Thursday, December 20, 2007

Take Responsibility

Okay everyone. Good morning! I usually post the first thing in the morning and have my post ready well in advance of posting time. This morning was no different as I have a very nice post prepared and was going to use it. But when I woke up, I woke up to the sound of thumps coming from the road. I went out to investigate and what should I find but that some IDIOT had taken out my fence, then drove off and left all the debris in the road for others to hit.

I know accidents happen and there is no doubt this was accidental. But the person driving the small maroon car had to cross a two foot deep ditch and travel quite a ways off from a STRAIGHT road where the speed limit is ONLY 40 miles per hour. Undoubtedly, he was either sleepy, speeding or drunk-maybe a combination of all three or some other reason I cannot think of right now. Or maybe he was just late to work and couldn't stop to make it right. Time will tell as there is no doubt the culprit will be found with all the evidence there is on the incident.

Fortunately there were two witnesses to the accident and the Sheriff Department had already been notified by one of the witnesses of the incident by the time I called in the report. THANK YOU! It is people like the witness who are willing to get involved in matters like this that make ALL the difference in this world.

While I understand accidents happen, the smart and decent thing to do would have been to knock on my door and inform me of what happened and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY! It certainly should not be my job, time, and expense to fix something he broke, whether accidentally or not. I am sure he will be caught, hopefully he will come forward before that time. This matter can be resolved quite easily if he does. The culprit need only take responsibility.

I know the car suffered quite a bit of damage. It had to have because there are some serious rocks and castle rock which were thrown into the road. Additionally, the fence posts were cemented into the ground. The callousness of not reporting the accident is one thing, but to leave the debris in the road for others to possibly have an accident themselves is unconscienable. I know there are people like this in the world, but I am hopeful and optimistic this person is one of the decent ones and had a good reason for driving off and leaving behind the damage for others to suffer the consequences. One of the witnesses had to stop to move a fence pole out of his way prior to moving on. If he hadn't, who knows who else would have had damage to their vehicle?

The person who hit the fence did not even get out of the car and check the damage. The second picture was taken after I tried to put the pole back in the hole and righted the second pole. It was also taken after I stacked the rocks back up into the wall where they were prior to the person hitting them.

I'm in the garden....fixing all the damage to the yuccas and prickly pear this poor driver caused when he ran into my yard onto my property.


  1. OMG Can you beleve the unconscionable, brazen gall of some people. Just knowing the layout of the land there he sure had to have serious damage at least to the underneath of his car!!! OMG is all I can keep thinking as I read this. I had checked 3 times already and just thought the paper was slow today, cause they used to very often post late. Glad someone say it. Holy cow!!!!

    On a lighter note....I was cleaning out the larkin dest the other day and found Dr. McEwen's obit that I had cut from the paper. He died June 23, 2003 at 101. Time flies. I guess it musta been 5 or 6 years ago that I took Mary to visit him. They had had a big party for him at centenial hall for his 100th birthday for the public and I know it was in the summer and after I took Mary to vist him. Love ya.

  2. Also, with you being on the top of the hill sand him leaving the debris in the road...OMG. Someone could have been killed by hitting it and going God knows where. Unreal.

  3. I am packing bags today so not gone yet….

    Tina that is awful... I know you are not going to believe this but last night I had a dream I was in the car with a guy that did a hit and run! It was a person and not a fence but still strange that I dreamed this when it happend to you!!!! Twilight Zone Music is now playing,.......

    One time the Saint and I hit a cinder block lying in the middle of a dark road and it pinched the brake line! Wow, was that an experience! The nerve of some people...... argggg

  4. Thought u must have left by now, Skeeter. Be safe and have a great time, but I know u will. Merry Christmas.

  5. Tina
    What a way to start the day?! The Sheriff will find the driver if he is local. Hopefully he is feeling really guilty and will replace everything before Christmas, HO, Ho. Does it make you wonder why the driver chose your landscaping to destroy? was he swerving to miss a deer. ON the other hand, I have a close relative who used to think it cool to actively knock over garbage cans.
    I hope everything is fixable. You deserve to have everything back.

  6. Hi Guys,
    Too bad that happened, sounds like my week. Chances are the person did not have a valid license and WORSE-no insurance. Hopefully the witness got some of the plate#

  7. Thanks everyone! It is a shame these things happen-to nice people like me! It was just bad luck, truly. No animal or anything just bad luck. I guess these things happen sometimes. The plate number has been found and run through, there is an address and name. Stay tuned! There is a very good deputy on the matter and I feel confident he will fix the matter. It really shouldn't have had to get to this point though...

    We are on our way to our Beachhaven Garden Club party. It is our highlight Christmas party of the season and I will post pictures and information about it tomorrow-providing nothing else happens to preempt it! lol

  8. Everything is fixable-but the yuccas and prickly pear will take TIME to grow in-again! That pesky time! I guess I should be happy he didn't hit my house or do worse damage and extremely grateful he didn't harm anyone else or himself!

  9. btw. i picked up prickly pear in the dark before i realized what it was-i still probably have needles in my fingers! argh!

  10. Ha! Ha! HA! Ha! Ha!

  11. Ouch! Not a good day. It's certainly not very responsible to take out a fence that way and not say something to the owner. I bet there was a reason the driver did not fess up. Sometimes you can make something positive from something negative. You might think of a way to make the fence even better! Better watch out for those prickly pears!

  12. Hi Dave! I am so glad you dropped by. You will like my blog as yours and mine are very similar-and we both live in Tennessee!

    I am debating ways to improve upon the fence-basically it is to keep out unwanted four legged critters and makes me feel more secure-never ever expected a four wheeled vehicle would take it out. Any ideas to improve it? Maybe more concrete? Just kidding. I do like your fence and would love to do that but this section is too close to the road.

    You must have seen my prickly pear post. Isn't it funny I get the spikes? My sister Dawn thinks so! Ouch!

    I need to ask you Dave. Why moderate? I am new to blogging (end of September) and rather sheltered on the Leaf's website as I have only really been exposed to the Leaf's blog community. No one moderates here. Why on your site? I love to comment but hate the letters as I must be doing it wrong-I have to input about three times to get it right. grrrr

    You know I like to comment and I say your blog made a good rating. Good deal! Great blog-love it!

  13. Unfortunately the moderation may be necessary to keep bots from doing unwanted post on sites. I haven't experienced it yet but others have. I'm debating taking it off the moderation settings to see if it happens. If it does I'd have to enable the moderation again. One benefit I like about it is that it will notify me of a post via email so that I don't miss any comments. :)

  14. Hi Dave,
    What the heck is bots? I thought it was because of mean people that some people moderate. I think you should take it off and see what happens. It can be discouraging when you comment and it is not posted but has to be approved. I do understand why but I haven't encountered other blogs that have moderation so I was surprised.

    I have the option on mine but it is not something I would even consider. The "Blogger" community may be different. Though my blog is on Blogger, it runs through an FTP site and there are some differences. I can be wordy, as you can see.

  15. Open and awaiting commentary! I removed the moderation to see how it goes.


    Bots are just automated computer programs that spam sites. Sometimes they create links to other sites to beef up their Google ratings.

  16. Got it! I will be heading to your site soonest.