Friday, February 25, 2011

Meeting a North Carolina Blogger-In Tennessee

Carson, Catie, John, Carla, Tina, Roger, and Jimmy at Opryland, February 19, 2011
From In the Garden
Blogging is such a super great social outlet and I enjoy it so much. Never so much as when I get to meet one of my blogging friends. Such was the case recently when Carla, from The Country Diary of a Southern Lady  came to Nashville for a visit. I read on her blog where she and her family were taking a short weekend trip to Nashville and commented that I'd love to meet her and her family. She emailed me right away and we set up our meeting at the newly renovated and reopened Opryland Hotel. This hotel in and of itself is spectacular and was the perfect meeting place for us all-in fact, Carla and her family were staying there. If you've never been to this hotel you simply must! I didn't get any pictures of the hotel but for some great pictures visit Carla's blog.

Saturday morning saw the Ramsey family working very hard on some drainage issues (which worked now the other side must be done) by our home but by the time the afternoon rolled around we were all very excited to take a break and head to Nashville for our meeting with Carla. I can't tell you how well everyone hit it off! Jimmy was talking to Carla's two teenaged girls (Catie and Carson), I was talking with Carla, and Mr. Fix-it (aka Roger) was talking with Carla's husband John. We all had so much in common it was almost unreal. Before we knew it two hours had already passed us by! We had a super good visit and look forward to visiting with Carla and her family again in the future.

Carla is the sixteenth garden blogger I have met in person and I must say I've always enjoyed the visits with my 'virtual' friends; and while I won't go so far as to encourage others to meet just any blogger, I will most definitely say this. If you speak to a person fairly frequently on your blog or theirs and have established a relationship and report, then go for it if the opportunity arises! Take a chance and email the person or comment on their blog that you'd love to meet sometime if they ever make it to your neck of the woods or if you are going to theirs-take a leap. You won't regret it, I promise....

in the garden....

P.S. On the day we met at Opryland the National Turkey Wildlife Federation was having their conference there. If you know Tennessee, then you know how funny this is! Seeing men carrying their stuffed birds through the lobby of the Opryland-even funnier!

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  1. How very cool! How lucky you have been to meet so many of your blogging friends in person!

  2. Very fun. I can just see those guys with the turkeys too.

  3. Sounds like such a great time, Tina! I'm with you--every time I've met a fellow blogger in person it's as if we're old friends. When you read a person's blog regularly, you really do get to know that person. Oh, they may be shorter or taller than you expected, but the true personality always comes through in their writing. And for sure, if you are ever passing through central Illinois, give me a call!!
    (No stuffed turkeys at my house, though:))

  4. Good Morning All.
    How wonderful to meet another blogger. I think basically they are all alike. Their main interest is gardening.

  5. Talk about a convention I never thought of! That must have been something!

    It's always cool to meet other bloggers although I have to say I've only met a few - we don't travel much!

  6. Good for you to meet another blogger. Sounds like a super time!
    Turkeys being carried into the hotel?? ugh. Much rather see them running through the woods...alive.

  7. Wonderful that y'all met! :-) Great photo! I'll check out Carla's blog story, too. I can't believe how Jimmy has grown up since we met him!


    PS You and I have both let our hair grow out since we got together! :-)

  8. How fun! One of these days Tina...we are going to meet in person! :)

  9. You have met quite a few One...looks like a great group! I bet those men with the Turkey's were very funny.

  10. Hi all! The power has been off and on all night. Just came back on. We had a really bad storm here in these parts last night. Terrible.

    Karin, It's been a lot of fun so actually meet the folks you talk to-so neat!

    GSS, They were a hoot!

    Rose, That's a promise! We've been talking so long I feel like you are my neighbor-a very nice thing. Hugs to you!

    Lola, You've met quite a few too! Me, Skeeter, Nina, and my mother! That is a feat! And yes, we all love to garden-that's a great unifier.

    Dave, I seem to remember you coming to Nashville for our Tennessee blogger meet up and it was a good time-our first big meet up with bloggers from this area. So glad to have met you and the family!

    Janet, One of these days we must meet! There is rumors of a fling in the southeast next year-that would be a good time my dear Scrabble buddy!

    Freda, It was so wonderful meeting you all in NC. You are lovely lady and I bet your hair is even more beautiful! I keep saying my hair detracts from the few pounds I've put on. Ha! My big joke. Jimmy has grown. He is really quite the young man-really into music-even bluegrass. I told him about Richard so I'm sure he'll check him out.

    Linda, Yes we will! Before I die it is on my bucket list to travel out west. It is a must. I'm ashamed I haven't already considering how much travel I have done. If you ever get here please let me know-don't mind traveling a bit.

    Darla, One is better than none! One day I'd like to meet you-maybe at a fling? We are actually coming to Florida this summer for a bit...The turkey guys were a gobble gobble-total hoot!

  11. My parents measured 3 inches. They are thinking maybe they should have rebuilt their flooded house as an Arc...

    Hey Tina, Was I your First? You were not my first blogger but my first Garden Blogger which I consider still a first! I will have to tally up my number some time. Over a dozen for sure.

    It is amazing how much we all seem to have in common with each other. Gardens, Nature, Wildlife, Pets, employments, etc. So many connections that it is amazing to me with each new visit.

    I just love the Opryland hotel. I could stroll around all day long and with each visit, I spot something different. Christmas time is a great time to visit with all the decorations. I wonder if they stored decorations were flooded or if they had to purchase all new? Hum, I will surely have another visit this year at Christmas time when I am in the area.

    Is the Mall open yet? My last visit, last October, only the Bass Pro shop was open. We had to stop by for a visit and you could not tell it had been flooded.

    Isn't Blogging Grand...

  12. What a great looking group! I know the day I met the 3 girls at your house was soooo much fun and I sure was humbled that they came to meet me. I felt like I already knew them and that they were great people and they did confirm that in person and then on to FL and I got to meet the other original commentor of ytour blog. One of the highligts of my life.

  13. Oh darn I got so excited about meeting all the girls I forgot to say that any gardener sure would enjoy a day or several days at that hotel. It is just amazing. I have been there twice and I cannot think of a better hotel to be in. They should have a name that has to do with plants! People should also be told that you do not have to be staying there to go for the day and just walk around and enjoy it. The first time we went we had to go in the revloving bar and have a drink (soda only, very boring). The Jimster had a Shirley Temple and since he loved the cherries in it, the bartender was so good to him and kept them a coming!

  14. I love stories like this. What a cool way to extend a blogging friendship!

  15. Skeeter, We got at least 6" out here. What a mess! It came really fast and hard but nothing like last May. I hope your parents are ok. The local streams flooded out here. Yes! Silly girl! You were the first blogger I met and we've been friends since! Three years now! Can you believe it? Actually over three years as I was looking at old photos recently.

    Mom, I know you had such a good day when we all met and everyone has always been so nice on here. A wonderful thing for sure! Did you know the revolving bar is no longer there? I remember reading in the paper they took it out. So sad as it was the coolest thing there! I even liked it better than the gardens. Oh yes, Jimmy and his cherries and coconut-he has some tastes for sure.

    Rosey, Yes indeed-so neat to meet the real person. I hope you are feeling much much better now!

  16. Tina, what a sweet post! We really enjoyed visiting with you all. We will have to get together when you visit North Carolina! Thank you so much for my plants. They love their new home. Tell Roger and Jimmy that I said "hello." Carla

  17. Hi Tina, so happy you met another garden blogger! I enjoy reading and meeting so many people thru the blogs. I know I don't comment much but with the lil bundle we don't have too much sitting down time, hahaha. It's okay -I think he might enjoy the yard work this summer -last year he was still busy trying to eat the grass and rocks:) Now, he thinks crayons are tasty! I enjoyed meeting you girls -It was great meeting in person with someone you already feel connected with:) Well, off to chase a small Sidekick to bed. Have a great weekend everyone! Ciao

  18. How fun, to meet with your fellow blogger (friend)! I think that is absolutely wonderful!! I actually found you through her blog as I was bloghopping and love your blog as well. I need a greener thumb so I am your newest follower. I hope you'll stop by and visit soon. Happy Sunday.

  19. hi tina, i haven't yet had the chance to meet another garden blogger, your post challenges me to take a chance ... cheers, catmint

  20. Carla, I sure will! Enjoy those plants. I hope they multiply and bring you great joy!

    Tyra, Yes indeed.

    Anonymous, It has been so fun and neat indeed! Those daffys are blooming! I bet Lil bundle will love them as much as Sidekick! You have a great weekend too and hugs to all!

    Babbs, Hello and welcome! Thanks for the follow! I added your blog to my blog link page. It's always so nice to meet Texan bloggers. That coffee you showed this morning looks delish!

    Catmint, It's a lot of fun and I haven't regretted it yet. One day it will work for you too I'm sure. I hope Australia is fine. It's terrible about your neighboring country. So sad.

  21. You've been so blessed & lucky to meet so many wonderful garden bloggers Tina. :)

  22. Gobble Gobble. I can see those guys. :) Opera buffs are they?

  23. Sounds like a wonderful get together! I've met only 1 so far...Janet! I plan to meet more when the chance arises. Sometimes the busy-ness of life gets in the way, though. One of these days I look forward to meeting you, as well;-)

  24. A my musimy jeszcze poczekać na taką wiosnę. Troszke zazdroszczę i pozdrawiam.

  25. Translate Gigi's comment from Polish to English: And we have to wait for this spring. A little jealous and greet.

  26. How fun to meet another blogger. I hope we get to meet sometime. I'd love to visit Nashville one day.