Sunday, May 3, 2009

Spring Vacation pt 2 "The Ghost"

Brian, May your day be filled with sunshine and wonderful treats!

Happy Birthday from your mom (Tina) and the rest of us here at, In the Garden

Spring vacation pt 2.

By Skeeter

We had house guest for a week and I played tour guide while taking them to some of my favorite places around town here in Georgia.

One place I try to take visitors, if they have the time, is to the River walk in Downtown Augusta. This old railroad trestle which crosses the Savannah River is always an eye catcher and yes, the train still runs on it and right through the middle of town! We spotted this beautiful bush along the River Walk. I spotted these while in Gulf Shores but failed to snap a picture due to the nasty rainy weather. The Saint informs me that this is a bottle brush bush. How does he know this stuff and I don't?
I can see why they are called Bottle Brush. It seem like you could really scrub a bottle out with the blooms. But not so as the blooms were soft as feathers.

Most of the beautiful Azaleas were past their prime on the River walk, so no pics of those. I did snap a picture of a strange tree that I will add to the game next week of Name these plants Game...
We rushed home to pack our bags for a little over night stay in Charleston, SC. Ah, one of my favorite places to visit. Above you see Smokey, Blue dog and Roxy Bear packed and ready to go in the Lady Bug Bag. Ha, adults and their toys...
Our first stop was to the USS Yorktown air craft carrier. This thing is huge and we walked up and down every single stair (ladder) in the entire ship. Needless to say, our legs were a bit sore after that?
Not only the USS Yorktown is docked at Patriots Point but a Coast Guard, Battleship and Submarine also. So a full day of fun on the ships. One thing I learned for sure, I don't want to live on one of these things.Our friends talked us into staying in a Bed & Breakfast. While in Germany we always stayed in Pensions; which are a B&B type facility, but we had never before stayed in a B&B in the USA so this was going to be a treat for us. As we drove into the driveway, we were surrounded by lush green beauty.
We met with our Hostess and she gave us all the info we needed for a nice stay at the King George IV She mentioned the head of the house was outside planting flowers. I asked if I could join her and she said we were here for vacation and not work. I joked that planting flowers was not work for me. I got that look from the Saint. You know that look, the look of, Don't you even think it girl!...
We could tell this house has been added onto over the years as most old homes and it had such charm.
Beautiful Ferns were hanging on all three floors of balconies.
We were greeted by more Ferns on the entry to our porch as well as two quaint water features on the wall by the door. Our room was beautiful and filled with antique furnishings of the home's era. The room reminded me of my bedroom I had as a child. It was a similar type room with Fireplace, Tall Ceiling, Wood floors, Big windows and all. Ah, the memories of growing up in that old house on Commerce street.
The wallpaper was a bit much, or as the Saint said, "a might Busy"! Thank goodness we like flowers. The beautiful wooden floor and rug made up for the "Busy" wallpaper. Our friends were on the third floor in a suite room. It was furnished with beautiful period antiques as well.
The Sofa was so Victorian and comfy as well. I believe the Inn Keeper told us the painting over the sofa was the original home owner. Notice the TV on the desk behind the Saint? I don't believe it was ever turned on as I know the TV in our room was not. The Saint was relaxing by the fireplace before dinner.
Difficult to see as the sun was coming in the window but this tub is a Claw-foot tub and yep, I took baths in one of those as a child also. This one had a shower, the one in our old house, did not.
The suite also had a kitchen. I wanted to take that Cafe Table and Chairs home to put in my Garden. tee hee...
We had a nice dinner in town then toured around until the sun went down then back to our friends suite for drinks.
When the Saint and I went back to our room, he crawled into bed and set the alarm clock to wake us up to meet our friends for breakfast. I had our travel alarm clock with us also and set it as a back up in case the other clock's alarm did not work. The room's clock was just like the clock we have at home and we knew it would probably work but I am a "Just in Case" kind of gal. After I set the alarm, I picked up a journal from the mantel and started to read the entries. These journals are written by guests of the room with a little tale of their stay. I kept noticing references to a ghost name Paul being in Room 1. I asked the Saint what room we were in and he said I think 5. I said, nope, I think our friends are in room 5. I got out of bed and looked at our key number and it was indeed room number 1. Arg, we are in a room with a ghost Saint! With having a few drinks in me, I decided I was not scared of a ghost and played it off as a prank by previous guests of the room. During the night, every time I woke up, I looked around the room to see if we had company. Yep, I was thinking maybe we did have someone in our room with us.

The next morning both alarm clocks went off at the same time. I thought that kind of funny as no two clocks are set at the same time down to the second. I got up first and jumped into the shower and right out. No Hot Water! Arg, I joked that maybe Paul the Ghost took our hot water away. lol. That was the quickest shower I ever had in my life and the hair dryer felt so good while drying my hair!
The Saint got ready then we headed out the door for breakfast. That is when I noticed my watch was an hour behind in time. I assumed the battery had stopped. I mentioned it to the Saint and his watch had the same time as me. Hum, we then looked at the clocks in the room and they both were an hour ahead of time! Okay, what is going on here. I know my clock was correct as I set the time when we were packing at home the night before because the battery fell out! I also looked at the clock when we got into bed when setting the alarm! We stalled a bit, then went on to the breakfast room as our key would open the door and we could at least get coffee and take it back to our room or sit on the porch while sipping and waiting for our friends to meet us.

Once in the breakfast room, the host and hostess were there getting breakfast ready. I apologized for being in so early and went on to tell them about the clocks and time difference from our watches. They laughed and said Paul had done it. Ah, there was a ghost in our room! He went on to tell the story of a Italian boy born with a defect to his body. At about age 15, he took his life in the bed and his spirit seems to stay with the bed no matter where the bed goes. He said that the Charleston Ghost Tour stops outside our window as the last stop on the tour and tells the tale of Paulo or Paul as they call him.

Ironic thing, we had talked about taking the Ghost tour but no one really pushed this idea as I reckon all our legs were so sore from the stairs on the Yorktown ship! I would have died if we had taken the tour and it ended at our bedroom window! At least I had a drink in me when I suspected we had a ghost in the room. Oh, and the hot water is also a Paul Prank played often to guest. Everyone else had hot water in the house but us and we were not the last ones up, remember, our clocks were set early! I sure could have used the extra hour of sleep but we do have a funny story to tell of our first stay at a Bed and Breakfast while in Charleston! After breakfast, we went back into the room and the room clock was set to the normal time while my travel clock was still an hour early. (Twilight Zone music begins to play here)

We only stayed one night and I cannot help but wonder, would I have stayed a second night had we been reserved the room? Hum, would you??? Paul also plays with keys but our room key was where we left it but later on that day, I could not find the keys in my purse without a massive search and I don't have much in my purse!
So if you are a ghost hunter and want to sleep with Paul the Ghost of Charleston, check out room number 1 at the King George IV Inn at 32 George Street. Hide your keys and set the alarm on your cell phone as I don't know if Paul knows how to mess with a cell phone clock.... (Web sight does not mention a Ghost so next time we stay in a B&B, you are sure to know we will first ask about ghost's!)Paul was at least a funny ghost but the next one may not be so funny. hummmm
Once all the ghost tales died down, we took the Harbor Tour boat ride. We saw sights such as this unique light house at Ft Moultrie. Notice the lighthouse is not round.
Fort Sumter can be seen while on this boat ride. The fort is on an island accessible only by boat.
The breathtaking view of the new bridge and many other interesting sights can be seen as well while on this wonderful cruise.
We managed a little stroll along the white beach of Ft. Moultrie.
And saw the cannons of many a battle.
Once away from the land of Charleston Ghost, we were back in our neck of the woods in Georgia. I took our guest's to another of our favorite places in our county being the Augusta Canal. The Pink and White Azaleas were still in bloom and so pretty with the Spanish moss drapping in the trees.
This place sure captivates the mind with its beauty. It sure says the Deep South!
We ended our vacation with this years maiden voyage of the "Liquid Asset" on Clark Hill Lake, That would be Strom Thurmond Lake to those living in South Carolina. Captain Saint took us on a wonderful lake cruise, one of many I hope to come this year since we are out of the drought and the lake once again has water!

This concludes SPRING VACATION part 2 for me. Now it is time to get back In the Garden...

I enjoyed my extended vacation but sure did fall behind in my garden, house and blog play! The past week I have pulled weeds until my hands are green! The fun vacations the past month are only to be relived through Photographs as it is back to work now. I hope to be caught up on everything soon so I can get back to visiting blogs!


  1. so many nice pictures, is great to see and happy birthaday for Brian !!! Kathrin aus Bremen

  2. I woke up early and decided to check to make sure the blog posted correctly. I thought Maybe Paul had followed me home and was going to mess with the time of the computer. LOL... Back to the warm bed now...

    Kathrin, thank you and I am glad you enjoyed the pictures.

  3. Sounds like you're having (or had) a wonderful vacation. And that bottle brush bush is indeed impressive.

  4. Happy Birthday to Tina's boy Brian:0)

    Skeeter this post and yesterdays were awesome -great pictures. Makes me wish I was there --just gorgeous flowers and lovely sights. Wow, some great vacation memories indeed! Have a great Sunday!!! My new lil bundle is in my arms --must go:0)

  5. Hi Skeeter, I love Charleston...we often stay on Folly Beach and trek into the city for dinner and shopping! Walking down the old streets and peaking into the gardens is a pleasant way to spend a morning. ((We've never been there in time for official garden tours...that will go on the list.) Great shot of the new bridge! The old one was quite an adventure to drive over!

    I have mixed feelings about B&B's...they are often quant and historical, but come with plumbing problems! Thanks for sharing your vacation with us~~gail

    Tina, I hope Brian has a delightful birthday...Happy Birthday. gail

  6. Hi Skeeter and Tina and all, first off, happy birthday to Brian! Skeeter, your tale is well told and so exciting, if just a little bit eeries. I do love Charleston and everything about, having been there many times but never stayed in a B and B there. Your place looked lovely and yes, you will always have this story in the repertoire to tell. Glad Paulo was only fooling with your clocks and hot water and nothing more serious. :-) Also glad you were somewhat desensitized!

  7. You had an interesting adventure with the ghost Skeeter, being he was a boy when he died that explains the tricks he played on you! ;) I'm sure you are glad to be back in the garden. Happy B-day to Tina's son!

  8. Looks like you had such a wonderful time, Skeeter! Thanks for taking us along. I've only stayed in a B&B once, but I love the furnishings compared to the standard motel fare. But a ghost? I don't think I would have slept a wink! I'm glad he only fooled with your clocks and hot water.

  9. Good morning everyone! Finally out of bed now. Tough to sleep when you have a whining cat trying to get you out of bed so she can get into it. Arggg..

    Monica, “Had” is the word we are now using. I had a wonderful spring break but now hard at it back to work in the yard, house and running errands trying to catch up from all the missed time at home. Why does everything pile up while I'm away? You would think that during vacations, a Fairy would come take care of it all for me...

    Anonymous, Ah, reading "In the Garden" with your bundle in your arms! Great way to get him adjusted to the Garden life! :) I do have some great and not so great memories but will dwell on the great ones and not the crummy weather in the Gulf...

    Gail, As close as we live to Charleston, we should check into the Garden Tour schedule! I would love to take a garden tour while there, that would be awesome to say the least! This was my first B&B experience so I have not written them off just yet. The plumbing issues are only in this room and a plumber was called once when the water would not come on. Plumber found no problems then water came back on. Paulo the stinker lol...

    Frances, I too was glad I was desensitized or I may not have stayed in the room after reading the journals! lol, I think they should inform people of a house ghost when booking a room! Someone else might have gone over the edge staying in the room...

    Raquel, The ghost experience is a tale I will mention for years to come! I need a tee shirt that reads "I slept with a ghost and survived"! lol. I was not so happy about all the weeds I came back to in the garden but I am slowly getting there. Not many bulbs are popping up as I think the soggy ground may have rotted them. Arg, if so, I have more planting to get to...

    Everyone have a great day!

  10. Rose, this was my first experience as well. Frances says that plumbing is usually an issue at B&B's and we do like a good shower with proper pressure and water while traveling so I am not sure we will continue to use them but not giving up on them just yet as it was a fun experience staying at this one. But Charleston is such a fun place, I will overlook this water issue this time. Plus the Ghost tale is a wonderful thing to share with others...

  11. wow you are going to need a vacation from your vacation. you did a lot. i love b&b's but some can be a little old and dusty. most have charming hosts and are unique. have fun catching up with your garden...

  12. für eueren blog :

  13. I love ghost stories(-: Sounds like you had fun in spite of that!!! Lots of pretty pictures!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!(-:
    CiNdEeS' GaRdEn

  14. To Brian, my 4th grandchild and oldest grandson, I hope your day is great and filled with happiness!!! Also to my next born grandchild who also has a birthday today. Love you Brian and Stevie.

    Love the Bottle Brush Tree. I have seen them in FL and they are awesome.

    Geez I think I would have had to stay another night there just to see if Paulo messed with me again.

  15. Welcome home Skeeter, my goodness youhad a great trip!
    Happy Birthday to Brian.

  16. Happy Birthday Brian!

    The place you stayed was beautiful. I don't know if I could've stayed in a room with a ghost. I get scared easily enough without any around. It sounds like you had a really nice time though.

  17. Oh my what a fun story of the ghost! That would be so neat! Good thing it is only a mischievious ghost. Too funny playing with the clocks! Your vacation looks great. And that B & B fun, despite Paul. I am thinking you will have many many more boat cruises this season-tons of rain! At least here. I remember visiting a battleship in Wilmington NC, and I loved it! That looks like a fun tour-good exercise too I am thinking. You have a good day and relax now. I'm busy rearranging furniture.

    Mom, I forgot Steven's birthday on this day too. So sorry! Here is a Happy Birthday to Steven, my nephew and just two years younger than Brian. And Happy Birthdays to anyone one else reading this blog who were born today.

  18. What a great trip!!!! Looks like ya;ll had a great time! Those pesky ghosts!!!!

  19. Happy birthday all!
    Skeeter, I was having goosebumps when reading about Paul, me thinks perhaps he likes the wallpaper!

  20. Happy Birthday to Brian & Steven. May you have many more.
    Skeeter you all sure had an adventure. Funny, I'm reading about ghosts in Tn. A book I picked up at LBL when we up that way.
    I sure like those pics.


    Marmee, I need another vacation already as it has been work work work since returning home. I dont think I will ever catch up...

    Kathrin, Danke...

    Cindee, Am glad you enjoyed the story. I am shocked that I took living the story so well as I dont consider myself one to mess with a ghost. Just glad Paul was a prankster and nothing more. :) If we ever stay in another B&B, we will be sure to ask about ghosts before booking a room! I am not sure I could deal with a scary ghost as I did with Paul the prankster…

    Jean, I loved the bottle brush also and noticed them in Gulf Shores, I was upset that I failed to snap a pic of one while there then found this one right here in Augusta! I was so excited to see it and up close verses from the car window. They are beauties and I would love to have one. Now that I know they will live here, I may invest in one some day! Now Jean, you are so brave and I never thought of it that way. It would have been interesting to see if the strange things would happen a second time. But then again, a cold shower two days in a row does not sound so fun to me. Burrrr, that was cold...

    Janet, Thanks! It is wonderful to take vacations but also great to be back home in your own bed after awhile. At least these trips did not all take place without a little home time in between...

    Catherine, I am such a worry wart and jumpy person so for me to stay in the room possibly knowing there could be a ghost was a big step for me. Maybe the few cocktails before bed helped to ease my mind lol I dont know but am glad I stuck it out and did not wake anyone up with me whining for me to get another place to stay. I think they would have all been upset with me including the Saint...

    Tina, I told you I had a good one to Share! The Jimster might enjoy staying in this room sometime so keep it in mind. But if you know about Paul, I wonder would he still make an appearance? The ship visits were awesome! I was shocked as to how much they had on the Yorktown. It was practically a floating city! We are not getting all the rain you guys are up there. We had 1/4 inch over night and no more this past week so we could use it. I hate to say that as my backyard is still moist but the front dry as a bone. If only I could get it to rain in the front and not the back. lol. But thus far, the lake seems to be holding water for boat rides. I hope you had fun moving furniture around. I am sure you are making lots of adjustments with furniture and all for a good cause for sure :) Ops, we messed up on Steven's birthday :(, Hope he forgives us.

    Dirt Princess, Oh yes we had a great time but even though we did a lot in the past month, it went by so quickly. While the everyday household and chores piled up. Arg, Back to work now. That Paul could have just played with the clocks and left the water alone and that would have been okay. A cold shower was not so fun lol...

    Dawn, Yep that was probably it, I made fun of the wallpaper and Paul took revenge on us for that! ROFLOL It is so funny to know we slept with a ghost and did not even really know it until the next morning. But you better bet, I will ask about ghosts before our next B&B visit! I will be on the opposite side of the house or go to the next one all together...

    Lola, Did you read about the Bell Witch yet? She is a legend in our area of TN. As teenagers, we would go to the Bell Witch Cave and pretty much get freaked out by strange happens so I do believe in ghost. A big group of us went to the cemetery on Halloween night and it was so scary even with all the silliness going on with everyone. I never went back again. I was afraid she may follow me home or something. Would not want that to happen...

    Gisele Schoene, We did have a great time and I wish I were still traveling but now time to stay home and get things back to normal. I am wondering how long that will take me...

  22. Skeeter, yes I have read about the Bell Witch. I didn't know about all these ghosts till I read about them. Austin Peay {sp} has a ghost too. I also read the book about the Ky. ghost.Interesting to say the least.

  23. Lola, I had no idea that Austin Peay had a ghost! And I grew up two streets away from the college!

  24. Hi Tina, I was leaving a comment on this a few days ago when my internet went out! Drat! I'm back now. Sounds like you had a really great and memorable trip. Charleston and Savannah are both such charming Southern towns. The story about Paul is quite frightening, especially since you didn't plan on staying in a haunted hotel. It least nothing worse happened and you just a great story and vacation memories.

  25. Womanandflowers, Skeeter posting this one today. Sorry for the confusion as we do that at times. It was a bit eerie being in the room with a ghost but not confirmed until the next day so not so bad until knowing for sure. A prankster, I can deal with. :) We go to Savannah about once a year as well. We usually visit during low seasons to avoid the crowds. We are planning a visit there this fall...