Saturday, May 9, 2009

Can you name this plant?

Note: This post has been ready for some time but kept getting pushed back for another posting. So as you can see the trees are bare as this was written during winter. Oh well, better late then never. Tomorrow will be more fun with a guessing game and a prize for the winner! Oh goodie, I love games and prizes!

During the winter months when all the trees in our Georgia woods are bare, we still have green within the woods. In this picture above, you will see the clump of green bushes. I call them a clump of bushes because I have no idea what type bushes we have! Even our Master Gardener, Tina was a bit baffled over these bushes. She saw them while on a visit to our "Oasis in the Woods". Her guess was Privet but she was not totally sure.
They seem healthy and grow well with little sun as they are located in the middle of our thick woods. They are lush green, don't produce any berries or blooms and they seem to be growing wild.

In the Garden...


  1. Mornin' Skeeter, I can't believe I just got in here to turn this thing off and here's your post - empty of comments! It's a first for me as I'm usually 40 down the list being in the PNW. LOL
    You said clump of bushes and that pretty much looks like what it is to me. I'm guessing a green clump of bushes. ;-)

  2. American Beech?
    Just guess it from the leave shape from

  3. Hi there Skeeter .. I just had to have a look , but I have no idea what that plant is .. other than looking nice and green and refreshing ? : )

  4. How I wish I could name all of the 'clumps of bushes' growing in our back woods. Sorry, no help here.

  5. Hmm... Privet is evergreen, but has beautiful flowers. Salal? But salal has flowers and berries. Interesting...

  6. I'm sorry I don't know. I have a mystery tree of my own over in my blog. Don't you HATE not knowing what something is?!?!?!?!

  7. In German I know a little tree which looks very familiar... we call it "Faulbaum", but I have to look for the botanical name... bye, maren

  8. Sorry I can't help you with the id either Skeeter. I'll be back to see if anyone has an answer to your question. :)

  9. We have a wild privet that looks so much like your green bush but it has steeple shaped white blooms, sometimes very small and only for a short while. That is so interesting.....must be native to Georgia.

  10. Good morning everyone. Looks like no one has been able to "For Sure" ID this large clump of bushes. Hum, I do think native as they are so lush and healthy and growing like a native in the woods. Good day for a boat ride if I can get the Saint out of bed. Was a late night of dancing and having a good time with some friends...

    Raingardener, Sorry I did not have a prize for the first commenter today! Hey, I will give you a Special Extra thought during the day today, How is that? :-)

    Vuejardin, I went to the site but it is for trees and not bushes. I did a search for leafs of bushes with little luck. Maybe someone can ID this pretty green bush for us today...

    Joy, Hum, this seems to be a mystery bush today. It brightens up the woods during the blahs of winter when the trees have no leaves so I like this bush what ever it may be...

    Darla, There are so many things on our land I cannot name. I need to become really good friends with a native Georgian which knows all this stuff. lol...

    Tatyana, Yep, no berry’s or blooms on this neat bush. Seems to be a mystery today...

    Monica, I will check out your mystery plant as well. It does bug me when I dont know the name of something that I can call mine on my land. I try to research a bit but usually run into dead ends and it is frustrating so I prefer to see if anyone happens to know it on the Blogs. I will Peek in at your tree...

    Maren, I am not sure what this bush could be. Maybe it is something similar as the Faulbaum. I did not pay too much attention to bushes while we lived in Germany so I do not remember this bush over there. I was too busy admiring all the beautiful "Window Boxes" to see the bushes! :-) I do miss those beautiful flowers as we dont have many window boxes in the USA...

    Raquel, Looks like this one may remain a mystery plant. Hum, has me wondering if anyone will be able to name all the pretties I will have for you all tomorrow...

    Dawn, I am thinking Native plant also. Not sure how it was placed in the middle of our woods without the help of a bird and seeds though. Hum, maybe it does have berry’s and I just never see them due to how far in the woods they are located. Maybe someone will pop in here and know the answer...

  11. Maren, The leaves do resemble the faulbaum I found on the internet but they have berrys and mine bush do not. Hum, wonder what this bush could be.....

  12. I don't know either, but any bush that can grow and stay evergreen under trees sounds like a good one to have. Hope you find out the id.

  13. Afternoon all! I promised myself no blogging until the final project was done. For better or worse, it is submitted. Big sigh of relief.

    Anyhow, I still think some kind of privet or wild holly. Don't know. When I first started reading I seemed to remember you mentioning these to me, then you verified it for me. Thanks! Memory not what it used to be for sure. Everyone have a good day. Now on to housework! We had another 6 inches plus of rain overnight. What a rough night. Enough already!!

  14. I can't tell how big those leaves are, might they be edible? like say an avocado or peach?

  15. It's hard to tell from those pictures -- is it Wax Myrtle?

  16. I'm equally stumped, but I will put forward one idea: that these bushes have no berries might be a function of their being in the shade - or is that obvious already? When they were seeded there, it might not have been so shady esp. if the trees around it were young.

  17. You can rule out Privet. They produce flowers and the flowers smell bad to me. I have privet here. Thats about all I can tell you about that clump of bushes(-: At least it is green(-:

    CiNdEeS' GaRdEn

  18. Ms. Skeeter, you said "bushes." How big do these bushes get? I'd almost be willin to bet a Yankee dime that there some type of weed tree sapling instead of a bush.

  19. Well, if it's green and healthy and not poison ivy, I'll probably like it!

  20. I hope someone knows who it is Skeeter! I was very glad my husband had the original garden plans for this place from the previous owners, so I could identify some of the shrubs around here I wasn't sure about.

  21. How about Cherry Laurel (Prunus caroliniana)? The foliage looks like it, but the part about it not flowering throws me, as they should be in bloom now or a few weeks ago down your way. Maybe they are too young, or too shaded.

  22. Catherine, An evergreen in the middle of the woods is a strange thing and I too like them...

    Tina, The memory is shot, because we walked into the woods and talked about these bushes or trees or whatever they are for a bit. You had been on a 6 hour drive so no wonder your memory was a bit shot. lol... 6 inches of rain? Wow that is a lot of rain with the rain you have already been receiving. Good thing Mr Fixit has a boat. You may need to ride it to the gardens for weed pulling....

    Matron, I am not willing to find out if the leaves are edible. If I try them, I may not live to report back to you on this one. So will just admire them without nibbling...

    Sweetbay, I looked Wax Myrtle up on the internet and they do resemble them but no berrys and myrtles have berrys...

    Pomono, The trees surrounding these bush type trees have been there for many years. No sun shining through them in neither summer nor winter as they face the north also...

    Cindee, No blooms or fruit so not sure what they could be. We have a ligustrum/Privet and I dont mind the scent at all. But they bloom about the same time as the Jasmine so that scent may drown out the bad odor you speak of....

    TC, I think they are some type of Privet even though they dont bloom. I did a bit of research since posting this topic today and now believe they are privet. Maybe they do bloom but I dont see them due to how deep they are in the woods. I must go take a look now to see if I can spot some blooms. One place said they are invasive in GA and can sprout as a bush or tree and can grow in sun or shade in moist woods. Unless drought conditions, we have moist woods. Hum, Since it is spring, I need to go take a look for blooms then let yall know if I spot any. And by the way, we dont take Yankee dimes or wooden nickels in our neck of the woods. Tee hee....

    Brenda, you bet we have our share of poison ivy in the woods. One of the reasons I dont spend too much time in them even though I have never had a reaction to it. Our neighbor has it on his hands from cutting down an infested tree a few days ago. Ouch, what an itch...

    Garden Girl, How wonderful you have the plans and names to all the plants in your yard! The previous homeowners must have taken great care of the place to have it all written down. I think that is a wonderful idea to pass along such wonderful information...

    Les, I do believe I am going to take a walk into the woods to see if I can spot any blooms now. The Ligustrum’s that we have planted are in full bloom so if this is a privet, it should also be blooming. We have been in drought conditions for a while and I wonder if that could contribute to the lack of blooms. The shade must apply as well. I need to go check on them as they do closely resemble Privet and also this Cherry laurel you speak of...

  23. Hi Skeeter, real late today {tonight}. I don't have a clue as to what your bushes are but I've seen some similar in the woods here when DH & I use to drive through the woods. If he were here he could ID it for sure. That was his business.
    They do look good though especially in winter for something green.

  24. I went out and gave them a closer look yesterday. They are not blooming so not a Privet as thought. I think they may be some type of small tree but I have no clue as to what. I will call them my mystery plants...

  25. Skeeter, I don't know if those are wax myrtles, but only the female trees have berries.

  26. Sweet bay, I do think they resemble Wax Myrtle. But we have so many of them in the clump that you would think one would be a female. Plus, the internet tells me that Wax Myrtle has a scent and these do not have any type scent to them. Hum, a sure mystery plant to me.

  27. Hi,tiina.

    Really lovely!
    White peonies are so graceful, aren't they?
    Your site is full of information about plants. I enjoy reading every page. Thank you!!!!