Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bloom Day-September 2009

From In the Garden

Chysanthemum (Unknown cultivar)Cleome
ImpatiensAsters, 'Honeysong'. (Aster novie-angliae) A purchase from Maine that performs admirably here in the south.
Waxbells (Kirengeshoma palmata)-a day or two more Joy!
Turtlehead with 'Goldsturm' in the background.
Some kind of Loosestrife, possibly whorled loosestrife. This was a volunteer that I allowed to grow.
Tennessee Coneflower. (Echinacea tennesseenis)
Zinnias, annual salvia (volunteers), lantana, and helenium in the background. Can you tell I have a very cottagey style garden?
'Goldsturm' coneflowers with lavender in the background.
Garlic chives.
'Black Negligee' Snakeroot (Cimicifugua racemosa 'Black Negligee')-a most fragrant flower!
Night blooming Jasmine (Cestrum nocturnum)
Perennial Sunflowers, (Helianthus 'Maximillion')
Unknown hollyhock. This may have come from either Linda or Monica.
Azalea. Probably 'Pink Ruffles'.
Angel Trumpets. Mom, Dawn, and TC-this is the kind you have.
Sunflowers planted by the birds from the bird feeders.

Also blooming not pictured: liriope, ornamental grasses, sedums, marigolds, torenia, more mums, unknown white aster, goldenrod, crepe myrtles, verbena bonarienis, flowering tobacco, 'Homestead' verbena, veronica 'Sunny Border Blue', foxgloves, touch me nots, begonias, hydrangeas, catmint, goldenrod, dianthus, toadlillies, spider lilies-after more than five years of growing here I FINALLY have a bloom!!! and cannas.

in the garden....

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  1. So nice! I'm off to vote, I'm glad you reminded me.

  2. Luxurious and lovely, Tina! Congrats on that canna too. Your yellow bells is fabulous, so sweet of you to be cheering Joy on too. :-)

  3. Wow, Tina you sure have a lot of pretty flowers blooming. I couldn't choose a favorite.

  4. Looks like you have a lot going on right now. I am intrigued by the Wax Bells and am not familiar with them. Happy GBBD!

  5. You have lots of pretty blooms Tina. I love all the flowers growing together--cottage style! Everything looks great!

  6. Beautiful! Must add waxbells to my list! Your brugmansia is beautiful and I love the magenta zinnias. Congrats on getting the spider lilies to bloom! How does your Night blooming Jasmine smell? I've wanted it, but shied away after people said it was overpowering inside.

  7. I like the snakeroot! Please save some seed for me of the Tennessee coneflower, every Tennessean should have one! I think I'm falling into the cottage style garden too. It's natural when you collect plants.

  8. Both you and Joy have mentioned this Waxbells plant. Will have to look into it. Your aster looks like one on Gail's GBBD posting. It is another new one for me. Will have to grow Brugmansias again once we get to SC, I love those giant blooms!

  9. Wow, you have a lot blooming in your garden right now! Mine is really starting to look tired and in need of some TLC. Looks beautiful!

  10. Dawn, Thanks!

    Frances, It is neat to be growing the same plants as others and Joy is most excited about hers. The sad thing is the blooms don't last but about two days.

    Lola, That is a problem with flowers-we love them all!

    Les, I bought them mail order. They've (4) have been growing here for about 4 years. They are related to hydrangeas and like a moist shady spot. They are kind of unremarkable right now but the bloom is unique. It is waxy feeling and quite hefty. No scent.

    Linda, Thanks! Defintiely cottagey-a good thing I think.

    Lzyjo, Funny thing is that my jasmine does not smell much. I took a cutting from a friend's plant who says his has a great scent. So much so that it is planted under a window so they could smell it inside. Sometimes I think these take a year or two to get their scent and then only at night and under certain conditions? Not sure but I'm waiting for a nice scent. The eleagnus is overpowering right now and I need to drown it out.

    That snakeroot is great Dave! I purchased it at a Mennonite nursery here in Christian county and am loving it. I got the Tennessee coneflower from Summer Celebration in Jackson-I think like $5. That was a great plant sale. I'll do my best to save the seeds from this flower and will look today to see if they are ready.

    Janet, My brugs come back here even when left in the ground. I do mulch with a bag of compost or potting soil to insulate them. That orange one is spectacular since it still had its root system from last year. The waxbells are usually advertised in mail order catalongs-that's where I got mine. A neat plant.

    Heather, I'm thinking your garden looks most wonderful-especially with that pergola; which is simple spectacular. Thanks for dropping by here and seeing my blooms. We still have another month of growing season here-nice.

  11. All looking great!
    A flower named after a negligee'?
    How riske'!

  12. Lovely blooms and so many for September, Tina! I am definitely a "cottage style" gardener, too. I love the zinnias with the salvia and other colorful blooms. Congratulations on your spider lily bloom! Sometimes it takes a lot of patience to be a gardener.

  13. Hello tina.

    Angel trumpets are so lovely. I rarely see them here.
    I'm surprised to find that azaleas are in bloom beautifully in September. Do yours bloom this month? In your previous posts, I found charming sedums. And I'm now thinkng of planting them. Because they are so pretty!

  14. How wonderful it is for you to still have so much color when the season is starting to fizzle out in some gardens. Everything looks so good and I am sure the wonderful summer rainfalls have been a blessing for your garden as well as your Tender Loving Care :-) I dont recall seeing your Wax Bells before. They are neat looking touchy feeling type flowers...

  15. Those waxbells are pretty, I've never seen them before. Love the white cleome too. I only have the purple and a few pinks.

    Your mums are spectacular. Makes me wish I'd gotten some this year. Not too late I guess;)

  16. Everything is looking great but with just about everyone else I have to say, those Waxbells are wonderful but the Angel Trumpets are magnificence and maybe next year we will not break a record of the wettest summer and mine just might give me some of those perfect flowers. You know how I love oranges.

  17. Love, love, love the cottage style! Everything looks great for September...

  18. Rosey, Smile smile.

    Rose, Patience indeed. OMG, good thing we have the time. I just need to quit digging and moving stuff.

    Sapphire, I keep saying these are confused azaleas but many bloggers say it is common for them to bloom again later in the season. This one is most happy. I have three of the variety and all three do it each fall for some crazy reason. I would think Angel trumpets would grow well in Japan but maybe aren't so popular. They can be a bit flashy. I have many Asian plants in my garden and always try to mimic what I think their home country would be like-a tough thing since I've never been to Japan. Maybe when hubby retires. Sedums are great little plants. They make such a stunning show this time of year-do add some soon-you won't regret it.

    Skeeter, Those waxbells are unremarkable most of the year and this being the first year they've bloomed makes their space worth it. There are so many plants I have not talked about here and that I may never talk about-but to show them to you-why you'd be bored out of your mind. I will dig an Angel trumpet for you as we get closer to the time though, since that one wowed you. I'm moving my bananas-somewhere-don't know where yet so they may be available too. I need to update on them as they are ginormous! Rain was good and I honestly think this has been the best summer ever!

    Marnie, I once took a bouguet of cleomes to a garden talk and the ladies all loved the different colored ones. They asked for seeds from the white and the red and so on. I was happy to oblige. Only to find out later seeds do not come true as these guys cross pollinate so they may have wound up with the regular colored ones. I still laugh at that one. The luck of the draw comes into play when you let them self seed as I have not planted any cleomes in years. I liked the freshness of this one. No-not too late for mums! Mine all winter over from pots I bought in the fall. I love these guys but must thin them soon. Too bad you did not live closer-I have some good ones that would most likely survive there in a well drained spot.

    Mom, I hope so! Digging it will set it back a bit but I do know bloggers who dig and still get blooms. You will love them!

    Darla, Cottage style just seems to be like Dave said-natural when you collect plants-I mean where can you put them all?

  19. Very pretty Tina! My front garden is very cottagey too, and I love that style. Isn't the Cimicifuga great smelling? I don't think I realized how good it smells until this year.
    I love the Wax bells, hope you'll post a picture when they open all the way. I haven't seen them before.

  20. Goodness Tina, You have fantastic blooming going on for a shadier garden! I love it! Zinnias didn't do well this year~~I sure miss them. I'll have to enjoy yours! gail

  21. Snakeroot is my favorite. Maybe, because I don't have one. All in all, your garden looks summery!

  22. Great blooms Tina! I love the Zinnias. I am still waiting on my Cimicifugua's to bloom. The green one is in bud and the black one I moved this spring so I am guessing it will not put on a show this year.

  23. Nice assortment of blooms! I have the same "Aster" and the same Bugbane (though mine doesn't bloom). The Kirengeshoma and Turtleheads are envy-inducing.

  24. Catherine, Yes, the bugbane smells really good. I did not know how good until this year either.

    Gail, I am most lucky my garden and house face east. Even though there are tons of mature oaks and a few other types of trees, the light works out that some areas-namely the front of my house and some areas not blocked in overhead by tree canopy get a few hours of sunlight. I really should be posting about shade tolerant plants because I have had to learn as I go along. No where in this garden do I get 8 hours of sun and barely do we get 6 hours of direct sun-only when the sun is directly overhead. It is frustrating to a color lover but I'd never trade those trees. Sad thing is the veggie garden may have to go. Too much shade even for it now that the trees are growing overhead. It is amazing what happens when you thin a few trees how the remaining ones love the new environment. One day you should come visit so you can see how it all works. I don't even know how but surely the orientation has to play into it. Most of my flowers are a bit smaller than they would be if grown in full sun, but that is okay.

    Tatyana, You'll just have to get you some snakeroot. I've enjoyed this one and one other I have now that I found the right spot for them. That was a bit tough. They don't like competition from tree roots. Very summery here but the leaves are falling and changing.

    Dan, It's hard to believe fall is right around the corner. The cimicufuguas are very nice. Easy too. Give it a year or two but who knows, it might surprise you.

    MMG, The turtleheads are really really great. You can't beat them. This one is a momma to several others that I started from cuttings. It is about 2-2 or so. Very easy and long blooming. The waxbells, not so long blooming and a bit difficult. I love that Honeysong! At first my cimicifugua did not bloom, then I moved it and found just the right spot. It does not like competition here but is fairly easy now. I hope yours blooms soon.

  25. You sure have a lot of goodies still blooming in your garden. Someday I'll have to try growing Angel Trumpets like so many gardeners do. Thanks for the tips about the swallowtail cats. If I see one again, I'll bring him in and see what happens.

  26. Love the wax bells too Tina. I've also been watching them on Joys blog and salivating over them. I need to do a little research to see if they'd be hardy in my zone. You have a gorgeous cottage-style garden ~ my favorite kind ~ and many beautiful blooms left. I'm envious of your brugmansia blooms (second to the wax bells). My 'Ecuador Pink' has one measley bud on it and waited all this time to produce it. ugh. I don't think I'm overwintering it this year (have I already told you that?) Hooray for the canna blooms ~ wonder what took them so long? Also, I need to check my sense of smell ~ I've never noticed any fragrance from the cimicfuga? I'm going outside right now to do a sniff test! Beautiful bloom day post.

  27. Yes, I love your cottagey style. I saw some of the Max sunflowers last year, and forgot all about trying to find some. Maybe I'll remember next year. Your angel trumpets are beautiful!

  28. Tina, I love the photo of your 'cottage' garden. Just gorgeous with all that color and all the textures. Those wax bells are so unusual. Can't wait to see them fully opened.

    I told MMD I would love to have a pink aster and the honeysong looks like the perfect one. How tall does it get?

    Great bloom day post!

  29. Beautiful post Tina! I didn't know that Black Snakeroot is fragrant. It's lovely.

  30. Honeysong and Black Negligee. Whoever said that nature was sensual? Marvellous photos and thanks for the explanation. You know what, I am beginning to get interested in gardening :-).

    Greetings from London.

  31. I will have to enjoy your cimicifuga blooms vicariously. Mine never has given up flowers. Love the Cleome blooms. I see the garden is still going strong in September.

  32. Oh my gosh, is it bloom day already?!!! Congratulations on a beautiful flower "harvest"!

  33. Wow, so many blooms! I love the pink of the hollyhock and all the blooms are lovely!

  34. Wow, your garden is really amazing, the flowers are stunning.. how I wish my garden will bloom as blossoming as that...

  35. WoWWW...just fantastic shots...so beautiful!

  36. You have an AMAZING array of beauties in your garden! It's a wonderful time of year in TN for the garden! Is the Snakeroot the same as Bugbane? I just found one growing in my garden amongst the astilbe--didn't even know I had one! I have many of the blooms that you have right now...but I forgot about GBBD this month so can't show them off:-( Well, I probably 'could' still do a VERY LATE GBBD post... Love your cottage-y garden;-) I have some cottage-y garden areas and I love that look!