Tuesday, February 22, 2011


During Thanksgiving last Fall, the Saint had a business trip to Florida. He took some vacation time as well so I tagged a long leaving my Georgia Gardens for a bit. We went to Disney World! We finally made it after talking about Disney for years!
It truly is a magical place! We opened and closed each park during our stay and we had a blast taking in all we could. My favorite at the Magic Kingdom is the castle at night. Blue...
To Purple,
To Orange! I could hardly take my eyes off the thing!
The night time lighted parade is a must but the same music over and over again was a bit for the nerves. Kind of like the "Its a small world" song"....
So many lights and so much fun! We got lucky and had a birds eye view from the tram station.
Seeing beautiful blooms in late November were awesome!
Hard to believe but this mountain is man made. Not real snow at all but so realistic to us.
The Tree of Life is man made as well. Can you see what I see?
Now can you see what I see? Lots of animals in the Animal Kingdom.
Of course we took in all the rides we could giving thumbs up for the camera. Notice how we are the only ones on this ride. Yep, the day after Thanksgiving and the next four days were the best with little to no crowds.
Look at the beautiful beast. This one is real or so the safari rider said he was. Hard to tell what is real and not in this place though.
Now this sight captivated us. I could have stayed here all day watching that baby playing with mommy. It was adorable and you should have heard the Awwwwww's. Little thing was so into mommy that it would not turn around and smile for the camera.
Over in Hollywood, we had a blast on the Tower of Terror. I am the one pointing to the guy next to me holding my hand. On this dropping ride, you are in the dark but with a flash of light at times and to snap unsuspecting photos. This ride drops more then once and never the same. With the first drop, I grabbed the guy next to me on his knee. I quickly said I was sorry. The next thing I know, the guy grabbed my hand and started to scream like a hungry baby! I got so tickled and was trying to tell the Saint that this guy would not let go of my hand. I was telling the Saint to look at him as he screamed and about that time, the camera went off and captured this moment. After the ride was over, the guy apologized for holding my hand and screaming in my ear. I laughed and told him it was just fine. When he saw this picture, he cringed and turned beat red in the face. We loved this ride so much that we rode it 3 times that day!
The Rocking Roller-coaster was thumbs up and we rode it twice!
At night time the place became magic with fountains glowing in the dark.
Epcot was as beautiful at night,
As it was during the day.
The Flowers in the planters were awesome. As we sleep, the gardeners must be replacing them as they were all perfect.
At one point, I thought I was back in Germany again!
On the way home, we drove up 1A1 to enjoy the ocean. Ah, what a wonderful ending to an awesome weekend seeing MICKEY MOUSE, in the Garden...

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  1. Looks like a blast in the Magical Kingdom...that Mexican Petunia, Ruellia grows crazy in Florida....glad you had a break from the realities of life!

  2. I went last spring with a group of high school seniors and had a great time. Of course, most of my photos were of plants and flowers. It is a wonderful place.

    Always Growing

  3. We love Disney World. We have been twice and my girls will tell anyone that those vacations were the best ever! Carla

  4. What a wonderful trip! To think after all these years you guys got to go! I didn't go until I was almost 30 when I took my kids and I think everyone should go at least once. Remember when we growing up Disney was a dream? Not it has come true. That man holding your hand was funny. What a hoot! The castle is beautiful. They've changed the park a lot since I went there in 1997. The lighting is incredible! What a great business trip!

  5. It is a fun place! As long as you aren't there on a peak day. I've been a few times but only because we took band kids with us when I was teaching. In a couple years we'll make the trip with my kids I hope!

  6. Good Morning everyone! What a glorious week we have had here in Georgia! I have accomplished so much in the Garden. I hope you all are also enjoying such wonderful weather. It was 80 degrees yesterday and we actually slept with a bedroom window open! There is nothing like fresh air to make one sleep soundly...

    Disney is a magical place. I dont recall one bad experience our entire time there. Well, my feet had blisters from all the walking, hee hee...

    Everyone have a wonderful day, I am back out in it while it lasts...

  7. That looks so fun. We went to Disneyworld years ago and just loved it. What a funny story about the guy on Tower of Terror :)

  8. Awesome trip and thanks for sharing. It makes me think of good memories of trips to theme parks. My first was in Germany. Thanks for that Tina!!!!

  9. Hey Skeeter,
    You look so happy in those ride photos.
    Such great memories made in MM land!
    I love the tree!

  10. I can tell that you had a wonderful time. I was there back in the early 80's. Met a girl {I graduated with} & her family. I hadn't seen her since graduation.
    It has changed a lot since. Funny, strange man holding your hand. Sounds like he was really scared.

  11. You clearly had a blast! We don't get many opportunities as grown-ups to just play. I love amusement parks for the rides that give you licence to shout in public and that leave you grinning like a lunatic. Wonderful to see you having such fun.

  12. Looks like the two of you had a great time! I love Disneyworld. My dream is to be able to take all the grandkids there one day before they get too old to really enjoy it. Of course, I don't think you ever get too old to enjoy the Magic Kingdom, do you?

  13. It was a magical awesome time for us and I felt like a child once again. That was a nice feeling after all I had endured last year...