Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy to SAD

By Skeeter:Life gave my family a major Blow last year. On May 3, 2010 their Tennessee home was flooded. I left my Georgia Gardens often during the year to help with whatever my parents needed.
This is the mess that Mother Nature left in the Great room of the house.
I am happy to say that back in October 2010 (on my last visit home to Tennessee), this is what I found! A beautiful new Great room ready for family gatherings.
This was the Flooded view from the other end of this room.
Here was that view on October 2010.
The kitchen was a total flooded mess.
Here is the Kitchen on October 2010.
Red Clay mud after the flood in the bathroom.
A beautiful Bathroom now!
The first thing back into the newly renovated house were the plants! Some plants spent the 6 months on the back porch during the construction. My parents were able to maintain them during their daily visits to the house. Some plants went missing for a while. They were discovered in a neighbors basement which had been taking care of them all summer long. Thank goodness for wonderful neighbors!
I put in long hours for 2 weeks helping them get settled into their new home. This golden Bald Cypress tree brought me back to life each morning outside my Window after a tiring day before.

It was a Happy Time helping my parents move back into their home...

The first of the Year, I became sad again from what I believe to be a major case of SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder. I usually get the Winter Blues but nothing like this year. I have a lot of the symptoms of SAD such as: Not wanting to get out of Bed, Craving Comforts foods, Lack of energy and I cannot seem to complete started tasks. I have not even wanted to Blog and I love writing and talking as you all well know. Ha ha.... There is no real cure for SAD but I am trying to get my groove back by forcing myself to Blog. I had some Happy things to share with you and hopefully, this will help me to get over this funk. So Bare with me on Blogging and commenting...

I know that spring is around the corner because I spotted Daffodils popping up and hopefully, I will be over this for good when Spring gets closer. If you wondered why I have been missing lately, I guess you can say that I have gone from HAPPY TO SAD, In the Garden....

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  1. Dear Skeeter ~ It is so wonderful to see your parents house back in lovely order and how nice that kind neighbors cared for plants during the long hot summer while all of the renovation was taking place.

    I'm sorry to hear you are suffering from SAD, but after what you've been through with helping your folks this past year, it's no wonder. Spring will be here shortly and you'll be able to get out to play in your gardens. Just relax for now, taking each day as it comes, taking care of yourself after a hectic year. You'll soon feel more like your normal self and we'll be here looking forward to your posts.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  2. You had so much happen last year. You did great helping your parents. Take some time for you. Spring is coming!!!

  3. That flood did some awful damage. I'm glad your parents got the house back together - it all looks great! I understand the SAD stuff just try to find some time to get outdoors and get some sunshine - a little work in the garden does wonders!

  4. It is good that their house was able to be restored.
    Have you considered a special
    light-box for your SAD? I have heard they work wonders. I am lucky enough to live in CO with plenty of sun. But I still get super-depressed because still it can get nasty outside and I won't go outside for WEEKS even if there is sun! ( it is the wind that keeps me inside mostly )


  5. Over in 'bama we call that the epatoozies and I've had the worse case this year in the bitter cold Chicago winter with heaps of snow, more than a body could ever want.

    Spring's just around the corner there for you but it'll not come until May here so cheer up those dogwoods will soon be in bloom :-)

  6. Awww, I'm so sad you've been down. The season can definitely take a toll on you. Please know I am thinking of you and like everyone else has said, we'll be here when you are up to blogging and more in the swing of things and spring is near!!

    Congrats to your parents on their beautiful home. I love those shiny new floors!

  7. As SAD as it is, it sorry. Maybe some vitamin D would help.

  8. Good Morning everyone! Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day and I was out running errands and enjoying it. I think that is what got me in the mood to Blog. Today is another dreary day with no sun and drizzle is falling from the sky. Blah blah blah....

    Flower Lady, I think you have hit the nail on the head! After a bad year, I am finding it a bit difficult to get going but in time, I will....

    Sherlock, Spring cannot get here soon enough for me! I always seem to get a big burst of energy in Spring so I am looking forward to its arrival…

    Dave, We have sunshine in the winter months and I could do some gardening during warmer days but I don’t even want to get into the garden! Can you believe that? I tell you, I really have a bad case of it this year….

    Rosey, As I was just saying to Dave, we have sunshine in the winter months. I just seem to stay inside and do nothing. The only thing I want to do during the sunny days is run errands and grab icky fast-food while on the run. Yikes, for my body….

    Chicago, I have never heard of that term before. Winter Blues, The Blahs, Cabin Fever, Funk, but never have I heard of Epatoozies before. But then again, I had never heard of Shrimp and Grits until I moved to Georgia. Ha ha… I know you have had your share of snow this year and I hope for an early spring for you as well. Hang in there…

    Tina, I am just in a horrible Funk these days. I love writing blogs for family and friends to enjoy but even that has been put on the back burner for me this winter. I so need to get off my butt and get back to life again. All I want to do is stay inside and be warm by the fire. I need a boost of energy and spring should do the trick. Come on Spring!!!

    Darla, I think if I lay off the junk food, that would really help! Once spring arrives, the energy should come with it. I hope so anyway…..

    Now I am going to make an effort to stop by and say hey to you at your blogs…

  9. Hi skeeter, wonderful to see your parent's home looking so great after the flooding disaster. So sorry you are struggling with SAD, truly horrid. I am lucky enough only to get the occasional brush, but even that is hard to deal with. Getting outside and having my hands in compost sowing seed always helps me, I suppose because it is such a forward-looking thing to do. Hope SAD turns to happiness soon.

  10. Your parents home turned out beautifully! What sweet neighbors to take care of their plants for them.
    Living in Washington state SAD is fairly common. I went to the doctor last year and they found I was very low on my Vitatmin D levels, since taking Vitamin D I notice a huge change in how I've felt this winter, way less of the blues. I wonder if that might be something worth getting checked by the doctor?
    Either way I hope once the sun is out regularly you start feeling better. I had noticed you hadn't posted much for awhile.

  11. Hi Skeeter, your parents' house is looking great and imagine my surprise when I saw my kitchen in their home. Same exact placing of stove, sink, dishwasher with the extended counter coming out. Even the cabinets are almost the same. It looks great and I agree that you may be getting hit harder with SAD because of all of the mental stress and the long hard hours you've put in helping your parents. I think there is alot of SAD in Washington too because of all the rain and dark gray days. I know people here who use heat lamps. And like Catherine, the Dr. put me on major doses of Vitamin D last year and now I just take 2000 IU a day. But I've noticed lately I'm having mood swings again because I ran out and need to go get more. I thought I got down because of all the meds I take but maybe there is some SAD in there too. I know I'm sad about all the meds I have to take - LOL.
    Hang in there spring begins in 38 days according to my thingie on my blog.

  12. Your parents home is sooooo much better now so I am sure they are enjoying it a lot so something good came out of something bad.

    I am truly sorry you have been having problems of late. I can tell you that I sure have been missing you and I am gonna tell you the same thing I have told Dawn. Maybe forcing yourself to blog will help by giving you something to look forward to as I know you both have gotten so much pleasure from it in the past. Dawn says she has nothing to blog about but her health (which I am happy to say, is better, just the chemo is kicking her butt). Then again, I have never had a problem like that so maybe I should second guess you or Dawn. Spring is on the way, so the calendar says, ha ha for me in Maine. Many good thoughts are coming your way my dear Skeeter girl!!!!!

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  14. Your family went through such a trauma last year with the flooding. The house looks beautiful now.

    Getting vit D and thyroid panel checked would probably be a good idea -- and a light box, since you don't feel like going outside. You can order them right off Amazon and use half an hour a day. It might help.

  15. Yippee, I am still on here blogging even with a gray tone to the sky! As I was reading one blog filled with colorful blooms, the sun popped out. I think that is a sign from the heavens above!

    Plantaliscious, I feel the SAD ness leaving my bones. I think I am tired of being tired. Does that make sense? Soon I will be digging in the dirt again. I have a big plan this weekend to ensure that thought….

    Catherine, I’ve been so Blue this winter that I did not want to Blog. And I love blogging! You are not the only one to mention Vitamin D so I think I may get some D into my body! Hopefully that will perk me up a bit…

    Raingardener, Great minds think a like on kitchens! LOL, the cabinets came out a bit darker in color then originally planned but my mom loved them as do the rest of the family. The flood cleared out the clutter and she has empty space in the cabinets now! She is most happy about that. I was just talking on the phone with the Saint and he agrees that I should invest in a bottle of Vitamin D to help me through my winter blues…

    Jean, you are such a sweetie lady! I have been thinking about Dawn and she remains in my nightly prayers. When I think of what all she has gone through, I think I should not be feeling so icky but I cannot seem to help it. I am going to get some Vitamin D in my body as some think that will help me. I need the help as I have been way too lazy the past few months. I had so much fun from Oct to Christmas Day then the New Year hit, and wow, what happen to me? LOL. I am slowly becoming one of my cats with only wanting to lay around and watch TV all day long! Maybe I was a cat in another life, ya think? LOL.. I have enjoyed the classic movie channel as it seems to keep me going. I just love the old movies the show….

    Okay the Saint has talked me into making some homemade bread so Off I go now....

  16. I am truly happy for your parents home and how it has come together for them...I just did a post with you on my may give you some inspiration...:)

  17. So sorry to hear about the flood, but the renovation looks awesome! The first thing I'd move in would be the plants too! ;)

    I just wanted to chime in about the SAD. Since I can remember I've been affected with except during the 8 years I live in Florida in the '90s. This year I started up on the vitamin D and doing daily exercises. I'm not the gym type and being in New England I can't do much outside so I bought the AE Sports Active 2 package for our Wii. I absolutely love it! The exercises are great and I feel like I have a personal trainer right in my own living room. This year we've had the coldest, snowiest, darkest winter in almost 80 years in New England and between the daily doses of vitamin D and the exercise this is the best I've felt in mid-winter in years.

  18. What a mess with the flooding.
    Love the new rooms...looks perfect.
    Just hope you have no more flooding.
    I get the "funk" that you're going through. Winter is fine but too much is depressing.

  19. Oh dear! That is a mess. I'm glad they got it all put back together. It's probably even better than before. :)

  20. Skeeter, it's so good to see your parents' house looking so beautiful once again--this is really "sad to happy"! I'm sorry you've been feeling blue, though, and having a slight case of SAD myself I can understand. It's also understandable after all the hard work you did the past several months, that your body just wants to rest. I also think this long, cold winter is getting to all of us. Take it one step at a time, get as much sunlight as you can, and take care. Spring is on its way--I hope that you feel like your old self soon!

  21. What a stunning transformation for your parents' home; it looks like a new home, and in a way, it is. It rose again like the phoenix and I hope you rise again too, away from SAD and in to happy.

  22. Hey everyone, Thanks so much for all the wonderful advice! I am now on Vitamin D and I have decided I am tired of being tired and I will force myself to exercise and get out into the big ole scary world! LOL... The weather is to be really nice this weekend and we have lots of plans that should perk me up...

    Again, thanks for the support! You all are awesome!!!