Wednesday, May 13, 2009

He's Moved Home Again!

This post is long overdue. I am so darned happy to write it finally too. Many of you have wondered how I spend so much time blogging. Well, you are about to find out.

First of all let me say I am a very loyal person and faithful. I work hard to be diligent in all I do. I think blogging is important for not only me but for others I talk to. I remember what it was like just beginning to blog and wondering if anyone was reading or even cared what I thought about gardening. Once the first comments came to this blog I realized, hey, some folks are actually reading!! And that made me happy. It made me feel like all my hard work was worth the time.

The more folks commented, the more I commented and talked and conversations began. From conversations friendships developed. One thing led to another and before I knew it I felt as though I knew the people I spoke to on this blog and on their own blogs.

Personalities DO come out in blogs. I have had the pleasure of meeting several bloggers not only in Tennessee, but from as far away as Florida, Georgia, Maine, and Ohio. Blogging changed a bit further for me because not only did I have relationships with people on this blog, but I also got to know them outside of the blog.

Whenever I speak to someone on here it is as though I speak to them in person. I know it is not always the same on the Internet as in person, but one single point remains-you do develop relationships (and hopefully friendships) with folks on blogs, not all, but some for sure. It takes two way conversation in addition to having common interests. Hence, comments and 'talking' are a big part of this blog.

Once these relationships developed, a commitment came about that I placed upon myself. I really want to talk to all my friends on here and do so by commenting on their blogs as well as this one. More and more folks began commenting and I began knowing more and more people which took more and more time. Wow! Lots of time!

I enjoy the social interaction, the learning, and all the tours to other gardens I may not ever have seen otherwise. I've learned so much and gained so much more than I ever expected when I first began blogging nearly two years ago. But again, anyone who blogs knows blogging takes time and a commitment. I've already explained my commitment thing, now onto the time.

Where do I get the time? I am very efficient and have a system but mainly the big reason I have time to blog is because my husband (Mr. Fix-it, aka Roger) lives in another state! Yes, it is true. He has lived in Indiana since August of 2005, but now his tour of duty in Evansville Indiana has come to an end and he has moved back home!!!

Let me explain lest anyone get the wrong idea-Lola-no panics now:)) Regular readers know my husband is a recruiter. He is an Army recruiter; a very important job as we all know. Without recruiters there might not be an all volunteer Army. As much maligned as recruiters are, I can honestly say from my experience in the Army, recruiters are the hardest working men and women in the Army! My husband would much rather suffer the hardships in Iraq
(he's been already) or Afghanistan than serve even one more day in recruiting. Recruiting is tough, but Mr. Fix-it is a professional and had a job to do, so he did it, and did it well.

In November 2004 we were notified by the Department of the Army that Mr. Fix-it was selected for recruiting duty. Normally, recruiters selected for this type of duty are required to serve for three years. Sometimes recruiters don't even make it one year due to the grueling hours and tough sales experience it requires of the men and women. Mr. Fix-it was due to attend recruiting school in Fort Jackson, South Carolina, then he would report to his recruiting station in August 2005. Fine. Fair enough. Three years is not so long really. This is part of Army life and we accepted it completely, all the while hoping his recruiting duty would see him here close to home-preferably in Clarksville.

Alas, it was not to be. Mr. Fix-it was assigned to the Indianapolis Recruiting Battalion, with duty in Evansville, Indiana. His last duty station in this company saw him recruiting soldiers in Jasper, Indiana; while the company headquarters is located in Bloomington. This is a hard tour for regular Army soldiers (think lots of driving and oh yes, let's throw in a time difference because Indiana is one of those states that-well, let's just say there are two time zones!) because of the unavailability of normal Army logistics and because of working totally in the civilian world. Civilians have a totally different mentality than Army folks, or even folks in a city around an Army town. At any rate, Mr. Fix-it has been tremendously successful in his job of recruiting. He earned one of the Army's highest recruiting awards, the gold Recruiter ring. I am SO proud of him and even posted about it
here. He may consider it more of a war trophy, but I am ecstatic he earned it!! So he gave it to me. Ha! Funny guy huh?

Recruiting soldiers in a time of war is pretty difficult. While I love the folks in southern Indiana, they are very anti Army when it comes to their kids serving in the Army. I kind of don't blame them. The Army certainly comes with risks, but so does every day life; there are no guarantees. I have two daughters who have served in the Army (one is in right now) so I talk from an experienced point of view. There is nothing wrong with wanting your son or daughter close to home, but if that son or daughter wishes to join the military-then the parent should be supportive and not hate the recruiter. 'Nuff said on this issue. Just know recruiters have a tough job.

Recruiting saw Mr. Fix-it working 60-80 hour workweeks. All hours of every day of the week were fair game. He has received phone calls on his Army issued cell phone at 2 am while on vacation, to 10 am on Christmas day. Yes, such is the life. All part of the job I guess, but not so conducive to family life. As such, we made the difficult decision to maintain two separate households while Mr. Fix-it was a recruiter. Logically, living apart in order to maintain our home and life here in Tennessee made sense to us. Not only were there long hours to contend with (think NO family dinners due to work commitments), there was the issue of Jimmy and his school. Selling or renting our Tennessee home was not an option. Living apart and purchasing a 'temporary' home was the only route we could go. Mr. Fix-it could concentrate on his very important recruiting duties while in Evansville, and then he could focus on family when the time was right-mainly weekends.

Evansville is a short two hour drive from our home in Tennessee. Either the Jimster and I drove up to Evansville (with all dogs in tow) or Mr. Fix-it drove down to Tennessee every single weekend. By the time 2008 came around we were getting excited about Mr. Fix-it's tour of duty coming to an end. It HAD been three years! A quick email to the Department of the Army asking when he would receive his next assignment and could it be Fort Campbell brought us a BIG shock. Mr. Fix-it was extended for an extra nine months. Instead of his tour of duty ending in August 2008 as it should have, it was now scheduled to end the following April (now May).

I must say somewhere along the way the Army Recruiting Command changed its procedures for operations. Instead of working unGodly hours and beating up their 'salesmen' each day, they switched to a 'team concept'. This concept allowed the recruiters some more time off and took off a lot of pressure. Also, about this time the economy began tanking and guess what? The Army began getting lots of men and women who all of a sudden wanted to join the Army. And, the folks who are currently in the Army, want to stay! The Army now found itself in a good position and is actually shortening some recruiter's tours, not Mr. Fix-it's though, but he is done nonetheless!

I started this blog in the fall of 2007; which was about one year prior to Mr. Fix-it being scheduled to come home. I had plenty of time to blog since he lived elsewhere. Jimmy and I do our own thing so I had lots of flexibility (think plenty of frozen dinners whenever I was done gardening or blogging or whatever). We saw hubby on the weekends, vacations, and special occasions such as Army sponsored trips to Great Wolf Lodge and the Sheraton in Indianapolis (boy was that cool!), and we spoke to each other each and every day; without fail. Time moved on and before we knew it the tour of duty ended. Mr. Fix-it has been reassigned to Fort Campbell so he has moved back in!!!

This is such a wonderful thing for us all and we are very happy to have him home. He's been living here now for a few weeks and we have needed no adjustment to our schedules-except one. He goes to sleep with the television on. This is not my thing so he says for me to stay up and blog. Yup! Go figure! By the time I go to bed the television is off and all is well. We've adjusted well and at that is awesome! Jimmy is very happy to have his Dad home now.

What does this mean for my blogging? We shall see. I am going to have to re-prioritize without doubt. I will always blog as I learn so much and enjoy the interaction, but I may not be as diligent as I have always been. I don't think that will be an issue for my blogging friends BUT it is an issue for me. I have to get over it though because things will change for me somewhat. I simply will not want to be on here as much as I was prior to Mr. Fix-it coming home. I have established a pattern and habits that will be hard for me to change, but change they will. There is so much to be done around the house-and I am not even talking the garden. I am not exactly sure how things will pan out with blogging, perhaps I may not post as often. Or perhaps I may not comment as often, I just don't know. I do plan to keep my standard day postings for sure. As far as other posts I have about 50 in the hopper still and more come every single day. Posts that are important for me to share (in my opinion) but maybe not so important at all in the big picture of things may just sit in the hopper and never be posted. Preparing posts takes time, as does visiting and commenting and so on. We shall see how I can balance it all but I can see I will be without a doubt spending less time blogging, though he's been home for two weeks now and I've only slightly slowed down, so we'll see. For now I plan to do like I always try to do and take it
one day at a time....

in the garden....

P.S. Mother's Day saw us in Evansville finally moving the last of the furniture down here to Tennessee. Fortunately it didn't rain too hard on our uncovered trailer-so much for weather reports!

I did get in a short garden visit to my friend's house with the lovely irises. She of course, shared some more with me. I will always remember Mr. Fix-it's days in Evansville as days of good shopping, beautiful plants and outdoor things, and nice folks.

I hope we can still visit often and sell our house soon! Wish us luck as the economy is so bad there that we may be lucky to sell our house for what we paid for it four years ago! Not a happy day for us at all.

P.P.S. Sorry such a long post-but you all know me! Feel free to skip over it quickly!! But now you know how I got into blogging and how I have been able to spend so much time on here. It has all been a joy, and good thing Mr. Fix-it is such a good guy to understand.

I made the sign in the picture above back in 2004 when Roger returned from a one year deployment to Iraq. Little did I know I would have a reason to use it again.

in the garden....working very hard lately.


  1. We all understand, Tina. I'm sure changes are difficult - to me they're hard. I'm a person who gets too very comfortable with my environment and even a small change upsets me, but changes is what happens in our lives and we've got to modify ourselves to it. It was not long at all. In fact I thought the post ended too quickly. LOL! No, seriously. I realize what great a great service your hubby has rendered to your country! Convey my regards to him :)

  2. Good morning Tina, didn't realize that your hubby was still active duty. Know you had said you had retired, so I thought likewise for him. Second, wow, living apart for the entire tour. Man. We never had to do that other than wartime duty. (that was rotten enough)
    We will understand you being less active here, hope all settles in to an easy fashion. (I know what you mean about the TV- mine leaves it on when he is TDY, so when he gets home, he does the same) Enjoy being a complete household once again.

  3. Dear Tina and Roger, I am so happy for a reunited family, Jimster too! You guys will work out your schedules over time to something everyone is happy with. I know you, and know you will see to it! Welcome home from all of us, Roger. Thanks for your fine service, we do appreciate your efforts.

  4. Hi Tina, how happy you must be. I didn't realize your husband was gone as I've seen him mentioned here and there.
    I'm sure everyone who loves coming here will understand your priorities - gotta keep those sweeties happy. If you slow down we'll miss seeing you as much but stuff happens.
    Welcome home to Roger.

  5. Hi Tina - I often wondered how you managed to find so much time to blog and comment, made me feel inadequate but now I understand. I'm really pleased your husband is home and will certainly understand if you arent around quite so much.

  6. I am so happy he is home now. I see how you have had so much time to devote to blogging, and we all enjoy and learn so much from all your post. Just do what you will all work out into a schedule. Have fun the garden!
    PS-good luck with the house sale--hope it goes fast!! :)

  7. Hi Tina - Just want to say "Hi" on the blog to you and Roger and the Jimster too! I am so happy you are all together again.

  8. Hi Tina, I'm so happy for your reunited family. Take your time, blog when yoo have time doing it. Most inportant now is to take your time with our husband, I can amagine your happy having him home again / gittan

  9. Dear Tina, Yeah! I am so glad the move came off without too much of a hitch...(I now just count on rain when I plan anything). It's good the family is together again! I can relate...for the first year of blogging Mr I traveled a he is home and he really does like to spend time with me! Until we can clone ourselves we only have so much time! Loved ones take priority! Have a good day in the garden~~I see rain clouds and the air feels wet! Gail

  10. How wonderful to have hubby back home. Mr Wonderful's name is Roger also.

  11. Big changes to adjust to. Tina, I wouldn't worry about any commitment you feel to blogging. It's for personal satisfaction and enjoyment. Do what makes you feel good. I'm really happy for you and your family. It's hard living apart and so many sacrifices have to be made.

    BTW, good luck on selling the extra house. With so many evictions still proceeding you shouldn't have trouble renting it.

  12. Congrats on his return! I can't even imagine having my hubby gone for so long but I know that Army families do what it takes. Hope he is resting up and enjoying his new found time!

  13. Welcome home Mr Fix-it. Being a Navy wife I know the adjustment thing will be a bit tricky at first. Enjoy the extra time with your husband. :) We will be here.

  14. I am sure Roger is happy to be home finally!!

  15. Tina,
    I'm so happy for you and I think everyone knows where your priority needs to be. Blogging can become very time consuming, most especially when you are one of the heavy weights that gets 50 to 80 comments a day. There is simply not enough time to respond or visit that many blogs unless you do it full time. I live for comments on my posts, but I've recently considered responding to the questions I receive rather than every post. It would allow me more time to visit other blogs.

  16. Roger may be right about blogging at night, that's when I mostly do it. While others are watching tv, I'm at the computer (same room). Works for me. Happy to have Roger home, two houses would exhaust me.

  17. Tina, thank you for sharing all of this with us. I am so glad Mr. Fix-it is home, and give him our thanks for all his hard work and service to our country. My friend's son-in-law was a recruiter for awhile, and I know that it is not an easy job and requires very long hours. I guess there is one upside to the bad economy, isn't there?

    I always wondered how you managed to accomplish all that you did and still find time to blog and comment so faithfully. Now I understand. I've always appreciated your comments...if you didn't leave a comment on one of my posts, I began worrying about what had happened to you:) But I think we all will definitely understand if your blogging time is lessened now; enjoy having your husband back home!

  18. Hi Tina, I'm so glad your husband is back!!! Thanks for sharing so much of yourself in this post. Like you, I consider myself efficient, loyal, and diligent--and I don't even have a husband--and I still don't blog as often. I share all your ideas of friendship, which I value. I do try to leave comments every day, but I only blog myself when I feel like it. Jeder wie er kann! I think any blogging philosophy is the right one! P.S. After seven years and three tours in Iraq, my niece's husband is leaving the Army in June. I'm proud of him for serving, and now he's going to go to college on the GI bill. (He joined when he was 18.)

  19. Hi Tina --I am thrilled that you are all back to one household. I can't even imagine how hard that would be --the separation of a year was hard enough with hubby. You are amazing and I know the Jimster is thrilled to have dad back:) Everything will fall back into place --it always does:0) Welcome home Roger!!! Off to get some housework done while the little bundle takes a short catnap:) Ciao! Our garden is in --I even managed to pull a few weeds while little bundle slept in his carriage --hubby did most of the garden work --but we observed:0)

  20. Great news Tina! Family always should come first so whatever blogging you get to do is just icing on the cake. Also I really appreciate everything that the military does to keep us safe from recruiting to going overseas and fighting for our country. Our military is not thanked enough for the hard work they do. They protect our right to be free and that is very important!

  21. Wonderful, Tina! I'm so happy for all of you.

  22. I am so happy he will be home with his family! I know it has got to be hard with him gone. I would miss my husband beyond words. I miss him when he goes to the hunting camp! You will enjoy having him around again.

  23. I didn't realize this was the situation, but I'm so glad for your family that your husband is back home. It sounds like you handled it well, but I'm sure it must have been difficult for all that time.
    I've always told people considering blogging - it's like getting a puppy. You have to take care of it every day, and it adds a new set of chores to your to do list. I know I feel pressure to do it even when I don't have the time, and I think bloggers should be able to follow a schedule that works for the commitments they have in their lives. I wish you luck in figuring out a system that works for you, and most of all, I'm happy things are returning to normal with your husband back home. Enjoy your time, however you decide to spend it.

  24. I'm glad you shared the whole story. I really don't know much about the Army other than my Dad was in it for a couple of years when they had the draft.
    I'm always supportive of the men and women that serve our country. It sounds like your husband's job was a very important one that he obviously took very seriously. I'm sure you are so happy to all be back together.
    Do whatever you need to do with your blogging. You've been a real support to me, you need to do what works best for you now. You know I'll be reading yours to see what I can learn or if we're thinking the same thing that day :)

  25. As my daughter I know very well that when you want to do something, you will find a way. So I know things will work now for good balance for a good family life and blogging. You WILL make it work. I am in awe of what you have done in this blogging world!!! A few months ago I gave up reading blogs except my daughters as it was too much and I must say there are 4 of them that I really miss and maybe in the fall I will go back to reading those ones again. In fact I really should check on one of them now and see what is going on with fairy night.

  26. Welcome home Mr. Fix-it and congrats on a job well done. The military and all of it's people are very important. I don't blame you at all for wanting to hang around Mr. Fix-it a little more and us a little less.........You'll find a good schedule, you are just that way. Enjoy!!

  27. Hi Tina, Great post. I had no idea that your husband was in IN the entire time! I'm glad he's finally home with you in Clarksville! Blogging does take a lot of time, which is why it took me so long to finally get back to blogging this summer. It's also very time consuming to take pictures and comment on other people's blogs. I hope you'll continue to blog, but I totally understand if you have to limit yourself. I hope you enjoy having your husband home with you! He did a great job, and you guys should be very proud! :-)

  28. Tina - wonderful news! Kudos to your husband, you and your family for all that you do for our country.

    If this helps any with the blogging -- I temporarily turned off my comments for one week while we were on vacation (and I couldn't respond and also needed a break). My readership stayed up as my scheduled posts continued without my presence -- passive blogging.

    I didn't want to "blurt out" that we were away from home (for local security reasons) but I just put a note at the top of the blog that said the comments were off -- now, I'm back and can get back into things.

    I think readers understand when "our lives" need a break from -- active blogging.

    Congratulations to Mr Fix-it and to you!

    Cameron (still jet lagged, but happy)

  29. Tina, I am so happy for you. It has been a long journey for you both. I commend you both for your commitment. For without people like you & Mr. Fix-it we would not have the freedom that we so enjoy.
    We will totally understand if you find that you can't blog or comment as much. Your priority is with your family. I know the Jimster is ecstatic to have dad at home.
    Thanks so much for sharing. My understanding is much clearer. I didn't panic. LOL
    First thing when I get on the puter I read "In the Garden" to see what I can learn from you. And I'm interested in what you are doing for the day. Busy as always, but making that part of the world a bit more eye candy.
    Good luck & enjoy.

  30. Tina,
    I can appreciate how difficult it is living apart for an extended period of time. I'm so happy that everyone is back together again. :) Glad to hear that you will continue blogging, even if not so frequently. I really enjoy reading your posts!

  31. Roger, welcome home and congratulations!

    Tina, getting to know you through blogging has been a pleasure. I’m sure you’ll find a balance that works for your family. This is a good problem.

  32. Hi Tina, I had read an article about the pressures on recruiters but this made it much more personal. (I'm glad to hear that the army is wising up, with unsurprising good effects for all.)

    One thing you might consider is posting three days a week instead of every day. At Problogger, I read an article that said this was a reasonable frequency to keep in touch with readers. They have other articles over there about blog-time management, I know it's MORE to read but might be helpful.

    Congratulations on your reunion, and I hope all goes well with the house sale.

  33. My Dear Friend Tina, I know you are ecstatic that Mr Fixit is home where he belongs! And I know the Jimster is so happy as well. It must have been really difficult to raise a teenager M-F without dad around to keep things in line but some how you did it girl. You are a great mother, wife and friend to all around you and I for one value your friendship!

    You have taught us a lot in the blogging world and I know at times you get a bit frustrated with it all but somehow you work your way through it and keep it going and strong it goes! We all know that family comes first but it seems we garden people have so much in common with each other that we all feel such an obligation to be on here every day when we should not feel that way. I know when I have the time, I love to visit other blogs but time is of the essence and not so much time during the planting season, vacation season, family time, decorating seasons, etc. So we basically do the best we can to visit and that is about all we can do. Those which do not understand this, well, then they need to prioritize their life as the blog should always come second to family…

    I know why Roger was extended another 9 months of service being a recruiter. They had such a good worker in him that they refuse to let him go! I know it was a difficult thing to be separated as the Saint and I were separated for 9 months while living in a foreign country so it is a challenge. But as we all know, a strong marriage and life together will hold no matter what is to come our way. You are a better person today for taking the challenges and running with them across that finish line! Now you can sit back and enjoy life with your hubby on a daily routine which you will both work out….

    Congrats to Roger for a job well done!!!

    Now I am off to the garden to work on a new project... :-)

  34. About the larkspur, I planted the seed directly in the ground in December. I was told it was too hot here for them, so me being me, thought, I'll plant them earlier and see what happens....viola!

  35. Tina - I am so happy for you to have your husband home! And best wishes finding the right balance with blogging friends and real life. It's a challenge for me, too. I've certainly enjoyed getting to know you via blog.

  36. Hi Everyone, Wow, I'm overwhelmed with all the good wishes as I just got back from Nashville. Such very nice comments and friendly things to make my day. I will for sure request Mr. Fix-it checks in on this post. He does not know what I said but is busy painting a house today in Indiana. Our realtor says he is doing a good job. I did get on a bit of a rant with the recruiter thing, but wanted only to express the difficulty they all go through. But then we know everyone in life has those challenges.

    Chandramouli, You bet I will. He'll appreciate it.

    Janet, I had six years in longer than him. He retires in less than two years. We can't 'wait! And hope this last tour goes by as fast as recruiting and less painful.

    Frances, Thanks sweetie. You are one of the few bloggers who has met him-and yes-he does exist! I'll pass on to him and the Jimster your good wishes.

    Linda, Yes, it has been tough as we are very close. Good thing we are so close as living apart is not ideal for married folks. I'll pass on to him and thanks so much.

    Helen, We put so much stress on ourselves I think with blogging. That is too bad, I am very guilty of it but kind of used the excuse he was away, and it worked, but now I don't have that excuse so have to reconcile in my head how to blog and where to put my time. Each and every blogger adds so much to the blogosphere, especially the garden area (only area I am familiar with) that no matter how much or how little one can blog, it is all an enriching experience in my opinion. I enjoy them all, you for sure included.

    Linda, Thanks! Very nice of you. I so enjoy blogging, I really do but don't know how I wound up spending so much time! Ha! Gotta figure it out. Thanks on the house sale, not looking good.

    Cindy, Thank you sweetie! Very nice of you to come on here and say hello. It has been a pleasure meeting you and the family and I look forward to continued contact (email is fine:) You too have met the Jimster and Rog. Great guy isn't he? Way better than me I promise you. Say hi to the family and hugs to you all in PA.

    Gittan, You are very sweet. I love your garden and your enthusiasm with your garden too! I wish I could figure out the commenting on your blog though. Is there a better way I don't know of?

    Dawn, Two houses do exhaust me! Why do you think I spend all my time in the garden or blogging? Ha! No housework or laundry or dishes there. You've had lots of nice comments today!

    Rose, I do my best for sure. I get a bit panicked if I miss a post. Too much stress-all self induced which is the real irony. But now you know. Hubby was away. I do have a system but even with that, gee, too much time. Even responding on my blog. CAn't believe how much time it all takes and I am a speedy typist too!

    Monica, You have it right! Blog when you can and don't stress about other posts if you are not blogging. It's become such a habit here now that it will be tough on that first day I do not post and I'm supposed to. Tough for me. When we can is right and you are much fun to talk to. I am glad your niece's husband will take advantage of that great GI Bill. It is how I am able to stay home and attend college on my own time. A real good thing and congrats to him for service well done!

    Anonymous, You have a keeper in that hubby of yours! You two are perfect and I know that little bundle of joy is loving life-in or out of the garden. Say hi to all the kids. School's almost out-yahoo! Opened our pool finally. Cold water though! Can we borrow your heater?:) I'm glad your garden is in and I bet that grass is green!

    Dave, Thanks. The military is definitely a different bear from civilian life. I'm so happy to have been a part of it. I really wish I could go on Saturday as I have like a truckful of plants! But next year maybe. Too much with all we have going on.

    JulenaJo, Thanks! Much appreciated!

    Dirt Princess. Yes, it is so nice to have the men around for sure!

    Megan, A new puppy indeed that can grow up to be a big ole dog needing continuous care. The rewards are big though and I enjoy it. I think I can manage but just need to not feel stress if I'm not on or don't post. That is a PP (Personal Problem) we called it in the military. I'll fix it. No problem and thanks. I could count on you with the dog analogy with all those cute dogs and your volunteer work with them!

    Catherine, Somehow I knew we would not post the same thing today. Had I posted tomorrow's post today, it might have been similar. The Internet is neat in that it shows us just how much alike we all are. With stressors, and even garden plants and garden trends-all at the same time or with the same triggers. A common ground here for sure. I like it.

    Mom, Yup, I manage to make it all work somehow. Something like housework or sleep might give, but it will work:) So darned glad you got all your veggies in! it will be spectacular. I was looking at pictures from last year and thought how nice your garden looked.

    Darla, Thanks very much!

    DP, Yes, very proud. Blogging is time consuming-you know! Glad you had a break and you stepped right back in. Too easy huh?

    Gail, Yes, it is tough being apart. Most folks know and experience it-not willingly usually. Glad Mr. I is around a lot now. I feel a change but don't think rain today. I should get in the garden for sure. Got some Autumn ferns for my garden after seeing them in yours. I hope they do well.

    Donna, Those Rogers are the best! No question about it! Had I had enough time today while I was in Cool Springs I wanted to meet up with you, but knew I would not. I have to come next month again, perhaps we can get together for lunch or something? Email me when you can if you like.

    Marnie, Thanks! Yes, with the economy going bad we know we can rent it but we worry in a few years it might be worth less! As it is now best guess is it might sell for what we paid for it almost four years ago. A bitter pill to swallow. I feel for everyone in this same situation now. I never really realized before but it amazing real estate depreciates as it has.

    Heather, Thanks so much. He is not resting-working on that "Honey Do" list:))

    Racquel, Yup, we definitely have to adjust to military life. What would our guys do without such great gals at home? And thanks my good blogging friend.

    Sweetbay, Yes, it was rough saying goodbye each week. Now he can stay put and relax. A good thing for sure.

    Jamie and Randy, Thanks so much. We are all so happy to have him home. No heavyweight here-'cept maybe on the scale each day:) That is where I am heavy indeed. They say it comes with middle age but what is up with Brooke Shields? She is my age and not a heavyweight at all! Ha! Wish I were her for sure. You are one of those commenters and all work together to talk and get to know each other. It is pretty fun I think. If you can't respond to each comment, then only answer specific questions. I sometimes do this (and should be now since I'm so behind) and it works fine. I'll get your irises out tomorrow sometime. They are dug and ready to go. You'll be pleased. I warn you though-they multiply like exponentially. Pick up truckload dug and still more to go so remember the disclaimer.

    Cameron, Welcome back! I enjoyed your posts while you were gone. I do hope the jet lag goes away pretty quickly. That was always one thing I hated about travel to and from Europe. I know you are up early in the morning and tired all the time. Turning off you comments was a smart move indeed.

    Lola, You are very sweet. One of my first and long time commenters-who doesn't have a blog. It has been a joy getting to know you! No scares today huh:)

    Liisa, Thanks so much. You do a great job with your posts in Vermont. I miss New England a great deal and your website is beautiful.

    Sarah, I like your idea of once a week. How smart you are and you can concentrate on writing your book. I do hope it is going well. It was a pleasure meeting you last year.

    Pomona, Yes, recruiters have it tough and have made the news nationally on more than one occasion. It is too bad as they work so hard! I will check out the articles at ProBlogger. You know none of us here has anything to lose by posting less, we just get satisfaction and pleasure from the experience. And We've gotten into such a habit and I am a very habitual person it will be hard to change. Really I need to reduce my own stress and it may start with a different schedule. We shall see. Thanks on the house sale. Fingers and toes crossed! So many houses are on the market right now. It is a buyer's market for sure.

    Skeeter, You are right! They really miss him from his station. They call him a 'workoholic' and it was true. All the better we did not live close by as that wouldn't fly with me. Rog is saying stress relief to have me in Tennessee so he can work! Ha! I just know he is! Yup, you of all folks have heard me all the time. Not so much anymore but doesn't blogging have its cycles and stages and it is so new that it is hard to understand it all sometimes. You've kept me grounded through it all and I couldn't have done so much without you and I hope you know that.

    Darla, I did that too-still no blooms. Wonder if I'm too early or it's too shady. I hope not. Yours look great.

    VW, Thanks! I've learned a lot from you for sure and have enjoyed getting to know you too. I am reading a book by Helen Pelt Von Wilson and I could not help but think of you. Have you read her book? I bet you have. I wish I'd had it before I started gardening.

    I know these responses are out of order. I only hope I did not miss anyone and if I have it is simply because there are so many and not personal!

  37. Oh wow, Tina. I had no idea your husband lived away for so long. I'm sure adjustments will have to be made now that he's back home. Congrats on surviving the rigorous tour and thanks from me for all he (and your family) did too. I completely understand about blogging. I think committed bloggers put the pressure on themselves. I feel it sometimes too and I'm under absolutely no obligation to blog whatsoever! Do what you need to do, as we all should and hopefully there will still be a little time leftover to visit some blogs & "chat!"

  38. What a sweet and heartful post! I'm so happy to hear that your hubby is back home. It's OK if you cut back on posting and commenting - we all know that family comes first. You were one of the first people that commented on my blog and for that you will always hold a special place in my heart! Jackie

  39. Tina, what a wonderful post! I am so happy for you and Roger. When I first read the title, I thought it must be a son moving back in and thought "well she's the first parent I've heard say she was excited one was returning to the nest lately", LOL, but when I realized it was your husband and that you've been apart for so long I was thrilled to share in your happiness.

    Thanks for sharing.

  40. Great news, Tina. Congratulations on Roger's return! I think a little celebration is in order. You're a terrific addition to the blogging community, and I think we'd all not mind if you took a little extra time for yourselves every now and then.

  41. Tina, I didn't realise that Mr.Fix-it wasn't home. I've often wondered about how you managed to blog regularly as well as comment on so many blogs because it all takes so much time. If we don't 'see' you as often, we'll's good that the family is together again. Love the sign. Isn't it just great that you could use it again?!

  42. tina,
    i am sure you are glad to all be together again...blogging is secondary to a families well being.
    welcome home mr.fix-it. happy days are here again.

  43. Mom- Among other reasons for restructuring the way recruiters work is also because within some chain of commands (Texas recruiting) There has been several suicides. It was very sad to read about in the Army Times. Anyways, I am glad that Roger is home with you and Jimmy again. Christine

  44. I do understand. Don't feel the pressure. I know, I also put it on myself. As so many of us do. My husband works a lot forty miles from here. So it's me and the pets. And then when he's home, I'm still on here. But he likes TV and I don't. I like the garden and he doesn't. Different strokes for different folks. Just let it evolve.

  45. I can't believe I've been reading your blog for so long and didn't know some of the basic facts about you and Mr. Fix it! Congratulations to both of you on being able to live together again! My husband also travels a lot for work, so I sympathize - and it's definitely an adjustment to have to consider another person's feelings and desires regarding every decision and what you do with your time (and television - LOL) Hope you'll post more about him now too :-)

  46. Kathleen, Funny thing is, the nearly four years went by really fast. I am very glad too.

    Jackie, Thanks! It is always a joy to leave a comment or two for new bloggers. I surely remember those days. One of these days I'll do a post on blogging-an eye opener for sure it may be.

    Susan, Yes, not so very excited if a child returns to the nest versus the husband, but it would be okay since we have the room. It's hard for kids out there nowadays. But very happy to have hubby!

    James, Thanks very much! I may just take that break pretty soon.

    Kanak, Yes, so great to have us all together again. And that sign surely has come in handy. I hope I don't have to use it again though.

    Marmee, So true! And we are getting on a schedule now and enjoying every minute.

    Christy, Thanks sweetie. Yes, recruiting is so tough. I saw it firsthand from him. I was very happy I never had to do it. It's super great not to have to part each week now. And let me tell you your Bella adores him so much. It's funny considering how she took to Uncle Jack.

    Brenda, Ah yes. We all have our hobbies. As long as we can find some common ground and understand one another it surely all works out. Sounds like you got a keeper in your husband!

    JGH, Yes, an adjustment for sure. I will most likely post more about him simply because he'll be around more. He helps me in the garden occasionally and made me an outstanding feature recently. I tried to get his picture making it but he was not having any of it. Funny huh?

  47. Congratulations on having your husband back home! I'm sure he is thrilled to be back. Thank you both for the sacrifices you've made for our country.

  48. Tina, I read your post from A to Z. Thanks for your time that you spent writing it! You were the first person on Blotanical who commented on my post (radishes, January). You've been very supportive and friendly. I felt like you were almost my virtual big sister! Your posts are great, informative and fun to read. Blogging IS demanding and time consuming. It is an important but not the most important part of our life. I am very happy for you and wish you happy family life, happy gardening and then - happy blogging!

  49. Robin, Thanks so much!

    Tatyana, Thanks so much too. Your blog posts are always so informative and I'm happy to support anyone, and the more the better. Wish I could do it all the time for all. I do enjoy your most informative and beautiful posts.