Sunday, December 16, 2007

Flowers in December?

Who would ever expect to have brown eyes and petunias blooming in December? Even after we have had some hard freezes?

The brown eye was found in Skeeter's garden, along with a periwinkle flower. Are the flowers shocked and confused? I think a little. Also, I think these flowers are finally so happy to have some rains they are now trying to bloom their hearts out since they couldn't this summer during "The Drought". This year will go down as a BAD year for gardeners in most of the country.

I was shocked to discover I still had petunias and geraniums. They are in a window box and are located on the railing of my porch under the overhang. The shelter of the roof sure helps them to survive the freezes, still this is not a usual occurance, even for Tennessee. Trees also help to shield plants from freezes. Same principal as when you park your car in the open versus under trees. The car parked in the open will have frost on the windshield, but the one under the tree will not as long as the tree has some leaves or mass to help hold in the earth's heat.

Does anyone else have some flowers still blooming in their gardens which don't normally bloom during this time of year?

in the garden....


  1. Looks like u are in the Christmas spirit with the lights on the porch. Love ya.

  2. Yup, finally. Last year was a bad year for Christmas spirit for us. Too busy doing stuff around the house. This year it is take it easy time.

    The wind is coming your way. We had quite a bit last night. Everything we get heads up your way-though since you are colder you usually get snow where we get rain.

    Good luck on the job. Good it is close to your house. Stay warm and in the house if you can!

  3. Pats won again tonight 14-0

  4. Good deal! Maybe they will make it to the Superbowl.

    Survivor finale is on! I have watched Survivor since it started (though we were in Germany and it was delayed two weeks) and I think this has been the best one ever! Anyone else a Survivor fan?

  5. We are. Watched it from the second one, that one is my fave, Cody, Jeri and Tina! Todd won last night it would of been cool if James got it-forgot to play his idols.
    Will sent a pitcure to find the paper birch, can"t send snowy evergreens-it is very windy today, snow is still flying---of the trees that is, got about another 5 ". Later

  6. While gone this weekend we had some well needed rain! Paper reports it was an all day soaking rainfall so it got into the ground and was not a gully washing run off rain like we usually have with passing storms! Our rain gauge measured 2 and half inches and we have a long way to go to get us out of this drought but this is a nice start…

    The temps fell about 20 degrees for us also but not cold as you all in TN and further north! I still have a fern and another houseplant on the front porch and they are doing well also. Don’t plan to keep them and don’t know anyone that wants them, so just waiting for them to wilt then go into the dirt pile.

  7. I love Survivor and I am not surprised you do too Dawn. When I was in Iraq someone sent me the whole Survivor season that spring on DVD. I found all of the young people in the unit were not fans but they all sat and watched it with me-10 hours worth! The older people were more into it. I think a few people converted to Survivor fans though. I loved this season because of Jamie's faux pas and because of James not playing the immunity idol. HOW DUMB can he be? But he wasn't even mad and he won a $100,000 consolation prize.

    Send me some pictures when your power comes back on (just kidding). Stay warm and inside if you can! Brian tells me he doesn't think they will settle up there-too cold and nothing happens in the winter. Duh!

    Welcome back Skeeter! We got much needed rain up here and I am so glad Georgia got some too. Hopefully that Lake Lanier will fill up. We are in good shape in Clarksville according to the experts. Some areas even flooded.

    I am amazed at how long houseplants and ferns are lasting this year. Maybe yours will still be good come spring and not have to go on the dirtpile?

  8. Doubt that, they are calling for 19-degrees tonight! Now that is cold for down here!

  9. We watched Survivor every Season until this past one. We finally came to the conclusion it was the same game just different people. We did not like the way the younger crowd was so whiney and lazy and it would get us miffed so we stopped watching it after last season. Was good when it first started though and we liked the twist like Men verses Women, Older verses Younger, etc....

  10. You missed a great Survivor season! James had TWO immunity idols and did not play either one and got voted out! It was so funny. He was not even mad. I agree with you about the younger crowd being whiny. But I think the show is really about relationships and people and the dynamics we social beings have in diverse situations. The producers add so many twists and curves it keeps me coming back for more all these years though I did start losing interest last year. This year brought me back.