Sunday, January 25, 2009

Winter Blues

It is really getting dreary and cold down here in my Georgia garden. I think it is time to look at some beautiful colors to get me out of the winter blues....
During one of our visits to Tennessee this past year, we took time to stop at the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga. We have been to the Aquarium before but not since they added the second building which houses the Ocean Journey and Butterfly Room. The Saint and I enjoy the butterflies that visit our gardens so we knew we would enjoy the butterfly room.
Upon entering the room, you soon discover these butterflies are not native American Butterflies. There is a handy guide to let you know what butterfly you are admiring but we did not discover those cards until departing the room. Duh, on our part.
If you are gentle, the butterflies will crawl on your hands such as this beauty did to me!
It is amazing to hold one of these creatures and examine them up close while they examine you in return. See the fingers in the background encouraging a visit?
I was fascinated by the beauty of this Green, Brown, Black and White butterfly.
The Saint enjoyed solving the puzzle of how to get one on your fingers. He was picking them up for a while before showing me the trick of getting one to visit your hands. The only trick is to place your finger slowly in front of them and they will crawl onto your finger. Then you can gently move your finger or hand to examine them up close. When they start to fly off, let them go on their merry way and don't chase them as another will be by your side in not time at all.
I wish I knew the names to all of these beauties but for now, just sit back and enjoy the beautiful colors of this winter day.
Ah, Red and Black with a lush Green backdrop.
They glow from the sun peering in the glass enclosed room.
The Saint had one fully open while in his hands. It was a proud moment for the Saint. Now I must call him the Butterfly Whisperer. Ha...
This was the largest of the butterflies. See my hand beside it. Yep, this was a large fellow indeed. A bit intimidating with that size!
Look at this beauty looking at me looking at him or is it her? Hum, any butterfly experts out there know that answer?
This one reminds me of the Zebra butterflies I see in my garden but it is not the Zebra.

There are also Sharks and Jelly fish in this building! What an adventure we had while there...
After we left the Aquarium, our next stop was a Rest Stop where we spotted this native Painted Lady sipping on what I believe to be a Zinnia bloom. We were happy to see another butterfly while on our journey that day.

If you are near the Chattanooga area and looking for something to take those WINTER BLUES away this winter, then stop in at the TN aquarium as it is a great substitute from lack of color, In the Garden...


  1. OOOhh so many beautiful variatons of butterflyes!

  2. OOOhh so many beautiful variatons of butterflyes!

  3. Good Morning Linda and dont worry about the hickups, we all get them at times. :-)

    We have house guest today so I will not be back on here until later this evening. Everyone have a nice day.....

  4. The American Museum of Natural History here in NYC has a butterfly room until May. I went about three years ago; now you've made me want to go again! Great photos. Thanks!

  5. Skeeter -- the butterflies are all so beautiful! What a wonderful outing! You and the Saint are really great with handling the butterflies.


  6. I was just reading inour local newspaper about native planting to attract butterflies! Thank you for your lovely post. Vickie

  7. I MUST make a trip here! Wowser! Sure chased away my blues. Dreary here. I love all of these and it must've been warm too. You guys really did have a great trip. Tell the Butterfly Whisperer I say hey...

  8. Beautiful! We visited the Butterfly dome at the Houston Museum of Natural Science several years ago. It is a wonderful experience! I am trying to add plants to my garden just for the butterflies.

  9. Oh my goodness, Skeeter, I didn't know there was a buttefly house there! I live so close and have been to the aquarium a few times when the kids were younger and it was first built. Not since we have moved to this house though. Those are so beautiful and hooray for your butterfly whisperer too! That really was a cheering sight on this cold day. Thanks!

  10. What a lovely way to chase away the winter blues Skeeter. So many colors in the butterfly kingdom! Thanks for sharing your visit with us. :)

  11. Hi Skeeter~

    These butterflies are just beautiful! Nature truly is amazing and always enjoyable to witness.
    Thanks for sharing these photos!

  12. Very uplifting post on a winter day. Sure looks like an exciting place to visit.

  13. Thanks for the wonderful warm and colorful tour of the butterfly room, Skeeter.

    Major winter blues here in the Windy City. We've not seen the ground since early January and moan, groan, another artic blast has descended upon us.

    Oh well this time next month we'll have 75 more minutes of daylight so that's something to look forward to. It always means that Spring can't be far away.

  14. What a great winter escape, thanks for sharing. I have not been to a buttery conservatory for a few years now.

    I saw that large butterfly a few summers ago in my neighbors yard, I believe it is called an 'Owl Butterfly'. It was quite a sight.

  15. I've never been to a Butterfly room. Now, I want to find such place. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Beautiful Skeeter! I've never been to a butterfly place but with all acounts on tv and movies, they just flutter continuiously all around you. What a wonderful place to visit! Thanks for sharing, enjoy your company.

  17. I came so close to visiting our butterfly pavillion yesterday and now your gorgeous photos make me wish I had! I think I'm going next weekend now for sure. It's the perfect place to spend a couple hours on a cold winter day.

  18. seeing all those butterflies is a sure chaser of the winter blues. i have visited conservatories before filled with butterflies. it is a wonderful experience.

  19. Skeeter, I can't help you in identifying any of these butterflies, but I do recognize that zinnia in the photo:)

    Thank you for this beautiful post! It's snowing here, and while it's a pretty snow, the day is gray otherwise. I am so ready for the end of winter--these beautiful butterflies have helped to chase my winter blues away for awhile!

  20. Only Mother Nature could have provided such unparalleled beauty.

  21. Gosh Skeeter, what a lovely bunch of butterflies. So colorful. Makes you want to look quickly to see another. I've never been to a butterfly museum. There is one close by so think that would make for a nice day with the ggs's. Will have to try to work that in soon.
    67º now.

  22. thanks so much for visiting my blog and for the great encouraging words. I love this blogging thing. its amazing. i am going to join the garden blog site you told me about. thanks!!! Also, how do you add photos with in each new post?

  23. Look at all the different flying flowers. There are so many different butterflies.Beautiful pictures.I was there once years ago on vacation but they did not have the butterfly section but I loved the aquarium.

  24. Oh my God!!.
    They are so beautiful. I have been willing to post an article about butterflies.. You inspired me!


  25. The tropical butterflies always look a little similar don't you think? Still all of them are beautiful and well come on a gray day like today...Thank you for the fantastic tour.


  26. It's a great place to visit. I didn't know about the butterfly room. Is that new or have I just forgotten my last visit 5-6 years ago?

  27. Gorgeous flutterby pix Skeeter. Do you reckon some of them were/are moths?

  28. This reminds me of our trip to the New Orleans Insectarium this past summer. They had a room where the butterflies were flying free, too. Maybe we need to revisit it now to get a boost with all the gray weather we've been having.

    Always Growing

  29. What pretty butterflies. We only get a few different types in our gardens. Looking at your pictures made me feel like it was summer, only to look outside at the snow.
    Thanks for the beautiful pictures!

  30. J, Great you have seen such a wonderful place! Yes, you must go again, it will be a wonderful spirit lifter for the winter blues...

    Cameron, the butterflies were a real treat for us while on our journey especially being able to touch them...

    Vickie, my favorite butterfly attraction is the butterfly bush in our yard. We have an island of 5 and they are filled with fluttering activity all summer long...

    Tina, Butterfly whisperer says hey back at cha! You and Mr. Fixit need to take the Jimster down there! Not that far from you and a great day trip for the family...

    Lorilee, I am happy you have been to a butterfly house! They are so much fun aren’t they? You will be surprised at how many butterflies enjoy your yard with planting a few of their favorites. I find the butterflies like the Butterfly Bushes, Lantana, Verbena and Periwinkle best in my yard...

    Frances, Glad you enjoyed the beauty on this cold dreary day! The Saint and I always try to outdo each other with getting critters to let us touch them. Tee hee. He won on this day. This is a new addition to the aquarium. An entire second building about the size of the first one! So two buildings to see and make a long day of it. Your grandchildren would enjoy the butterfly room as did the children in amazement in there with us. We heard so many great questions being asked by little ones. Real close up learning experience…

    Raquel, there really are many different beautiful butterflies on this earth. The room was full of blooms to keep the butterflies occupied but I was so busy with the butterflies, that I did not capture many plants. But so colorful, they work as a great day of color just as a flower would...

    Karrita, Nature is a wonderful thing! The beauty in that room was unbelievable with all the pretty flowers and butterflies fluttering around. Everyone in the room had full smiles on their faces...

    Jean, it was a wonderful place to visit and we had such a feeling of great inner peace for the remainder of our drive to GA. Put us in a real happy place together. One must be calm while on a long drive. Glad you enjoyed the color today...

    Carolyn Gail, I know winters up there must be so long for you! We are lucky in the south with little breaks here and there throughout the entire winter. On Friday, I was in the yard wearing shorts while doing some chores! I even had the windows to the house open! Now today, drizzle and cold again but was nice to have a break and let fresh air in the house even for one day. Soon things will warm up your way...

    Dan, I wonder if that was an Owl Butterfly..?.. Hum, I think most of them were from South America but not sure. If only we had known about the brochures inside then we could know all the names! We should have picked one up and at least snapped a pic of it so I could refer back to it for the posting. Oh well, this sounds like a good excuse to take a second visit to the butterfly room. Keep warm up there...

    Tatyana, I bet you can find such a wonderful place somewhere not too far from you. This is a great experience and many flowers to enjoy also...

    Dawn, There will be butterflies in this place year round. They have them hatching each day as some live out their life on a daily basis as well. Not so many that you are consumed with them but just enough for you to be able to enjoy them. If there were too many in there, it might be a bit overwhelming as you may fear stepping on one. Now that would not be a good thing...

  31. Kathleen, yes, do get to the butterfly pavilion next weekend! Will surely take away the winter blues for a day if nothing else. We all need a little fix of color during winter to keep us going....

    Marmee, this was my first visit to such a place and it truly was a great experience. Our minds were so at peace while in the room...

    Rose, Glad I could be of help to chase away those winter blues today! Are you tired of the snow yet? I know some people must be. I enjoyed seeing our flurries last week but that will probably be it for us as we just dont seem to have snow much in these parts. Oh well, the warm day last week with windows open and shorts on was a great pay off I guess. Stay Warm!

    Brenda, That is so true! Mother Nature is a wonder that is spectacular in every way...

    Lola, Do get the ggs's to the nearby butterfly house! They would really enjoy it and you would as well. You can answer all the questions their little minds will have for you! It will be a memory you will enjoy for a long time to come as will the kids...

    Flowergirl, Hello, Skeeter talking today and I think it was our Master Gardener Tina that visited you recently. I will stop by as well. So I will pass this question on to Tina. This blogging thing is indeed fun...

    Hocking Hills gardener, The aquarium itself is wonderful and this new addition is a jewel as well! Really a nice place to see the lovely flying flowers up close...

    Mustafa, I am happy to have inspired you today! Yes, do a posting on Butterflies. This is my second one and I had so much fun with them both!

    Gail, glad you enjoyed the colorful tour today! I was thinking the same thing with the similarities. I bet a butterfly professional (what would you call that profession?) would say different as they would know many ways to tell them apart. lol They are all so beautiful and I enjoy the ones that visit our yard each day....

    Dave, This is a new addition! Not sure how old but maybe 2 or 3 years. You need to take another family visit as the girls would really get a kick out of the room. Plus you and Jenny as well while in the room because not only butterflies but beautiful blooming flowers!

    TC, I am sure some are in the moth family. I failed to discover the booklets describing them until we were on our way out the door. I wish I had snapped a pic of the booklet for reference but an after thought once downloading the post. Arg, oh well. Just pretty pics today with no names....

    Jan, another visit would surely lift your blue spirits this winter! I had such fun downloading the pics for the post as they put me in a happy place for a second time...

    Catherine, I am happy you enjoyed this colorful summer type posting today! Maybe if you research a few butterfly attracting plants native to your area, you can plant some and have more flying flowers in your yard! When they find something they like, the plant will be full of the pretty flutterbugs. We have many different types’ of butterflies, moths and skippers just on the Butterfly Bushes. If you plant them, they will come...

  32. What beautiful butterfly pictures! We were at the aquarium a few years ago but I didn't enjoy it. I guess I'm not a fish person. But butterflies I love to see! Maybe we'll go back one day. I love the butterfly room at Callaway Gardens.

  33. Thanks for visiting my blog - I'm amazed by the many great shots of those beautiful creatures! Didn't really realize before, what a great variety of butterflies there is. Butterflies always make me happy, so this was a great remedy for the winter blues.

  34. Thanks for a little glimpse of a warmer day...even if it is in the Aquarium. What a nice resource to have close by.

  35. Such beautiful butterflies and images! I'm impressed!

  36. Dot, The butterfly room is beautiful filled with blooms and butterflies. A new addition and may not have been there when you visited. We were trying to get to Calloway gardens last year but never had the chance. Maybe this year we will be able to check them out...

    Katarina, Here at “In the Garden” we consist of 4 different posters from Tennessee, Maine, Florida and Georgia. Tina is our Master Gardener living in TN and was the one to visit your blog. I am Skeeter in Georgia and I did check in to see your island choices but did not leave a comment. Great choices you had for your island! I am glad you enjoyed the butterflies on this dreary time of winter...

    Queenofseafood, When the weather is nasty outside, a great place to escape for a beautiful warm time! Room is filled with so many wonderful scented blooms and pretty butterflies to take away the winter blues for sure...

    Naomi, Glad you enjoyed the butterflies! They are very impressive to see and especially to be able to touch and not harm them...

  37. That green butterfly is spectacular! Excellent photographs!

  38. Parsec, Thanks, I am with you on the green butterfly. That one had to be my favorite...

  39. Oh my, I am quite envious. I LOVE butterflies! The conservatory nearby will have it's blooms and butterflies display starting in March, so you know I'll be there to see it. In the meantime, I'm planning all the additions to my butterfly garden this coming spring. I can't wait!

  40. Oh my, I am quite envious. I LOVE butterflies! The conservatory nearby will have it's blooms and butterflies display starting in March, so you know I'll be there to see it. In the meantime, I'm planning all the additions to my butterfly garden this coming spring. I can't wait!

  41. MsRobin, Don't be envious, just enjoy the color today. :-) I too love butterflies and plant things that will attract them into my yard. They love the Butterfly Bush best of all. You will have so much fun selecting all the new additions to your garden this spring. Spring will be in Ohio before you know it!

  42. Great pics! Thanks for sharing. You have me dreaming about my next butterfly garden plan project that I will be tackling in the next couple of months. By the way, I believe the butterfly you are trying to identify is an Isabella's Heliconian ( You can also checkout the Butterflies and Moths of North America for more information ( Thanks again for sharing! Dan Thomas

  43. Dan, you are welcome. I am glad you enjoyed all the colorful beauty during this cold time of year. Thanks for the links, I will check them out. Good luck on your new butterfly project!