Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Big Thank You!

From In the Garden

I wasn't sure if I'd write this post or not, but I think I'd be remiss if I did not personally thank every single person who voted for this blog and blogger in the Blotanical awards nominations! Plus the fact that most other nominated bloggers (not all mind you but just look at my blogroll) have already posted their posts about the nominations helped to make up my mind to go ahead and post. This is the only way I know how to thank you-THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! And to let all of the readers of this blog know about the awards who may not be members of Blotanical. Blotanical is a directory of garden blogs that this blog has been a part of for nearly two years. There are over 1500 garden blogs registered at the directory. We are ever so excited to be nominated in any award categories-let alone four categories! So to say this small team here-and especially me and our group of commenters is MOST excited would be an understatement. I am giddy with joy-again thanks!!

I really wish Blotanical and even blog awards in general could go national like the Emmys or something along those lines. Perhaps one day the blogging world will get that big, not sure. That way all could have access to the process, and even though all have access to this directory, unless you have a garden blog you usually don't visit Blotanical. My co-posters wouldn't have even known about the whole award thing if I hadn't told them and they have blogs-Skeeter-Dawn-Lola! They know now.

In the Garden Blog made the final five for the following categories:

Best Garden Art Blog
Best Educational Blog
Best Tennessee Blog

And a huge surprise-a Blogger Award Nomination:

Blotanist of the Year

How wonderful to even reach the finals and I want to tell everyone who voted for us-thanks! If you made the finals-good luck! If you did not make the finals-don't give up!

in the garden....with a couple of big argiopes (black and yellow orb weavers).

P.S. I am currently on the road returning from North Carolina and Mr. Fix-it's 20-Year Class Reunion. I'll check in when I can. Thanks in advance for visiting and good luck to all nominees-they are all such a great bunch and many of the nominees are blogging friends of this blogger and blog-so I really mean it when I say good luck!


  1. Tina,
    Congratulations and good luck!
    The spider photo was effective, it gave me the chills.

  2. Congrats to you Tina, it is an honor well deserved. It was you who led me to Blotanical, what a place!
    BTW- cool spider!

  3. Tina, congratulations! I have to echo Janet's's well-deserved! All the best!

    Pretty pattern on the spider. Have a good trip!

  4. Congratulations on the nominations! They are very much deserved. I didn't even know the nominations happened. oh, well., but I did vote already. ;) Good luck! Get your acceptance speech ready, just kidding, no pressure!

  5. Tina - it was no surprise to me that you and your crew garnered so many nominations. You've made a great contribution not only over at mine over the year, but I've seen your Avatar on so many other blogs during the year, I know you do the same for so many others :)

  6. Tina, Congratulations on all your award nominations--they are well-deserved! I was so happy to see you up for these awards when I went over to Blotanical to vote. As I mentioned to Frances, when I got to best Tennessee blog,though, I think I had to close my eyes and go "eenie, meenie.." Your state has to produce some of the best blogs in the country!

  7. Very well deserved nominations. Your post is fun, informative and I just looooooove going through your gardens when you show them! Good luck!

  8. I've heard you all talk about bontanical and checked in last year, much to my surprise it jumped in membership! Nice area of the web!

  9. Congratulations

    Some tough choices there- you're in good company. Want to borrow my hypno-frog?

  10. Forget the Emmys, you're the real treausre here. Your blog is a bout of fresh air, it's always full of good photos (that fantastic spider heading your post is prize material) and excellent commentary. EVen for people, like me, who are not gardeners per se, it is always a privilege to stroll in your lair and be amazed at the sheer beauty of it all. Many congratulations and keep up the good work.

    Greetings from London.

  11. Congratulations my dear! All well deserved! If I may be so bold to say this~~Tennessee bloggers rock;-) Excellent'll have to post her for Halloween! gail

  12. So you should be giggy as you have well earned it all and then some.

    Whewwwww, now I can get caught up as your sister has left and should be back in FL by now. Her and your other sister kept me busy while she was here. I think I will go to bed at 5pm tonight!!!!

  13. You are definitely deserving, Tina;-) You were friendly and helpful to me when I first joined, I really appreciated that! Your blog is informative and I enjoy it (I know, I know...I don't stop by often)...but that will change soon.

  14. I'm very happy for you, and these nominations are very well deserved!!! You know you are a blogger that I look up to :) Good luck!

  15. Thanks everybody. We are blushing to all the way to the gray hair roots:) Just got in so will be around to visit soon.

    And you all when you come to the Tennessee bloggers, Rose's method might be best!

  16. A hearty hug and big congrats to you on the nominations Tina! You deserve many awards for your contributions to the garden blogging community. I voted for you, I won't say which category though. Aren't you so proud of all the fine Tennessee bloggers? Our state is well represented. :-)

  17. Congratulations! I admit I can't keep up with Blotanical; I bookmark the blogs I like and read them that way... and communicate via commenting or email... I wish I had more time to spend online, but am feeling overwhelmed with all the different places now to check for communications!

  18. Congrats Tina!!! You have worked so hard with this blog and others so you deserve any award out there! As you know I am not a Blotanical person but I did try to sign up to vote but it would not allow me to for some reason. Sigh, oh well, whatever...

  19. If there isn't an award for most sincere/friendly/helpful garden blogger, there should be, and I would nominate you, Tina! Congratulations and many thanks for all of your encouragement.

  20. Tina, so well-deserved!! Congrats to you Dawn, Skeeter & Lola on your beautiful creation - I feel priveleged to be one of your readers!

  21. Tina, grats on your many nominations. Very exciting, and also very much deserved. Looking over all these comments, I see lots of readers think so, too!

  22. TC, Thanks!

    Frances, Tennessee garden bloggers rock for sure! Our little group has always been a point of pride for me since I began blogging. Thanks and good luck to you! Hug, tina

    Monica, Blotanical is most fun but a bit slow going for sure. I too bookmark mine and read them all-or at least I try.

    Skeeter, Bummer on not being able to sign up. But still such an honor our blog was nominated-member or not!

    W2W, Well thank you! I am most flattered. I do love helping others as I remember what it was like for me just starting-that should for sure be an award category. Wonder why no one thought of it before?

    Jen, And we are privileged to have you as a reader indeed! Thanks so much.

    Meredith, Thanks and congratulations on your nominations! Richly deserved and good luck!

  23. Congratulations Tina.
    I've been a reader of your blog since forever & I have learned many things from you. I shall continue to be a reader & on occasion comment.
    You have accomplished so much & continue to strive for more. My hat is off to you friend.

  24. CONGRATULATIONS Tina!!!!! You have an awesome blog and it's very deserving of all the nominations. Good luck and GREAT photo too.

  25. I think I already told you congratulations on your nominations. You all make a great team!

  26. Belated Congrats, Tina!
    I've been feeling overwhelmed, and frustrated that there does not seem to be enough time to visit all the blogs I want to read.
    Deeelighted to be in such fine company for a 'blottie' - as in a Blotanical award for Best Garden Art.
    All best, Alice