Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More Spring Bloomers In the Garden


Spring is the season when things happen really quickly. I can't even keep up with it all so in a valiant effort to capture some blooms I'm trying to post some pictures. Here are a few for today. Dutch? irises are blooming big time.


'Carolina Moonlight' baptisia. I purchased three of these at Wal-mart a few years ago for a small price. They have really begun to come into their own and all three have a good bloom this year. I am looking forward to when I can showcase the blue ones that grow here too.


Epimedium 'Niveum' foliage. It is finally coming into its own despite the drought we had last summer. This is a good plant I hope spreads.


Here is the bloom of the 'Niveum'.


Some kind of Solomon's Seal. I have quite a few of the variegated but this has a different bloom and foliage color. Any ideas on the cultivar? It is doing fantastically despite being moved early this spring.


Technically not a bloomer I suppose but I just can't resist showing my 'lady' in the Front Sidewalk Garden. She sure looks like a ballerina posing gracefully. This unknown J. maple cultivar was planted in the fall of 2003 as a two foot seedling. Despite being set back several feet in 2007 after the late freeze it has come back wonderfully and now stands at about nine feet tall. One foot of growth per year is a pretty good growth rate I think. Unfortunately it is leaning toward the sun (the west area which is toward the house due a large pine being on the east side). I have had to stake this tree and the staking actually reduced it's height by a few feet.


Some common purple irises blooming in the Front Center Garden. The Roadside Shrub border blooms behind this garden from this angle. Just on the other side of these shrubs is a very busy road but I am quite proud that I cannot see it. You can see the 'Snowball' bush blooming. Irises and the snowballs make a great pairing.


At one time I might have known this cultivar but not now. Does anyone recognize it? Here it blooms in front of an aucuba.


The first peony of the season is in full bloom. Unfortunately the rains have beat it up quite a bit. Nonetheless this Japanese style peony that was labeled 'Festiva Maxima' (NOT) on the package when I bought it at Wal-mart in 2004 has turned out to not be what I thought it was. I still love this peony though. Once this one is done there is another peony right behind it that will kick in.


May Night salvia can't be beat. I find this works great with azaleas and peonies.
Here it grows along the front of my house along the sidewalk.

More unknown irises in the Front Center Garden.


Irises seem to be in abundance here. I love them backlit. Here we are looking west toward the house at the Redbud Garden. The redbud is a special cultivar called 'Forest Pansy'. While it's blooms clashed with my red tulips its leaves go perfectly with the lavender irises.


Lastly a few backlit pictures of more irises in my garden. This view is looking east toward the road in front of my property. The irises are glowing here. I do so love irises when they are in bloom but I have a bad relationship with them due to the conditions in my garden-namely too much shade and woody mulch. Irises do not like that. So when they bloom I enjoy them fully....

in the garden....

These are not all of the spring bloomers in my garden but I just can't keep up. I've been so busy lately and have to apologize if I've not been around as much. Tis the season...

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  1. Tina,

    Loved all the irises! We also have Carolina Moonlight it is doing very well almost 3 foot around, not been here more than a few years.

  2. April is the month of abundance for sure. I've got so many things coming into bloom it's hard to try to capture it all. Those blue Irises are definitely Dutch (first photo)and look very similar to mine which are labeled as 'Blue Pearl'. Your garden is so pretty right now, sit back & enjoy it. :)

  3. Love the baptista, Tina. And the solomon's seal. Frank's son can distinguish those things in the woods with no problem. I can't. As soon as things settle down a bit, I'm going to walk through my woods and "learn" what's in there. Thanks for posting the photos.... they go great with my morning coffee. :-)

  4. The irises look great! I especially like the speckled one there. I don't have a clue what cultivar yours might be. There are way too many irises to figure that out.

  5. It is a busy season indeed. This time of year if you don't look at your garden every day, you're bound to miss something. My crabapples were perfect on Easter Sunday, but I didn't have time to photograph them then; yesterday strong winds blew off all the petals from the lighter pink ones...sigh.

    I love all your irises!

  6. Good morning all! No damage at Tiger Gardens and we didn't lose power OR cable and Internet. Woohoo!

    Randy, She's a favorite here! Mine are ever so s-l-o-w-l-y filling out but hey, it's a growing. I love those baptisias as they are so stout and bloom a long time. Looking for seedpods. Something I've never had here.

    Racquel, Spring is a great season. I appreciate it so much if only for all the rain and abundance. I'm so glad you identified those irises. I always get so confused on the early ones.

    Wendy, Those woodland plants are so cool and my favorites since I have so much shade here. It's funny about gardens. They start sunny and bright then as time passes they turn to woodlands. Everyone seems to want a tree I think. Have fun walking in the woods and you'll be amazed at the wildflowers. Almost time for my coffee:)

    Dave, Yes, I give up trying to keep track of irises. Right now I simply mark the color in case I wish to move some. I wish I had the proper names though. That speckled one was a passalong from someone. I don't know who though.

    Rose, Those crabapples are simply awesome in spring and winter for the birds. So glad yours came out perfect. Bummer on the wind. That sure happens this time of the year.

  7. I know I will be busy trying to snap some decent photos as soon as the plants start waking up -- I'm so glad you shared these with us, Tina. So many different varieties. :)

  8. Hi Tina,
    Thanks for the tour, it was spectacular! Talk about mind-blowing beauty. I love spring!

  9. Tina, Tina! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful blooms surround you right now. I'm sure you would rather be in the gardens oohing and aahhing rather than sitting at the you know what type of peony I might be able to grow here?

  10. Nancy, Won't be long now and spring will pop everywhere! So exciting for all!

    Rosey, Me too!

    Darla, Bad news I think. I know of no peony that will grow in Florida. I was actually shocked we could grow them here in Tennessee. I was most happy though because they remind me of my grandmother. I have about 30 here as I went a bit overboard. Unfortunately that will not help people further south. The good news is there are many substitutions for the south that northerners can't grow. Hibiscus is what Nell Jean said is a good substitution and I agree. Maybe even a double? For the smell well, I will have to think on that one.

    Gotta go clean the gutters again before the rains come again. Urgh.

  11. I enjoyed your natives, Tina...and others too. I'm right there with you on feeling like I can't keep up with posting about my is literally changing daily. I have been spending the majority of my time IN the garden rather than blogging about it! There is always a LOT of work to be done and I'm usually filthy dirty and tick-covered, just not writing about it! I'll try to do some short posts just to show what's been blooming but it really is hard to keep up! Much more fun to visit yours than to write about my own, anyway;-)

  12. I really do like the way that Carolina Moonlight looks. I am doing a post on Peony for tomorrow and they do fine in my GA garden. My type were packaged roots from Wal-Mart. I cannot find the tag as i thought a peony was just a peony... Ha...

  13. Wow what a lot of irises - they are one of my favourite flowers. I must get some more Epidemiums for next spring too

  14. Hi all.
    Tina what a gorgeous garden. I love those iris. I plan to get some that are unusual in color. I only had 2 to bloom this yr. Guess I need to divide them.

  15. Tina the pictures are gorgeous..the unknown striped purple iris may be Batik..i have it and it is one of my favs

  16. You have everything arranged so wonderfully in your flower beds. Mine are a weedy mess.

  17. The first iris looks like an iris that grows wild up here and I do not know the name of it but I should. However, we all call it the swamp iris. Iris are a beautiful flower and there are so many stunning fancy ones but I sure wish they bloomed longer. Neither do I know what the peony is, but it sure is gorgeous!!

  18. Jan, I think being in the garden is infinitely better than blogging about it and isn't it a wonderful season to be in the garden?

    Skeeter, You are one lucky gal with your peony. I can't wait to read about it as I know you are a few hours south of us and I'm amazed they do well. Now find that cultivar for the other southern readers please:)

    Helen, Those irises sure are sweet. Do you know this is the first epimedium that has done well here? Can't figure it out. Maybe the spot. I'm hoping it spreads itself a bit as it's hard to find these in my area. They are all over up north though.

    Lola, That's the bad thing about irises in my opinion. They love to be divided and that is a chore I do not like. I'm going to have some extras so will box up some for you in a few weeks.

    Donna, I think you are right on Batik. I sure do like it for its unusual pattern. I guess the mainly white one is Batik too? It grows from the rhizome but is so different.

    Tracy, Weeding is something I do often and I appreciate it when readers can notice. The weeds sure can catch us unawares and I'm waiting for my garden to get overrun too. I'll be right out there with you weeding for sure.

    Mom, You are talking about the Dutch irises? I can see where they would be common. I really like them. The peonies, ah yes, Nana's peonies. I love them all and even though I did not want singles I tell you those pink ones are great. Everything is a bit early this year from last.

  19. I love your Irises, Tina. Oh, spring is busy, yes. I am busy trying to figure out what new pest is that crawling over the soil :D.
    Love the violetish one with a whitish petals in the middle - she's a real beauty.

  20. You may not have shown everything but what you've shown is gorgeous! I love your peony and irises. The little plicata growing in front of the streaked one that looks like 'Batik' may be 'Theolinda' or 'San Francisco'.