Wednesday, December 19, 2007

December Community Garden of the Month

Those of you from this area will not be surprised I chose the Riverwalk as my choice for December's Community Garden of the Month. The Riverwalk is a beautiful asset for Clarksville, Hopkinsville and all of the surrounding communities. We are fortunate to have a river run through our city, and the park makes the river extra nice.

If you have not yet made the trip down to the park, you still have some time to do so and I highly encourage you to take the whole family and a few friends too! Walking the Riverwalk at least once each season is a yearly Ramsey holiday event. We usually pack up the dogs and make it a whole family affair. We even bring out of town guests to enjoy the park as well. While there this year, Jimmy suggested I make a video of the park, actually he wanted me to videotape him shooting a piece of paper (hornet) into the air. But what else do you expect from a teenager?! He is on the video and says "Hi people". Just press the play button to look at some lights at the Riverwalk. It was freezing cold the night we went and we did not stay long. There were a lot of people out enjoying the lights even in the cold. We even saw a few friends from my Army time here (Alina and family).

The lights are wonderful and bring surprises around each turn. Jimmy always has a great time because of the play area and interesting displays. While our Riverwalk is not on the same grand scale as Nashville's Opryland presentation, it is quite a nice display and I know the Parks and Recreation Department spent a lot man hours preparing the park for the season. They are to be commended as it looks great and I think it is well appreciated by the whole community. That is why the Riverwalk is my choice for December's Community Garden of the Month.

Note: The winter weeds are in full swing. Stay on them to prevent blooming and seeding next year's crop. Also, now that most of the leaves have fallen, pull them away from shrubs and trees to prevent voles from having a hiding place from where they can nibble your landscape plants. I can tell you the voles are warm and happy in my garden as I found many of their resting places when I pulled my mulch away!

at the Riverwalk in the garden....


  1. I just knew this was going to be the Garden you picked!
    The Saint and I have a pretty full schedule during our Christmas visit but do plan to walk the riverfront at some point while home. Last time the weather kept us away so we are really looking forward to seeing the new items since our last stroll a few years ago....
    The only thing missing is the Gluhwein! Anyone that has ever been to Germany during Christmas will know all about that wonderful warm mulled spirit!

    I will be AOL for awhile since we are TN bound…
    Everyone have a wonderful Christmas and I will chat again as soon as I get the chance.
    (I may be reading but not chatting with time constraints and all…..)

  2. Will miss you Skeeter. Have a great hoilday season and coming New Year.

  3. Hey Mom!
    A nice and warm day down here in Tennessee. Hope all is well up there. How much snow did you get? Dawn?

  4. Hi Guys,
    We are getting another 5 to 9'' again tonight but clear on Christmas eve and Christmas The kids are banking on no school tom. Nikki has only a movie for Friday.
    I don;t remember Dad shooting minks, I would like to see one.

  5. I think they look just like ferrets. He used to shoot at them back by the pond in the winter and they were white too.

  6. Dawn,are you tired of the song Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow Yet??? I would love a White Christmas but not while driving to and from TN please!

    Jean, I may be posting on the Pet People if time permits so check in there with us crazy pet people to see what we are up to. Oh, and dont believe everything we say! Tee hee...

    Tina, we finally had some cold stuff and the garden is totally gone now! But funny thing, the porch fern and other purple plant (no idea what it is) are still standing tall! Bet they will be gone by the time we return from TN....

  7. Hey Skeeter!
    I am glad you knew this was the garden I would pick. What kind of "Community" blogger on here would I be if I didn't pick our very own Riverwalk? haha

    That porch fern will be there when you get back and it just may survive the entire winter at the rate we are going! Have fun.

  8. Oh yeah, I forgot the gluhwein. The thing I miss most about Germany is the volksmarching! I did one or two every single weekend and this time of year you can count on lots of snow, bonfires and gluhwein. Having a little Christkindlemarkt at Riverwalk sponsored by the German community, complete with gluhwein would be great! hmmmm...

  9. Yes! Getting tired of it snowing every other day. Ready for Christmas to be over....spent a total of 3 1/2 hours making pins with my daughter. She wants to give them to her class and teachers----6 santas---6snowman---6 stockings----6 silverbells-----6 candy canes-----6.......there won't be school tom.

  10. Dawn, What a wonderful way to spend on a snowy day! Crafting with your baby!

    Yes Tina, I have often said the City of Clarksville needs to incorporate some booth shopping on the Riverfront during the Christmas lights. But only homemade things such as foods and crafts, etc and nothing commercial! Dont think Gluhwein would go over but hot chocolate or hot cider would be nice as you stroll in the cold! Ah, do you remember the potato pancakes with apple sauce? YUM…