Friday, July 6, 2012

A Vist to a Mini Farm on a Hot Summer's Day in Tennessee

Let's go on a field trip to a local mini farm that is so fun I had to share it with you all. The highlight of the farm has to be the friendly emus. Have you ever looked an emu in the eye? If not, you really must! Their eyes are so like marbles it is really weird but so neat too. They are really beautiful birds. This farm has two full grown emus and several young emus. At some point when the birds begin laying eggs the emu eggs will be sold and should fetch quite a price too.
Here is one of the owners of the friendly emus feeding the friendliest of the two. I tell you this emu was a gentle as can be when taking food from the hand-definitely more gentle than my dog! No nipping at all. 
I visited this farm in the middle of a very hot day. As you can see most of the animals were hanging out in the shade near the creek. I felt bad for the animals but was happy they had shade.
Not only did the animals all have access to shade but they were about to get a special treat too!
Even the huge heirloom type hogs had to get in on the action. In addition to hogs, emus, alpacas, and ducks there were all types of chickens (you'll hear a rather vocal one on the video below), cute rabbits, peacocks including some white ones, and baby pigs.
The two fully grown emus also had some shade.

Just one more close up of the cool eyes on the emus.

Watch the video of the emus and hogs getting a shower and enjoy!

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  1. Thanks for the fun little excursion.

  2. Looks like a fun day, Tina. I haven't been going much of anywhere lately--in this heat, I hate to leave the A/C.

  3. What fun! Emu oil is the best for treating all types if skin ailments, great for burns, ezcema and such, I need to find some more..

  4. I can’t even trust a chicken! I would be in a panic around a bird that big. LOL At least he can’t fly…

  5. I love animals but Emu and Ostrich, well, I just dont trust them. Something about those eyes. I would like to go to this mini farm to visit the friendly emu so I could over come my issue with them. If I know for sure they can be trusted, then I would be happy!

    Too cute how the piggies came for a bath. LOL, I need this man to spray me down when I am in the garden working and get a bit too hot....

  6. Those are some big birds! I wonder if they've ever made an omelet with the eggs? Of course with this heat they may already come out hard boiled!

  7. Love Emus, first animal I drew. Had a drawing book as a kid, so vividly remember drawing an emu, had no idea what one was!

  8. What an interesting animal the emus...thx for the fun time

  9. very cute. I saw emus in the wild in Australia. They are pretty incredible.

  10. I couldn't see the video, it seems to have been unembedded...
    Nice way to spend a day, even in the heat..

  11. Oi, steady on, squire! :-) A warning before that first image would have been nice, innit? :-) Skeeter, yes, I dig you totally. It's something about the eyes. I love emus and ostriches... from a distance. At least I know where I stand with lions and tigers.

    Great pics, though. Loved the clip, too.

    Greetings from London.

  12. Emus are strange looking birds, but they do have pretty eyes. Nice trip you had visiting this farm.

  13. There must be an emu theme going on today. Yours is the second post I have read tonight that started off with a picture of one.