Thursday, July 5, 2012

Gifts from the UK

This past April, The Saint and I opened our GEORGIA GARDENS to some guests from the United Kingdom. (Click HERE to read about that fun visit.) Upon their departure, they presented us with a Gift Card to one of our favorite Garden Centers. Here are some of the goodies we added to our gardens from that wonderful gift.
Camelot Lavender Foxglove (Digitalis purpurea)
Guardian Blue Larkspur (Delphinium elatum)
Scotch Broom and Echo Rojo Red Hot Poker (Kniphofia)
Lena Scotch Broom (Cytisus) Love those colors!
Miss Kim Lilac (Syringa patula)
Red Riding Hood Beard Tongue (Penstemon)
Ernest Markham Clematis
Harvest of Memories "Yellow" Bearded Iris (Iris Germanica)
Silver Sage (Salvia Argentea)
Tina, this is the plant we thought was a large Lambs Ear in Asheville.
I also could not resist this cute item. Look on the stump.
A closer look reveals a cute little kitty with his field glasses watching birds and butterflies In the Garden. Look behind kitty on the tree!
I just thought this kitty was adorable.
This Kitty caught my fancy as well.
Note to self: Time to paint the barn birdhouse.
I had to laugh when looking out my sun room windows and spotting this! If that kitty were real, this squirrel would not have a chance!

I also came home with other goodies such as Dianthus, Prostrate Yew, Flutterboy petite Butterfly Bush along with a few annuals. These are items I would normally not purchase for myself as they are priced much higher then I would spend on plants. These items are rarely found on the Bargain Bin so not my normal purchases. These are wonderful GIFTS FROM THE UK, In the Garden....

John, Jane, Terry and Claire, Thank You very much for these wonderful additions to my gardens. I am doing my best to keep them happy in our ever soaring temperatures and drought...  Words and Photos Property of In the Garden Blog Team, In the Garden


  1. Those are some very generous friends you have! I can't wait to see where you decide to plant all of those beautiful selections. That kitty on the tree looks pretty real. I'll bet that squirrel couldn't believe his eyes at first glance.

  2. What wonderful bits of beauty to plant in your gardens and those two felines add a great bit of whimsy too. They all will bring back wonderful memories of your friends visit.

    Hope you get some cooler weather soon.


  3. I loved all the images, but the last one was a real keeper. I agree, the squirrel would be toast.

  4. That was the gift that keeps on giving! I am so glad you got that sage we saw at Biltmore. Let me know how it does. I think it needs lots of sun. Cute squirrel picture with the cat!

  5. I loved that lavender plant. One of my favourite flowers. That squirrel is fearless! Either that or it "smelled" the kitty wasn't real. :-)

    Greetings from London.

  6. You picked some wonderful new beauties for your garden. Did you find those in your local garden center this week? Everything in ours is burnt to a crisp.

  7. What great plants you chose and how thoughtful of you guests...that silver sage does not like water, once it blooms it dies down....

  8. What wonderful gifts from your friends.I love them all. Cute kitties.

  9. What wonderful gifts from your friends.I love them all. Cute kitties.

  10. W2W, It was a joy getting to know our guests from the UK. I think this gift reflected their time spent with us. Everything is in the ground and doing fine thus far. Oh yes, the squirrels would stay clear of that tree for a long time….

    Flower lady, Yes, the memories of their time spent with us will be with us hopefully, as long as these sweet blooms and kitties. We are no longer in the triple digits but still humidity is high and to me, that is worse then the heat…

    Donna, It was fun watching the squirrels when we put the kitty into place! It was a interesting to witness how cautious they were with the kitty in the tree. Now they do not think twice about the kitty…

    Tina, Yes, I told you I had one but for the life of me, I could not remember that it was sage when we spotted it at Asheville. I am not so sure it will survive but we shall find out in time….

    Cuban, This is my first Foxglove plant so I am most excited about adding it to my gardens. I really do like that color as it just pops in the garden…

    Randy, Lord NO I did not find those plants this week. This is a posting that was put on hold due to the Spring Fling taking over the blog for me. These pics were snapped on April 20 so all the plants have long been into the ground. On my last visit to a garden center, (last week) I was appalled as to the shape of the plants. Frying like fries in hot oil in that sun without proper water on them. I wanted to cry as it was such a sad sight…

    Darla, I am finding out just how picky that Sage is in my gardens. I am trying to keep the water away from it by hand watering in the area where it has been planted. I may have to move it elsewhere in time so it can thrive…

    Lola, I just love those kitties. I should add more decorations and less plants in my gardens as they do not require water! It has been tough keeping everything happy this summer with our continued drought…

  11. What a wonderful gift! How fun to get to go plant shopping - guilt free! You got some great plants. That Red Hot Poker really caught my eye. I think it's going on my "get as a plant impulse buy when you see one" list! But I also love so many plants that you selected. I had to laugh - when I saw that salvia, I thought it was a big Lambs Ear, too! haha And the kitty is perfect! I bet that squirrel moved very slowly around it at first! :)

  12. I remember your visitors. Such fun. You got some wonderful plants.

  13. Lucky you! Aren't foxgloves poisoners? or is it another variety? The cat on the tree is hilarious. Seems like the squirrel thinks so too.

  14. What a fun trip shopping you must have had, Skeeter! You brought home a great collection of new plants--the foxglove and larkspur are perfect reminders of your UK visitors. It's obvious they appreciated your Southern hospitality. The last photo is too funny:)

  15. you have many of my fav flowers that will just love your beautiful they will be when they grow in

  16. What a great group of new plants!! You used your gift certificate wisely! Love the color of the Scotch Broom.

  17. very nice & how thoughtful of them!

  18. Hello Skeeter, those flowers are lovely but that bougainvillea caught my attention. It still looks like a seedling, but is already flowering, awesome. And of course your kitty is so very unique, i wish the real ones will have colors like that!