Friday, September 4, 2009

Some Changes Coming to In the Garden

From In the Garden

'Forever and Ever', a northern cultivar of hydrangea that performs wonderfully here in my garden.

September will mark the two year 'Blogiversary' for In the Garden. And what fun it has been! Just as I did last year on the one year 'Blogiversary' I will update how the blog looks (if anyone can help me understand simple instructions for making my header photo fit in its space I'd be greatly indebted:) and make a few changes this year. I involve my co-posters in the changes as well and I have a great deal of fun (ok, not really!) updating the look. But this year I am not only updating the look of the blog, but also how we will be posting. Effective immediately we will not be posting on the weekends unless the 10th, 15th, or 20th fall on a weekend but even then I may just post on the work day prior to the weekend, and we will probably not post every day of the week either. I will have to see how it all pans out as we go along.

When I started this blog I had a lot of support in the form of local commenters. One of them gave me some good advice that I have tried to stick to. It was to post daily and post only once per day. I've pretty much stuck to this because I felt it was important for the readers and for the blog. While it is still important I also have to consider my time and after two years of constant blogging, I'm a bit-uh-tired. Even with co-posters I still blog on those days they post. Maybe not as actively, but I still blog. I
love it-positively adore blogging and talking with you all but it has gotten to a point that I wish to simply turn off the computer and have a day away from the computer and all the fun I get from it. I think it only fair that to do that I should not post every day; therefore I will not feel such a big need to comment every day.

Many of you have remarked how I am very good at commenting and wonder how the heck I keep up with it. I like commenting and I think it important to keep up with all new posts of my favorite blogs with a comment. If I get behind I get a bit stressed because the blogger on the other end might feel I missed them or whatever-even though I know they understand. Or then again, they might not even miss my comment at all but still I comment. I don't like getting behind and find it easier to keep up as we go along, therefore I comment frequently but I will not be able to as I get busier here and refocus some things. Many of you have many commenters and we've all been in the blogging thing together for awhile now. Some for years. Without you all commenting daily the way you do this blog would not be what it is and I thank every single one of you. For those who comment even on days you do not post-you're the best! For those who find it important to catch up with posts they've missed-my hat's off to you! For those who come by just to say hello and to see what is going on in the garden occasionally-wow! Every single person who takes the time to leave a comment is just simply awesome in my book. Commenting does take time and effort and I know every single blogger realizes this and I want to tell every single commenter-blogger or not-and I think I speak for all bloggers-THANKS!
'Limelight' hydrangeas (seen on the recent pond tour-not in my garden:(

Commenting not only takes time and thought but also to a certain extent, a bit of bravery. Sometimes we commenters wonder what we should say or would it make sense or will it be warmly received and we get intimidated by the very thought of commenting on a new blog. After the first comment the ice is just getting broken and we can really relax and talk 'in the garden' or on your blog and really feel like a part of a community. New bloggers-don't be afraid to comment! In the words of a famous shoe manufacturer-Just Do It! You will be rewarded.
PeeGee Hydrangea just 'hanging' around-like me soon!

Blogging is a really big social network that is accessible to all. It does not concern itself with race, age, socioeconomic status, or education. It is simply about talking and sharing and learning. These are basic human needs that can be met quite easily through the Internet. So if you have the hankering to talk or blog or twitter or whatever, Just Do It.

I am not going to lay out the specifics of when we will post because it may change. I am generally a very regimented person and I like routines, but I don't want to establish a routine at this point. Skeeter will be posting on weekdays. Lola has declined to continue to post (at least for now), and Dawn will post the last Monday of the month. I will for sure be posting on the 10th (Plant of the Month), 15th (Bloom Day), and the 20th (Veggie Garden Update) but those dates are the only dates I guarantee at this point, though I am sure I will post more often than just three times a month I just don't know. So keep checking your blogroll for new posts because there will be no more daily 5 AM posts from this blog.

Everyone take care. I did not feel like I had to explain the changes, but thought that after nearly two years of daily posting some sort of explanation might be in order when this blog does not publish a post tomorrow. Plus, my mother said I should:) All of my co-posters know that I've been meaning to make this change for a while (several months) but have held off and instead set a date for the two year Blogiversary. Funny timing too because once winter comes things will slow down a bit and I may be more focused, but we shall see as times goes on exactly how posting for me will pan out. I will not be blogging on days I do not post-except here and on my sister's blog, however I will certainly try to catch up with all blogs as I am able to on the days I do post. I may even pop in on my days off too but right now I intend to turn off the computer after my morning blogging sessions....

in the garden....

I chose to highlight hydrangeas for this post because they are my favorite shrubs.

Everyone have a great weekend and we'll see you next week....

in the garden....


  1. Hello there Tina girl !
    It is hard to be the first pick/comment person of the day some times .. the coffee hadn't kick started or the "girls" are driving me batty .. trying to make a not only intelligent sane comment but something useful is tricky.
    Yours has been a rather unique blog because it is shared .. it has been so interesting to read it with that point of view.
    I hope it all works out the way you want it to and you are a happy gardener ? LOL
    Love the hydrangea pick : )

  2. Dear Tina, a very happy 2nd blogaversary to you! Whew! I really don't know how you could do a daily posting for two years, even with the excellent help of Skeeter, Lola and Dawn. I only did it for a few months before being too stressed out about it. We will be very happy to see you whenever you post or visit. Please take good care of yourself and do what is best for you and your family. We love you!!! :-)

  3. I love the hydrangas, and as far as posting all the time, my feel is everyone has to do what's best for them. I wouldn't worry about everyone's blog, everyone in blogland is understanding and super nice!

  4. Tina, I love your blog and understand how times can change. You have shared so much information and knowledge with us -but I know you really want to be out there in the dirt having fun:0) I will still be peeking in here for information -everyone is so friendly and knowledgeable. Congratulations on your blogging anniversary and your the BEST!!! Ciao!

  5. Congrats Tina, on your second blogaversary. I've often wondered how you blog on a regular basis! But I've always loved your visits and the fact that you make it a point to catch up. You not being there (daily) will need getting used to!! Your photos are a delight. All the hydrangeas look SO good!

  6. Tina, although I will miss your daily post--I couldn't understand more. Right now I have so much going on, including working full time, blogging has become more difficult. There was a time (after the tree fell) that I considered just stopping to blog, felt like I didn't have anything to say anymore, but I knew I would miss these friendships I had made through this blogging world of ours. So..I know everyone understands your decision--we just so appreciate all the pictures, information and advice your blog contains. Just be sure and keep us informed of what is going on... in the garden! :)
    Hugs, Linda

  7. I've slowed down a bit on mine too. Sometimes there isn't much to talk about. I can understand needing to take a break from the computer, otherwise how would you ever get anything else done. Have a nice weekend and we'll see you when we see you. Happy 2nd Blogiversary!!!!

  8. Good luck implementing your changes! You have to do what works for you. My posts are almost daily in the early summer when new things are blooming every day. But then things taper way off. I just play it by ear.

  9. Tina, I love reading your posts every day but you should definitely only post when you want to! That's been my philosophy (but I'm not a regular poster). Because I spent over 20 years writing and publishing for a living, I'm not always so keen to run to it every day. The point being, we all understand whatever schedule works for you, or none at all. (Even though I am also very organized and like routine, somehow the idea of posting at any regular interval makes me crazy. It's like I want to leave my options open. But that's just me.) Everyone should post and comment how often they can and at a pace that works for them!

  10. Good morning all! Thanks very much for you most kind comments. I wanted to say all that I said because I know many of you feel the same way and have in fact even posted about it. It was time.

    Joy, Thanks for you nice comment. Unique we are indeed here at In the Garden. I've been most lucky to have some good friends that are willing to work with me on this blog and it has been great!

    Frances, Thanks very much and hugs to you too. We have nearly 800 posts and it is a lot! I will never forget you on Christmas Day 07. So enthusiastic and having so much fun I was shocked when you cut down on your posts. Then Gail as well. We all understand this and I think it is a stage thing with bloggers that after so long you get tired. The time had come for us too.

    Dawn, Thanks. Everyone in blogland is very nice for sure.

    Anonymous, Hugs to you and you are very kind. One of my first readers w-a-y back when and still a loyal reader and dear friend. We'll still be here don't worry.

    Kanak, Don't worry I'll still be dropping in but maybe not so much. I want to see those spectacular dragonflies and take a ride thru the mountains of India:)

    Linda, I feel the same way. I was contemplating stopping too but I would also miss the friendships. Though I have one friend I met thru here who stopped blogging and do you know we still email and talk occasionally? Even without her blogging? So the friends don't go away if you stop blogging. We are still here and totally understand. You can always contact me any way and maybe one day we can visit in the garden!

    Racquel, I've noticed most of the long time bloggers have slowed down. It is time consuming for sure. I just wish to put it in the back of my mind for a while and I've been doing that pretty well lately in the evenings. It feels good too:)

    Msrobin, Blogging is most fun and a great way to make a photo journal when things are in bloom. I love looking back at the old posts and seeing how things change. You'll have that forever.

    Monica, Thanks very much. Blogging has been most fun getting to know everyone I love your posts. You are smart to not be regimented with your blog so you don't get burned out. We'll see how this one here goes now.

  11. No explanation needed but it's good you listen to your mother! I've found that due to time reasons I have to restrict how many blogs I can visit each day to fit in the morning. Sometimes I can get around better and sometimes I just don't have the time to comment everywhere just so I can read everyone's blogs. With writing the posts I try to double up a day or two during the week to have something post on weekends.

  12. Hi Tina, I understand about scaling back a bit. Happy 2nd anniversary. How wonderful that you have shared so much about yourself and your garden --every day!!wow.
    I will send you an email about the header photo...i am not sure if I can tell you what I did, or if I really know. haha somehow, I did get my photo to fill the header.

  13. First of all, congratulations on two years of blogging, Tina! You know that I've commented before that I didn't know how you managed to post every day or comment so regularly on everyone's posts. I can understand completely why you would like to post less often, and I think it's great that you're taking time to pursue some other interests.

    I know that when I returned from Oregon and hadn't been able to blog for a week, I wanted to catch up on all the posts I had missed from everyone, but after awhile it became almost a stressful obligation. That's not what blogging should be about! I'll look forward to reading your posts whenever you write them, and I hope you'll still drop by when you have the time.

  14. Hi Tina, I understand perfectly and I intend to stop posting twice a week and post only once. There just isn't enough to talk about especially in the winter. Anyway, I'm glad you let everyone know.

    We have lost a lot of blogger friends this year. Burn out I suspect. It does get to be a burden. IVG, Joey, Cosmo and others I really miss.

    I can help you with your header if you want to email me. I did battle with mine when I changed to the daylily header and finally figured it out.

  15. Hi Tina,
    Wow! Two years? I am impressed! and I don't blame you one bit for wanting a bit of break. You deserve it! Thanks for all the comments you have left on my blog, I have learned a lot from you!
    I look forward to your posting, whether it's once a month or once a week.

  16. Dear Tina, Congratulations on your second blogaversary. I shall miss your daily posts, but believe me, I totally get where you are with blogging! Know that when ever you little sidebar will inform me and I will pop over to catch up. Thank you for being a great blogging role model and supportive friend. It was a pleasure to meet you and a joy to get to know you. Take care, relax and go with the garden flow! hugs, gail

  17. Tina, Congrats on your blogiversary! And to think you were worried no one was commenting when you started this adventure 2 years ago! LOL, I told you it would take off one day and take off it did! You have worked hard on making this blog special and special it is and special it will remain whether daily postings or once a week or what ever! You have a way of making friendships through your words and to think how we met through them is awesome!

    I too felt the stress of trying to comment on everyone's blog. I was spending way too much time on the computer and less on my household obligations therefore, I had to throttle back on the commenting. I felt if I commented on one blog that I should comment on all blogs I visit so as to not hurt any feelings. But then I found my house and hubby being neglected by me with my visits to others. I had to put my life in order and blogging was put lower on the list. I have an addictive personality and it was consuming my life. I know others can relate to this so dont fret about the changes at In the Garden!

    I am amazed you have been able to post daily this long. School, teenager, hubby living away, gardeneing, blogging, etc. I dont know how in the heck you have been able to do it all. You are a Wonder Woman to the Max Lady!

    Okay, enough babbling here as I think you know how I feel. I support you in any changes as after all, you are the Master Gardener to this wonderful blog. And thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of something so wonderful.....

    Have a good relaxing weekend and chat with ya next week!

  18. If you're not 'into' messing with the code of your blog, making your header pic 'fit' is usually trial and error until you get it right. It looks as if you need about 2/3 again the width of your present photo. If it is 800 pixels, resize it to 1200 or a little less. The height of the present one, or 4-6 more pixels, is a good fit.

    If you are changing your template as well as the appearance of your blog, you'll need to fit the new pic to the new template, needless to say.

    Once you figure out the exact size needed, be sure to write it down somewhere.

  19. Tina I do not know how you have done what you have done. I had never read a blog till I read yours. Then I expanded and started reading Gail, Frances, Dave, Sarah Lawrence, DP and JillyBean every day. I also went back and read all of their older posts till I had read them all. I really enjoyed them all a lot. Then Dawn started her blog so natually I added her. It just got to be too much and I did'nt even have a blog to post onto nor did I comment on all the blogs I read everyday. I still miss reading theirs but it was all or nothing for me and I had to go with just my girls. Quite frankly I do not know how anyone can do it every day. Just stands to reason you would run out of things to say or get burnt out. Now that you will not post everyday maybe I will return to reading some others that I still miss.

    BTW...I love the Forever and Forever. Just incredible color and look.

  20. Congratulations, Tina!
    Everyday posting... You are so good! And you are one of the best commenters. I post only when I have an inspiration and time.
    Your hydrangeas are wonderful!

  21. Thank you for the post and remind me about how much we all appreciate comments. Sharing our experiences is what makes gardening so joyful.

  22. Happy 2nd Blogiversary, Tina. Enjoyed going through some of your posts. You're a good writer, and your pictures are beautiful. Be good to yourself, the blog is yours, write when you feel like it and because you want to.

    hugs- Susan

  23. Happy 2 years of blogging! I don't know how you've been able to keep up on some many blogs as well as your own. You always leave comments that obviously required thought and time. Sometimes I feel bad not making it around to visit and comment as much now, my brain is sometimes so tired I don't think the comments even make sense.
    I really have looked up to you and your style of blogging since I'm still pretty new at it. Enjoy your free time and of course I'll be here when you post!!

  24. Beautiful Hydrangeas Tina. I always enjoy reading your blog. I agree of course with one posting only when you feel like it -- blogging should be fun and relaxing, not so much work.

    You asked about the plant I mistakenly called Jimsonweed -- it's actually Blue Porterweed, Stachytarpheta jamaicensis. I've had the plant for several years now, you'd think I'd remember its name! lol

  25. Honestly, I don't know how anyone can post daily and get anything else done. More power to your for doing it this long. If Janet's or Nell Jean's advice does not work for you, contact me. I just went through the same process.

  26. I'm still chuckling at the comment (because my Mom said to do it!!) Mother's have that impact, don't they? Seriously tho, we can all relate to the time constraints a blog puts on us even if they're self imposed. I understand your position completely and wholeheartedly applaud your decision to step back and get reinvolved with your life. I'll be here to read your posts when they happen too. I've always appreciated your comments on my blog and have enjoyed getting to "know" you. I may even follow in your footsteps with my blog!! Take good care and happy blogaversary! Two years is an amazing feat.

  27. Happy 2d Blogaversary! While posting everday is nice, it is better to give each post a little breathing room, so those of us who are perennially behind on reading can try to catch up a bit. In other words, I think you're making the right decision.

  28. TINA,
    Congratulations on the 2 yrs. that you have expertly conveyed your knowledge of gardening. I have learned a lot from you & I'm sure will continue to do so.
    I am so glad that I "met" you "before" then here on the blog, but the most wonderful thing was to meet you in person. I felt so honored. You'll never know how that helped me.
    I've often wondered how you did all that you do. It does take a lot of time to blog not to mention commenting on other blogs.
    But the most important part is to take care of yourself. We totally understand & will be here whenever you choose to blog.
    I wish to "Thank You" for the privilege of posting on your blog. I have enjoyed it greatly. Maybe one day!!!!!
    We will look for your post whenever you write but in the meantime I will enjoy the other posters.
    Hugs, my friend.

  29. I understand completely. I never missed a day of post in my first year, and most days actually posted twice. Once very early in the morning and then mid morning. When I reached the one year mark I was able to say, ok, I made it, now take that pressure off yourself. Shortly after that I posted about slowing down and have tried very hard to not feel guilty when I don't comment on everybody's EVERY post. In the last 4 to 6 weeks have finally got there, so much so I don't really care if I even get on the computer. I think I was too attached to blogging. It is like an addiction, and I am breaking the addiction, for now.

    Love your photographs on this post.

  30. Dave, You got it down to a science and my hat's off to you for your diligence.

    Janet, Thanks! I will try out the header thing soon. I so appreciate your help!

    Rose, You bet I'll be by! I would so miss talking with you!

    Marnie, I miss those folks too-funny how folks just kind of drop off. I hope I don't do that or you or anyone one else! Thanks so much on the offer of help. I'll play with it and may just call on you. My header not fitting has bothered me this whole year. Time to get it right now.

    Rosey, It is always a joy to meet new bloggers. I know how it is because I was also once new and I was so-lost for a while maybe? It is always my pleasure commenting on your blog and saying hello.

    Gail, I know you totally understand. Everyone needs a break. I just never knew blogging would be like this-with all the stages. One day I will post about my stages and maybe new bloggers will find it and know what to expect. I wish I had when I first started.

    Skeeter, Much hugs to my friend. You have been the most faithful commenter for the longest time on this blog and without your help I may have given up a long time ago. It is my honor to have you post with me.

    Nell Jean, Thank you so much! I need to definitely figure out this header thing and I'll be sure to write it down. I hate tech stuff and get so frustrated but with your help and everyone's support I just know I can get it-I hope.

    Mom, I think you have this very hydrangea? It is one I purchased in Massachusetts last summer. Maybe yours is different. Blogs are fun and I think everyone gets enriched by them somehow or we just wouldn't read them would we? It has been awesome communicating with you on here daily. Now if Joanne would only start one....

  31. This is a first for me! I actually wrote too many characters for the comment to post. I had to split it up. For all of you who do not know-that is 4096 characters max. Ha!

    Tatyana, Coming from you that is mighty high praise and much appreciated. Glad you like my hydrangeas-they are keepers for sure.

    Jackie, Yes indeed! Comments are most welcomed and welcome to this blog. Thanks for taking the time to say hello! I think you are right on the joy of sharing a garden. It is most wonderful to do.

    Susan, Thank you so much! Very very kind words indeed. There is surely a lot of writing here, most informal and chatty but fun. We enjoy talking-maybe too much?!

    Catherine, I'm sure you've noticed the many typos in my long comments? I am so tired the words run together sometimes when I type so I am right there with you, trust me. But it is fun commenting and an important of blogging so we do it. Each blogger needs their own style of blogging so I am VERY honored you look up to mine.

    Sweetbay, Thanks so much! I learn so much from you and your blog and enjoy all of your comments here. It is most nice of you to come and tell me that name. I love that Porter weed and will keep a look out.

    Les, I may just have to contact you sometime then. I'll be working on the blog late at night when I hope no one else is watching (except maybe Skeeter). I hope I can get it with all this great advice I should be able to.

    Kathleen, Yup-mum's the word indeed! I'm glad I did post it. Now tonight when my computer goes off I'll get good for a while. I know you understand when you posted 'You've lost..' on the same day as Chandramouli all I could think was me too! It simply must be a stage-one of many we go thru. I've enjoyed getting to know you too. You are one blogger with whom I spoke to very early on, lost contact with then reestablished contact and now I think we have a real dialogue. Remember? A neat thing blogging this blogging thing.

    MMD, I totally agree! It is most easy for me to keep up when I post daily but I can see where I'll have difficulties when I am not posting daily. We all need a break.

    Lola, Another very long time commenter and one with whom I've had the honor of meeting. I never really guessed you could connect with others here when I began and this fact has been one of the best aspects of blogging. It was totally my pleasure to have met you! Many hugs!

    Leedra, The guilt is the hardest thing I think. And we put this on ourselves and it should totally not be this way. I think we all understand and as more begin to understand blogging better we'll even out and have less guilt. I've enjoyed getting to know you-a fellow Tennessean with the most gorgeous photos and wonderful stories.

    Everyone have a great weekend.

  32. happy 2 yrs to you. i think it is good you aren't going to put pressure on yourselves trying to post everyday...who has the time for that. blogging should be fun and relaxing. love both examples of your hydrangia.

  33. Hydrangia reminds me of childhood - hiding from icky, smelly boys under the cool and shade of these large bushes.

  34. Great explanation Ms. Tina. And thanks for taking the time to write it all out and tell all of us. I'm sure those of us who visit often would have been concerned about your infrequent postings had you not gave us a heads up. And hydrangeas are one of my favorite shrubs too. Have you any pee gees? (Tree hydrangea.)

  35. Marmee, It is a nice break for sure.

    Vicki, Gotta love those hydrangeas..

    TC, I do have PGs (the last photo is just one of many). I simply love PG and have a few cultivars of the paniculatas. They are a good group and who could help but to love them all? I commented on your bus driving post but have not returned to see if it posted or not. You have a new comment system and it confused me. I hope you are fine.

  36. Hey Tina, I hadn't even realized you were posting everyday at 5am! There are days when I'm at the computer 3-4 hours straight and other days, 20 minutes before work or bedtime. Today was the four-hr. Congrats. on your 2 yr. blogiversary :) I'll look forward your future postings...enjoy your down time!

  37. Oh my, Tina. I didn't even realize you posted every day. When we were chatting the other day by e-mail I meant to ask you about it but we had so many other things to talk about. I'm so glad you made the decision to do what you need to do...oh, and happy blogiversary. Two years is a long time to write everyday and keep up with other blogs like you do.

    A long time ago I decided to blog when I can without getting stressed... or feeling any pressure. It makes it so much nicer to be comfortable with that... I hope you can get on with the other things I know you have on your plate.

    Happy labor day and enjoy your break.

  38. Perfectly understood Tina. Happy 2 years. I have only been blogging 19 months and never got to your level of daily blogging. I am so glad to hear you "announce" it, for I would have been one of the ones worried when I didn't see your daily postings. I started out blogging more frequently than I do now, but then settled on 3xs a week. And one of these weekly posts doesn't count b/c its my weekly journal. Mind you, I don't have the following you have.

    FWIW, when I did cut back, the world didn't stop lol. Much blog love to you my firend, H.

  39. Congratulations on the two year anniversary. You've built quite a site.
    I haven't been at this as long as you, but I don't think you need to worry about missing comments or posting less often. I just spent 6 weeks in the mountains and didn't comment on a single blog or respond to any of the comments on my own blog. I managed to do some posts, but less frequently than before. My traffic still went up during that time. If it stays built, they will continue to come.

  40. Congratulations! I gave out before two years. lol
    The hydrangeas are beautiful and my favorite shrubs also.

  41. Lynn, Yup, been posting daily for a while but I don't do them all, Skeeter, Dawn and Lola help out; which is great. It is still a lot of work. Computer time can vary for sure but I'm thinking the less time I spend the better:)

    Meems, Two years is a long time and while I love blogging-all aspects, I just needed to slow down. My business is busy and school keeps me occupied so this had to give a bit. P.S. I changed my website. Can you check it again? See if it is more to the point. I'm still working it though. I was so frustrated I lost all the other work when I changed the template. I hope that does not happen if I change this blog's template.

    Helen, Bingo-the world will not end when we cut back. That is how I must keep it in perspective and really I've enjoyed the break. Thanks for the encouragement, much appreciated indeed.

    Ryan, You are most lucky to have your traffic count go up when you are not so active. It usually does not work this way. But hey, it's all for fun anyhow. This blog is the culmination of two years of almost daily posting and I do think the more info you have the higher the traffic count. That is why sometimes new bloggers without so much info get discouraged with a lower traffic count. All it takes is time, just like in gardening:) Your blog has grown too and looks great.

    Dot, You still blog and I would miss you if you gave it up completely. Such beautiful pictures and nice sentiments. So glad you love hydrangeas too. They are so awesome.

  42. wow another beautiful hydrangea and i am impressed. i particularly like the one with pink blooms. I wish some day this plant will be available in my city.

  43. Hey, I always follow my mother's advice about my blog--glad you do too!

  44. Muhammad, Hang in there! Maybe hydrangeas will come soon.

    Daffidil Planter, Yup, mothers do tend to have good advice:)

  45. Happy blog anniversary. I think over time it's good to take a more relaxed view of blogging otherwise it can become a chore when it should be a pleasure. Enjoy your extra free time!

  46. I am a sporadic reader, therefore your sporadic posting is ok by me! I do enjoy your blog! Congratulations on two years!

  47. Easygardener, You are so right-relaxing is just what the doctor ordered and it has been nice.

    HoneysMom, Too cute and thanks!

  48. Happy blog anniversary! Oh, Tina, I am one of those who gets behind and feels the need to get caught up on the MANY blogs I follow. I also have been thinking I need to find a way to spend less time on the computer so I can get other things done. My house is such a cluttered up place. It was before I started blogging, but I need to find a way to manage my time. I'm still spending too much time on the computer.

    I just went to see how many "fans" you have, and when I didn't see, clicked to read your post on the subject. I was going to say that I also feel like I should keep up with the people who follow my blog. Just yesterday, I clicked on a couple people and found their blogs so I could read something there and post a comment. I even became a "fan" of their blogs. Some of the people on my widget don't have blogs I can find, and others are blogs or websites that sell things, and they probably don't even look at my blog, but hope someone will click on them and buy stuff. Other people don't have garden blogs, but more personal diaries, and I feel I should keep up with those as much as I can. A few are not anything I even care to look at, and don't.

    I have had my follower widget at the bottom of my sidebar for quite awhile. I never thought of removing it altogether. I'll have to think about that.

    I hope your routine is going well. I am trying not to think I have to post every day. I have also given up replying separately to each comment I get, and I'm not spending as much time on blotanical as I used to.

  49. Sue, It has been an adjustment to blog so much but I do enjoy it. I'm just scaling back a bit. I think we have to do whatever works for us and since we are all different, it will vary-a good thing as Martha Stewart says:)