Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas & Furkids on Patio

Merry Christmas everyone! Believe it or not I am not the ONLY one blogging on Christmas Day so please don't think I am toooo weird.

I hope everyone has had a great time opening their gifts this morning. I know my family did. I got lots of gardening things-no surprise there! Now we are looking forward to a home cooked turkey and all the fixins.

Ginger, one of my regular readers, sent me this lovely picture of her furkids on her patio. She has a huge Great Dane, Doris Day, the little tan dog is Franky and the black kitty is Webster. She says she had a pinwheel garden which was a clever idea until a storm came through and darn near sent the flowers into orbit! I am thinking the flowers on the fence are from the pinwheel garden and I think they look super. Lots of whimsy and something that will no doubt make people smile when they see it. The flowers provide Ginger with lots of winter color and require no care. Just make sure they are safely secured to the fence and the fence is safely secured to the earth!:)

Merry Christmas!

in the garden....


  1. Yep, got the wrong wrapping paper, we saw pretty blue, red paper...foil paper. Tartarus, (Doris Day, Too cute) couldn't get the festivites going cause he couldn't rip the paper! He just gave up and curised with a wrapped squeaker.
    Got my teenagers this year. We wrapped the free weights, just the free weights--then told him he has a leg/bench press in the other room.
    complaining--worth, debt 10$
    wanting---worth, debt 10$
    asking---Worth, debt 10$
    guessing---worth, debt 10$
    tears---worth, priceless

  2. Cute. Too cute. We tricked Jimmy. He opened all of his presents without getting his heart's desire. Then we conned him into opening dad's present-low and behold there it was! He has been happy all day. Amazing what a few presents do for a teenager's state of mind! Sounds like Zack is happy too. How about Nicole-the pre-teen?

  3. She has all of it spread and has been constant all day, still in pjs! She screamed ALOT, got a ds and a stero for the main things.

  4. I forgot to ask. Is Franky, Frankie Vallie? You know, Gigi goes surfing, Gigi beach party, etc., with Doris Day and Frankie Vallie?

  5. I am not sure. Ginger? Is Frankie for Frankie Vallie?

  6. I don't know either but I do know that Vallie was much older than Doris Day and I also think he was from Maine, Westbrook, I think.

  7. Actually he is Franky Avalon!(younger than both Doris Day,the actress,and Animal Rights Activist and Rudy Vallie the crooner,"I'll be calling you oo oo oo oo...") My friend, Nancy (who lives with little Franky's doggy Mom)and I were President and Secretary of his San Jose, California fan club in the 1960's! We know all the words to "Venus in blue jeans" and .......ah memories....the Beach Party Movies, Annette Funichello.....more currently, the Zero Pain med....
    Even back then I had an interst in gardening. My mom let me plant radishes and pansies and 4 o'clocks in a back corner of her formal garden, near the dog run! Somewhere I have a picture of teen Ginger in front on Mom's prize winning Orchids. I am holding everything I own that had anything to do with Franky Avalon...45rpm records, autographed pictures etc.
    Geeeez, you Bloggers sure do get me going. :)
    Even though there is an obvious generation gap going here, I love it that we all have an appreciation of gardens to share. Thank you.
    I hope everybody had the best Christmas ever.
    So, is anybody out there any good at saving the Poinsetta plants?

  8. Oh Frankie avalon!!!!! Ofcourse. Oh my goodness, as a teenager in the 60's how did I not know that last night? I know I was dead tired but oh Lordy I should have picked up on that and I actually sat and tried to think about it before I responded as I knew it was not the crooner. Thanks Ginger for raising my memories from the dead!!

  9. Hi Ginger and Mom,
    Wouldn't be too sure about a generation gap at all.... So good to see you all talking!

    I was waiting for someone to ask about poinsettas. I will do some research and post something but I have never saved mine so I cannot speak from experience. I did have a friend who did and she loved it but I am not sure if she got the coloring.

    Help with poinsettas anyone? How about you other garden bloggers? Dave? Frances?

  10. Ginger if you can get the picture of a teenaged Ginger standing in front of orchids scanned into the computer-send it to me and I'll post. I know there are a lot of bloggers of your generation (my mother) who would love to talk and reminence.

    What are you going to do with your memorabilia? My mother holds all of hers too. Though I don't think she was President of a fan club-were you mom? Maybe Elvis's.:)Sometimes it is just nice holding onto memorabilia for the memories it brings us and the feelings we remember.

  11. Oh shucks, I was really remembering those enjoyable movies and I too asked Jack of all trades if it was Vallie or Troy Donahue! I would love to see the picture, can't get over the beauty of orchids.

  12. I never even was a member of ANY fan club. Living in remote downeast Maine we did'nt do those things. But Elvis would have been the one. Or Frankie Alavon, Troy Donahue, the Everly Brothers, Jimmy Rogers or many more. Oh Frankie had the most beautiful head of hair. Memories, memories, memories. They are wonderful!

    As for the poinsetta....I have always tried to keep them but they always died untill last year. And it is still living and looks great but did not bloom. It looks like it might before long, guess its timetable is off kilter. I always put them in a closet and let them rest as I read somewhere, sometime that was what to do with them. This past year I left it out, watered it all the time and also put it outside during the summer. Florida is where they have the really pretty ones. They grow to bush size and blooms are sooo big and loaded. Ginger, if you are down south (and I assume you are) you probably could leave one outside most of the year. but if planted in the ground it may grow too big to bring inside after a few years. I actually intended to plant mine last summer but never got it done and it sat on the deck that Tina and Mr. Fix it built for me after they tore my old one out that had seen better days. It was quite the job when you are on a few days leave from Uncle Sam.

  13. Mom, Did Frankie Alavon sing in Grease? Beauty school drop out, missed your mid terms and flunked shampoooo..That must be where I got it from. Your right about Rudy being from Maine--our local paper has done a seris of him, and a lovely companion, making many, many visits to our opera house.
    I had a poinsetta once, and w/o knowing what it was I watered it like a houseplant. Over time it did bloom again, I threw it out after that because it seemed like it stayed "stick" looking for a looong time.

  14. Dawn, I never saw Grease so do not know. Love ya

  15. Dawn, YES, you've got it. That was Franky alright.