Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Garden Clubs and the Blue Star Memorial Program

I sometimes give lectures on gardening. Such was the case when the Les Candides Garden Club asked me lecture on Fall Gardening. I had such a good time!

The meeting was held at the Clarksville Country Club and the hostess did a great job of making everyone feel at home, including me. The two lovely ladies pictured on the right are Martha (left) and Minerva (right). Minerva was the hostess for this meeting.

Refreshments were delicious and served impeccably by the staff at the Country Club. The designs and decorations were even more lovely. Just take a look at the scrumptious food at the left!

Fall gardening is one of the most special times of the year for me in the garden. It is when the garden is full and lush, the leaves have not yet started falling, the harvest is bountiful, the weather is moderate, rains are plenty, and the Jimster heads back to school! (Ah, just kidding on the last part as I miss the Jimster when he is gone to school) Of course it is now
winter, but winter can also be lots of fun in the garden too with lots of interest as well.

After my program was complete, the President of Les Candides invited me to stay for their meeting. I am the President of the Beachaven Garden Club and there was an item on the agenda that involved not only my garden club, but the Clarksville Garden Club as well.

Many of you may know
Annette Shrader, one of the hosts of the Volunteer Gardener, our state gardening television program. She is also the President of the Tennessee Federation of Garden Clubs and has initiated a program that will involve all three garden clubs in Clarksville. Annette, and others, would like to see a Blue Star Memorial Marker installed in Clarksville. All three garden clubs have decided to participate in obtaining a Blue Star Marker in Clarksville and you should look for it sometime next year. I really enjoyed Les Candides Garden Club and all of their members.

I have to say a special HELLO to Jane. There she is on the left side of the table at the head of the row. Jane is a reader of blogs and had read mine in the past. I am not sure if she is still reading, but if so-Hello! She was so neat to talk to because she does read blogs! In my experience, most garden club members don't seem to read blogs-but that's okay.

Thanks Les Candides for having me at your meeting and for being such a good audience!

in the garden....

Calling all bloggers, tomorrow is the day of Shirl's Desert Island Challenge, if you want to participate do check out her post. Tomorrow's post here will be part of the challenge and I wanted to give you all a head's up in case you wanted to join in. tina


  1. Sounds like you had a good time.

  2. Hi Tina, I'll bet your presentation was well received, everything you do is first class and well thought out! Seeing the food makes me long for my days in the other TN house in Kingspot. Every function was held at the country club there and they had these mashed potatoes that were legendary, made with real heavy cream and butter, they melted in your mouth. Yum! :-)

  3. Isn't it fun giving talks to garden clubs? I do them now and again and it's always a delight, because invariably I learn so much from the people I'm talking with.
    Had never heard of the Blue Star program because of course I'm in the country next door. But I really, REALLY like the idea. I wonder how much effort it would be to see something similar initiated here. Probably enormous, given the mixed way some seem to regard the armed forces, for all kinds of reasons. A story for another day, though.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful time! I'd love to find a garden club, but I don't know of any around me.
    Bet you are a great speaker Tina!!
    Have a good day!

  5. The idea of a garden club is wonderful. And the food looks delicious! What a great way to get together...I'm sure your lecture was very interesting.

  6. Sounds like you and the garden club both had a terrific time.

    Isn't it strange that garden club members don't read blogs? Why do you think that is?

  7. Dawn, It was very nice. Happy Sweet 16 to your firstborn again.

    Frances, Your description of those potatoes is making my mouth water. Yum-gotta find some cream now...

    Jodi, Yes, garden clubs are very nice. I love them all. The ladies are so talented and knowledgeable and sharing. I have had some very good mentors to help my garden out a long the way. I must tell you I had the pleasure of working with Canadians when I was in the Army in Joint Operations. I thought all Canadian soldiers the best. It was always fun trading with them and all. The memorial marker program is a pretty good way to honor all service folks. If you ever come here you may see one on the interstate.

    Linda, Try calling the extension agent and asking for the number of a garden club. This will get your foot in the door. Most garden clubs are begging for new members so I bet they'd be happy to have you! I never knew how to get in one too. One of my mentors found me and asked me to visit, and of course I joined. Four years later I am still very happy with my night garden club. Never saw a bad program at it and the field trips are quite fun.

    Kanak, do you have garden clubs in India? It is a pretty social thing here but is beginning to change as society has changed. Pretty fun!

    Susan, It was fun. I love to talk-can you tel?:) I think most garden club members don't read blogs because generally speaking they are older. If they do, they won't normally comment. Which is a good thing for readers that they can be anonymous if that is what they desire.

  8. Tina, It sure looks like fun! What a friendly gathering there!

    I'm not in a garden club. There's one in Chapel Hill, but I'm not inside their county, so I don't know if they'd let me join or not. My county doesn't have one, but even if they did, they consider where I live as being "Chapel Hill." It's a strange thing around here about the attitudes of my county and CH!


  9. That blue star program sounds like a nice way to remember veterans. It's fun talking to a group of like-minded individuals isn't it!

    Also you can link to me anytime for the veggie garden update post. :)

  10. Good Morning All,
    Tina that sure looks like you had a great time. I know that you made a great speaker as you are so knowledgeable. The food looks really good.
    Well here it is 8:40 & 24º. I know it must have been colder earlier.
    Have a great day all. Stay warm & keep safe.

  11. I would love to join a garden club here but they all meet early on week days. Guess clubbing will have to wait until I retire;)

  12. Talking about gardening and good food--two of my favorite things! I would have loved to hear your talk, Tina; I'm sure it was interesting and full of lots of good information. I wasn't familiar with the Blue Star program so I followed the link--now I remember seeing these when I've traveled. Sounds like a wonderful program; it's great that Clarksville will be getting a marker, too.

  13. Cameron, I am betting they would LOVE for you to join their garden club. They are so much fun and it would be such a blessing to you as a member. I wished you lived closer to me so you could join mine-I wish all my blogging friends could join but we can make our own Blogging Garden Club too:)

    Dave, I added you in already. Very good post for an update too! Thanks:)

    Lola, It was SO cold here last night and gee I keep thinking the cold is gone. Sigh, soon enough I guess our blogging friends in the west are saying they are getting 70 degree temps so they are coming our way!

    Marnie, Yes, I think that is a drawback for many people of clubs meeting only in the daytime. My club is the only night club in Clarksville and we think that is pretty special. You might just want to start your own? But you can be in our blogging club-an honored member!

    Rose, They are pretty neat those markers. I saw one while traveling in Indiana and I actually took the time to read (should've photographed it). They are all sponsored by garden clubs which is something I did not know. The sponsors are usually listed on the markers. And I am sure you guys all notice most rest stops are nicely landscaped-garden club has a part I wonder? The ladies seemed to enjoy my talk. I am doing another program for my garden club on bulbs next spring. I enjoy them and almost always learn something new too.

  14. Sounds like a fun evening and with an army base in Clarksville, would one not think they already had a marker. I would say it is about time so good for the garden clubs!!

  15. What an honor to be asked to give a lecture! I can see why you enjoyed it. I can also see why you’d be inspired by your mother’s garden below. You have green roots.

  16. Mom, You are so right! I think that is Annette's premise-we need to honor the servicemembers and why doesn't Clarksville, a small town with a BIG base in it have something like this already. Well, it should come to pass this year. A good thing. I'll be sure to post on it.

  17. Hi Tina~

    Sounds like you had a great time, I would have loved to have seen you speak.I just became a member of a garden club this year and am really enjoying the learning, sharing and community involvement of it. I like the idea of the Blue Star Memorial. I am going to pass the info on to our president.
    Thanks for another enjoyable post!

  18. Sarah, Most definitely:)

    Karrita, I am happy to hear another blogger found a garden club! They are so fun! Yes, do pass the info on. The state garden club organization also can get involved. $1200 is a lot of money for one garden club. Have the greatest day-I have to go do sewing:(((

  19. Just giving my fellow bloggers a head's up in case you all want to join in with Shirl's Desert Island Challenge. Tomorrow's post on here will be part of it. (Complete with pretty pictures-no desert here!)

  20. I miss belonging to a garden club too. It sounds like you really enjoy yours ~ maybe its time to check into it again?? and those mashed potatoes Frances mentioned sounded WAY too good! PS Weren't you going to a meeting last night? At first I thought you were going to write about that!

  21. Yes, Tina, tell us all about the meeting last night. tee hee....

    I wish I could have been there for your lecture Tina! I bet it was full of information and a great sit and listen...

    I have always wondered what those markers were and now I know! The Saint never slows down long enough for me to get the full read on markers. He is always in a hurry to get where we are going. I need to work on that issue with him. lol...

  22. Hi Kathleen, I went to the Perennial Plant Society last night, it is a bit different from the garden club but still fun. Skeeter is being funny because I um-kind of skipped the meeting-though I was there!!! Gail from Clay and Limestone and I went out of the room and talked for a while. Kind of ironic too because while we were out (I think we are the only two bloggers in the 200+ members) they were going to have a lady mention blogging and she was not present. Ha! We definitely missed our calling there as we could both have done the talk and it would have been fun. But, such is life. The meeting was fun-seeing my friend Gail. Yes, I think you should rejoin a garden club. They would be ever so lucky to have you with all your talents and knowledge and wonderful photography! For now you are definitely in our Blogging Garden Club:)

    Skeeter, The meeting was great! You know Gail and I were busy talking and enjoyed our talk more than the meeting-I know I did. I do love the PPS meetings, but wanted to talk with her more so such is life. Yes, those markers are nice. The plan is to put it down there maybe by the courthouse or Veteran's Plaza. It may change, that's how it goes here but time will tell. You be good today....

  23. Hi Tina,

    First was fun to see you last night. It certainly was an entertaining meeting;-) Next month's scheduled lectures sounds good.

    I have often thought of joining a garden club but haven't found one that does enough gardening for me. Perhaps I need to start one. A garden club for introverted gardeners. More work, less talk.

    It's fun to see how excited and involved you are in gardening endeavors...Frances is right; everything you do is first class and well thought out!


  24. Gail, Yes it was way more fun talking with you. So cold last night! But I enjoyed talking so much. Next month will be fun too. I'll be there for sure, Debbie too, though Geri probably won't:( You introverted? Ha! You are too much fun! And thanks for your kind compliment too.

  25. Oh ho, a couple of deliquent garden bloggers skipping out of the important meeting stuff, just like cutting class to hang out over burgers and fries in downtown Tulsa! HA Only this was to run your mouths! HA HA Too funny. And neither one of you mentioned that little tidbit in your emails. I am still HA HA HAing. A couple of straight laces like you two.

    You may delete this comment, HA

  26. I think the Blue Star Memorial Marker is an honorable tribute to our service members! Your garden clubs deserve a round of applause from all of us!

  27. Frances,
    Maybe next time they will skip the meeting and have chat over burger and fries... tee hee....

  28. Hi to you Tina...
    We loved having your program this fall at Les Candides. With the frigid weather we have been having of later, it seems eons away, but spring and our spring flowers won't be far away. Even with the cold temps,there still comes some times to get out and do a bit of puttering in the gardens. There is always something to do, isn't there?

  29. Frances, You need to join us! Then next time we really will get burgers and fries and maybe Skeeter can come around too. That would be fun!!!!

    TC, Thank you! From the garden clubs and me too:)

    Skeeter, You're invited!

    Jane, I am tickled pink to see you commented!! Hello again my blogging friend. Yes-too cold. The ground is all frozen:( But one can always find something to do for sure-in or out of the garden:)Those are words to live by for sure. Talk to you later!