y'all think?

Look at those pitiful zucchini plants. This is my second attempt at Zucchini as the first batch, yellowed, dried up and died on me.

While gardening in Germany, we had such great luck with Zucchini, Squash and Cucumber. This is a bit frustrating for us to have such bad luck here in our Container Garden. The Saint and I have laughed that next year we may just plant peppers and not deal with anything else. But only time will tell with another Vegetable Garden Update next month, In the Garden...


  1. Ohhhh, that makes me want a fresh out of the garden tomato.

  2. Growning the cucumbers verticaly is great. We plant ours around out fence and let it climb up. We dont even have to go in the garden to get them.
    Skeeter, you should probly do one plant per pot. You could always transplate the one you take out into other pots. Your peppers look really good. Ours are no where near producing yet.

  3. Every thing looks really good! Skeeter, peppers are truly hot weather vegie, can't really grow them here! Seasons not long enough!

  4. Tina,

    I'll have to consider a trellis for the cucumbers next year. It's too late now for mine, they seem to be taking over! But that's OK since we like cukes!


    Those peppers look very good. Do you make salsa with the hot ones? I was hoping to but most of our pepper plants haven't really done much. I might have time to plant some more, or transplant them so I may give that a try. Thanks for the link!

  5. Your garden look absolutely fantastic! Your tomatoes are so far ahead of mine.

    We had such strange spring weather, frosts until after mid-May followed by flooding rains. I only planted tomatoes and a few other things. Nothing is doing well in my still soggy gardens.

  6. Every thing looks great to me.

  7. Tina, your Cabbage and Banana Trees look Great! They are my favorites of your pictures! I cannot believe how quickly your banana tree is growing! Our poor little banana is slowly coming along with only 4 leaves but after the brutal beating it took from the squirrels last year, it is a wonder it is alive at all....

    Jillybean, do you have any tomatoes planted?

    Sarah, I probably should remove one plant. Am thinking about planting it in the ground by the pots in what was once the soggy ground. Now dry as can be and probably going to be difficult to dig. I was talking to the Saint about putting some of the stuff in the ground now as I think it would be so much better then the pots. Maybe this weekend we will do that as I dont see any fear of a soggy ground in this area any longer! LOL...

    Yes, Dave, we make hot salsa with the peppers. We mix canned Tomatoes (if we dont have any fresh ones) Onion, Jalapeno and Cilantro in blender, Chill then eat. Good stuff...

    Dawn, I have decided that peppers are doing great due to the hot dry conditions. They dont seem to want as much water as the other stuff either.

    Rose & Lilacs, Our stuff should be further along as well. I see gardens all over town that are way ahead of mine! We waited on planting due to the bad conditions also. This area I cleared was in standing water for several weeks with lots of winter rainfall. Now I put everything in containers to keep it from rotting and the rains stop for spring and now a dry drought is in place! Oh well, our first veggie garden attempt since moving to GA in 2000 so anything we produce will be a bonus…

    One hosta is missing 5 leaves this morning! It is located beside the plum tree so not sure if bunny or deer are to blame... I almost stepped on bunny this morning while watering the veggies. Did not see him/her and the thing just looked at me for a second then hopped under the butterfly bush but not in a scared manner just an "I will get out of your way" manner... LOL...

  8. Tina, thanks for stopping by my site and leaving a comment, especially since it led me to yours. Love that cabbage! I planted some in flower beds because I find them so beautiful. The critters got them before they made it to the table. Our favorite slaw recipe is the easiest: seasoned rice vinegar, some caraway seed & Best Foods mayo.

  9. Jillybean-Me too!

    Sarah-fence works great! I think I'd do one per pot too Skeeter.

    Dawn-You should be able to grow peppers there as hot as its been!

    Dave-I am posting on my A-frame tomorrow. I bet you are going to want one. So easy but if your cukes are doing well this year then that works!

    Roses and Lilacs-We are having the opposite problem and are not much further south than you-not enough rain. Amazing this weather. Thanks.


    Skeeter-You haven't been feeding the bunny enough-he needs more food to leave those hostas alone!lol

    Ricki-That is like the kindest comment a fellow blogger has ever left on here and I do so appreicate it! I love rice vinegar so will definititely try it when the cabbage is ready. Isn't it the yummiest?

  10. Tina, the cabbage looks great! growing strong.. and i love the color. Oh! The banana trees--where did you get them? Did you plant them from seed? Very cool! The garlic looks great! How did you grow that? I'm obsessed with garlic. It makes me want to plant some this fall!! I'll have to do some research on that!

    Skeeter: your green and purple bell pepper look really nice. does only one pepper grow per plant? Your tomatoes look very healthy. I'm impressed by your cucumbers. Wow~ I wish mine would start producing cucumbers soon. Some of my zucchini leaves fell off because I watered too hard... but I would suggest separating the plants into two pots. My zucchini like the room to spread and grow

  11. Hi guys, I grew my cukes on 4'' x4'' netting wrapped around steel post driven in the ground at a slate, (made like a tilted bed) it was easy to go behind it and pick the cukes hanging down!

  12. Ahh, that would be slant not slate.

  13. DP, Hi! How are you? I got the bananas (Musa bajoo) from Summer Celebration in Jackson Tennessee two summers ago. They are hardy here and are doing great. I have even shared one or two. You can find them in big box like Rural King occasionally or find a friend close by who is willing to share. They multiply pretty good. Garlic is ever so easy to grow. Iniitially I bought some in the grocery store, divided the cloves, planted about 1-2" deep in good garden soil in Oct-Nov, and that is all! Now is harvest time. I grow them each year and there is nothing better than homegrown stuff. Last year I harvest about 30 but this year not so many. I will be posting monthly on vegetable garden stuff so you'll surely know when to plant. Don't worry.

    Dawn, Coincidentally I am posting about my A-frames tomorrow. Same deal. So easy when the veggies hang down and are easily accessible. Last year mine were haning down straight, okay but not as easy. ttyl

  14. Hi Tina --great looking veggies! Hi Skeeter --so now I know why the bunny was chumming up to you --heheheh to get inside the fence by the container garden:0) I had a small patch of dill growing but ironically Sidekicks watermelon is growing over it and pretty much strangling it --it's okay since we would prefer the watermelon:) I don't have everything planted together --it all fits into spots throughout the yard. I might break down next year and dig a garden plot but for now I prefer having my yard like this. It was another fun filled summer day --daddy took all three boys at 0530 for a fishing trip to Lake Barkley. The girl model and I ran, bike rode, got a little Target time in:0) And, went to the Magic show at the library. A super day if you ask me:) Tonight was baseball --and now it's finally quiet in the house --got pretty cool outside tonight. I think Skeeter has been sending bunny friends my way, lol. We went for a walk before baths tonight and saw at least 6 bunnies, a deer and I think a groundhog --the boys had the binoculars and he was pretty far off to make the guess. Hope all have a great night --see you tomorrow. Hey Dawn --so happy you all are out on summer break!!! Yeah!!!!

  15. I tried to hand feed bunny a bunny treat last night. I was about one foot from it! That kind of freak it out a bit so it hoped from me! LOL. This morning while in the flower garden watering, bunny was munching plums under the tree again with me so close to him so I did not freak it out too much yesterday... LOL....