Thursday, January 29, 2009

Icy Arbor

All I could think of this past summer when looking at the sweet autumn clematis growing on the PVC arbor was ice. The flowers were sparkly and frosty and white, though they didn't cool me down!
I don't need any cooling down now, in fact, thanks to the recent ice storm I have a truly 'Icy Arbor'. No need to try to feel cold looking at it now, it is cold!

in the garden....clearing ice and tying up trees.


  1. I spend you a little sunshine from Germany (-;, have a nice day! Kessi

  2. Wow...what a great contrast between seasons!

  3. Kessi, You are up early in Germany, and Parsec is up late in California! Two opposite sides. Too funny. Thanks for the sunshine Kessi and Parsec-the ice storm came at an opportune time. Loved the redwoods and one of these days I will see them!

  4. Tina, both views are beautiful! Who knew the clematis would provide such winter interest? Hope you are doing okay with all that ice.

  5. at germany at the tv , at the news, we saw your weather, I' m so sorry for that !!! Hopeful for better weather !!! At Bremen is cold and grey, but nothing of snow or storm, so we can be happy...
    last three years the winter was nothing, this year also at germany its realy winter...some of my flowers was killing of that cold wind I think...

    I m looking for a translater, hope soon as possible there is one ar ruhezone and did you saw my other blogs ? kalos zauberbuch ??? at ruhezone is a very small picture
    at the right, on that is a forest , touch it and you cames at the next blog, if you touch the small picture black and white of my dog you comes at swkalo, only black and white pitures and there small with pink coulour and small flowers it comes at ruhezone....
    you have to test it :-)
    have a nice day, without blizzard and ather thinks like that

  6. Hi Tina I know it's cold (and horrible) but it is cool and beautiful too./ Tyra

  7. Tina, did you have any relief yesterday? We got into the 70's!! Today is back to seasonal temps... high of 40. Of course it is our garden day.

  8. Up early to plow, we got a foot, school has a 1 hour delay. Your poor clematis, hopefully you'l get sun soon.

  9. That arbor is beautiful! Ice is so dangerous and destructive, but has a special beauty too.
    I will check out that blog after work--sounds interesting. (BTW-my mom's name is Jean too!) :)
    Have a warm day!

  10. Tina,

    The storm sure hit your part of the world! But ice pictures can be beautiful and your arbor is gorgeous this morning. I will check out the blog. My therapy clients love having to pass through the garden to get to the office...I think it calms them and that's also what the research studies indicate.

    Take care and keep warm.


  11. Tina, those are beautiful pix. I keep watching the weather in your area. It sure is bad with the ice storms. Do hope you stay safe & warm. The garden will survive & come Spring you won't hardly know the ice was ever there.

  12. Wow, talk about winter interest. It really holds the ice in fantastic shapes. Lucky it didn't bring the trellis down.

  13. Icy flowers in January! An icy winter wonderland in your garden. It does make for some winter interest as R&L said!

  14. Wow look at that icy garden! We are having strange weather here too, it was in the upper 60's yesterday and back down to the lower 40's today. Thanks for the link, I'll go check her out. :)

  15. Tina, your photos are great--what a contrast! Be careful what you wish for:)

    I may check out Naomi's blog; just reading about your clean-up and tying up trees has worn me out:)

  16. Your photos are great! Do you have any suggestions for starting the Autumn Clematis from seed? How long before they germinate, start indoors or out and when?

  17. Beckie, Hanging tough-it sure has a wonder of its own.

    Kathrin, Those black and white photos are beautiful. I sent you an email.

    Tyra, Yes, beautiful for sure. Thanks!

    Janet, Still cold AND we got a dusting of snow last night. Sigh. Trees still coated but not falling so much anymore.

    Dawn, Two hour delay for the Jimster-we loved it!

    Linda, That is too funny!

    Gail, Yup, trying to keep warm-it's not so bad outside. I may go for a long walk. Stay tuned tomorrow.

    Lola, You are so right! Remember those puppies from last year? They had chewed to bits this sweet autumn, yet it recovered, as will this year's garden. Only one limb gone.

    Marnie, The ice storm was so opportune for a contrasting picture of summer and winter on the arbor. I am glad it stands strong-so far.

    Dave, It for sure is pretty and I am enjoying the arbor so much. Thanks!

    Racquel, We fortunately only get ice storms like once every three years-that's enough! Enjoy your warmth while you have it. More cold coming I think.

    Rose, Yup-definitely cold here now....:)

    Darla, Hello! Wish you were close by I'd gladly give you all the seedlings you want. I initially got a start of a seedling from the PPS, and it has since self seeded. The seeds germinate readily in the garden. If you have some seeds from someone, I think it would be best to plant them out in the fall in an area you can keep an eye on-or just spread them in a garden. Then in the spring look for the seedlings. They sprout in the most unlikeliest areas, but are easily recognizable by the three leaves and delicate vine like plant. I am not sure how you'd start them indoors because I have a strong feeling these types of seeds will need to be stratified since they grow so readily each spring after being left out all winter. Here is a tip, if you see the sweet autumn clematis growing somewhere-do stop and talk with the gardener. I bet he or she would gladly give you a start-I know I would. Once it is in your garden-no worry on the seedlings as they will come. Racquel prunes hers back in the winter, I leave mine and don't mind the volunteers. There are always homes for them. Hope this helps.

  18. Raquel is the one that sent seeds to me, I bet if I put some in a container and left it on the back porch it would sprout. Going to try that. I have some under a light with my other seedlings and I bet that's where I messed up, could even put them in the fridge? Thank you so much for answering my questions. This blogging is the best!! I did add you to my bloglist hope that's okay.

  19. Is it still icy there? It looks so pretty on the arbor, but I'm sure it's horrible to deal with. Hope your plants all make it, and the ice melts!

  20. Well I hope your ice goes away soon but I still say it is very pretty. Glad you only lost the one limb. Pine trees can take a lot of abuse so it will be okay. We did'nt get as much snow as they were saying but we must have gotten about 8 inches. Today is a bright sunny day here.

  21. Tina,
    Sorry that your so cold. The icy comparison is very cool. :-)

    As for healing gardens, the software company where I used to work is creating one as well. Since I have a "retiree badge" I need to go by there and check it out.


  22. Yes Tina, that does look cold. I think I need something to warm me up now. I turned up the heat, okay much better now...

    My mom sent me some pictures of their white pine. Not a pretty sight. Nicely topped now...

    Was 69-degrees here yesterday before the cold front passed through with 3/10 rain fall. Cooler today expecting 50's but sun is out and that makes it feel warmer. So cannot complain after seeing and hearing of all the ice and snow elsewhere...

    Everyone have a good day and stay warm and safe!

  23. Hi Tina, while beautiful, it does look cold! I love the banana in the background in summer and the trees in winter. Hope all is well with you and your garden. Where oh where has the warming sun gone?

  24. With only a couple of days of ice, I'm quickly tiring of it. I shall check out your link.

  25. The ice looks as lovely as the flowers in summer. Each season has its own unique beauty. Great photo!

  26. Hi again, I just posted a photo I found on the internet that I think is or dadgum close to my mystery seeds plant.

  27. Darla, When did Racquel send you the seeds? Maybe they had some stratification already? If not, I think I'd put some outside in a pot, some in the freezer for a few weeks, and maybe even some inside. But! Don't be discouraged! The seeds will sprout when they are ready and I think you may have to wait a bit longer. Be patient:)

    Catherine, Yup-still icy and cold-29 degrees right now. Brrr!

    Mom, I bet it is so pretty with the sun shining! No sun here but more snow last night. The roads are clear though. Tell everyone I say hello.

    Cameron, I think you will like Naomi very much. She is so sweet and very ardent with what she does-and does well. Glad you like the comparison-it came out well for me with perfect timing.

    Skeeter, BRRRR too cold here. Hopefully the sun and a warm up is coming our way. Poor pine. I saw many that were topped. My neighbor even has one uprooted! Hard to recover from it all. A mess.

    Frances, The sun is awol (absent without leave) this morning. It seems to have abandoned us:( Hopefully it will find its way home soon. Too cold-no gardening here. That banana is so special-I simply love it! I think I'll have plenty of pups off it this year. Must remember to dig them early as it is nigh on impossible once they get big.

    Brenda, It gets cold and old fast for sure.

    Susan, Hello and welcome! You have such lovely blogs. I liked both Simply Susan and Central Florida. I did add Central Florida to my sidebar-if you prefer the other-then just tell me. Those lace bugs are a real problem. Stay happy in sunny Florida!

  28. Cool! You are too good Darla!

  29. Beautiful compare/ contrast photos.

    At least you didn't lose power (?) and I hope your garden didn't suffer much damage. Ice storms can be beautiful but also much more of a headache than snow!

  30. I love the way this icy arbor looks. Thanks to the link to Naomi's blog. Enjoyed the article on "Nude Gardening" there and wondering if I could get away with it!

  31. Hi Tina~
    Your photos have captured beauty in two opposite seasons! The ice looks so interesting on the arbor, strangely beautiful. Hope you are all keeping warm!


  32. Guess which icy view I like better?!! It was wonderful of you to feature the therapy garden blog on your site. Our town has a therapeutic gardening program for special needs kids and it's wonderful. I think any connection to nature is a good one.

  33. Brrr, I got cold just looking at that nice, but then again, I can just look out my own window for that! I actually think the icy arbour is quite beautiful, but I'd still prefer real flowers.

  34. Cool here. We got 4 1/2" of rain from last night/this a.m. Supposed to be near freezing by Sat.
    Will be glad when it gets warmer. Rods in leg are telling me they are there. lol

  35. Gosh Lola, 'bout to pull the heated footstool out. My plate is doing a number but I haven't tended to it either. Bring on spring!

  36. What a great photo! It's not nice to have an ice storm for many reasons, but on the other hand, it does make for great photo opportunities. We have yet to have a proper icestorm this year; we had ice pellets and then rain the other night before the temperatures dropped again, so we have crusts on the snow but happily no ice-festooned plants. So far.

  37. I believe you when you say it's cold! Looks like the weather sent the banana plants behind the arbor deep underground. Hopefully you came through ok!