Saturday, December 29, 2007

Winter Structure Pictures

We all here in Tennessee so rarely get this much snow, and since my previous post was about structure in winter gardens, my sister Dawn has shared some pictures of her garden in the winter. She is located in the interior of Maine, and as you can see, the folks in this area get lots of snow. My mother, who is on the coast of Maine, usually doesn't get this much snow because the ocean moderates the weather to a certain extent. Of course, the downside is the ocean can bring storms which can (and have) caused a lot more damage on the coast of Maine than the interior receives.

The pictures remind me of when I was a child. I think even southerners can love the snow and the charm and ambiance that seems to go with a good snow, evergreen trees and a roaring fire in the ski lodge!

My oldest daughter is BIG into snowboarding. I can assure you she loves this type of snow and usually stops by her Aunt Dawn's on her way to the mountains for a snowboard weekend. Our family had the pleasure of skiing in the Alps when were stationed in Germany. I spent most of my time in the lodge with a good book-especially so after I took a bad fall on the bunny slope. The fall was not so painful as scary because it jarred my head. Not a good thing.
Back to the winter structure subject. The first picture is my favorite. It shows what appears to be a tire and a split rail fence to the right of it. Kind of makes one think of summer play to come. The second picture is the shoveled out walkway to the parking area. I don't envy the northerners on the shoveling-though I don't mind shoveling, it is too much in the north! The last picture truly makes me think of the stars who always vacation in Aspen, Colorado. I have never been there but can only imagine it looks like this, and this beauty and the peace that goes with a good snowfall is surely what attracts the rich and famous to Aspen.
Thanks Dawn for sharing the beautiful pictures! If any readers out there have some winter pictures of their gardens they would like to share, just email me at
in the garden....trimming trees and taking down Christmas decorations.


  1. Wow! Sorry for the delay this morning, it;s amazing what loading pics can do as far as filling up your memory. Learned AlOT about my computer in my frenzy to get these pic delivered. Mainly to check my definitions sooner than 229 days. Now I know. Thanks for waiting Tina.
    Cheers to the Pats, I'm sure I'll be back tonight.
    PS I was wondering why this page would only enlarge to a 3x5, back to normal now! Ha, proud of myself.

  2. Very pretty Dawn. Snow is very pretty but Baba alwys to say "Snow is very pretty but only on postcards". Since I do not shovel any more I just enjoy the beauty of it. Not having to go out in it also helps. Retirement is great! We have been getting rain for several hours so ours is nearly all gone. None on the tress and that is what I really like and can see the woods from my computer chair. But the darn rain took it all.

    Gotta go over next door now and take some turkey for the owl that won't leave today. I think he wants those tiny dogs.

    Love you guys

  3. Oh, we got additional 5'' then freezing rain, stopped now. Gotta clean up again today. 2 in a row.

  4. Oh no Dawn.

    OMG folks. You cannot believe that owl. Terri-Lynn had watched him for half an hour and then she made him leave. He came back and that is when I went over. She thought if she fed him he would leave but David said he may not leave then. Jason said she should not feed him as then they get dependent on it. So she did'nt. She got him on the camcorder and took some snapshots. He was on a bird food pole the first time and on a very small branch of a tree by the feeder the next time. He is at least 2 feet tall and a wing span of about 3 or 4 feet wide. GORGEOUS BIRD. She has him on the cam the second time for 20 mintues. Just sitting and looking around and half asleep part of the time. What a sight when he flew off. There were blue jays, cardinals, a woodpecker and smaller birds all out there and he just ingored them most of the time but did watch them at times. I looked them up on the internet and it said they did not eat birds very often. When he left the other birds all left. Funny.

    How many types of owls do you think there are?

  5. Hi Mom,
    I don't know how many owls there are but I have seen the snowy owl at York. Yes, indeed an impressive bird. They are nocturnal so maybe thats why he/she was sleepy. Also, I know it's your fave animal but they eat their food whole and excret the bones and fur! Yuck! Aggressive and agile. Wouldn't you hang out with a predator bird that won't touch you but keeps away the hawks, eagles, etc? I would.
    Ps Gotta see Max Lane, did a heating system for him, Zack played basketball with his kids. Yehhh!

  6. Don't know if you watched!
    49 t/d passes-record
    receiving passes-record
    total season points-record
    oh my gawd....
    by a score of 3 points

  7. Mom,
    Send me a picture of the owl. Sounds like lots of fun and I am sure he does want those little rat chihuahuas of Terri-Lynn's. I have heard of hawks taking some small dogs and cats down here-so tell her to beware. I have a friend who lets her bunny run around outside and she always watches for the hawks too. He is a big bunny.

    Dawn, How bout those Pats. Didn't even need to pull it up as Skeeter was rooting for Ely and she posted she hated to see him loose to the Pats but good for you guys! I didn't mind waiting to post and the pictures are beautiful.

    Didn't get to trim the trees yesterday-the adjacent property owners came back so I put it off to another day-but got all the decorations down.

  8. Hi Guys,
    I like Ely also and think that he ranks with Brady. Bradys t/d passes were 50 per season, the record he beat was 49 per season held by none other than, guess who....Peyton. That would be Elys big brother. NOOOOO, no pressure on Ely, he played a wonderful game. (imagine what that guy has to live up to)Glad the Pats won but I'm kinda with Skeeter hated to see Ely lossing his defending of BIGGER BROTHER.

  9. It was a nail biter of a game. But they did what they had to do. BOSTON REIGNS!!!

  10. Those are some beautiful pictures but look too cold for this Southern gal... LOL...

    The pictures remind me of Germany and the beautiful snowfalls we had while there. Bavaria was expecially beautiful covered with snow!

  11. Skeeter, Maine is a really pretty state. We have it all here. Cold and Heat. Snow and bare ground. Mountains, lakes, rivers, swamps. the ocean and even a desert but I think all of Germany was gorgeous, esp, Bavaria. I went to visit Tina twice while she was there and loved every mintue of it. Have great memories of it. Everything is just so lush. We went to France and England the first time I was there but I was not impressed at all with them, but will never get over Germany.

  12. We too went all over Europe and England but Germany was by far our favorite. Holland would be our second favorite...

  13. Ya, I did'nt get to Holland but I know Tina also like it. But I can't imagine anything being prettier than Germany.