Friday, December 14, 2007

Vegetable Garden Slowdown-December 07

I thought I would let you all know how the vegetable garden is going. I haven't mentioned it in a while. The garlic is still up and growing as the picture shows. The banana tree is gone.

I asked Mr. Fix-it to chop the banana 'tree' down. He didn't take me seriously and joked he would get an axe. I had to tell him no less than three times to please cut it down. He finally did, then left it sitting there. The compost bin is only 20 feet away but I guess he thought it was too far to toss the banana. I finally convinced him firmly that he must put it there. I think he still thinks I was kidding about cutting down the tree and is expecting some grief. But leaving the evidence in the middle of the garden is not the way to go. It is not often he gets to cut down trees. If he had his way I think he might like the yard full of green concrete and I KNOW he doesn't want any trees in it. That is another story.

The arugula is hanging in there only barely, as are the carrots. Failure there again. I just don't know how to grow them well. I will try again in early spring with the carrots.
I have raked the leaves into the beds and labeled where the next season's crop will grow. I am having a dilemma though. I want to grow gourds because this is the first year I have not grown any. Because of this I will probably go overboard and plant way too many gourd seeds in order to be assured of having a good crop next year. Gourds take ALOT of ground. Because of this I fear something else besides the pumpkins will have to go. Probably watermelon. Though, if I am lucky, the birds will plant some for me again next year like they did this year.

I will post my choice for Garden of the Month this week (probably tomorrow) and the Community Garden of the Month next week. Stay tuned. I am very excited about the garden of the month and you will all understand why when I post it.

in the garden....


  1. Tina, Can't you grow your gourds so they will grab atop your pea fencing? As you know we have early peas and later growing gourds. Do you have rows of pea fencing? Ex b-in-l was quite sucessful with that and I tried it the following year. Got lots of green but quarter sized gourds, had too much shade.

  2. The people that live in the woods behind us and face the road, have a pile of goards laying next to a tree. I guess they are drying out..?... So I reckon goards will grow great for me if I decide to try them next year...

  3. Tina, I till have my gourd hanging in the kitchen that you painted and brought to me a few years ago. You grew them, did'nt you? Love ya

    Glad the concert went well, Dawn. But then again I figured it would. Love ya.

    Have a great time on your overnighter Skeeter...will miss you

  4. Oh darn. I am always leaving letters out or adding some but I guess you can figure it out

  5. Hey guys,
    I can grow gourds and have for the past three or four years. This year I thought I would be smart and plant them behind Mr. Fix-it's garage in Jimmy's garden where they would have more room. The drought came and took them away from me as it was too far to water. Oh well. They do grow everywhere that is for sure and love to climb. I usually let mine grow up my vegetable garden fencing but want to try to contain them to a new trellis I plan to build. Still they do take a lot of room.

    Skeeter, you should ask what your neighbors are going to do with their gourds. If they say they are just throwing them away grab them as they have many uses! I dry mine and paint them around this time of year. Yes, mom I grew those gourds I brought up there one year and gave away. They were my best gourd growing and painting year. It is ok to leave out letters. I always do then have to go back and check my writing. The message still comes across. You unfortunately can't change comments once they are posted like I can change my posts once they are posted. I have done it more than once.