Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Family Traditions

I shared one of our Halloween traditions with you, so I thought I'd share this tradition as well. Jimmy and his dad always build and decorate a gingerbread house each year.

Jimmy was looking forward to doing this for two weeks and it was hard to keep him away from all of the good things that came in the pre-made gingerbread house kit! As it was, he did a pretty good job of eating much of the icing and candies and I think Gingey would be mad at Jimmy for eating his gingerbread house out from under him!
After Christmas, Jimmy's big plan is to eat the whole house. He tries this every year and usually eats a big chunk of the house before I throw it away. Last year, unbeknownst to him I put the house outside for the birds. Jimmy never could figure out where the house went. I put the house in the front yard so my dogs would not eat it. Unfortunately, the adjacent property owner's dog must've thought I put it out front just for her, as she ate the whole thing and kept coming back for more. Poor birds never got any gingerbread.

Anyone who knows Skeeter knows she is a creative person. She was kind enough to send some pictures of her home. She spent many days decorating her home for the holidays and I know she and the Saint are definitely in the spirit. Here is a picture of her 'Snowman Christmas Tree'. When we have more than one Christmas tree it helps to name them! I love the garland across the top of the door opening and I think Skeeter put a lot of work into her decorations and family traditions.

If anyone else has some pictures or traditions to share-send them in and I will try to post them. My email is

in the garden....


  1. We're back from our wonderful Anniversary trip to Savannah! What a wonderful surprise to see my Snowman hall on your blog Tina! I thought for sure you would pick the fruit and berry tree instead but with all the talk of snow lately, it does fit in with the chit chat… LOL….

    Wow, did we see the color in the gardens of Savannah! I snapped some pictures and will pass them on to you Tina. The temp was warmer then expected and the Saint and I about died in our long sleeve shirts and blue jeans! Needed shorts and exposed arms to survive that warmth while walking around! We were shocked at the lack of traffic and crowds, free parking, no hassles at all… We walked in off the street at Paula Deens “The Lady and Son’s” Restaurant and ate lunch with no waiting time of 2 hours or more like so many people warned us about!

    We toured the Juliette Gordon-Low (founder of the Girl Scouts) house and another house. Of course their small gardens fascinated me to no end. The Saint was ready to move on so I did not spend nearly as much time in the gardens as I would have liked but we were limited for time. I spotted Azaleas in bloom in the courtyard at our hotel. I was shocked to see them blooming in Dec but being on the coast, it is much warmer then here. I wondered if they were the Encore variety that blooms twice a year…?....

  2. Ops, I forgot to mention about the Ginger Bread house. Duh....
    I think it is great that Jimmy and his dad take the time to build Gingerbread house each year. That is a wonderful memory they will keep for a life time.

    I have never made a gingerbread house and always wanted to. I always thought of baking the walls and roof from scratch and pick up the decorations by the bag full. That always sound like a lot of work to me and that is probably why I never made one. I should just break down and get a kit and make one so I can experience the making of a gingerbread house.

    Did anyone ever make a Gumdrop tree? I remember making those with mom from a Styrofoam tree, Toothpicks and colored Gumdrops! So much fun for a kid and yummy to eat a few while making them!

  3. Welcome back Skeeter! So glad you and the Saint had a great time. It was good it was warm, but bad you weren't prepared with your clothing:) We never know the weather here in the south!

    I am looking forward to the Savannah garden pictures. Are they in the Charleston style (courtyard and formal)? I didn't know the founder of the Girl Scouts lived in Savannah and that is interesting to know. I bet the azaleas are the reblooming type. I don't know.

    Break down and get a gingerbread house kit. They are so easy! Mr. Fix-it was too excited this kit came with PREMADE icing. He was beside himself he did not have to mix the icing like usual. I am going to have to do a gumdrop house with Jimmy. I don't remember doing one before. Anyone else made gumdrop trees? Sounds yummy and I will have to buy an extra bag just for the Jimster to snack on!

  4. Skeeter,
    Forgot to say, I like all of the trees but I especially liked this picture because of the wonderful garland hung across the door to tie in with the tree. That is why I chose it. The animal tree was great too.

  5. Hi Guys,
    The kids each made a gingerbread house when in 1st grade. They took a school milk carton (I believe this was so it could be transported home) iced it with frosting and used gram crackers glued to the sides of it. They were cute esp. because they made a yard out of batting, candy canes for fencing, m&m s for the walkway, cake decorations for flowers.
    Skeeter, your trip sounds warm, oay vey. I don't remember gumdrop house, my grandmother made a tied yarn wreath then tied peppermints
    to the loose ends. Glad you had a good time.

  6. I have also make the gumdrop tree and it is cute. One thing I used to make was a wreath with wrapped hard candy. I would tie a pair of small scissors by a ribbon on it and hang it on my office door for my co-workers to enjoy during the Holiday season. My Mother always made a gumdrop cake. After her death I have carried on the tradition and make it each year to share with my Sisters.

  7. Nina, the candy wreath with scissors is a wonderful idea! Did you come up with that one by yourself or get that idea from someone else. It is so cleaver! We never made a gumdrop house just the tree...

    It is funny the small things that amuse the men folk! Premade icing, Go Figure that! LOL

  8. Dawn the gingerbread house sounds cute. I bet the kids didn't eat it either!

    I remember nana making the wreaths with wrapped candy. Sounds like the kind Nina made for her coworkers.

    I wish I had time to be so creative with stuff like all that! I wonder where everyone finds the time and energy? We haven't gotten so busy have we?

  9. Skeeter, Since I am not a very original person, I am sure I got the wreath idea from some magazine!
    The candy was wrapped around a wooden embroidery hoop with florist wire. I have in recent years seen the wreath available in Christmas catalogs.