Saturday, January 3, 2009

A New Year

After reading the posting about my Georgia Holly trees last week, my mom sent these pictures of their Tennessee Holly Tree. Of course, I am envious of all the bright Red Berries she and dad have to enjoy. I am sure their birds will be enjoying them as well...

Now that all the presents are opened, decorations packed away, what do you think Santa and his Reindeer are doing?

Well, Camping of course! Can you think of a better way to rejuvenate from all that hard work and flying all over the world?

Santa and his hoofed friends are kicked back and relaxing with a little time off. Soon he will be at it again as it is A NEW YEAR, In the Garden...

Happy New Year to all Garden Blogger's from my Georgia Garden to yours!


  1. I LOVE the santa trailer showing!
    WOW what a great peice!

  2. Hi Skeeter, a very happy new year to you too! We are kicking back a little bit today too but have lots of projects in the works, I bet you do too! :-)

  3. Good Morning All,
    I love the Holly Tree. I sure wish I had one in my garden. {Signnnn} Garden too small.
    Way too cute on the camper with Santa & his favorite reindeer basking in the sun, aw snow, Skeeter. Such cute little bathing suits. lol
    Have a great day all.

  4. This may be the Airstream Trailer to get Mr I...He loves them and has been known to wax philosophical about having one to travel around the US! Happy New Year Skeeter...there is nothing like the red berries of a holly to brighten the garden. Gail

  5. Good morning! I just have a quick minute today. Your parent's tree is so beautiful! I love the red berries. I wish I had some too. Maybe your parents can share a cutting or two with you to plant by your hollies? Sigh, it would take so long to grow but we have time.

    That airstream trailer is the best!! I loved it when I saw it in person and here too. Santa does deserve a break and kicking back there looks like it is just the ticket! Have a great day today!

  6. That is a really great holly tree. They must really enjoy it.

    Nina should have the cute little airstream. There are so many brands out there nowadays, you do not see as many airstreams as you used to. They are top of the line.

    Happy New Year to you and the Saint also and, clink. here is to another great year of blogging.


    Good morning everyone!

    Linda, Thanks! A little whimsy finds its way into my house as well as the garden...

    Frances, we finally did a bit of kicking back yesterday as well! I played Kitty Cat and napped my little head off most of the day. Then slept like a baby once in bed last night! I have one tree down and packed away and more to go soon. The Saint has been off work for the past 4 days so I dont really care to work during his time off so most of the decorations will come down after he returns to work on Monday. Jan. 6 is really the end of the holiday anyway. I hate to take them down as I enjoy seeing them so much. Why do we only get to enjoy the decorations for one month? sigh, I may get them up earlier next year so I can enjoy them longer. I will be back to blogging soon but until the work is complete, I must stay off the puter. I do miss it and must admit I am taking a Peek here and there. I love the pic of your family at Thanksgiving! Such a nice looking group...

    Lola, they are a cute asset to the decor during the holidays. I think Santa deserves a little break dont you? lol. I must give my parents credit for this display. When in Germany we had a small camper and my parents thought it was so cute. When they spotted this camper in the window of a store, it reminded them of our little Camper so they just had to present us with the camper for our memories. I came up with the display and the smaller camper was added last year when I found it at a specialty store. It matches the large one perfect. It is a fun little feature in the house during the holidays…

    Gail, those Jet Streamers are the coolest aren’t they? I can remember seeing my first one as a child. I thought it was an air plane going down the road! The Saint and I have talked about RV'ing in our retirement days but not sure that plan would work with non-traveling cats these days. But still time to train them right? Ha, fat chance. The berries do brighten up a yard with so much bareness to the trees surrounding it...

    Tina, I told you that Camping Santa would make an appearance on the Blog. Tee hee. I hope I have put a grin on a face or two this morning with the camping scene. I may not have bowling balls in my decor but I do have a touch of whimsy dont ya think??? tee hee. Off to town with the Saint. He wants to go to Sears and I have not asked why so this one should be interesting.... lol

  8. Jean, you got in here while I was typing! Yes, Nina will probably enjoy this little camping scene. What you think Nina?

    Thanks for the clink of the glass and back at you for another fun year of blogging!!!

    Off to the mall now. arggg, I dont really like going to the mall but the Saint is on a quest for something at Sears. I hope not another tool as that will entail work for me. lol…

  9. Oh my goodness! The RV scene is so cute! I laughed when I saw it , sweet with the boat and just the way you'd want Santa to spent the rest of the year!
    My holly did wonderful this year although I don't think it's a tree, I think I have shrubs.

  10. Skeeter, your Santa camping scene is too funny--especially the reindeer in Bermuda shorts. Enjoy your weekend with the Saint.

  11. The Santa & Reindeer relaxing on the lawn chairs with shorts are too cute! Happy New Year Skeeter!

  12. Hi Skeeter~
    I love Santa and his reindeer kickin' back, they should come down to sunny Florida for a little R n R.
    I just realized this is a group cool! I came over to give thanks to Tina for a blog visit and now find myself saying hello to Skeeter :)


    My posts aren't showing up today so please forgive if this is a double.

  13. LOL, Skeeter, I agree Santa needs a break:) I think this display should stay up all year!

    Looks like I'm not the only one who envies that holly tree; those berries are perfect for the season.

  14. I love Santa camping out. Such a refreshing change from the little villages I create, full of ice skaters and skiers and snow. I suppose Santa has acclimated to the snow and takes advantage of every bit of winter sun to work on his tan.
    Happy new year back at ya!

  15. Love the Holly Tree Skeeter! I don't think I have ever seen that type.
    Santa and reindeer are too cute!

  16. After all that work they deserve a little rest! I love holly berries but just don't see any around here.

  17. Dawn, My parents gave us the large camper and I found the rest of the fun stuff here and there. I love my little bit of whimsy and in the formal Living room too! My recliner is beside Santa so I enjoy sitting by the Camper also...

    Cosmo, Of course everyone loves a Reindeer in Bermuda shorts! tee hee. We have been to the Mall today. Not my favorite place but had to make a return and also check in on TV stands. I had no idea a new TV stand would be so much trouble or the Saint would not have gotten a TV for his birthday! lol

    Raquel, I had fun putting this little scene together after receiving the main camper as a gift from my parents. They gave it to us as a sort of joke and I ran with it. Glad you enjoyed it...

    Karrita, Yep, we are a little grouping here at In the Garden! Tina is our Master Gardener and the rest of us jump in from time to time. :-) Can I come to sunny Florida along with Santa and the Reindeer? Too much drizzle rain the past few days here in GA....

    Rose, glad you enjoy the whimsy Santa scene! I do keep this one up throughout the month of January along with other snowmen stuff in the entry way and front porch. I hate taking it all down only after a month so the snow stuff not really related to Christmas stays a bit longer for us to enjoy. I will show more stuff later on. My moms Holly is a beauty this year!

    Weeping Sore, I have two snow villages with skaters and all kinds of fun stuff. It outgrew one village a few years ago. You will see them another time as I keep them up throughout January as winter decorations. This Camper was a gift from my parents and I added the other fun stuff as I found it and before you knew it, I had a little Santa camping village. In Germany, the locals lay in lawn chairs in the snow on sunny days. They bundle up in blankets and bask away. We thought that so funny but they love the sun shine in Bavaria....

    Meadowview, The Holly was a gift to my mom from my dad a few Christmas' ago! It sure is full of red berries this year! The Santa is a fun spot in the living room...

    Hope everyone is having a nice day today and no rain where you are located. Nasty drizzle here. arggggg...

  18. Dot, I have spotted tons of berries all around our area but just not in our yard. The Nandina were the only berry producers this year for us. Sigh... Santa does need a break and what better way then on a relaxing camping trip...

  19. I love your camping santa! Very cute arrangement. You have a very nice blog.

  20. LOVE your camping Santa. I've never seen anything like it!


  21. i still don't have all of my christmas down. doing it as i feel like it, not so much.
    happy new year to you!

  22. I love it! What a scene! :-) I must ask how long they camp at your place?


  23. Paintinpatti, Thanks and glad you enjoy Santa and his camping trip! They add a nice whimsy touch to the room each year...

    Amy, Until this year, we had several neat places for Unique winter and Christmas items. They are gone bye bye now as the Medical College of Georgia bought the pricy land beneath the building. So my wonderful treasures to be found there are no more. sigh... Oh well, the hunt will continue in years to come...

    Marmee, I am never in a hurry to remove my Christmas decorations! I love them in place and use the excuse of Jan 6 being the actual ending to Christmas. I have only one room back to normal as I type today but by tomorrow, the packing really begins...

    Cameron, Santa and his Reindeer friends camp out in our living room until mid winter or so. I love seeing them and keep them out as winter decorations. Since we dont get real snow down here in the Deep South, I must put out a little white fluff to remind me it is winter...

  24. I'm more a hotel and room service girl myself. I'd be scared to camp out somewhere. I still remember in Oklahoma some girl scouts being kidnapped while camping many years ago.

  25. Brenda, as a child and teenager, my entire family (to include my grandmother) would go camping in the summer months. Such a fun carefree life back then with little crime. I have not been in a tent in years. A lodge, cabin or hotel is the way to go for me now as my back no longer wants to sleep on the ground... :-)