Thursday, December 27, 2007

Saving Poinsettias

It is that time of year when people who purchased poinsettias now wonder, "Can I keep this plant for next Christmas?" The answer is yes, though I have never done it. I did some research and found some information on saving and getting poinsettias to reflower. I am not much of a houseplant gardener but I have known people who have successfully saved their poinsettias and I think the effort is worthwhile. My friend (Delisa) who did save hers really enjoyed hers on the deck in the summer time. Poinsettias actually make great houseplants and in my book, any houseplant I can enjoy outside is a great houseplant.

The Poinsettia Pages sponsored by the University of Illinois Extension and found at the web address: is a wealth of information not only on saving poinsettias but on neat facts about poinsettias.

For instance; Did you know poinsettias are native to Mexico and can grow to 10 feet tall in their native habit? I think I have heard people from California talk about them growing quite large out there. Ginger, did you ever see any grow that large when you lived in California? That would be a sight with all the colorful red bracts interspersed among the shrub.

The website also says 80% of all poinsettias are purchased by women. Additionally, 80% of purchasers of poinsettias are aged 40 or over. Do you think it is the same 80 %? Only women over 40 buying them?:) For the record, I am over 40 and a woman. I didn't purchase any poinsettias this year but I sometimes do. Depends on the specials offered and my mood at the time.

I did not realize poinsettias were in the botanical class of Euphorbias. Euphorbia pulcherrima to be exact. The name was given to the plant by a German botanist and the name means "very beautiful". Euphorbias are a wide and varied botanical class of plants. I think they are very cool because of their uniqueness and sometimes wild habits and growth manner. They are mostly all showy in and out of flower.

Check out the "Poinsettia Pages" for more interesting information and detailed instructions on how to save poinsettias and get them to rebloom the following Christmas. Good luck and let me know how it goes!

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  1. I have seen many of them in Florida at least 4 feet tall and nearly that in circumference. They are truly a gorgeous sight.

  2. Holy Mackeral, Tina!
    That is a terrific Poinsettia website. Thanks!
    I don't remember seeing them in California, but I probably wasn't paying attention at the time.
    Now I have to clear out a closet.

  3. Hey y'all, The Saint and I are back from my Tennessee Christmas and it was another great one for the memory book! Sounds as though everyone on here had a nice one as well…. Are we all Blessed or what….

    We had to rush back yesterday so we can dog sit for the Saints parents. They live in VA and are on their way to our house as I type. Am expecting them any minutes now… They are going to drop off Minnie their 9 month old Hound/Spaniel mix puppy. They are then headed to Texas for a New Year vacation with some friends while we keep Minnie. Minnie was a shelter dog and has some people issues and we plan to work on her social skills a bit while with us. Not sure what our cats are going to think of this but we will handle what ever comes our way

    I kept a Poinsettia for a year one time and swore that would be the last time! I recall a lot of trouble of putting it in a dark place (closet) for so many hours a day for many, many days leading up to Christmas. It came back and looked beautiful but too much trouble. I don’t get them any more. I guess babying that for so long wore thin on me. I have a fake one I put out for the beautiful red color. It looks real and works just fine for me!

  4. Hi Guys,
    You know what Ms M Stewart says "Pluck the poinsettia flower and embelish your beatifully wrapped gift, it's a good thing"

  5. Welcome back Skeeter, missed you. My family had a GREAT Christmas. Glad you did also. When a family, esp. my big one can have a big shing-ding and everybody is happy that is something!!! Yes, we are blessed.

    Tina, I agree with Ginger, that is a good site. I had heard a lot of it before but also learned something. I went and checked my poinsettia after that and I guess I did something right as it has buds on it. Guess the timetable was off or the smart butt owner did'nt let it have quite enough darkness.

  6. Good deal for everyone. I am glad the site helped. I learned a few new things too, but I won't try to save any poinsettias-I think it is too much trouble like Skeeter. Welcome back Skeeter! So glad you and your large family (24-25) had a great get together. We are all truly blessed with life.

    Good luck with saving yours Ginger. Hope the closest doesn't mind some company.:)

    Hey Dawn. I love M. Stewart Gardening but she is not on down here for just gardening. Do you get her gardening show? I like her "It's a good thing." but I don't do any of her good things too often. (Probably never truth be told).

    Hey Mom, Hope you got enough rest from your busy Christmas!


  7. No. We just get her craft show, use to get the gardening every Sat. until her fall from grace.