Friday, February 11, 2011

Netflix and Garden Shows

Ever hear of Netflix? Yes, of course you have as it is a well marketed service that offers DVD rental. The cool thing about Netflix is that the DVDs come directly to your house via snail mail and include a return envelope to mail the DVD back once you've watched the movie. You can also view Netflix DVDs on your computer via streaming or on your television if you have the right peripheral equipment to set up a Netflix account. The cost of Netflix is minimal (we pay approximately $10 a month for our program) and the DVDs are limitless. Netflix is awesome! I did not realize just how awesome until I started receiving garden program related DVDs. Yes! Netflix offers garden shows found in its special interest section of the queue search. I would like to share a few of the disks I've been watching lately and let you all know these are available to all. Watching garden related shows on DVD will beat the snow blues any day-so bring it on Mother Nature. Another few days out of school and more snow won't hurt me. I love shoveling snow!

All jokes aside about our wintry weather I have been enjoying watching garden shows during the cold days we've been having here. I thought I'd share a few of my favorite garden disks with you all. When I mentioned to my garden club that Netflix had garden disks no one was aware of the fact so I thought I'd share with you all. One of my favorite series is the People, Places, and Plants series on DVD. This is an awesome series that is regionally based in New England but it showcases gardeners from all over the country, their gardens, places such as nurseries and public gardens like the Scott Arboretum, and it also spotlights plants. Techniques such as pruning, planting, fertilizing and harvesting plants are all showcased. This series is for all types of gardeners and will appeal to a wide audience because of the friendly and companionably comfortable nature of the two hosts; Paul Tukey (People, Places, and Plants) and Roger Swain (Horticulture Magazine).

Another excellent DVD to add to your garden queue is The Art and Practice of Gardening with Penelope Hobhouse. On this disk we visit wonderful gardens in England and the United States Ms. Hobhouse also gives us a great deal of history about plants and the differences between English and American gardening. It is clear she likes plants native to the southeastern United States so those of us in my area should enjoy her discourses on plants we know and love. It is an excellent DVD and one you all must get if you are pining for great garden programs.  

Another series of garden shows I highly recommend is the Garden Story series with host Rebecca Frischkorn. This series is in an depth look at how gardens have changed peoples' lives. I especially enjoyed the segment on community gardens in New York City. It is just incredible how a small plot of land that is beautified can unite a community. 

Netflix has other garden titles as well as these three series. The show on Pearl and his topiary gardens is a real treat. Since this unique garden is in South Carolina (a doable trip for me) I may just visit it one day. That would be a real treat!

So if you have a Netflix subscription and like to garden be sure to look for these super good garden shows and add them to your queue. If you don't have Netflix and are wondering where all the good television shows on garden have gone-what are you waiting for? They are all on Netflix. All I can say is move over HGTV there is a new way to watch garden related shows....

in the garden....

One note: I have not found too many garden related programs that can be streamed. Therefore all garden disks must be received through the mail. That is a bit of a drawback for me but I'll take it anyhow.

Note: There is no link to Netflix and I am not espousing Netflix. I have not received anything in kind to do this post from anyone but if Netflix would like to offer me a free subscription....:) I simply like my subscription to Netflix and thought I'd share it with you all!

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  1. Tina, this is great news...I am always complaining that there are not any garden shows on the television....Thanks for sharing. Uh YEAH, I vote you receive a years free subscription!!

  2. You know that the garden themed discs will be in short supply now that you let the cat out of the bag! Since Netflix is going to primarily streaming I think more and more material will be download-able. Off to update my Netflix queue!

  3. Thanks so much for this info, Tina! We do subscribe to Netflix, and recently added the streaming as well (hooked up through our Wii, somehow), so I'm going to look for these. I had no idea garden DVD's were available through them!

    Thanks, Tina, too, for your kind words on my last post.

  4. If we watched movies more often, I guess these garden DVDs would be a reason to sign up with Netflix, at least for me. I wonder if they have any geology ones?

  5. Good morning all! The sun is shining but it's about 10 degrees. Brrrr, mighty cold here. The good news is that is expected to change for most of us very soon.

    Darla, Go check them out! The discs are long (generally 2-3 hours) so quite enjoyable to be able to watch so much garden programming at once.

    Janet, They already are! Geez, now there'll will be a long wait for them:)

    Rose, Many don't know these discs are available as I've found out. Check them out you'll love them all!

    W2W, I haven't looked for geology but they do have a really good hobby/special interest section so they might. I'll check the next time I go to my queue.

  6. WE are planning on getting netflix soon. I'm very excited to know they offer gardening videos!!!

  7. Well I vote for a life time of free Netflix as this post will bring people to Netflix for many years to come!!! They owe ya as it sounds like you have already turned several people to them. Nice info and since there are so many gardeners out there....come on Netfliz and step up to the plate. However when I checked here this morning I thought I was on the wrong site, LOL.

  8. Tina this was a great post. We don't have Netflix as we don't really care for the movies nowdays. Although every once in a while a newer movie comes on TV and we love it.
    But now . . . that you mentioned this . . . I might have to subscribe as I love gardening shows. Something HTV (with NO 'G') wouldn't know anything about anymore.
    Thanks I'm going to check into it. And I agree you should get at least a year's free subscription after this wonderful post that will more than likely boost their sales. LOL

  9. Michelle, It's a pretty good deal and lots of fun!

    Mom, Netflix is so big they probably don't need me to help them with customers. Though that would be nice. I knew the logo might throw you all off. I couldn't snapped my most recent disc but went with the logo as a better way. More posts next week I think so hang in there.

    Linda, The movies they offer are of a very wide range. Hubby likes comedy and me I'm more for drama but we find a good mix and use Netflix a lot. Him more than me but you know I love those garden shows!

  10. Hi, I think our views on gardening and our passion for it are similar, and now you have piqued my interest in the netflix garden programs. I am your newest follower.

  11. We love Netflix and now have a Blue-Ray that Streams certain things on our TV in the living room! We plan to renovate our bathroom soon so we searched Netflix and found a DVD on tips of Do It Yourself tile work. We checked it out and love the great tips learned. We bought the tile yesterday and are adding more supplies (Fixtures, wood, etc) each payday until we have everything in hand for a major bathroom renovation around April Timeframe. Netflix helped us with our knowledge of tiling, Imagine that…

    We have found some wonderful shows on animals and nature as well. National Geographic type stuff full of information….

    W2W, they have a section on “Science and Nature” that would probably peek your interest…..

  12. Hi Terra and thanks for the follow! You have quite a blog. I enjoy your enthusiasm very much. I'm so glad we have similar interests.

    Hey Skeeter, So glad you are up and feeling better. As one uh hum lady of a certain age to another, I feel the same way many days. I might need to try that Vit D myself. Sounds like you have a plan now though and redecorating the bathroom will get you going! I love netflix and Rog does too. That streaming is so awesome! Kind of alike a DVR but we don't have one of those right now.

  13. Thanks Tina! I had no idea about this and we do have Netflix. I'm excited to get some of these to watch.

  14. Greetings from Southern California :-)

    I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You, ~Ron

  15. I think, based on what others have told me, that Netflix is much better in the US than it is here. So far, I haven't heard too much great about it, but I'll keep hoping--tis early days yet. I'm glad you found some delights in the service.

  16. Hi Tina, Netflix is new to Canada and I have been curious about it. It is great to know that they offer gardening shows. It wouldn't take much to give HGTV a run for their money. I find the garden programming sadly lacking!

  17. I love netflix but hadn't thought to look for gardening shows! Thanks for the tip!

  18. There was a gardening show on PBS hosted by a woman who dressed like a wicca practitioner, Karen Strohbeen I think it was ~ I wonder if her shows are on DVD. I'll have to check because I really enjoyed her shows!

  19. Man! I just cancelled my Netflix subscription. We've been buying box sets of different TV series and watching those. It takes us ages to get through one set because we always fall asleep!

    I'd really be interested in a show on vegetable growing and farming. Let me know if you come across anything like that.

    Martha Stewart radio has a good show called "Homegrown" - I have no idea when it's on, but I like to listen whenever I can.

    Thanks for all the suggestions!

  20. Great info, Tina!

    We have Netflix and Apple TV connection to our flatscreen ... or, I can watch on my Mac. I've been mostly watching French films this winter! :-)

    It will be 69 degrees here on Monday -- I cannot believe it! WOW!

  21. Thanks for the heads up on the gardening DVDs from Netflix. It never occurred to me to see if they had any. I am going to change my list immediately to add them.

    Always Growing

  22. I love the idea of renting movies but then forget to watch them! I am passing the Stylish Blogger award to you for your wonderful blog! Hooray!

  23. I'm so glad I saw this post Tina. I use Netflix and didn't have a clue that they carried gardening DVD's! I used to watch a series on TV that Penelope Hobhouse narrated and I love it. It disappeared years ago ~ maybe this is what you found? I'm going out there today and search around!

  24. I gave my family a new TV for Christmas that came pre-wired for Netflix, and we have been enjoying it greatly. I have been able to watch some great movies, they have caught up TV series we miss not having anything beyond basic cable. I have especially enjoyed getting to watch doucmentaries about some of my favorite artists and photographers. Thanks for the garden show mentions, I will need to put them in the que.