Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Extending Pathways Pt.1

After tramping through the leaves on the outskirts of the Semi-Formal Garden, I decided it was time to extend the pathway. I had stepping stones in place from the pea gravel path in order to get to the bench. But I would find myself always going out through the leaves verses the path. This was a bit of a short cut in my Georgia Garden.
This project started back in November with the removal of weeds, leaves and pine needles. I then used these free Stones that my parents had left over from a project and passed along to me. The area around the pine tree is a bit higher then the rest of this garden. I used the stones to build a sort of retaining wall.
It was January before I worked on this project again. Next, I removed the stepping stones and started to make a border with more free bricks that I found on Freecycle.
There is a lot of sandy soil in this area which was not difficult for brick embedding. But the many roots from the nearby pine tree made it an ever painful process. I hate tree roots!
This project was once again put on hold. In early April, I was back at it and had one side of bricks embedded all the way to the bench.
I was on the lookout for matching pea gravel to extend the path. I could not find any rocks in the natural brown colors. So once again, this project was put on hold.
I could not find the pea gravel in bags but in bulk yes. Even though gravel is cheaper by the truck load, it would be more difficult for me to move it around. With bags, I can easily handle the gravel. So I just went ahead and mulch in areas and once again, left this project aside.
It was late April and I was back at it. The Saint had a solution for me. He suggested that I remove the same color pea gravel from other areas of my gardens and put it into this path and then we would add the different colored gravel to the old paths. Hum, I went with his idea and the match was perfect! Here you cannot even tell where the old meets the new old. That Saint of mine also put a fresh coat of paint and stain on the bench.
With this expansion, the area to the left and right of the bench are new plantings. In this picture, the mulch has yet to be put into place (across the path) from the front of the bench.
Now we move to the present time and things have changed even more since April. That bird cage is a bargain purchase from last year that I have yet to talk about. $5.00 cage and put in place with an old Shepard hook lying around. She now has a Clematis growing up her.
Zooming in below the Pine Tree, we find Solomon's Seal surrounded by Clumping Liriope, Sage and Scotch Broom. I once had Hosta planted here but the deer and voles munched until I had to move them.
The other side of the bench has a new Hydrangea and Russian Sage. Along with Blackeye Susan, Moss Phlox, Lavender and other fun stuff. In the back, I planted Silverberry Bushes to hide the fence from next door. I chose Silverberry as this area is mostly shaded. In front of the Silverberry is one Howard Ligustrum bush.
When sitting on the bench, you see this area. Butterfly Weed, Lantana, Salvia's, Balloon Flower, Clematis, Summer & Moss Phlox, Red Hot Poker, Spirea, Primrose, Penstemon, Gaura and of course, Susan.
View from standing to the back of the Ligustrum. The Ligustrum is planted where I once had a beautiful Japanese Loquat. (Click HERE to read about that sad loss.)
Looking down the path, to the right you will find the Liriope area under the pine tree, then an area with Verbena and the Mailbox I recently showed you.
This is the long shot of the Semi-Formal Garden. Hum, how do I bring those two pathways together? Or do I just leave this area as is? This grassy area leads to the Wood/Mower Shed and also the area where we collect debris. We would like to leave this area a grassy pathway if possible. Thursday, I shall show you more EXTENDING PATHWAYS, In the Garden...
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  1. I love it! You have inspired me to work on a pathway and bench area that I have been putting off for a while. I love the pea gravel! Thanks for sharing you ideas! Hope you are doing well! :) -Carla

  2. Am glad you said most of the work was done in the cooler weather. wow! Love the sitting area with the gravel pathway leading up to it.

  3. Southern Lady, Hey Carla, Hope you are doing well and keeping those girls busy this summer! I am ever so happy to inspire but please dont start this work until Fall when less heat in the air....

    Janet,Oh No, Not me in the summer heat doing such a project. LOL, but it was still tough work as we had an early spring with more like summer temps at times. This is one of many postings that was put off due to Fling postings. I have so much more to show in the weeks to come... Lots of flashback postings. LOl....

  4. That looks great! I wish I could do things in stages like that. I have a terrible desired to get everything done "right now". I need to work on my patience.

  5. Looks good as is Skeeter. I think it would disrupt the pattern of the grass if you were to join them.

  6. That is beautiful Skeeter. I know a lot of work went into this. Am anxious to see more.
    We had 1 loud thunder clap which drove fur baby into my lap. She is now ok & down. She just needed mommies comfort.

  7. There is definitely possibilities for more gardens for those plants you just bought! The new pathway blends in perfectly with the old and looks as though it has always been there. Awesome job! Can't wait to see where else you extended it or if you brought those two paths together.

  8. That looks so nice. Good job documenting the changes. Nice solution on the gravel too.

  9. This most recent posting is why I so enjoy reading gardening blogs. We are struggle with prioritizing, plant selections, spacing...well, everything that goes into the finished look of anything. I so appreciate you baring your soul and sharing your journey with us,

  10. Skeeter it is beautiful and I give you so much credit...to create and maintain these semi-formal gardens is lots of work. Cannot wait to see more

  11. Randy, I use to be that way and at times, I will not stop a project until I am finished with it. But sometimes, life gets into the way. I had so much going on at that time. I have learned to prioritize my life a bit and am now to the point where I can put things on hold. It is very difficult as I have a mild case of OCD. There was a time; I would not have started this project unless I knew it would be complete until the next one began. I am bad about wanting “Instant Gratification”. My Saint has taught me to chill a bit over the years…

    Sweet Home, I too think it shall stay as is. Well, for now anyway… I like the way this garden sort of has a fencing boundary and attaching the pathways would mess up that look….

    Lola, Sweet Fur baby is lucky to have a good mommy for lap time when frightened. Poor Sheba hides under the new vanity in the bathroom. I am glad as that is the safe room in the house. If we ever have a tornado, I will know where she is located. Now Cheetah, I will have to find….

    Tina, Part two will be on Thursday. Then the grass between will make a bit more sense. All plants are in the ground. But hey, I have so much room for many more plants. But in this heat and drought, I am about to the point to call off all gardening for my future. LOL, I say that until next spring then I will be back at it. I love this hobby…

    Sherlock, I forgot the total before Pic though! The one with all the weeds and debris in the area. Oh well, you get the jest anyway. This was a fun project even though took me several months from start to finish. But in stages not so bad…

    Michaela, What kind words and thank you for enjoying us here at In the Garden! We so enjoy sharing and bearing our souls where our gardens are concerned. Thanks for walking along with us to see our trials and tribulations along the way…

  12. Donna, Thanks. this is one of many not planned Gardens. LOL. I only wish I had planned them before starting them but Oh well, a work in progress I reckon...

  13. I'm all about paths! I like the way you (and The Saint) come up with solutions.
    Now I DO hope both of you take the time to SIT on that bench now and then :)
    Your flowers appear to be doing great, by the way. Not quite so up here.

  14. Your new pathways look great, and your Susans look wonderful!