Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Gift from Dan

By Skeeter

It is always fun to read other Garden Blogs although I have not had the time lately to visit many. The spring planting season keeps me busy in my Georgia Garden and not on the computer so much. The Blogging world is full of fun and interesting people with wonderful new ideas. I learn something new every day while blogging! One of those new things I learned was there is such a thing as purple tomatoes! When Dan from the Urban Veggie Garden talked about them, I was intrigued. Dan offered to send me some seeds and just as promised, they arrived in the mail.
I put some of the seeds into small containers and moisten them well with warm water.
Then to the tray they went.
Plastic lid on top and in front of a sunny window in the sun room to sprout.
This is one of two reasons why I don't like to fool with seeds, seedlings and all plants in this house. Sheba (one of the two) was table-side as soon as I placed the tray in that spot. Those cats don't miss much!
I have never really had much luck with starting anything from seeds inside but was keeping my fingers crossed for Good Luck just the same. Oh happy day when two of the seeds sprouted for me!
I tried my luck with more seeds but to no avail. I am saving the last few to place directly into the soil once we get the Veggie Garden tilled.
The Veggie Garden soil remains too soggy to til so for now the tomatoes were transplanted into larger containers.
They did not handle the transaction well and I was worried that I was going to loose them.
But as you can see, one is taking off and doing really great now. The other one is still chugging along and hopefully it will survive the transplant and a second transplant into the ground once it is ready for planting.
I am hoping to sink my teeth into my first purple tomato this summer. And if I do, it is all thanks to blogging and A GIFT FROM DAN, In the Garden...

Again, thanks for this gift Dan. Even if I fail, it has been fun trying my hand at raising a purple tomato from such a tiny seed!


  1. It is nice to share seeds among gardeners. I am sure your purple tomatoes will take off very well and healthy. Good luck!

  2. I am always in awe of veggies crown from tiny seeds .. it is hard to fathom such potential at times from an impossible speck of matter : )
    I love that Sheba knows (you know she knows there are seddlings to be had if possible ? LOL)

  3. Skeeter,
    I hear that they are an excellent cancer prevention food and the powers that be are currently doing research on them. Good luck, I'll be waiting for pictures!--Randy

  4. I think I told you I have maters in containers and they are thriving well. Yours will do wonderfully!!

  5. How nice! And now it is tomato time!

  6. Good job Skeeter! I am looking forward to seeing those purple tomatoes in your garden. You did so good with the seeds! And that silly ole Sheba. She just knows doesn't she? Dirt-I get to dig and play:)

  7. I haven't had a lot of luck with starting seeds indoors either, Skeeter, but my, your tomatoes are doing great! I first saw the Cherokee Purple on another blog last summer and decided to try them, too. I have a few little seedlings--though not nearly as big as yours. I'm hoping they're ready to be put in the ground; it's finally dried off enough here that I can actually plant again.

  8. I can't wait to see a purple tomato. I wonder if the color makes them much more pleasant tasting?

  9. Great going Skeeter. I've heard of these also but haven't seen any. I've wondered if the taste was near what I've heard it to be. Let us know how it taste.
    I would like to try some of these as I am trying more heirloom type this yr.

  10. Good morning everyone! We plan to get the veggie garden tilled today before the expected rain falls! Our next door neighbor is so far ahead of us with his garden which I inspired. Not fair I gave him inspiration and he has more! Saint has gone to pick up his tiller so he can get the garden turned.. lol...

    Vuejardin, It is fun to pass along seeds from one garden to another. And hopefully, the tomatoes will provide us with some fruit...

    Joy, It does amaze me how something so tiny can produce something I can actually eat! Sheba does not miss much in this house. She is the clown cat that keeps us laughing with her antics so we will keep her around and fight off her paws when necessary. lol...

    Randy, what a wonderful thing to learn about the purple tomatoes this morning! All the more reason why I should be growing and eating them!

    Darla, I was thinking of maybe keeping the purple one in the container just to see if it will make it. I may put the second one in the ground. I have seen patio tomatoes but I know that tomatoes like to run deep with roots and my pots may not be large enough. Hum, what to do....

    Janet, I can’t wait to sink my teeth into a fresh ripe tomato! I am a bit behind in getting them into the ground but hopefully today will be the day!

    Tina, I never have luck with starting seeds so imagine my surprise when I had not one but two pop up for me! I hope to get them into the ground soon or may just leave in the pots for a while longer. What do you think??? Pots or ground??? Sheba is a little mess no doubt...

    Rose, I am so glad you had luck with seeds also! So exciting to start something from a seed but so much easier to purchase a small slip instead. :-) The kitties are a big issue for me and I am bad about over watering when too young also. This time I made an effort to keep kitties away and not water as often. It worked! It is drying out here as well but we keep getting more rain to mess things up again. Arg, cant even get the boat to the now full lake with all this threat of rain, too scary on the lake with a storm brewing...

    Dawn, I have never seen much less tasted a purple tomato before so looking forward to my first bite! I wonder if my mind will play tricks on me or not when taking a bite. Maybe it will taste like grape candy. tee hee...

  11. Lola, It will be a new experience for me with the purple tomato! I cant wait to sink my teeth into one. Have you been receiving all that rain we are hearing about? Sounds like some are in deep water now. I guess I cannot complain about a soggy yard when others are walking on water!

    Okay, Saint is back with the tiller and ready to get started in the garden. Yippee, we get to till the soil...

  12. Is this an heirloom tomato? I love the color, shapes, and flavors of the heirlooms! Looking forward to seeing the fruit!

  13. Great job of starting the purple mater from seed. I love starting mine from seed as I just love watching them take shape. Was ever so nice of Dan to share. Never saw a purple mater before and look forward to seeing you post when it is ready to eat and on the taste of it.

  14. I am so happy to see that your tomatoes are doing so well. I was trying to spot them in your veggie garden post on the 20th. Before you know it they will be huge and full of fruit!

    I have a bunch of the Vinca growing and they will be planted in the urns our front. I also have a couple of the Marigolds growing too and they will be planted in the veggie patch this weekend. Nice trading with you :-)

  15. So far so good, Skeeter. No rain since late yesterday. Overcast & Grey out. May get more rain.
    I hate that I can't get out & at least walk around my yard. I bout need a pontoon.
    I heard that the Cherokee Mater was used by the Cherokee for yrs. as that was the only kind that they had.
    So glad Dan shared with you.
    I've looked for one here but to no avail. Maybe next yr. I can find some seed.

  16. Aren't garden bloggers the best? :) Good job Skeeter on your indoor sowing of those Purple Cherokee Tomatoes. They look happy & healthy and I look forward to seeing your harvest this summer. :)

  17. I don't even seem to have much luck planting seeds outside! And there's no way inside my cats wouldn't be sneaking into it!

  18. Monica, You will have to ask Dan that question as I have no idea. I just know it is a purple tomato and I actually got it to grow from seed. Yippee!

    Jean, Dan posted on the purple tomato way back on his blog. I was intrigued by it and made mention about the post. He offered to send me some seeds and I accepted. Hesitantly as I never have much luck with seeds but as you can see, lucky for now...

    Dan, Thank you so much once again for encouraging me to give the seeds a try! I am excited about them getting this big and hopefully, I will be eating them before long. I am glad the flowers are coming up for you. I knew you had mentioned the Marigolds were not having any luck but reckon they decided to gift you with plants after all! Great and cant wait to see them in a post. I need to get back to reading blogs but so busy these days with house guest, the garden and travels....

    Lola, Sorry about all the rain you are receiving, we too are getting our share but nothing like you all are. If I get a tomato to grow, then I will pass along some seeds to you from the fruit! That would be fun to pass along a seed from Dan passing along a seed! Stay dry and rest up while you cannot get into the yard. Soon you will be at it again....

    Raquel, Yes, Garden Bloggers are the best indeed! We all seem to enjoy sharing and helping others in their gardens when help is needed! Blogging has really opened up so many new doors for me. To think, I may soon be eating a Purple Tomato!

    Brenda, I cannot tell you how much stuff I tried to grow from seed last year in the house with little to no luck. I had to hide it all from the kitties and that only made them angry at me for closing doors. They do not like a door closed in their face. lol...

  19. Brenda, forgot to say I am glad the froggie made it to Texas without getting any broken bones! Enjoy it! :-)

  20. Too late. Rain is here still. Arrrrg
    I think we've had enough for a spell. Anything I planted in the ground is history.

  21. Sheba is gorgeous. I love the purple and black tomatoes, but unfortunately they are not the most disease resistant.

  22. That is great. It is fun trying seeds from other gardeners. I was given 2 tomato seeds from someone and one germinated and looks very healthy.
    I can't wait to see what a purple tomato looks like inside.

  23. I hope all have a great Memorial weekend.

  24. I have a photo of them that I am going to put up when I post about all the flowers I started from seed. I will probably have it up near the end of the week or next weekend.

  25. tomatoes have made think they were dead before bouncing back to great health... that was when they were neglected and got way dry inside my greenhouse at work.

  26. Lola, we can’t win for loosing with the rain either! We tilled the garden on Saturday and were all excited because it was drying out then another one inch rainfall fell on it. Argggg. I dont know if we will have a veggie garden this year or not...

    Sweet Bay, dont jinx me on the talk of diseased tomatoes! lol, I hope to get them into the ground soon so we will see what happens next. Sheba has not always been a beauty. She arrived as a stray from the woods being all ragged and sad looking. She is now a beauty and Queen of the house and also a stinker...

    Catherine, I too can hardly wait to see the inside of a purple tomato! I hope I can get it to the fruit stage but with all this rain we keep receiving, I am not sure it will go into the ground just yet...

    Kathrin, It is great to pass along seeds from one garden to another! It is fun to see what will grow from seed....

    Lola, I too hope all had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. It was a wet one for us but we still enjoyed some time with friends over the weekend...

    Dan, I will be looking for the photos. Hopefully, I will get back to blogging again this week. I am so far behind on many blogs but just a few behind on your blog...

    Wayne, I bet you really have to keep an eye on plants in a greenhouse in the heat! My parents have a glass room added to their house many years ago and it gets really hot out there in the summer. Wish I had it to over winter some plants. I always buy the sad looking plants on the bargain rack at stores and am amazed as to how they spring back to life with a little TLC....