Monday, September 7, 2009

Different Colored Flowers on Brugmansias

Can anyone explain why some cultivars of brugmansias come out a certain color but then change? I have six pink flowered brugmansias (cultivar unknown) that bud in yellows and white at night, then turn pink by the morning!

I also have a peach colored brugmansia (cultivar unknown) that buds in peach and blooms in peach-no change in color. It is interesting to note, the pink flowered brugmansias are not fragrant whereas the peach colored brug is most fragrant.
Nighttime picture-note the two white flowers.
The same flowers the next morning. Note the two now pink flowers!

Any information would be appreciated....

in the garden....


  1. Hi Tina, they are all so stunning, but it seems the fragrant ones have an edge for being more garden worthy? HA

  2. Tina,
    This is mystery! I can't wait to find out what expert bloggers detertmine! I will take a stab...temperature causes color change? No idea, really.

  3. WOW! Very interesting! They surely are white!

  4. I don't know anything about brugmansias, but a few other flowers do change color as they age, like roses, pulmonaria, and peonies off the top of my head. On the other hand, maybe it has something to do with night with brugmansias?

  5. Have no experience with Brugmansia, had one for a couple years and it didn't come back (was told it was cold hardy..maybe not vole hardy) and that was only one I have had. I would make sure to propagate that fragrant one!!

  6. I don't know anything about brugs but those are lovely pictures!

  7. The one you gave me is about 18 inches and started to take off about 2 weeks ago. I'm going to attempt to dig the whole thing up. I can't wait to get these lovely flowers and I'm guessing the sun or lack of it may have alot to do with the color. It seems very easy to grow these, I'm astonished how full mine has got within a month! It developed a thick trunk too, very reactive, mine's not in that great of soil.

  8. I can't help you, Tina; I've never grown brugsmansias. I do like those pink flowers, though!

  9. Sorry Tina I'm not familiar with brugsmansias at all but it sure is interesting! They definitely changed colors.
    Such a gorgeous flower.

  10. No idea why but it sure is interesting. I know a disease can affect color but i think only in that is changes the color but then it will stay the odd color, I think. Like Dawn, the one you brought me has taken off in the past month. Maybe the fact that this summer offically (says the weather people) was the wettest summer EVER is why it just took off when summer was nearly over. I also will dig the whole plant to bring in for the winter and hopefully next summer I may even get a flower or 2.

  11. Good morning all!

    Frances, the jury is still out on the fragrant versus the pink ones. I tell you those pink ones have been going since May! No signs of giving up. The peach ones just began and oh they are great too so I can't decide.

    Rosey, I don't know if we'll get an answer but it sure is a big mystery to me!

    Lzyjo, It really is quite neat and hard to believe the big color change I tell you.

    Monica, I have no idea what causes it because my other brug does not do it. I need to try to find out from some professor or specialist who grows these maybe. It is strange.

    Janet, It is truly about time to take cuttings and I tell you these guys all root MOST easily from cuttings. I am surprised they are not more common in gardens because of their easy rootability (Just made up my own new word). I am going to look for one of these 'berries' today and cut it open. I've not forgotten. I would like to know what it is and I'll let you know too.

    Sweet Bay, Thank you! These plants make a big impact but I think most are going bye bye next year but I'll keep one. Skeeter-you listening?

    Dawn, These are fabulous plants indeed. I think yours is an orange one-a cutting from my own plant which is fragrant. You and Mom got one from me. The pink ones I have I got from a plant sale. Geri initially gave me my orange one. You'll love it. It is a later bloomer but takes off. Mine has just begun to bloom and is a joy. Everyone loves them. I hope you get some flowers this year! Take cuttings too so next year you can venture to leave it outside with some protection. The roots are extensive.

    Rose, These are wonderful and so easy to grow. Bummer they are not too hardy but I did have one return. Glad you like them.

    Linda, The change is most dynamic. Hard to see in pictures but it is unusual. I'll try to research it more at some point.

    Mom, You will probably still get blooms if it is growing well. They are really nice plants. So great you are going to dig it all up! I hope you get some blooms soon! Yours is orange and is fragrant.

  12. Can't really tell you because my knowledge of gardening is very limited. Saturday gone saw me mowing the lawn and getting rid of grass growing between the patio tiles.

    Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  13. Hi All,
    Great post Tina, I really like the brugs but mine didn't bloom. I suppose it's because I had it in a pot. Even my dbl purple didn't bloom this yr. nor my dwarf white one. The dbl & white I grew from seeds. They stay out all winter. The other one I will take a cutting.

  14. Tina,
    Brugs are so pretty in the garden.
    They are just breathtaking when in full bloom.

  15. No clue, but I'm growing one for the first time this year. I thought it wasn't going to bloom, but it suddenly shot up and got buds, so I'm waiting to see if mine does the same. It's supposed to be creamy white. I wonder if it's a soil chemistry thing.

  16. I have no idea...but they are lovely and their fragrance is delightful....I wonder if there is a gardenweb forum on Brugs? gail

  17. No clue. Sure are pretty.
    Gardenweb is not a bad idea.

  18. I love your new header picture. The colors are so pretty!
    I know nothing about brugs except that I'm going to try them next year. The color they turn is really pretty!

  19. ACIL, Welcome back from holiday!

    Lola, There is still time yet for your brugs to bloom. Hang in there!

    Karrita, I sure do love them too!

    Megan, You'll love the blooms. Let me know if they change colors or not.

    Gail, I've checked and while many talk of brugs I can't find an answer to this question. I'll keep looking.

    Patsi, I'll check it out and hopefully find something.

    Catherine, I still can't get it to fit though. Sigh. I spent hours and hours and I am tired of it now. The blog is still changing and not finished yet I just haven't had the time. You simply must grow the brugs.

  20. I've noticed this about other flowers too, but it usually happens after a couple of days, not just one. My tulips really changed color over the course of a week. Thanks for introducing me to this flower, Tina - it's gorgeous!

  21. Tina, I await your photo on the 'berry'. :-D

  22. No idea....but your photos are lovely. And I like your new header!!

  23. YES Tina, I AM listening! Hint Hint... hee hee.... I would love to try them out in my garden as I think they are stunning especially while glowing in the sun!

  24. I love brugs, but it's the datura that will grow in my zone. I love yours in the photos, but can't help you with the reason for the differences.

    By the way, I tested some soil in a garden I had about 30 years ago, and have considered doing it here, and I may even have a kit somewhere around here, but so far, haven't. I'm not sure how I should answer the yes or no question. LOL

  25. I grow them, grew about 60 this year and have been growing them for several years I can probably answer most of your questions,first of all when brugs start flowering and the petals start pushing through the calyx they are coloured green/yellow regardless of their final colour they gradually turn white as they open and start to change colour it is not uncommon in fact quite usual to have what appears to be several coloured blooms on one plant.You cann't by seeds of a particular cultivar (with the exception of Arboreas, Sanguineas and their crosses) they are reproduced by cuttings(clones)They will flower in pots but grown from seed need to reach a phase in their development (that is the main stem needs to fork after this the flowers will develope above the fork)this can mean the stem can be 4,5or6ft tall before this happens on the other hand any cutting taken above the fork and grown on is capable of flowering right away even if only 1ft tall,I had a cultivar "apricot queen" in a 7"pot with nearly a dozen blooms the pot was on a stand to allow the blooms to hang down they were 22"long.Most brugmansias are self sterile(will not produce seed)except the 2 varieties mentioned above but are easily cross pollinated the seed pods are various shapes some resembling small cucumbers holding 200+seeds each seed has the potential to be a different plant some retaining properties of the female plant some of the male I have had some plants grow pink some white out of the same seed pod.Pink ones do have scent some varieties have more than others and of course the scent is more dominant early evening/night the reason being they are normally pollinated by moths and night critters in the countries they come from.

  26. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my question Eric. Brugs are fascinating and I could not understand why the different colors. And no wonder I never see seeds! I never even thought about it before and usually just do cuttings. I was disappointed these pink ones in my garden had no scent but they are still very beautiful. I can imagine your garden with 60 brugs! It must be gorgeous.