Thursday, July 12, 2012

Extending Pathways Pt 2

Here is the Butterfly Island Garden with the Key Hole pathway containing a Bird Feeder. (Click HERE to see how this garden started) I found myself walking through the Butterfly Bushes to get to the Semi-Formal Garden. So decided it was time to extend this pathway in my GEORGIA GARDEN. The pea gravel looks white in this pic but that is bad lighting with an older camera, hence, an old photo taken back in 2007.
Spring of 2011, we moved the Butterfly Bushes around a bit in this garden because the Bald Cypress needed room to breathe. You cannot see that tree in this pic. As you can see, this pea gravel is the brown tones so it was moved to the pathways I showed you on Tuesday in my Semi-Formal Garden. Which you can see beyond the grass in this pic.
This was an easy path to construct as it was full of sand and all the old tree roots from 4 sweet gum trees have rotted down over time.
In this photo, I am standing inside the Arbor of the Semi-Formal Garden. I had yet to fill in the blank spot with the moved gravel from the Key Hole path when I snapped this pic. It has since been filled in of course. See how this pathway lines up with the new path?
Here is the new pathway through the island. The Butterfly Bushes are doing great and did not become harmed from being moved. They are tough bushes. I moved these Elephant Ears from the Semi-Formal Garden where they were once located. The dogwood trees had gotten too tall and shaded them. Plus, they were not getting the water they needed during this drought. They are now a bit closer and easier for me to keep happy with water. Here, you can see the Bald Cypress Tree.
Here is the patch of grass that separates the Butterfly Island and the Semi-Formal Garden. I once again must ask myself the question; Do I attach these three pathways or leave them as be? We use this grassy area as a pathway to the Wood/Mower and Garden Sheds. And also, we collect debris and keep it in that area by the sheds as well. We also drive the truck down this grassy path. So at this point, I think this area will remain as is.
Now to the other side of this Walk-thru island. It is time to connect the Island, Swing and Wishing Well Garden.
Once again, Free Brick and lots of digging in the dirt. I spent one day in high heat and humidity taking out the grass. I took it out as sod so as to fill in sunken holes on the east side of the house. That was a tough day and ended with a headache.
Back to work the next day and again, in heat and humidity.
It was tough work in the heat but I was not going to stop until I completed this project. Gravel was laid into place on the third day.
My only mistake, I should have put a curve on this instead of making it straight. But when making it, I was thinking of mowing the grass and how easier it is to keep a straight line trimmed verses a curve. Oh well, I can always go back later on and change this up. But for now, we shall live with it. See that Bald Cypress tree now? It was taking over the butterfly bushes and now it is taking over the Angel Trumpet. The Trumpet shall be moved next spring. Tina, look how your Trumpet is growing this year! It loved the early spring and hot temps.
I do not like the white gravel but that is all we could find in our area. Of course, I could have gotten a truck load of brown tone gravel and it would have been cheaper then a pallet of bags. As I mentioned on Tuesdays post, it is much easier for me to work with bags. I am trying to get Clematis to grow up the arbor of the swing. You can also see faded Castle Rocks used to the left of the swing. I had to get some new ones and they will fade in time.   
With this view, you can see I have yet another garden to attach up with to the left.
The middle of the Wishing Well Garden and looking towards the Fire Pit, Patio and Rock Garden.

I have a vision of an arched bridge and dry creek bed as this area becomes soggy during heavy rains. Which, we have not seen in 3 years! Ha...
You would see the Rock Garden as you walk over the Bridge.
The stepping stones you see in this shot lead from the house to the patio. The Saint has an idea to build a boardwalk of sorts from the house to the patio. Which would now become a deck instead of concrete patio. I think a creek bed running from this area past a bridge connection would tie in together. But for now, no more EXTENDING PATHWAYS, In the Garden...


  1. Wow, I really love your pathways, gardens, patio and seating areas. What a LOT of HARD WORK, but well worth it. You've done a fantastic job.


  2. Great job Skeeter. I love your paths.I know that was a lot of hard work but well worth it. Gorgeous.

  3. I'm exhausted just thinking of moving all that sod let alone all those rocks!@ It looks great. Everything has grown a LOT too. The swing looks quite comfy tucked into its spot. Awesome job! One day we'll make a trip to say hi and see it in person.

  4. I see now why you could really use that massage! You and the Saint have done such a great job of creating a little piece of paradise. I'm hoping you get some rain soon to make it complete.

  5. Flower lady, Thank you so much. This has been a work in progress over the years. My burst of energy comes in spring and that is when most of this work is done. Too hot in the summer months. I keep those months for watering and weeding only…

    Lola, Thanks a million. You have been with me from the beginning of these gardens and it has been fun sharing with you along the way. You and your beautiful Cannas started the wishing well garden and look at it now. Wow, it has grown….

    Tina, I know you feel the pain of the sod removal as you do so much of that yourself. It is tough work and I did not pick a great time to take on this project but it is done and in my past. I can now enjoy all that hard work. You can just come down for a visit any time! You know we love to entertain….

    W2W, I told you I need a massage girl! LOL, yep, that was some hard work and now behind me. But the pains seem to stay with my ever aging body. We had a bit of rain the past week but we are way behind in the drought map. The lake needs lots and lots of rain but for now, I am not watering which is a good thing. I get to rest my body a bit…

  6. It looks great! I know it was hard, hard work, but I love how this area is all connected now - and still you have plenty of grass. I think it's smart to think of mowing, too, when putting in pathways. Great job!

  7. wow look at how these are all connected...just love them

  8. Catching up on my reading....whew, you make me tired with all this work!! hahaha Love how the new pathways connect the areas, without your cutting through the garden. Let time and habit decide whether to add more.