Thursday, September 16, 2010

Entry of Mysteries

By: SKEETERThis is what happens to the Semi-Formal Garden Entry after a half inch of rain, then leaving my Georgia Garden for 2 weeks! Where is the Pathway into the garden? The Jessamine is slowly climbing the doorway.
Ah, much better after a day of pulling cosmos seedlings and weeds. Thank you to Tina and Nina for the Cosmos seeds! As you can see, they did great in my Georgia Garden. Do you see the purple bloom at the bottom right corner of this picture? Yep, a volunteer Butterfly Bush has popped up in the garden! I will be relocating this bush to another spot in the near future.
And what is this tall plant with purple flowers?

Note, see the tiny white blooms on the plant to the right of this one? More on it later in this post... A closer look shows the tiny blooms of this beauty. Tina, Nina, which of you gave me these seeds as I have no idea what this one lone plant is called.
Over time, she branched out about mid way up the stem.
The branches bloomed and her weight, pushed her over to the ground. Black Jack, (the stray cat we have been taking care of these days) likes to hide under the pretty plant.
Here is the foliage of the beauty.
And again, the beautiful purple blooms.
Help Bloggers, what is this plant so I can make a note of it and will it self seed for me?Now to the other plant I mentioned above. I tossed lots of seed in spring and not sure what I tossed where. Note to self; mark areas where you toss seed in the future! This plant grew tall and fell over to the ground as if a ground cover. Here is a close-up of the tiny white blooms. I referred to my seed packets and the only thing I can think of is, Forget-Me-Nots. Could this be? If so, I am confused as the seed I planted were Blue Bird so they should be blue in color.Remember the voluntary Butterfly Bush I mentioned above? Well, look what popped up beside the bush! Yep, my very first Tuberrose! Nina, this is not the one you gave me but that one is surviving in the wishing well garden. I hope she will give me blooms next year. This one I must give credit to my mother as she gave me the tubers for my birthday last year. I was shocked to see it bloom as I had given up on it. Tina Posted on this beauty a long time ago. Click HERE to read about it and see her beautiful blooms. You are all so correct in describing the scent of this bloom. It was pure joy to my nose! It reminded me of the wonderful scent the Jasmine gives me in late spring. Ah, it was awesome. My Tuberrose did not open up as nicely as Tina's plant but I have hope for a stronger plant full of blooms next year.

I have neglected the Semi-Formal Garden this year and must rectify that. I need to move some things around and add some things as well. Even though I had these mystery plants and some surprises in the garden, I must do better by her next year. I must remember to not only add new things to my entire yard, but not ignore the existing gardens as well. I must find a happy balance in the future or stop adding new gardens.

There you have it; My ENTRY OF MYSTERIES, In the Garden.

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  1. Good morning! You have me totally stumped on your plants. I just don't know what they are. I was thinking maybe a verbascum or perhaps a bellflower or something similar? On the white flower that you call Blue Bird that looks like some kind of tropical plant. One I should know since I see them on blogs so often. Perhaps an ixora? I'm just not sure. The tuberose is growing in the ground? Lucky you! All them blooms look absolutely beautiful! I so hope you are enjoying them all as I know I'd be out there smelling them each day.

  2. Skeeter, No help here from me--sorry! They all look familiar, but I can't make a positive i.d. I've had some mystery plants this year, too; as long as I'm sure they're not weeds, they're always welcome in my garden. Hope someone can help you put a name to these lovely blooms!

  3. Good Morning everyone!

    Tina, I have stumped you girl? That is a first as you are so knowledgeable on plants and I rely on your information on my mystery’s plants! Hum, since these two mystery plants are only single plants, I wonder if the birds blessed me with dropping seeds into my garden? We have seen more birds at our feeders this summer then any previous summer. Oh boy, another mystery for bloggers to solve for me. Yep, the Tuberrose is in the ground and has been for 2 seasons now. Even the snow we had that one day did not harm it. The one that Nina gave me is in a pot but I dug a hole in the ground of the wishing well garden and have the pot sitting in the hole. This will deter any Voles from getting the roots…

    Rose, More mystery’s for bloggers to assist me! These may be weeds but I like blooming weeds as long as they don’t take over. The white yarrow was taking over this area so while pulling weeds, I played like they were weeds and plucked tons of it out of the garden. I may remove it all as it was way too invasive for me. And I usually like invasive plants but this one was too unruly…

  4. Skeeter,

    I'm not sure either but it looks nice! Very cool to have the volunteer butterfly bush - but shouldn't it be orange? ;)

  5. The forget-me-not plants I grow every year are sure blue. Maybe yours are sun bleached. That's interesting!

  6. Hi Skeeter,

    Tina gave me some of those Cosmos seeds as well and I had to laugh last night when my daughter said they were the color of Cheetos. I love how bright this variety of Cosmos are and they really do make a statement in your garden.

    Love, love love that entrance!

  7. Love the purpley/blue flowers on your mystery plant, and what a lovely form, but can be no help at all in putting a name to the little beauty... Good luck on the identification, and thanks for sharing, your post made me smile at the unexpected surprises that garden tend to present us with.

  8. I like the before and after of the garden entry.

    It's like proof that something got accomplished that day.

    Beautiful flowers too!

  9. Beautiful blooms but I'm no help to id them. My Tuberoses are both in pots. They did not bloom last yr or this. I do adore the smell that they have altho the Mexican one does not smell as much.
    Do you still have your Cassia? Mine is still here but I'm wondering about it being invasive.
    Your entry looks great.

  10. Good evening everyone. I got a few things accomplished today, yippee for me....

    Dave, too funny and yes I wish it were orange. My mother in law has a yellow one and I will be looking for a volunteer from it as well. I noticed on your last pic of the little man, he was wearing orange as well :-) Go Vols….

    Missy, I am stumped as everyone else seems to be on this one….

    Rosey, Thanks and too funny on your little one comparing the cosmos to cheetos! I got a chuckle from that one and will think of her every time I look at them now. Too cute…

    Janet, Surprises are the best in the garden. Mystery’s are good as well but only when someone can solve the mystery! It looks like this one may remain a mystery as no one can put an ID on the two aliens…

    ZZ, you are so right about the before and after. I really did feel like I had accomplished something that day for sure. My knees, back and arms were so sore after all the weed and seedling pulling. Ouch was the word of the evening…

    Lola, Funny you mention that weed plant today. I cut it down yesterday. The ground was too hard for me to pull the roots but will get them once the rains soften the area a bit. I decided it had way too many of those seed pods on it and I feared them opening and me getting tons of seedlings all over the place. I keep finding the seedlings all over this area. I am thinking they came with my free Lilies from the neighbor down the street as they seem to only be near the lilies. Oh well, I will pull them as fast as I see them…

    Everyone have a good night. It is time for a movie now…

  11. Oh how wonderful you have tuberose. I loved that. Mine croaked. I loved the scent of it and the delicate blooms.

    It's amazing what time away from your gardens can do, paths covered, weeds, etc. Then you spend some time and voila it all looks good again.

    Enjoy ~ FlowerLady

  12. Cosmos are real work horses. They just keep giving and giving, even if they are an annual. I just love em.

  13. Your garden looks very pretty. At first I thought maybe your mystery plant was a blue lobelia, but after seeing more of it I don't know what it is.
    No orange Cosmos came up for me this year which was disappointing. I love them and they grew just huge last summer.

  14. Skeeter I think Catherine is right on the lobelia. Check it out as great blue lobelia?

  15. Flowerlady, you are so right...

    Jean, Yes, the Cosmoms are givers for sure!

    Catherine and Tina, I do believe it is Lobelia! Thanks on the info...

  16. Hi Skeeter,
    Your mystery plant looks like a pentas to me.

    How cool that you can grow tuberoses in the ground. They don't overwinter here in Nebraska.

    I haven't made it out to garden much the last few weeks. Your place is looking great to me.

  17. No pain no gain, right?

    So the proof was in the pain and the pictures.


    Have a great day!