Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mary's Tree and Rock

By Skeeter The Saint and I have left our Georgia Gardens for a bit of traveling this past year. One of those trips was way back in Spring to Fredericksburg, Virginia. We strolled along the sidewalks and I shared some of the Spring beauty of gardens I spotted along the way. As we strolled the streets gazing at the beauty, I spotted the Mary Washington House. Mary is mother of George Washington the first President of the United States. We did not tour the house on this day but plan to on another visit to Fredericksburg. During our stroll we came upon this Monument in honor of Mary.
I did not know that George Washington's mother lived in Fredericksburg until I spotted the house and monument. Learn something new every day for sure!
Near the Monument is this awesome Oak tree. As you can see it was just starting to show some green buds. Remember, this was spring so the tree was on track.
I was drawn to the tree by its beauty and height. At the base of the tree we found this Plaque. For some reason, Blogger will not allow me to post the picture correctly. So if you are interested in what it says, then turn your head sideways and read on. Hum, wonder if Dell, Apple, etc have movable monitors? The tree was planted in honor of Mary and her Guardian Col. George Eskridge.
The Plaque states the tree was dedicated on April 29, 1937 so the tree is 62 years old.
As a garden lover, I am drawn to rocks as well as trees, plants and flowers. So naturally I had to see what this big boulder was all about which was located near the Oak Tree.
This Plaque near the boulders explain how Mary would Pray and Meditate for a safe return for her son and Country during the Revolutionary War.

I found this area with MARY'S TREE AND ROCK a peaceful spot, In the Garden...


  1. This is a way awesome post here!

  2. We always find out so many things about the great people but nothing their parents! Wonderful post!

  3. What a pleasant walk. I love the little history gems we find when w get out and stroll around.

  4. Very neat! We never hear about Washington's mother so I had no idea about her either. Apparently she was a pretty influential person to raise the father of our nation. Love the rock.

  5. What a great bit of information!! I have been to Fredericksburg a few time (mostly college shopping with children) and didn't know that this was in F-burg. Will have to make a point to see it. thanks!

  6. Great post Skeeter. I didn't know that she lived in F-burg.
    Never too old to learn something. That sure is a big tree. I to am fascinated by them.

  7. Thanks for the tour, Skeeter! I've never been to Virginia, but it must be a history buff's paradise.

  8. Would love to visit this area. I'm interested in history and family history and had ancestors near by.

  9. Good Morning everyone! Overcast and humid in Georgia today and for the next 4 days as well. We need the rain but not the humidity. At least we have lower temps now...

    Darla, thanks!

    Dawn, So True indeed...

    Susan, That is why it is nice to get out of a car and take a stroll along the city sidewalks. You never know what you may come across...

    Tina, She was a good mother to George as was he to her in return. He moved her to Fredericksburg to be closer to her sister. She did a great job of raising her children...

    Janet, Funny thing, we have been going to Fredericksburg since the Saints parents moved near by for the past 9 years and I never knew this place was there either! We will check out the house on a return trip...

    Lola, I too am fascinated by big trees! I am sure if they could talk they would have some wonderful stories to tell...

    Rose, Your Welcome! Yes, Virginia is full of history. You cannot drive very long without seeing a History Marker on the roadside. We laugh and say if we stopped to read them all, we would never get where we are headed...

    Marnie, You should go some day. This place is full of history and you would be so happy to see some of the places where your ancestors called home...

  10. My husband would love to go to Fredricksburg. He loves history and it looks like a beautiful place.

  11. Skeeter, that is so interesting! I love Meditation Rock--we could all use one of those! Thanks for sharing these facts and pictures with us!

  12. Well that was a nice stroll this morning and it does all look so peaceful. I love the rock.

  13. I need to show this to my daughter who is studying this time is history right now! Thanks for posting! cool pics

  14. Sweet Bay, Pack your bags and get going. Lots to see, do and learn in that area...

    Meadowview, Yes we do! It was such a peaceful spot and over looking a nice park which I forgot to point out...

    Jean, Am glad you enjoyed the little stroll to the rock and tree. Such a wonderful spot to explore...

    Rosey, You are so welcome. I hope this can be of use to your daughter in her studies! That would make my day to know I assisted a child in learning :-)

    We are now off to see Toby Keith and Trace Atkins in concert! I hope we dont get wet as the even is outside and forecast is calling for rain. urg......

  15. A while ago I read several books about George Washington, and he's one of my biggest heroes now. The cherry-tree-chopping story is untrue, but he was courageous and dedicated and unselfish and a great role model for anyone. So his mom must have been great, too, right?

  16. Oh, plus it's cool the Washington loved gardening. I like to imagine that we'd have a lot to talk about if we every met, especially if I ever make the trip to Mount Vernon.

  17. This was very interesting, I'd love to visit it one day. It would be fun to see what the house looks like on the inside, it's so pretty there!

  18. For some reason, maybe unconsciously, you combined three symbols of strengths: the tree, the rock and the mother. And for that I commend you. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  19. VW, Mt Vernon is a wonderful place and yes, you and George could talk for hours about gardens...

    Catherine, I hope to get inside that house on a future visit. Hopefully, they will allow a camera then I can share pics of it...

    Cuban, Wow, I did not think of that but you are so right! Thanks for pointing that out to me...